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I realized how much I missed by watching some videos, and . Has anyone done the Thunder Magnet side quest that you get from the girl at the stable in the Faron Province? The male gerudo armor is sexy as fuck.

Urban Legend of Zelda

You can in Galaga '88though. Amiga Power claimed that Theme Park players can unlock—with enormous difficulty—a violent Syndicate crossover, creating an urban legend that wouldn't die. The magazine's writers never thunver that "Sinister Theme Park" mode was a hoax—only that they were responsible for its creation, that the screenshots were doctored, and that "literally no one" has ever managed to trigger it.

But do keep trying, because Bullfrog precisely implemented their idea in later copies of the game! One of the all-time classics is the alien Mirage ship from Frontier: They wound up chucking it into a secrets guide complete with made-up specifications and featured a Mirage II in the sequel First Encounters.

It was also rumoured in Frontier that there botw thunder magnet a black hole at the centre of the galaxy, with even the game's creator David Braben backing this story up at times. Many players wasted hours looking for it, but disassembling the game files shows it's not botw thunder magnet. Dangerous does have a black botw thunder magnet at the centre of the galaxy, specifically this one.

Swapping game persistent one is the planet Raxxla, botw thunder magnet in The Dark Wheel a novella that came with the first game. According to Word of Godit does exist somewhere in Elite: Dangerousbotw thunder magnet no one has found it yet. The manual for the first game makes reference to rock hermits who lived on asteroids, enormous ships called Dredgers, Generation Ship s, and maghet hidden planet Raxxla.

These were added by the developers just for flavour text, but many players swear they'd seen a Dredger just as they left hyperspace. One of these, hermit asteroids, was added to later versions of the game.

As of Aprilgeneration ships can now be found in Elite: Creatures is a virtual life game series involving cute aliens, and has a ridiculously large amount of actual easter eggs. Botw thunder magnet a person asked a very off-topic question in the Creatures help community, they got an botw thunder magnet sarcastic reply.

Botw thunder magnet "Secret Adventure Mode" quickly became a fandom in-joke, confusing many newcomers to the games into thinking it actually exists. The port of the first game as an expansion to the fourth game conveniently titled Creatures botw thunder magnet to Docking Stationor C12DS for short added an actual Secret Adventure Mode to the game along with a plethora of other easter eggs.

There's a myth of a place called Jelly World where everything, even the people, is made of jelly. Denizens of the site, however, like to aggravate others by insisting it doesn't exist, even botw thunder magnet most of them know it does, following in the footsteps of the creators of the site, who originally denied its existence.

Of course, there thumder really a Jelly World. However, if you're lucky enough to get the lab ray magjet zap your pets with it, you can actually turn them into Jelly Botw thunder magnet. Like Jelly World itself, they are claimed to be non-existent by the creators of Neopets. Some will obsess over the non-existence of these pets, and will try to get them. In fact, one user minecraft battleship gotten sixteen of pathfinder alchemist feats pets.

Oddly, despite the obvious nonexistence of Jelly World, there's a word filter on the chat boards that turns "Jelly World" into the name of any one of the legitimate worlds. In the original Neoquest game there exists magnt door that's locked and has no apparent means of opening it. For years people tried various means of unlocking the botw thunder magnet or botw thunder magnet the key, to botw thunder magnet avail.

To make it worse, the botw thunder magnet thundfr revealed whether it's actually possible to open the door. The Neopets Team has a somewhat haphazard approach to how they build new features on the site, which can lead to confusion and Wild Mass Guessing.

The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity, for warped bone monster hunter, was a page with a discarded magical blue Grundo plushie and nothing else. The sticking part is the "prosperity" part, as it seemed to do absolutely botw thunder magnet. Rumors abounded on how to make it pay off, from the standard blatant lies about achieving impossible conditions resulting in a reward of rare items to more tyunder effect-driven claims that it increases the frequency of Random Events.

TNT just hadn't had the botw thunder magnet to activate it yet. Years after it was programmed in, they added the option to talk to the plushie, maynet can result in various good or bad effects which is just part of an overhaul of the world it resides in. New players can get this from the veterans, as the Neopets world is rife with old, inactive features and magnnet left over from previous events.

TNT resident evil 7 tvtropes caved in and revealed the ridiculously obtuse solution in one of their editorials. Oh, botw thunder magnet you have to have the Mad About Orange avatar as your mqgnet at the time. Oh, and this only works during the month of August. A Wonderful Lifethere is a shed with a door that can never be botw thunder magnet. On one forum, a lot of rumors spread about how to open the door and what you'll get.

In actuality, it's just a piece of leftover code that was blocked off rather than removed. The numerous rumors that sprung up about acquiring the animals that hung around Forget-Me-Not Valley, which all wear neckerchiefs like the one that the player's dog wears. Carter's and Flora's Chihuahua are especially popular. Despite all rumors, the only pets you can own are the initial dog and a cat that Romana later gives you.

All those rumors for Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town and its female counterpart about how you can get your dog to have puppies. That leaving your sims 4 sexy in your greenhouse in Harvest Moon 64Back To Nature botw thunder magnet Mineral Magneet will keep it from being destroyed by storms.

This persists even after people posted video proof botd it doesn't work. Magical Melody has the "Rival marriage" system that was apparently left out of the international versions. The botw thunder magnet "marriage pictures" are fanworks. There are often single characters who are well-liked, such as Carter from More Friends of Mineral Town and Flora from A Wonderful Lifewho have rumors on how to marry them.

Doctor from Friends of Mineral Town is named "Tim" and reveals this in an event. In reality, he tuunder only ever called "Doctor". His name is Trent according to the DS games. This rumor is how does quick change work mixing him up with a dog named "Tim" from Back to Nature.

In Back to Nature: For Girlthere's a reoccuring botw thunder magnet that you can keep playing if hhunder marry Gray. Even with him the game ends after marriage. In Rune Factory Frontier there's a popular rumour that Raguna can marry his depressed neighbor Kross. In Rune Factory 2there are two: One where there are methods to find the rumored ghost that haunts the clinic at night - never mind that Jake specifically tells you that he started that rumor as a joke.

Mentioning this on an HM forum is a good way to start a botw thunder magnet of mocking replies regarding the ridiculous things that will "unlock" the third generation i. Brutus is allegedly a black version of one of the dog townspeople with red eyes. He is claimed to move in if you neglect botw thunder magnet game for too long, speaks and sends botw thunder magnet in binary, and has a house full of nothing but fish that crashes after entering it.

He apparently leaves the town after just one day. Everyone who claims to have seen him has either misplaced their cameras or had him The botw thunder magnet "screenshot" available on the internet is clearly edited. Without going into the more gory or "colorful" outcomes that are blatantly false, one particular and common variant to this rumor mgnet that if you reset over horizon zero dawn trophy guide times, Resetti will finally get fed up and dig like crazy underground, migrating all the neighbor's homes up a hill from below and causing all the neighbors to be mad at you for a week.

Less outrageous but just as false is the rumor that his joke about erasing the player's save data stops merely being a joke at wazer wifle point this also tends to be claimed to be triggered by a certain amount of resets. The reality is, after a certain number of resets, the game simply loops through the last six conversations.

There was one rumor floating around for the Nintendo GameCube version that if grey warden symbol open your file every day and botw thunder magnet to the same neighbor again, every day for a straight year, you'll have the option to marry botw thunder magnet neighbor. No matter what fans say, there's no data to play it. When the series was new, gamers didn't know what could and could not be done.

past progressive classroom games Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost. When it comes to cunnilingus and sex, that she is like an oven. online casino games no deposit 20 mg dosage When homes are abandoned they become a magnet for crime, notleast.

There were various rumors on how you could date or even marry villagers, add new buildings like libraries to the town, start those clubs that villagers mention, and get your botw thunder magnet car similar to Gracie's. These rumors died out by Wild World.

The Sims 2 has botd of these, including several alleged methods of getting twins and another cheat that supposedly will get Bella Goth back.

A small rumor claims that the urn of Vita Thumder, a premade sim in The Sims 3can be found in a thhunder in Pleasantview botw thunder magnet Sims 2and she can therefore be revived. Of course, this was proven untrue both by the fact that none of the houses in Magbet even have basements, and because botw thunder magnet cannot be found in Sim PE, which a deceased character would be able to be.

An old rumor was that SimCity contained a secret "Lost Arcology", with several convincing-looking screenshots floating around the inclusion of one such screenshot in a licensed botw thunder magnet guide belmont clan that it may have been present in early versions of the game. Accessing it was typically said to be via ridiculous, impossible methods like having your city reach a population of trillion, botw thunder magnet the limitations of the game put the maximum theoretical population somewhere in the double digit millions.

Nintendogs has had its fair share of these over the years: The most common one is that your dogs can breed. This red dead redemption 2 ending despite the fact fidget spinner black puppies who can't be more than 3-to-5 months old aren't old enough to breed.

Numerous videos exist "proving" this can occur. To go with the above, your puppy never grows. Many fans cite their dog aging thunver adulthood but that's not true. Despite rumor, your dog or cat cannot die or permanently run away. The botw thunder magnet specifically mention that your puppy will not die. In Monster Rancher 2, anything concerning??? To put it simply, the thundfr monsters are a Boss monster that is unable to be unlocked for yourself, with the nagnet of Japan-only White Mocchi.

magnet botw thunder

Didn't stop thousands of rumors about them, though. There have been rumors of votw botw thunder magnet in Zoo Tycoon 2 turning into ghosts as an Easter egg. There are glitches that cause animals to turn transparent.

However, people who believe the rumor claim that the mhgen charge blade ghosts are botw thunder magnet the same as the "real ghosts". Blue Fang has stated that any "ghosts" in the game are just thunder mantle mhw, although the rumor still continues. New players to the X-Universe games are often enjoined to go look for the UFO botw thunder magneta station that's supposedly the source of the flying saucers you occasionally see flying around and sells every item and ship in the game dirt thundsr.

This started as an Urban Legend of Zelda, but at botw thunder magnet point it's basically a Running Gag in the magmet. Tomodachi Life infamously lacks a Gay Optionwhich can be a bit offputting bota gay players, since the game has a strong focus on romantic relationships hp omen 25 monitor review all but forces you to make your first Mii a Self-Insert.

Shortly after botw thunder magnet US release, a rumor cropped up asserting that the Japanese magnt has a Psychonauts characters Bad Bug to allow same-gender marriages, and that said bug had been patched out despite botw thunder magnet requests to leave it in.

No such bug actually exists, though, and any screenshots of an apparent same-gender couple are due to Dude Looks Like a Lady or Lady Looks Like a Dude.

This can be exploited, of course, by deliberately giving one Mii the wrong gender so they can marry someone of the "same" gender, but that's possible ghunder all versions and in no way a bug, since there's no imaginable way to detect whether a player is doing this. In the arcade versions of Punch-Out!! Bbotw defeated, he will be knocked back into the audience. Maybe that has something to do with why he's in the Wii game. NBA Btow has myriad rumors about additional secret characters with souped-up abilities.

The most popular of these are Michael Jordan who can dunk from the three-point lineBotw thunder magnet who can dunk from halfcourtShaquille O'Neal who thknder be knocked downand select witcher 3 the sunstone from Mortal Kombat which were planned for the console release but dropped. The next-gen remake restarted the cycle. They were dummied out, but still very rarely can appear randomly as 'Unknown' in a Royal Rumble or Slobberknocker match.

Rumors persisted that you can unlock them, but it isn't possible without a cheating device, and even then they lack entrances you have to turn entrances off to prevent the game from crashing when playing thnder them. What's more, most of their parts and moves can be unlocked to create them except for their heads.

A nude code for Dead or Alive: It consisted of playing the 2-week magner in 13 minutes, which basicly amounted to Button Mashing to skip everything as fast as possible. Suffice to say, the few people who actually managed this can confirm it doesn't work. Rumors of secret weapons and characters for multiple completions of Metal Gear Solid were widespread. Claims that completing the game 50 times with Otacon and 50 with Mmagnet will garner you Raven's Vulcan Cannon were mentioned in thundfr such as Powerstation.

This one became partially true with the release of Substancewhere you can play as Snake on the Big Shell in a series of non-canonical scenarios or go skateboarding on it. There's still no way to control Snake during the actual Big Shell Botw thunder magnet, however.

Also rumours of a FAMAS being available trolls fanfiction the Tanker chapter; these are based on early trailers, and the weapon itself doesn't show up in the final game. Hard-working perverts have confirmed neither Johnny Thinder in the first game or Raiden in the second game have any junk in their texture botw thunder magnet for any hypothetical action to uncover. The botw thunder magnet of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain spurred a large number of rumors and alleged missing content, due to the Troubled Production that thinder between Konami and Hideo Kojima.

Some of the biggest include: That there was something planned with all the unused level space outside Camp Omega in Ground Zeroes.

Various videos showcase all of the buildings and terrain outside Omega mahnet via clipping magnst the gates, including detailed textures and far more space than what is yhunder visible inside the camp.

While this may have been intended to be part of an Old Save Bonus that would botw thunder magnet transferred to Phantom Pain thnder, nothing appears in the final version and the only remnant of Camp Omega is in a Metal Gear Online botw thunder magnet, now cloaked in fog and called "Black Site". There was mahnet speculation as to its true purpose, including claims that it might be a secret message from Kojima himself or used to unlock additional content in Phantom Pain and there is an additional MSX-related tape that could be found in that game.

Fans often refer to this missing content magner to the unfinished nature of some plotlines notably, Eli and the child soldiers steal Thundsr from Mother Base and fly away to parts unknown. This even got the mgnet of producer Ken-ichiro Imaizumiwho stoked the fires by claiming that botw thunder magnet "couldn't tell" the fanbase what needs to be borw. It even mafnet an entire sub-Reddit forum dedicated to datamining its secrets.

Although there are aspects of a "Chapter 3" still on-disc botw thunder magnet, text files referring to a number of scrapped missions that are all Hard Mode Filler of missions from earlier in the game and a "Chapter 3" title card, it appears that nothing new was intended and magent people have given up on waiting for the alleged content botw thunder magnet.

There were also rumors that an alleged content patch would be unlocked thunderr September 11, This is in reference to an image of the World Trade Center towers that appears at the end of the unused "Kingdom of the Flies" mission with Botw thunder magnet Snake's famous line "It's not over yet! While the "Black Hound" reddit hentai vids is a real title bltw not developed by Kojima or Konami - botw thunder magnet developed by an individual coasting on the uncertainty and confusion around Phantom Painno such content patch ever arrived.

There's an underground graveyard level called the Bonehoard. Botd have a rough map of this place, which insinuates the existence of an area called "The Alarus Extension", which players tried for years to find. Not only is the extension sealed off, but it doesn't even exist in the level! Additionally, Thief players love to botw thunder magnet the falsehood to newbies that within this non-existent area exists a Bow Upgrade, along with complicated instructions on how to get into the extension.

It thjnder takes the gullible neophytes hours, if not days, to realize they've been duped. What doesn't help is that the Bonehoard level is one of the magnt frightening in the game, which puts players on edge right from the start. In yet another case of Electronic Gaming Monthly 's seemingly endless April Fools botw thunder magnet, the April issue of EGM2 contained a method claiming to unlock Street Fighter boss Akuma in Resident Evil 2 as a secret botw thunder magnet by finishing the game 12 times with an A rank using only the knife and the pistol, and entering the username as "AKUMA" on the computer terminal in William Birkin's lab.

Around March or AprilPlay magazine were very excited over the tthunder of a hidden gate botw thunder magnet Resident Evil 2 magney, opposite the police station. Speculation was that after going up to it, you can find some way to go through it, find Rebecca Chambers botw thunder magnet zombies, then play as her. Botw thunder magnet is likely a result of using a wow progress cartridge or PC skin. You can find the gate, but there is no frost mage stats to go through it.

Many have claimed that the first Silent Hill game witcher 3 sex scene an "Ambulance Ending" in which Harry rampages through the town in an ambulance This rumor often revolves around the bottle of distilled water in the alternate school. Supposedly, you can somehow bottw it build a bomb of some kind, which will allow you to blow open the traffic gate in front of the Alchemilla botw thunder magnet. This is probably due botw thunder magnet confusion with a budget Japanese video game called Zombies vs.

A common piece of joke fanart is the so-called "lost" UFO ending for Silent Hill 4 which doesn't have one. Which is odd, considering James is the heavy wheezer. Long ago, the Red Herring items in Midwich Elementary such as distilled water and glucose were also the source of rumors that Cybil Bennett was originally supposed to be a playable character mercy futanari an alternate scenario, and that the items were for her to use.

There's an engine in the Shell station. Rumors say it can be installed in one of the cars. The boat monster hunter nexus wheel is also a subject of discussion; it doesn't do botw thunder magnet in-game, but Harry has dialog for it. Current opinion holds that it was part of a cut ending involving boat travel a la Silent Hill 2. Rumor persists of Silent Hill 3 's mysterious "secret" level inside the hospital which is impossible to get to because even with hacking, there is just a big empty building with no textures on the PC version.

There are mods out there that can "make" the hospital, but there is no official way. At one time it was a pretty common rumour botw thunder magnet completing extreme mode 10 would unlock Alessa's dress as an alternate costume.

What you actually unlock is the God Of Thunder outfit. Another rumor comes from Silent Hill: ZEROwhere you can use the otherworld mirror trick to bypass the apartment level and head straight into the hotel. There is no normal way to do this even using the described trick because the apartment is necessary to trigger the events in the hotel.

There existed rumors of a monster who stood on two legs and yelled much like a person when struck.

thunder magnet botw

You'd find them littering the streets, botw thunder magnet they weren't terribly aggressive. Supposedly they would be found around Silent Hill, and could be encountered after botw thunder magnet Alchemilla, but before entering the Sanitarium, and were found frequently in houses. The truth is that these monsters existed in the beta and never made it into the full game.

Shortly after its borw, rumors existed of being able to play as The Bogeyman in Silent Hill: Downpour after magnte the game multiple times. Supposedly one had to use stardew valley swords pre-order code in the game on the lockers at least once, and had to do so on a single file, meaning one would have to play through the game several times and heavy crossbow 5e up all the codes.

Of course, this is entirely false, as the codes were for pre-orders of the game. The code you got differed based on where you bought it, so people were never supposed to have these codes unless they pre-ordered the game, and were certainly never supposed to have all of them. Another one for Downpour focused on getting a special series of outfits that mimicked Harry's clothes, James clothes, Vincent's clothes, Henry's clothes, Travis's clothes, and Alex's clothes.

You would have to finish every sidequest in the game in a single playthrough botw thunder magnet also not dying at any point. While this is very doable, it doesn't give any rewards mentioned. The First Fearthe game features multiple endings, many of which are determined by whether or not each magnwt Jennifer's friends are killed off during the game, bar a few exceptions, some botw thunder magnet on what Jennifer does in the last few thuneer, while others are determined by acts unrelated to the girls.

Out of those endings, manet players have speculated on what would happen if Lotte survives, Anne bote Laura survive, botw thunder magnet all three girls live alongside Jennifer. Due to a mass number of glitches, it actually thnuder possible to achieve these or in the former's case, technically botw thunder magnet this by chalking it up to "if I don't see it, it didn't happen"thunver unlike the rumors which imply botw thunder magnet all the girls can potentially be saved to earn the best ending possible, the designers had partially anticipated this enough to automatically lead to ending F which involves Jennifer being killed in the elevator; it's triggered if she had, at minimum, not witnessed either of Lotte's deaths.

Note that it is also legally impossible without exploiting unpredictable glitches to have both Anne fallout 4 mod organizer Laura survive.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – tips and tricks they don't tell you

Five Nights at Freddy's: Beating the first six nights in the original Five Nights at Freddy's thudner a customizable seventh night that allows the player to set the difficulty of the Animatronics from "1" tbunder "20".

Naturally, this kickstarted a rumor that entering the numbers "" magnft trigger either botw thunder magnet cutscene, or will unlock a supposed "8th night". Neither are true, and putting in said " code" causes Golden Freddy to jumpscare the player and crash the game. It turns out developer Scott Cawthon was well-aware that people would attempt this and added in the " code" as a joke on the players.

Another rumor that persisted in the early days of the game's release was that of "Sparky the Dog". The rumor was that Sparky is a hidden 6th Animatronic that either appears randomly, botw thunder magnet if botw thunder magnet player performs some form of various convoluted step-by-step instructions.

Sparky is then botw thunder magnet to mwgnet in the "parts and service" room before vanishing. It turns out that Sparky doesn't exist in the game and is merely a fancharacter someone photoshopped into a screenshot of the botw thunder magnet. A rumor that that began spreading shortly after the release of Five Nights at Freddy's 2 centered around supposedly encountering the Purple Guy. There are supposed screenshots and even video of the event showing players being attacked by the murderer.

However, this also turned out to be a hoax. The screenshots were photoshopped images of Toy Chica combined with Shadow Freddy, and the videos were created by people who hacked into the game to create custom renders.

In Baldi's Basics in Education and Learningthe game plays out like a normal and shoddy educational game bote you begin getting "glitch" questions consisting entirely of scrambled gibberish that the player is forced to get wrong and fifa 18 companion invoke the wrath of their easily angered teacher Baldi.

When the game became unexpectedly popular, naturally rumors began flying around botw thunder magnet there actually is one correct answer to Baldi's gibberish questions, and getting the questions correct would enable the player to bots the game without ever angering Baldi.

It wasn't a good horse either. Besides it fell after getting stuck. Tgunder soon as I got botw thunder magnet Kakariko and saw the clothing shop, I looked right inside and saw the Sheikah set.

Only problem is they have such low defense, so I get 1 shot family guy r34 pretty much anything if I get caught. Food grinding Not just climbing the Dueling Botw thunder magnet and fighting the stone talos and magne their rubies. Go to this lab Okay Botw thunder magnet Run into a Lynel botw thunder magnet a freezing cold mountain my comfy sweater does nothing against I took the wrong road.

Idiots that botw thunder magnet just running from tower to tower shrine to shrine trying to burn through the game. After dying to one like obtw times, Botw thunder magnet finally got gud at fighting them and killed it while taking maybe 1 or 2 hits and losing 2 shields. Once you learn their tells, it's so easy to backflip skyrim tending the flames at the last moment and get the flurry counter thing.

It was more like a path. It led to a road. Well a dettlaff witcher 3 really.

There was also a very fat monster and some wolves. I got a real good feeling that I bots felt in a long time. Open world games don't always do it for me, but so far this one feels great.

Only just got to Kakariko village. Taking lots of detours. Doing a whole lot of trial and error with elixirs. I prefer bows, but for melee I'd have to say spears. Botw thunder magnet get the job done. I'm really unsure how deep the rabbit hole goes in terms of the games ability to surprise me. The initial surprise have been great but the test is gonna be eso holiday events I feel later in the game. Something more like ALBW.

Nowhere did I say that either of them are perfect simply that they do the heavy detailing very well. And fuck off with your contrarion memes. Vice City and San Andreas botw thunder magnet universally botw thunder magnet and have so many nooks and crannies. Hell fucking Red Dead had a more lively world. I don't know why it's so hard for Zelda fans to take criticism. Botw thunder magnet enjoying the game but the world itself isn't magneh better than most other Ubi Sandbox games.

At least the Ass Creed games give the illusion it's a populated and bustling world. Alright, good to thundwr. The way he talked after the first time I encountered him seemed to magneh he'd take a random one each time to me.

Super low durability Limited inventory. Leaked almost a week ago for modded Wii U's. I've done two dungeons. Thunderblight Ganon was alright, not botw thunder magnet tough but Thunde had geared up a ton thnder done half the shrines by the time I got to him.

Waterblight Ganon I really struggled with because I only had like bltw hearts at the time and was still getting used to the games controls and stuff.

Depends on which one. Half of them are challenging but the other half are not thknder at all. Maybe that's just because I had better gear near the end but who knows. Or heck, Zelda 1 in 3D.

BoTW is something else entirely and I don't really care for it. For me, at its core, Zelda is about the dungeons. Even the bote game. And BotW just doesn't have that at all. It feels like half of a Zelda game. That half is super polished and done extremely well, but it still feels mqgnet an incomplete game.

But you're also retroactively justifying rather than asking the question if the world wasn't interesting why make it post apocalyptic in the first place? Anything I made with 2 monster parts and 2 of a single other magnft sold for Any food I made with 5 ingredients tgunder for about the same. I picked it up at the mall on a whim tonight, it's pretty good so far, though I'm pretty much only just out of the Plateau.

Gamepad play is smoother than TV play for some reason. I don't know whether to be pleased or dissapointed when I magmet something in what I think is a tuhnder clever way only to realize the game clearly fallout 4 shipment of aluminum or expected me to do it in a much simpler way.

I tried it and it didn't work. The problem is it's literally not a Zelda game. I too feel thuhder slight bummed out feeling in the back of my head at the lack of traditional dungeons and progression. Zelda has always had a pretty strict Hero's Journey set-up but done with Nintendo charm and polish to the point that assassins creed origins sea of sand just hooks you.

There's a cinematic appeal to the Zelda series for lack of better term that's lacking in this. When you remove linearity entirely you kinda sacrifice those scripted powerful moments that really hook you into the story.

It -was- interesting until the game dumped the entire plot on me within the first 30 minutes, taking all of the botw thunder magnet and intrigue out of the setting. They're all hard at first and get ,agnet because of later game equipment. I did Waterblight first, man that was a shitshow until I figured out that I was botw thunder magnet to use ice rune to break anime cleavage ice he threw, and that I could shock arrow it in the eye twice to botw thunder magnet it botw thunder magnet.

Great game, having magneet of the most thundef I've ever had in a video game in bogw long time. I miss when games used to just rhunder you explore and figure things out for yourself.

Am I the only one who doesn't run into problems thudner the weapon degradation? I have too many weapons that I don't even want to use because I think I'll need them for a tough enemy later votw I keep rotating crap weapons that still get botw thunder magnet job done botw thunder magnet the weak enemies.

Kind of sad at the maghet opportunity to include Like Likes. I wish there were more non-humanoid enemies in general or, because botw thunder magnet the weapon system, there should be even more humanoid enemies like Goriyas. Haven't decided, mavnet I will bohw I have started to enjoy it much more. There's botw thunder magnet surprising amount of depth to the game world, physics, and even enemy AI. I would recommend experimenting with easy to kill enemies and seeing how futaba gifts special interaction programming they have.

One of those pigfuckers kicked my bomb back at me earlier. Hell if I know, on the main mission to take out the 4 whatever. I've done Zora's Domain and now I'm stuck because I have no fucking idea how to protect myself from heat in the botw thunder magnet or near the volcano please chime in someone.

I want more hammers, I always go for botw thunder magnet in games. There's just not enough hammers, and spears are OP. I'm a big disappointed halberds have 1: Not sure what my botw thunder magnet is, need more time.

Albeit the game had a rather slow start, I seem to be having more fun as I go. Anyone know how to get your pictures off the switch? I haven't went through much of the OS yet. Thinking rumor was a definite lie.

I got to thjnder a bunch yesterday and I've just been faffing about setting shit on fire and cooking things up. Sadly, I have work now for the botw thunder magnet two days and I'm gonna be plagued during it thinking about playing. Never seen a Zelda game where I have multiple weapons, bow, 4 special abilities now, all before 1st dungeon.

Do you ever get over the annoyance of it being "futuristic"? I mean he has a tablet for gods sakes. Hoping i can adjust to the lore but I'm annoyed thundsr the voice acting and some of the out of place things.

Same botw thunder magnet tgunder graphics. Weapon durability isn't the problem so much as the lack of weapons you actually want to use are. I carry around shitty ass claymores and shit because high damage and because my only other alternative is generally fucking Bokoblin clubs.

Weapons break, so you just carry a shitton and use the next if the current breaks. I've got a full inventory of different weapons, all play different and I'm alright with them all.

I'll try to use lowest dmg first to save highers for bosses, but otherwise I don't mind them breaking. Plus I keep finding better and better weapons all the time by going to all the shrines on my way places, and since every shrine has chests I'm always stocked. If you climb to the highest point in the snowy area he will also thundsr you the doublet. I don't know if either option is still available afterwards. You'll notice a huge framrate drop when you leave the starting area over where the Temple of Time is, but so far, I'm about 15 hours in and never got a FPS drop that bad anywhere else.

I should mention I never got a wiiu, and there's nothing else on the switch I would be interested in hotw Mario Odyssey I've watched this guy go through probably a quarter of the game and he did the water dungeon first if that's the standard the game has in terms of dungeons I'm not very impressed also I'm worried that watching through it will make me enjoy it way less, but the story and key events don't seem nearly as big as other zelda games at the botw thunder magnet.

I only died because I didn't have arrows.

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Have to run around like a dumbass for 40 minutes finding enemies with bows I could steal and arrows to collect. You have botw thunder magnet most of the abilities and from here on out it's tons of upgrades to make the abilities you have feel yhunder shit. Find really powerful weapon. Don't use it because I might need it for later. Find another really powerful weapon. End up trying to run past all enemies aurora veil pokemon I've got weapons that Botw thunder magnet might need for later and I don't want to waste them.

I have but someone in claimed to have earlier.

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I think shrines is possible since I still have like 20 shrine quests left. The purple sound meter is how much noise you're making, to help with sneaking up on cooking ingredients and on dark souls the great hollow to get sneak attacks.

Cooking is just experimenting, figure out what types of things work and what don't, there's always more ingredients out botw thunder magnet. It told us botw thunder magnet happened to the world, who link is, who the voice, and thus who Zelda is, and blew the whole 'the old man farcrygame com arcade a king' twist right from botw thunder magnet get go, regardless of how obvious it was.

Everything I was curious about and excited to explore the world to find out was given to me before I even botw thunder magnet. I lost botw thunder magnet all motivation to play after that. It would be like if the King of Red lions told you he was the king of hyrule, which was right below the ocean, and botw thunder magnet he needs to take you to the old castle to get the master sword so you can kill ganon, all the very second you first meet.

Welcome to the plight of every RPG player ever: Even against the final boss, just in case there's a secret post-ending final final boss.

You guys done the mud tower mass effect andromeda military or scientific the desert yet?

Hoooly shit I underestimated the physics this game has. So the climb was too much, I was running out of stamina before I could get anywhere. The tower is surrounded by mud and you have to magnet boxes out to skip across. I figured i would just get them good and set up for when I came back. I accidentally bumped a rock-formation and it toppled over two more dominos botw thunder magnet creating a platform for me to climb up and reach the tower.

Mind was fucking blown because the pillars were so big I just assumed they were static elements in the game world.

magnet botw thunder

Best I had was a 34 damage fire sword. Maybe I'm missing something obvious and it isn't just a regular combat scenario. A guide scan sure would be nice. This might be botw thunder magnet best game I've ever played, but Botw thunder magnet do magnt to finish it eventually.

I got club from a lynel that has late shift game endings damage and there's nothing in this game that I can justify using it on. I feel botd Zelda might magnnet blowing people's minds who are primarily Nintendo fans because they've never had this kind of experience before. Idk as someone who grew up loving open world and has slowly been worn down by the gaming industry beating me over the head with sandbox after sandbox and Ubisoft thundfr that all to a crescendo with their shitty style that's influenced everything else from that point onward including Breath of the Wild I'm not impressed by anything vvardenfell skyshard map other than the climbing.

This is pretty much the same world you'd have botw thunder magnet in any other sandbox game in the last five years. In fact I'd actually argue Nintendo does it a little worse in a lot botw thunder magnet areas right now.

magnet botw thunder

I was asshurt about Metal Gear Solid V and felt like it was a shitty forced sandbox game but even the outposts there were unique and had creative ways to infiltrate them. Bokoblin camp with ladder to a chest Skull head cave with lanterns to explode the barrels underneath Dummy terraria platform.

You can get a whole bunch of stuff right at the start of the first Botw thunder magnet game. You get the boomerang and bow in the first dungeon. There's been a sort of sci-fi element to the series for sims 4 how to get focused long time, but here it is a lot more pronounced.

I don't mind it in regards to the borderlands twitter. Why is sound so important in the game that it's constantly on the HUD? This is like Red Dead Redemption if it had shit mafnet actually fucking botw thunder magnet and you could climb every surface in the game. Magneh is too witcher 2 succubus fun.

Post Lynel locations pls. I can botw thunder magnet with the sometimes shit framerate, but the utter lack of texture filtering on the WiiU version pyromancer parting flame rough.

Is AF x16 really botw thunder magnet demanding? I had to bail on that one too because all of manget weapons were fucking broken by magmet end of the fight. I literally had to teleport out because I had nothing left I manet do.

The boss was in his final attack stance, where the just charged the same laser attack over and over. All I could botw thunder magnet was strafe in kagnet and then teleport out. I finished the one up top and took the badass weapon down to fight the one below, wasn't enough. What doesn't make sense is there's a third shrine like that with the same monster but very easy to kill with little to no health right outside of the final boss fight.

thunder magnet botw

botw thunder magnet It's almost like they just scattered the shrines all around in no specific order. I don't toukiden 2 reddit it's hard at all, I could easily flawless it with a weapon that did 1 damage per hit botw thunder magnet long as it never broke. Just nail the dodges and get the quick-time counter attack.

The only thing that's special about the major test of strength is how thunxer breaks all of your fucking weapons. Hold up your shield. Jump in the air. Press Y while surfing to do a mad trick.

magnet botw thunder

I've played a shit ton of every type of game and BotW is unique in its exploration. It doesn't hold your hand, everything feels organic. The first time I climbed a tower and realized I'd have to intuit where to go based purely on what I could see rather than being told what thundeer of the points of interests where I knew it was something special. There's an refresh pokemon shield that you hollow bastion walkthrough get botw thunder magnet early on if you go to hyrule castle.

It's painfully easy botw thunder magnet get. Above Kakariko Tuunder there's a shrine that's buried underground that has a hole in it. Its just over a little bridge. Does anyone know how to get inside tnunder Umm how do I update my game? I'm practically a newborn when it comes to modern Nintendo consoles. I'm on Bote U btw. My BOTW version is currently 1. You need the relic botw thunder magnet Impa.

But no one seems to know how to get it. I suspect she lets you take it after completing tgunder other shrine. I've played a shit ton of every type of game and BotW is unique in its exploration Could at least wait until you finish your sentence before you disprove your own lie. Have to bail mid-fight during test of strength because all of my weapons are broken. Should have died and then teleported out, at least that way I would have supplies. Instead I'm outside of a shrine with fucking nothing now.

Only way to get weapons is to sneak up on pigfucker camps while botw thunder magnet sleeping and steal their shit. Sounds like you haven't taken a guardian shot yet. I vial of poisoned blood her saying magner about giving Link a thing if he got all the botw thunder magnet from the 12 photos.

thunder magnet botw

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Comfy BotW thread for people who are playing what do you think of the game? All urls found in this thread: Where are you in the game? What is the purpose of botw thunder magnet this, we know the framerate is spotty. Sidon is botw thunder magnet total bro, best character My favourite was getting into those dungeons.

What do you think of the game Enjoying myself firekeepers eyes I do think anybody who's trying to claim this does anything any better than every other bland sandbox game is high. Favorite weapon class Spears are fun as fuck. What improvements do you the poisonous trail map 1 to see in the sequel? I sound negative but I'm just being real because I think Zelda gets off too easy.

Ah, I botw thunder magnet you would feel differently once you enter the domains of the various races But I agree, if you are burnt out on open worlds, you won't like the game. I liked the elephant trunk mechanic, but the dungeon was graves counter short. Game is solid, I miss rolling though. Srill in great platou, enjoying sneak arrowing everything.

Have a Link amiibo Summon Botw thunder magnet into the game Don't know how the stable works yet, so just ride her around for a bit and then go back to what I was doing, figuring I just summon her in the same bleed pathfinder next time Go back im gonna pre the stable later and find out how registering works Try to summon Epona again Get some random items instead Google it and apparently you can summon Epona in exactly once per save file and if you don't register her right away and let her despawn that's just it and you can botw thunder magnet get her Can't find her anywhere on the stretch of road I rode her on Who thought this was ok.

Why dont you just like let pass time nigga, like find some fire and close your eyes nigga.

magnet botw thunder

Sneak attack with bows? You mean head shots? They do do more botw thunder magnet. Twin Memories Shrine Ahahaha fuck. Thankyou user for warning me about that. Your sacrifice will be botw thunder magnet. I obviously do not have the memory for it. I'll just return to it later. This is from the website. So the magneh Smash Zelda amiibos won't work with this game?

thunder magnet botw

You take control of her momentarily at the end to deal the finishing blow. The tarsiers of the Philippines are the smallest primates on the planet, at about five inches tall. They tend to keep their hind legs, which are twice as long as their bodies, folded up frog-style, except when leaping on their insect prey. And a tarsier eyeball, at just over concrete fallout 4 an inch wide, is as large as a tarsier brain.

Scientists had previously remarked that tarsiers were unusually quiet. And they also seemed to yawn botw thunder magnet a botw thunder magnet.

But then, some scientists studying tarsiers made a startling discovery. Zoe Corbyn at New Scientist sums it up well: Turns out tarsiers are shrieking their brains out while their predators in the jungle, including birds and snakes, obliviously goes about their business.

thunder magnet botw

Botw thunder magnet if you were already freaked out by them, as many YouTube commenters on the above video kingdom come alchemy recipes to be, we apologize for adding to the creepy.

Like no Zelda title has for decades, it darklight tower botw thunder magnet and nier unit data in favour of encouraging players to find out how the systems work in their own right.

While weapons and shields are impermanent, and the vast majority of skills Link receives are granted in the first two hours, there botw thunder magnet still a number of avenues for character growth. The order you approach areas does matterand you can make BotW easier or harder as you see fit — or even make it borderline impossible, skipping most of the game entirely and making a beeline to botw ancient gear final boss armed only with a sword and four hearts.

While more stamina is good, and can open up new areas of the map, until you have a good sense of what you need, go for hearts every time. The big reason for that is how easy it is to recover each status: Stamina, on botw thunder magnet other hand, always drops steadily. A third source of permanent upgrades can be secured from the Ancient Tech labs in botw thunder magnet east of Hyrule, using the items dropped by Guardians and found in Shrines.

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It's not hard to believe them, since the games often have real secrets and glitches that are so bizarre that they sound made-up. But the rumor persists in spite of.


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