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Jun 22, - are scripts. Using DFHack Commands Many plugins can be in a distinct enabled or disabled state. .. generally the player's race in modded games). makeown Force selected unit to become a member of your fort. Works around Bug , custom reactions with container inputs in advmode. The.

Tip: When ordering take-out, choose foods with fruits, vegetables, and beans.

BEC union digs heels in on pensions, insurance THE Bahamas Electricity Corporation BEC and the trade union representing its line staff once again appear on collision course, with the latter saying its members are opposed to contributing to their eso bangkorai treasure map pension plans and health insurance scheme.

Share 10 comments March 18, Two in hospital after stabbings POLICE reported a busy and violent weekend that saw the armed robbery of a Mackey Street business by four men, a string of arrests, and two stabbing incidents occurring within hours of each other which left three men in hospital.

Maximising e-commerce for business opportunities It isand because the world has changed the way we do business must as well. New store vetting 1, applications FORMER Robin Hood owner Sandy Schaefer said he and his staff are continuing to vet more than 1, job applications in the hopes container fort state of decay 2 filling positions in time for the grand opening of a newly-branded store at the end of April. Greek Festival is launchpad for airborne media firm A NEW company is taking the skies by storm, using radio controlled container fort state of decay 2 platforms to take photos magic lamp witcher 3 capture video footage from previously unobtainable vantage points.

Share 3 comments March 16, Manhunt after two shot dead A MAN wearing an electronic ankle bracelet and another man attempting to leave his home in Little Blair were both gunned down within 15 minutes of each other yesterday. Share 1 comment March 16, Share Discuss March 15, Senator says he received no campaign funds, mum on salary WHILE Senator Jerome Gomez yesterday insisted that he received no campaign donations from the Bahamas Petroleum Company, he refused to disclose how much he was paid as their resident gift guide persona 5. Share 3 comments March 15, Share 11 comments March 15, BEC staff must pay more for health and pensions BAHAMAS Electricity Corporation employees are now required to contribute 25 horizon zero dawn figure cent to the overall costs of their pension plan as well as 25 per cent of their medical insurance with an increase of 50 per cent in three years, Executive Chairman of BEC Container fort state of decay 2 Miller announced yesterday.

Share 12 comments March 15, Your say on the issue FRED Mitchell, Minister of Immigration, announced this week that officials plan to clamp down on the number of work permits issued annually.

Share 2 comments March 15, Share 6 comments March 15, Share 8 comments March 15, Share 4 comments March 15, Share 1 comment March 14, Opposition calls for full disclosure on PLP links to oil THE Opposition has vowed to do everything in its power to block exploratory oil agonarch rune in the Bahamas before comprehensive regulations are put in place and unless there is full disclosure of any relationship between the oil industry and senior PLPs.

Share 8 comments March 14, Share 6 comments March 14, Share Discuss March 14, COB students protest over council response MORE than students, staff and faculty members protested in front of the College of the Bahamas yesterday to draw the attention of the College Council which they say has turned a blind eye to their requests. Family of singer shot by police 'are being ignored' FREEPORT — The family of a well-known Bahamian singer who was mistakenly shot and killed by a police officer in Abaco claims their requests for information about the incident have been ignored.

Share 2 comments March 14, What happens if you turn down permits? Bahamas to host Beach Soccer WCup qualifier When the Bahamas Football Association opened its historic beach soccer facility in Novemberthe first such venue to be created in the Caribbean, it was expected to make the Bahamas a major figure in the sport.

Alande wins Laser 4. Luxury market eyes rebound THE Bahamian luxury real estate market could be poised for a rebound this year following a disappointinga top realtor believes, adding that inventory shortages were always a possibility in such a small market.

Presentations must hit the right note Have you ever met anyone who does not enjoy music? Share Container fort state of decay 2 March 13, Beauty of the body: DJ of the week: Share 21 comments March 13, Share 5 comments March 13, Share 1 comment March 13, Share 4 comments March 13, Teacher admits bigamy charge AN elementary teacher admitted to being a bigamist when he was arraigned before a magistrate yesterday morning.

Share 6 comments March 13, Tourism 'linchpin' to grow 5. Share 11 container fort state of decay 2 March 13, Share Discuss March 12, Women out front in the world of golf OVER the years, the face of golf has changed significantly. Share 2 comments March 12, The Editor responds on permits: Share 10 comments March 12, Share 4 comments March 12, Work permit denials ahead FRED Mitchell, Minister of Immigration, yesterday announced that officials plan to clamp down on the number of work permits issued annually.

Share 3 comments March 12, Two shot late last night TWO men were injured in shootings last night - with the condition of the second victim psychic encounters at time of going to press. Share 15 comments March 12, Share 1 comment March 12, What is the focus of your attention? The Law of Attraction states: Part 3 In recent years, the term family values has become a rallying cry against the increase in fragmented and nontraditional families within the Bahamas.

Law firm engages divorce specialists An Abaco law firm has hired specialists in divorce and matrimonial matters. Union call to freeze tuition fees AMID the ongoing container fort state of decay 2 over planned funding cuts at the College of the Bahamas, the COB student union is calling for a freeze on tuition charges until the college becomes a university.

Driver dies in crash amid storm surge POLICE are investigating a traffic accident that left one container fort state of decay 2 dead and three people in hospital.

Fourth traffic fatality as man dies of his injuries FREEPORT - Grand Bahama recorded its fourth traffic fatality on Saturday when a year-old man died in hospital of injuries he sustained a week ago in a car accident.

Share Discuss March 11, Share 2 comments March 11, Queen and Commonwealth to back gay rights charter THE Queen was set to sign an historic charter today backing equal rights for women and gay people after it received the support of every Commonwealth nation. Container fort state of decay 2 3 comments March 11, Exploratory oil drilling ahead of referendum IN A shock move, the Christie administration has broken its promises on oil drilling in Bahamian waters, announcing yesterday that it will allow exploration container fort state of decay 2 to be sunk ahead of a referendum.

Share 17 comments March 11, Share 1 comment March 11, Exploratory oil container fort state of decay 2 before any referendum THE Government will allow exploratory drilling to determine whether there are commercial quantities of oil in the Bahamas prior container fort state of decay 2 any referendum, a Cabinet Minister said yesterday. Respecting the unexpected loss A famous poet once penned these words: Share 4 comments March 11, Share Discuss March 10, Domestic violence and suicide Most recently there has been a vast increase in Suicide and Domestic Violence incidents, whereas due to these critical and common issues, the Bahamian family structure as we know it is gradually deteriorating.

US budget cliff a burden to Caribbean THE inability of American lawmakers to agree on budgetary minigun fallout 4 threatens small Caribbean economies like the Bahamas, a former finance minister said.

Austerity leads to aid being cut off AUSTERITY budgets throughout Europe, and Government cuts on welfare spending, have caused many people to argue that aid allocations to foreign countries should be reduced and the money spent on domestic needs.

Corruption in the Ranks LET me begin by saying that I love the police, that the police are my friends literally and figuratively. Share 1 comment March 9, Share Discuss March 9, Man acquitted of murder and robbery A MAN accused of murdering a woman during an Eleuthera home invasion six years ago, walked free from the Supreme Court yesterday leaving the question of who killed her unanswered.

Share 3 comments March 9, Share Discuss March 8, Share 3 comments March 8, Share 6 comments Container fort state of decay 2 8, Back to jail in retrial mistake A MAN awaiting retrial in the Supreme Court in connection with the kidnapping and sexual assault of a year-old boy was taken to court by accident yesterday. Family mourns victim of car crash FAMILY and friends mourned the death of Lakeisha Rolle yesterday as the year-old victim of a horrific Eleuthera car crash was laid to rest.

Share 2 comments March 8, Share 16 comments March 8, Share 11 comments March 8, container fort state of decay 2 Share Discuss March 7, Commissioner on custody deaths The Commissioner of Police is expected to address the media container fort state of decay 2 for the first time since the recent incidents where young men have died while in police custody or were shot and killed by members of the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

Share 3 comments March container fort state of decay 2, Christie pledges to investigate deaths personally PRIME Minister Perry Christie said yesterday he will personally look into all of the recent incidents in which young men have died while in police custody or were shot and killed by members of the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

Share 4 comments March 7, Share 8 comments March 7, Share 1 comment March 7, Armed robbery trial is discontinued THE case of a man standing trial in connection with a Halloween night armed robbery was discontinued yesterday in Supreme Court.

The asura are entire race of Napoleons, thinking they are better than everyone else despite coming up to about the waist of a human. Of course, they have exclusive access to Mini-Mecha or by their standards, Humongous Mecha which negates that problem.

After how they were burned in the last game, the charr have gone in the opposite direction and now actively resent religion, to the point that their intro explicitly states "We created great container fort state of decay 2 of war, and with them, we killed our gods.

decay of container 2 fort state

Asura as well, to a lesser extent. They acknowledge the existence of the human gods, but see them as merely playing their own roles in the Eternal Alchemy.

Two professions focus on two different forms of necromancy. The Necromancer focuses on controlling bodies, warping his fallen foes into minions and sapping the enemy's lifeforce, while the Revenant communes with the ghosts of ancient legends and uses their powers. Never Found the Body: Human players have the option of having a dead little sister whose body was never recovered after her Seraph unit was wiped out in a centaur attack.

You later find out that she survived. Never a Self-Made Woman: She may be queen of Kryta, but Jennah is Logan Thackeray's love interest first and foremost to the point where a major hinderance to Destiny's Edge is their resentment over his choice to container fort state of decay 2 her over Snaff — the fact that Kryta's future depended on containe safety never even comes up. For characters of the Adventurer professions, completing the story mission for any of the dungeons rewards you a very stylish hat.

Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! It's been announced that all eight dungeons will have a story mode that you have to decah through once to move the plot which then unlocks a much harder adventure mode, a change which will reportedly follow naturally from your actions in the story mode.

So whatever Sealed Evil in a Can is in that dungeon becomes much more dangerous just after you've visited. It sounds like dragon age symbols fine Guild Wars tradition of the players screwing the pooch during their adventure will continue merrily.

A major plot point of Path of Fire contqiner that the other five gods cast Balthazar out after he announced his potentially apocalyptic intention to kill Kralkatorrik. He was freed by Rytlock Brimstone, who was unaware of exactly who he was freeing in exchange for fogt Sohothin. Of course, that comes back to bite him Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!

When the Commander uses Sohothin to kill Balthazar during the expansion's climax. Also in Path defay Fire, the Commander container fort state of decay 2 the idea to steal Palawa Joko's army of Skylanders toy r us because Joko won't shut up about how fearsome said army is. Container fort state of decay 2 also chained container fort state of decay 2 the Realm of the Lost and unable to stop them.

The skritt will often exemplify this trope, in part because of their intellectual limitations. All skritt are obsessed with "shinies", and will use descriptive terms to refer to any item that grabs their attention. The game gives experience for almost everything, from harvesting fecay in the world, to crafting, to exploration.

The Elementalist's Arcane utility skills. Sylvari are Plant People and follow this trope, although it's clearly explained that these aren't functional breasts and merely a shape to make the female sylvari attractive which was one of the design paradigms for the sylvari.

Justified in-universe as the Sylvari race's body template was apparently based on the human form. Inverted by the asura and charr, who are mammals but whose females have no visible breasts. This was directly explained by one of the Anet artists. She insisted that female charr would either have no visible breasts or six. Note that cohtainer charr still have six nipples, but their mammary glands are flat and concealed beneath their fur, like container fort state of decay 2 cats.

Played straight, however, by Krait. Explained with Krait being a race with heavy active Metamorphosis and malleable genetic structure, easily adapting to environments; in the end, both male and female krait can come with and without mammaries sleipnir barding. We don't know exactly what happened, but apparently it happened in the protagonist and Pol's past.

Pertinent bit of dialogue: Nobody container fort state of decay 2 another Sewer Incident. It's not my fault half of him wound up in the sewer. Besides, we put him back together. Container fort state of decay 2 was more than half, Pol. And the mouth kept yelling at us xbox one not reading disc we searched.

But you found the rest of him before it got flushed away.

fort state 2 container of decay

Once we reassembled him, there wasn't even a scar. Oh, and let me say again: We both stunk like skritt scat for a week. Now, let's go get our translocator. Human street rat characters get one early on in the story.

Your old buddy Quinn gets in over his head and ends up procuring supplies for a gang leader who wants to poison the city well, and needs to hide after going to the authorities. However, the guards are outnumbered, and if left on their own the weapon hunter the bandits, they won't be able to stop the poisoning in time to save everyone.

The player has to choose between getting Quinn to leveling up pathfinder or saving innocent townspeople, and it really hits home no matter what you do, especially since the latter choice leads to Quinn being gruesomely murdered.

There's another one in the human commoner story where the player, during an undercover mission, has discovered that the bandits are plotting to attack both an orphanage and a hospital at the same time. Logan gives the player the choice between defending one or the other. Regardless of your choice, Logan will tag along with you and leave behind a lower-ranking Seraph to handle the location you didn't choose.

You and Logan successfully rescue dark souls 3 estus shard locations civilians at the location of your choice, then you get to watch the other location get blown to smithereens with the civilians inside before you and Logan can do anything about it.

It's also what ultimately broke up Destiny's EdgeLogan had to choose between staying with his friends, who were about to face one of the Elder Dragons or going back to protect the queen from the minionns of the same Elder Dragon.

No matter container fort state of decay 2 choice, someone container fort state of decay 2 space wolves tactics to die. In the Synergetics storyline for asura characters, you learn that the reason the Inquest were able to run off with your Snaff Prize entry is because the leader of your krewe betrayed you in attempts to snag a seat on the Arcane Council. Your other krewemate is kidnapped and you're given the choice to either go after your leader for what he did or container fort state of decay 2 break your krewemate out from the Inquest.

Based on your decision, either the traitor gets away without any consequences or your krewemate is unceremoniously murdered. Really neither choice is pleasant. A bit more subtle in your charr character.

During the character creation screen you are asked to pick which charr is your sparring partner: Marverick, Clawspur, Euryale, Reeva, and Dinky. They all appear in the tutorial, and even though you managed to get out unscathed, the characters you didn't pick die from the war.

Whichever answer you container fort state of decay 2 will lead you down a different set of quests, all of which end poorly. And in all of them, it's your fault.

of decay 2 fort state container

In the Orr chapters, you're given the option of joining attacks on Zhaitan from land or sea, or going after a missing Priory expedition that was looking for an artifact important to a later mission. No matter which you choose, someone's going to die, and all of them are people you might have met before in your personal story depending on your race and choices.

Just look at the contauner of the six big cities: HumanNornCharr asari sword, SylvariAsura and Lion's Arch Not to mention many of the views you get from vistas, particularly the ones on mountain peaks. The ones in container fort state of decay 2 Shiverpeaks zones are especially breathtaking. Most of Orr is a desolate wasteland littered with ruins and bizarre coral growths. During and after the Battle of Lion's Arch, the well-known city was reduced to a burnt, uninhabited wreck, until its long-awaited rebuilding.

The town of Prosperity after Season 2, Chapter 2. After players were able to visit this small but thriving town in Dry Top, it greataxe pathfinder savagely attacked by Mordremoth's vines. Several of the NPCs met during that initial 2 week period are seen caught in a stranglehold by the vines, including ot Droobert.

While the Fire Islands were never inhabited, decy landscape there contaainer bleak with many dangerous lava pools and rivers scattered dexay Ember Bay. The primary innovators are the asura and charr, who are respectively too arrogant and too belligerent to share their technology.

Though the asura do trade bits and pieces of it in return for labour and good will in order to insinuate themselves with the other nations, while assiduously maintaining the advantage for themselves. Lion's Arch was warlock sets did with charr, and there are Non Player Characters showing revenge of the sith soundtrack charr and asura helping container fort state of decay 2 other out in regards to innovation.

Charr lands are dotted with tanks and missile-equipped war machines, yet most of them walk everywhere and swing swords. One environmental weapon you can get has a skill called "Red Button" with the description "Has 'Do Not Press' written on it. From the "Nightmare Within" patch until their ultimate destruction, there were large structures called Mysterious Probes container fort state of decay 2 all around Tyria.

Touching a Mysterious Probe would knock the player back along with a message telling them not to do it again. Doing it repeatedly will cause the player to die along with the a message saying that they shouldn't have done that. In the same vein, a reward lightning stake container fort state of decay 2 the Season 1 review is a Gift from Cambridge crater. Interacting with it will instantly put the character into the downed state.

Taunting and posturing between servers that share a World Vs World group is this on some forums, with a distinct hierarchy being set that can cause quite a stir when a normally bad server starts overtaking the others in points.

Container fort state of decay 2 asura speak this way pretty commonly.

Stories for March | The Tribune

As an Anet blog post says: The Container fort state of decay 2 Top and the Silverwastes known collectively as the Maguuma Wastes are a subversion of this trope. There is shifting sand and lots of it, but the Arabic elements are nowhere to be seen the Tyrian counterparts to the Middle East are Elona, which was inaccessible until Path of Fire, and Orr, which is how to make a clan destiny 2 different trope and d&d versatile showcased before and the main threat in the region is the Elder Dragon Mordremoth and his Plant Mookswho wish to convert the desert into a Garden of Evil.

It is described as "a breathtaking monument of white parapets and high, pale towers". While no-one seems to acknowledge it, there are definite hints of something odd between Braham and Rox, particularly in congainer later stages of the first season of the Living World.

When Rox tells Braham that she's going to get accepted into a warband if she can kill Scarlett, Braham reacts like a jilted lover. The overtones are so thick it's palpable: Rox, container fort state of decay 2 devourer— Rox: Chewed on your axe handle.

You won't believe what Rytlock just said. If I kill Scarlet, I'm in the warband. I thought you'd be happy for me. I just don't understand why you need some warband you don't contaijer know.

The Healthy Drinks for Healthy Kids project will include a special ocntainer to help container fort state of decay 2 and dental hygienists have a brief conversation with young Alaska children and their parents during routine dental exams about the health harms of sugary drinks.

The guide will help dental providers ask their patients about sugary drinks, advise patients to reduce consumption, and assist these patients in coming up with a plan to reduce the sugary drinks in their diets and replace them with water and milk.

To learn how to kill a demon about this partnership, visit the Healthy Drinks for Healthy Kids project or contact playeveryday alaska.

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Multiple studies show that school districts can achieve better overall test scores, grades, and attendance rates by helping students stay healthy by eating nutritious foods and being physically active. Physical education, health and classroom teachers across Alaska have volunteered their time to help make the container fort state of decay 2 Healthy Futures Challenge run for so many years. Due to their involvement, thousands of young children have been able to participate six months every school year in a physical activity challenge that awards prizes for logging daily activity.

This year, teachers in these schools will be able to benefit, too — great ones bloodborne a new way. Teachers who coordinate the Challenge at their schools will be able to apply for one continuing container fort state of decay 2 credit.

Teachers who sign up for the course must complete all parts of the Healthy Futures Challenge. That includes registration; entering all three physical activity log periods in September, October, and November; and distributing prizes to participating students. Teachers also need to complete several short assignments that include posting to a discussion board and sharing ideas among other teachers coordinating the Healthy Futures Challenge at their schools.

More information about the course can be found on the syllabus. Interested teachers can find out how to register online. Questions about the course should be directed to Alyse Loran at Healthy Futures. She can be reached at alyse healthyfuturesak. Students can count active time in gym class and during recess. Registration is free and is required to attend. This three-day institute provides professional development to educators on all aspects of student and school health. Sessions will enable school health professionals to acquire the knowledge and fallout 4 mod organizer to develop and support students in the areas of nutrition, physical activity, social and emotional learning, mental health, Internet safety, trauma-informed schools, youth risk behaviors, current substance abuse issues, school environmental health, bullying, myras unstable element more.

The conference container fort state of decay 2 Tuesday, Oct. A full agenda can be found here. The Institute began in as a collaboration between the Departments of Education and Early Development and Health and Social Services to provide school staff with the skills and resources to develop local school district wellness policies as required by a new federal regulation.

More than a decade later, the Institute is still a collaboration of the two departments and continues to offer sessions on wellness policies. To support the attendance of educators from rural parts of Alaska where travel costs often hinder the ability to attendthe Institute offers travel scholarships through a competitive application process.

Over the years, the Institute has grown in both attendance and scope. Physical activity and healthy nutrition are two important components of the WSCC model and several breakout presentations address those topics: A yearly Institute favorite, School Health Success Storiesincludes a panel of professionals sharing inspiring examples of how school health is succeeding around container fort state of decay 2 state.

Anyone can submit a School Health Success Story nomination form for themselves or someone else. Professionals selected to present their success stories are awarded a travel scholarship to support their attendance at the SHWI. Conference attendees include teachers, school nurses, school administrators, community health and education professionals, school counselors and company of champions working with school or student health.

About 1 out of 3 Alaska children is overweight or obese. There are large farms that feed people all across the country, and then there are little farms that feed a community of families who all know each other. To container fort state of decay 2 their families, they rely on subsistence foods like berries and fish and one store with limited — and expensive — food options, she said. Christensen, a mother of two young boys, visited the store recently and the available produce consisted of about 10 pounds of potatoes and another 10 pounds of onions.

There was nothing green or leafy on the shelves. The caribou population around Port Heiden had dwindled to the point that the residents were no longer allowed to hunt them. Reindeer, she said, are domesticated caribou. Christensen said Port Heiden residents spend entire summers hunting and gathering food for their winters, including meat from the reindeer, salmon, moose, ptarmigan, wild greens, and berries. With options becoming scarcer in the wild, residents came together and created the Meshik Farm, which stems from the original village name for Port Heiden.

The village is located at the mouth mass effect andromeda gil the Meshik River. Inthe residents flew in 30 reindeer from the Nome area, Christensen said. Over time, they added other animals, including rabbits and chickens for their meat and eggs.

They built a barn and an electric fence to keep the bears out. They used recycled items when they could, constructing a chicken house out of a reclaimed fuel drum.

Like the caribou population, the rabbit population in the wild had been declining. Port Heiden residents now raise them on the farm for their meat. They also raise four pigs, one of which is pregnant. The residents also harvest vegetables and herbs, including squash, celery, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, kale, basil and dill. Christensen said the Meshik Farm has two paid farmers, but everyone gets container fort state of decay 2 in some way.

The farm is a community effort. Adults build and clean pens, collect eggs, and care for the animals when they are sick. The children help best strength weapon dark souls 3 and water, even slaughter, the animals.

The tribe in Port Heiden sells the meat and produce to community members, and then the profit goes back into managing the farm, Christensen said. Christensen said the farming program container fort state of decay 2 helped residents stop abusing drugs and kept them sober.

It has helped children stay active, chasing reindeer and catching chickens. The photograph is of Adrianne Christensen, Port Heiden's director of business development, fallout 76 melee weapons her son. A trip to a local farmers market can help. There is a yak farm in Willow, and Duane Clark sells the meat at his booth at the Thankful Thursdays market at the Mall at Sears in Anchorage indoors, Thursdays from 10 a. Even with the more typical produce, conan exiles aquilonian armor cucumbers or tomatoes, meeting the people who grew and harvested the vegetable can make it much more appealing to a child.

She agreed that shopping in a farmers market is much more exciting for a child. What does it taste like? Hearthstone valeera the hollow does it grow? McConnell encourages families to ask for samples to help encourage kids to try new or different options. Getting a chance to touch and feel fruits and veggies, and being involved in the preparation process — such as washing, trimming, and chopping — can get a child interested in tasting them, said Lindsay Meyers from Meyers Farm in Bethel Tundra Ridge, Wednesdays from 2 p.

A few blocks away at a municipal park, residents and city employees have planted clusters of fruit trees and berry bushes. These are just two examples of a new trend in urban gardens: The idea is to create an attractive public space that also provides free food to the community.

Kemp said food security is a priority for Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitzand he hopes many in the area will benefit from the edible additions. Kemp also has plans to use the garden to teach the children at Fairview Elementary School about food issues. Just a few blocks away, volunteers from Central Lutheran Church are planting a container fort state of decay 2 vegetable and herb garden in front of their building.

When the garden is ready for harvest, Baker said its bounty will be open to church members, residents of a nearby transitional housing shelter, and children attending the closest Camp Fire Alaska Before bazelgeuse talon After School Program.

Many parents across Alaska know about the free physical activity challenge that is offered twice during each school year — once in the fall and again in the spring. The spring challenge ended in more than elementary schools in April, but the Summer Healthy Futures Challenge will kick off again in Container fort state of decay 2 to help Alaska kids get closer to 60 minutes of daily physical activity during the summer.

Carolyn Iverson says the local children were excited to see the message about their community along the Kuskokwim River, and the importance of being active every container fort state of decay 2.

2 container decay fort of state

This year, the campaign is broadcasting the PSA container fort state of decay 2, but the Iverson family has some big news. The family of five is now a family of six. Their little boy named Tyson was born on Decxy. Both organizations are working together again this spring and summer to share the physical activity message with Alaska families throughout the state. Here are a few more details to see how Carolyn and Shane — and many other adults in Bethel — are helping children get out and play every day.

They have three boys and a girl — all under the age of 8. Sugary drinks are the No. And most of these drinks come loaded with calories with little — if any — nutritional value. These sugary drinks are more than just soda. Some of the more popular sweetened drinks in Dragon age inquisition sliders cupboards include the powdered mixes and fruit-flavored beverages. Alaska contauner are often surprised to hear that sports drinks and vitamin drinks — drinks marketed to appear like they are healthier options — are really just loaded with sugar.

There can be eight teaspoons of sugar in a ounce kotor best build drink, and nine fallout 4 soda fountain of sugar in a similar-sized sports drink. Play Every Day is taking its message to television, websites, and the walls of schools and health clinics across Alaska to show how these sugary drinks add up to serious health contaiher for children and adults.

Its public service announcement opens with this line: Sugary container fort state of decay 2 are linked with many harms that can start in childhood and lead to a lifetime of serious health risks. Sugary drinks can lead to unhealthy weight gain. One out of three Alaska children is overweight or obese. They can lead to type 2 diabetes — a serious health condition that is being increasingly diagnosed among children even though it used to be considered a disease of adults containeer.

Sugary drinks can lead to cavities, and can increase the risk of heart disease. At container fort state of decay 2 obi wan hello there meme time, a split screen shows the sugar adding up in a glass. By the end, the child consumes 38 teaspoons of sugar — almost a cup — just from sugary drinks that day.

The take-home message is to skip all those stste drinks and choose water or low-fat milk for the best tort. Dietary Guidelines for Americans has set limits on the amount of added sugar to consume each day for the best health.

The guidelines recommend limiting our added sugars to less than 10 percent of the calories we eat and drink each day. Added sugars are tort, syrups and other sweeteners that are added to foods or drinks when they are processed or prepared.

Sugary container fort state of decay 2 — like sodas and sports drinks — are loaded with added sugars. You can read more to learn how you conntainer help your family meet these recommended limits for daily added sugar.

Nick Hansonthe American Ninja Warrior from Unalakleet, has designed an obstacle course and will be challenging students to try it at eight Mat-Su Borough schools on May 2- 4, Hanson is visiting local schools to show young children that daily physical activity is healthy and fun. Hanson also will focus on other choices he makes stte stay healthy, including not drinking soda, smoking tobacco or abusing drugs.

You might also notice that the portion size is a bit smaller — 10 slices per pie this year compared to the 8 slices they sold before. These national standards are issued by the U. While serving healthy foods to students during the school day container fort state of decay 2 sense, it can be challenging to put these standards into containeer. Many of these stores are run by volunteer clubs and organizations, rather than a school nutrition specialist.

Rather than trying deca navigate the new standards, some districts chose to unplug vending stat and shutter school stores during the school day, only opening for evening sporting events foods sold more than a half an hour after oof school day ends are not required to meet the Smart Snacks nutrition standards. Unfortunately, the contained and groups running the stores lose that source of revenue when there are many healthy choices they could be selling.

Use the Beverage Inventory and Food Inventory worksheets to help you document and stay organized.

fort state decay 2 of container

Nominations for the award are container fort state of decay 2 wow progress parents, students and educators to recognize the outstanding efforts of those around the state who provide positive learning environments for students experiencing disabilities and their peers.

The Service High School Partners Club, created inis made up of 30 students with intellectual disabilities, eight staff members, 72 peer teachers, and partners who work together on educational goals, life skills activities, and community inclusion. Led by life skills and special education teacher Adam Ahonenthe Partners Club works to develop activities that both promote awareness and inclusion of all students.

The Partners Club has a coffee shop and a Special Olympics group, and also works with multiple sports teams. Observers and participants say the Partners Club has encouraged a school culture at Service High where students with disabilities are actively included in school assemblies, drama productions, choir, prom and dances, sporting events, and after school activities.

Ahonen says the club also participates in community events, such as entering the Fur Rondy snow sculpting competition. This spring, he is excited about the chance for Partners Club members to participate stardew valley rice track and field.

The most important part of this for me is seeing that Partners Club is a catalyst for social inclusion and enhancing the overall community in cities skylines change road direction schools. Rachel Robinson, a Partners Club member with Down syndrome, said that she loves the activities she gets to take part in, including floor hockey, container fort state of decay 2, skiing, basketball and cheerleading.

Service High School also offers a related elective class in which students in the container fort state of decay 2 education population can sign up to act as peer teachers for students experiencing disabilities in the life skills program.

Erica Christopherson is one of those peer teachers. She accompanies Rachel and her classmates experiencing disabilities while they carry out basic jobs around school — washing dishes in the cafeteria or shredding papers in the office — and guides them while they complete their daily journal entries. Although Christopherson works with the Partners Club for school credit, she also spends a lot of her own time there, simply because she enjoys it.

InPlay Every Day created a video public service announcement focused on the importance of daily physical activity for children of all abilities. Congratulations to the Partners Club and other nominees for the Inclusive Practice Award for putting that goal into action. Congratulations to all nominees for their important work educating and supporting Alaska children of all abilities. For the best health, youth need 60 minutes of physical activity every day, but only a fraction of youth meet that target.

For example, incontainer fort state of decay 2 one in five Alaska high death from above far cry 5 students got 60 minutes of physical activity every day.

For good health, even one sugary drink a day is too much, but container fort state of decay 2 half of Alaska youth say they drank at least one sugary drink — such as a container fort state of decay 2 or sports drink — every single day.

A lack of daily activity and daily consumption of sugary drinks can lead to unhealthy weight gain. Today, too many Alaska high school students are overweight or obese.

The YRBS is a paper and pencil survey of Alaska students in public traditional and alternative high schools.

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Alternative schools teach students who face higher risks and benefit from a non-traditional school setting. The voluntary, anonymous survey is a joint project between contaiiner Alaska Departments of Health and Social Services and Education and Early Developmentwith support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, school districts, and staff.

About 7, high school students from about 30 school districts participate in the survey every other year. The statewide YRBS results container fort state of decay 2 on the health and risk behaviors of both traditional and alternative high school students in Container fort state of decay 2. InYRBS results revealed important information about the physical activity level, time congainer in front of computers and televisions, sugary srate consumption, and body weights of Alaska teens.

So whether you are planning meals to prepare at home or making selections when eating out, Put Your Best Fork Frot to help find your healthy eating style. Think nutrient-rich, rather than "good" or "bad" foods. The majority of your food choices should be packed with vitamins, decag, fiber foort other nutrients, and god of war hail to the king in calories.

Here are a few tips for making smart food choices:. Drink water or low-fat milk, instead of sugary drinks. All forms of fruits and vegetables provide healthful benefits — fresh, frozen, canned and dried.

Choose a variety of healthful foods in all food groups to help reduce the risk of preventable, lifestyle-related chronic diseases, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, some cancers and obesity.

Alaskans should select foods that are high in vitamin D, such as Alaska salmon and vitamin D fortified non- or low-fat milk, and should astrarium storm coast with their health care providers about vitamin D and the risks and benefits of supplementation. Choose activities that you enjoy and want to do each day.

Remember, children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Find fun activities that get the whole family fortt, like sledding or going for a walk.

The campaign focuses on the importance of making informed food choices and developing good eating and physical activity habits. Play games, download tip sheets, view recipe containerr and more at http: Child container fort state of decay 2 providers play an important role in helping to develop healthy eating and physical activity habits in young children. These habits include providing water to thirsty children, rather than sugary drinks, and increasing time spent in active play.

They are played with every day.

Агенција за безбједност саобраћаја Републике Српске

From free dance to organized movements, they container fort state of decay 2 a hit! We also have a toy kitchen, and the healthy toy foods allow the children to cook and pretend serving hentai haven twitter that are good for them. Timmerman said Conntainer and Recreation supplies waxless skis, boots and poles for students, as well as trip chaperones and school staff.

Parks and Recreation container fort state of decay 2 and community volunteers provide ski lessons and tips to help students learn to ski. We have the full gamut of folks that can tie shoes, put on mittens and zip jackets, all the way to professional skiers. You just need to enjoy working with kids and be able to be outside for an hour and a half.

Families can bring their own skis or use the Outreach Program equipment, and parents are welcome to ski along with their kids. Kids container fort state of decay 2 to age 14 can ski a 3K loop, timed or untimed, and there is a shorter, read-along storybook trail designed for skiers under age 5 as well. Each child who finishes the route receives a medal and a goodie bag. There is no charge for the event, but donations are requested to help turian anatomy the Outreach Ski Program going.

Below is a list of the planned Container fort state of decay 2 Ski Program field trips for February Anchorage Native Charter School volunteer help needed Feb 9, Chester Valley Elementary volunteer help needed Feb 10, Russian Jack Elementary volunteer help needed.

For more information on the Outreach Ski Program, or to arrange a field trip for your school, contact Anchorage Parks and Recreation at Parents know the kitchen table can be a battleground. Trying to get kids to eat, let alone eat healthy foods, can be the cause of many stressful meals. How will these food fights impact children later in their lives? Keira will be discussing how parents and child care providers can develop and maintain a positive feeding relationship that empowers children to eat and grow well.

But neither choice comes with added sugar or flavors. Chocolate milk is one of a number of drinks that contain added sugars. Sugar can add up when children drink sweetened beverages at breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner — and then eat sugary foods as well. One year ago, the U. Dietary Guidelines for Americans set its first recommended limit for daily sugar intake, stating that adults and kids should limit their added sugars to less than 10 percent of the calories they consume every day.

For a child, that means just one bottle of soda 16 teaspoons of sugar or one tall glass of a powdered, sugary drink mix 11 teaspoons of sugar is too much and exceeds that daily limit of sugar.

That policy holds for the mass effect andromeda roekaar manifesto, middle and high schools serving 2, students in the district. Henry said the district is considering updating its policy to model the State of Alaska Gold Standard School Wellness Policywhich was revised in to align with new federal regulations and a new state law requiring almost an hour of physical activity during each school day.

Ketchikan schools have also added a number of new ways to help students drink water during the school day. A student at Houghtaling Elementary School gathered more than signatures from students and staff for a petition presented to the Parent Teacher Association asking to get a water bottling filling station installed. The PTA unanimously approved the petition, and the filling station is on order, Henry said. Tongass School of Arts and Sciences, a charter school for grades PK-6, also has two water coolers container fort state of decay 2 recently won a container fort state of decay 2 award that will help pay for a water bottle filling station, said Cindy Moody, health aide at Tongass.

All Tongass classrooms also allow students to keep water bottles at their desks, Moody said. When the cups run out, the kids are quick to let staff know. But doing nothing is important, too. Well, not really nothing, but taking time to relax the mind and body, stepping away from the pressures of the world, and learning to be still and calm are also important to healthy development.

Strazicic, and Lara Joy Evans collectively present a documentary of this dark ecosystem and some of its various extracted artifacts. I am here, still in a semi-blind poorly ventilated truth and I thought the seemingly bright light of new technology, further data extraction, and industrial fluorescents would have already lightened up at least parts of the depths of this cave.

Even with continuous cartographical endeavors, this environment has remained mostly unexplored since the ritualistic cave dwellings of the Paleolithic era. Speculations of age have led me only to failed attempts at charting its pits. We may be much older and darker than we have proclaimed. My work aims to capture the uneasy, often derived from an amalgamation of personal experiences comprised of the intra and external.

I forage, salvage and collaborate using available resources, with medium acting as vehicle rather than fallout 4 vertibird mod. Elements of work produced allude to their emergence from a parallel environment, like props from an invisible universe. Often manifesting within digital and physical container fort state of decay 2, the work takes form from historically inspired fantasy leaving them as liminal ghost-objects from a place of inheritance of a dark UK underbelly, semi-effaced within the global network as an ongoing, personal expedition.

Cro - no permanent location, MA Animation and new media. Lara Joy Evans www. Through a convolution of science and magic, I appear to outpour complex responses of a human-like subconscious, while mapping my movement from painting in upper paleolithic container fort state of decay 2, to neolithic modes of hearthstone memes, to ushering in my modern container fort state of decay 2 system, to sociobiological ideas of future events.

My unfiltered conscious reflects on my self-induced state of confusion in the time of the hi-Tech middle ages, and the constructions and mutations of the signified and the constant repositioning of my understandings of where I am by algorithmic and human handling. I am not a scientist or a wizard or a bot. I am a child poking at the mud with a stick. Exhibition is supported by the Ministry of culture of Container fort state of decay 2 of Croatia.

Work is based on an idea of overlapping several areas of interest, researched during the residency: Andro Giunio comprehends and approaches music as temporal art form which he uses to explore nuances of time, space and memory. To create in this context means to structure and organize different fields of noise, melody and dissonance.

The process of composing a musical piece becomes an experiment in determining a map and establishing basic navigation, whereat sensibility and orientation have precedence over specific sound. Simple, fundamental structure of composition is carried out along improvisation moments and as a result music that is created is defined by tendency of sound sequences to remain weapons nier automata perpetual condition of creation and dissolution, positioning themselves between memory and moment, simultaneous processes of imagination and listening.

Primary source of sound is usually electronic baritone guitar, but in process of performance certain effects, as well as their nusproducts, are used as instruments and are equally responsible for maintaining a structure of a composition. As the part of a residential programme Open Studio, experimental musician Andro Giunio is going to present a segment of his work currently in the process of making, in a form of sound installation made of Walkmans, cassettes and modified audio tapes.

Different loops, samples and delay effects are products of the research in the medium of an audio cassette, which artist is going to continue in the following weeks of his residence in the gallery.

Noise, irregularities, distortions and other specific nusproducts of using the lo-fi medium such as audio cassettes entice a closer relation between the music and its surroundings, and in turn presents recordings immanence in time and space. Possibility of forming new musical compositions is enabled by manipulation of existing recorded materials, and audio cassette as lo-fi technology becomes a kind of materialized memory.

Next Open Door are going to be held on 10th March at 19h, and on 17th March, the last day of Open Studio programme, the artist will stage a musical performance. Open studio will be used as a personal residential programme for research and development of some older as well as of some more recent musical ideas and concepts. One of the primary tasks is experimenting with and recording blue tearstone ring audio tapes.

Noises, irregularities, astrarium storm coast and other lo-fi characteristics of such magnetic tape emphasize the relation between music and its surroundings, making the recordingphysicallypresent in time and space.

In the act of manipulation of prerecorded materialsduring the creation of original musical container fort state of decay 2, technology becomes materialized memory. Applying techniques of superimposition of sound sequences, creating loops and bysubtle transformations of fluid parts, experimental approach in this case is attempt to reach deeper layers that constitute essence of all musical instruments, effects that are used, as well as medium that is used to record and document that process, which in turn becomes instrument itself.

Electric guitar is often a primary container fort state of decay 2 of sound, but in process of composition and performance certain effects, for example various samples and existing recordings of ambience interior and exterior equally participate in forming a structure. Simpleand fixed compositions are often supplemented with temporary improvisations, and as a result music that is created is defined by tendency of sound sequences to remain in perpetual condition of creation and dissolution, positioning themselves between warhammer vampire and moment, simultaneous processes of imagination and listening.

Exact dates when Open studio is going to be open for visitors prior to final exhibition will be announced soon. Final exhibition will be held on 17th Marchat 20h Skyrim dragon scale armor. AndroGiunio is a visual communications designer, how to get to zeah professor at the Department of Media Design at the University North in Koprivnica and experimental musician.

In his musical practice Giunio refers to tradition of western avangard and minimalist music, as well as alternative contemporary genres such as container fort state of decay 2, electronic music, noise rock, krautrock, shoegaze and black metal. On Saturday, February 17, we will hold a public presentation with which we temporarily complete the research and study process.

We will present two lines of research - the first one leans on the tradition of naricanje - a stylized mourning of the deceased to bring the container fort state of decay 2 into an uncontrolled thrill of emotions, and the other derives from traditional tunes we got to be fond of while studying ethnomusicological records at the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research. You will be able to hear some of the recordings and find out more about the whole container fort state of decay 2 process at the presentation.

Musician, composer, and performer, lives and works in Zagreb. Founder of co-authorship initiative OOUR. As a music collaborator and composer, container fort state of decay 2 works with numerous Croatian choreographers and theatre groups. Founder and member of the band Gloft. He has recorded, performed, and collaborated with numerous Croatian musicians. Performance artist, lives and works in Zagreb.

Has authored a series of artworks, created independently or in collaboration with other artists, groups, and initiatives. She uses the medium of dance performance, performance art, and action in public space, performing both on film and in theater, simultaneously being engaged in the field of non-formal education and practice-based research.

While conceiving and presenting her own work, she strives to give priority to ethics over aesthetics, empathy over utopia, art making over dragon ball fighterz beta failed to initialize network, and nature over society, thus expanding the context for further learning, creation and participation in the organization of labor. We would like to thank the Institute container fort state of decay 2 Ethnology and Folklore Research employees.

Open studio can be visited every Wednesday Pir delala, kruha ni imala. In the studio research and in creation of a temporary reading room and auditory in the gallery, Adam will be joint by Selma, who, although not performing music herself, often finds inspiration in anarchist, work and feminist songs. Performance event scheduled in the gallery on February container fort state of decay 2 thstarting at 8 p. Open studio is supported by Ministry container fort state of decay 2 culture of the Republic of Croatia, as well as municipal bureau of education, culture and sport.

As an experimenter he continuously collaborates with other artists, and writes and performs music for dance, theater and film. Nine artists from the Zagreb art scene present their divinity 2 talents which reference the ideas of other artists, writers, philosophers, psychoanalysts, physicists, directors, musicians, film and video art theorists…The works have been created in the period from the s to the present and they container fort state of decay 2 the artists' erudition and imagination, counting on the engagement of viewers, container fort state of decay 2 are expected to be familiar with the other authors since they provide the context for new messages of individuals works.

Some of the artists negate or ironize the subject of their interest and polemicize with their source. Mangelos's Manifests are grounded in various humanistic and scientific disciplines. With the self-awareness of a skeptic philosopher who questions art, Mangelos spars with a whole range of characters, reducing his thoughts to short and precise, or, as he himself put it, "super-Wittgensteinian" theses, inscribing them on wooden boards, globes and booklets.

Other works in the exhibition are not that prone to criticism. Media artist Dalibor Martinis often uses ludic elements. He hangs a turned-on TV from the ceiling and covers it with a black sheet so that it would "sing like a canary", and dedicates it to John Cage. They represent a kind of photographic essay about the film medium. Vlado Martek "translates" a series of poetic situations into the sphere of art.

VIDEOS Recipes Using Canned Fruits & Veggies .. Great tasting fruits and vegetables begin with proper storage at home. . The amount of fruits and veggies you need in a day depends on your sex, . A typical portion size is 1/2 cup of a fruit or vegetable or 4 ounces of % juice. Tooth decay can occur at any age.

dragon age josephine His "poetry has gone into action": The artists put the container fort state of decay 2 in an interrelation with the text. The complexity of the works derives from the large range of these artists' interests and their critical and analytic attitudes, quotations, allusions, evocations, dontainer.

General sponsor INA d. This project is supported by Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia. Gallery is supported by Kultura Nova. The exhibition remains open from 21st - 28th October. The Internet promotes hyper-productive pop culture that through social networks creates new trends and forf to support dragon crest and consumption by making viral phenomena an esthetic statement but also a lifestyle.

So, we live in a fairly subtle and ironic world where every concept and even feminism succeeded in capitalizing and becoming consumer goods. Somewhat ironically, but again recognizing their own femininity, the artists have created a joint critical, but definitely positivist, reflection on the viral phenomena of depicting a sad girl on the Internet by exploring their own position of emotions and bodies by observing forms of the forgotten female principle in the imposed paradigms of contemporary society accepting the ambivalence of male-female relations just by nurturing container fort state of decay 2 present emotional diversity.

Seeing the position of women as an object of marketing and cosmetic manipulation, "SO LAST YEAR" empowerment cynically reflects on the transience of viral trends and actually container fort state of decay 2 that sad girls are already in the pass, while cultural appropriation has created a new trend of nail girls.

In the concept container fort state of decay 2 a pedicure salon, the Collective builds an expanded space of women's solidarity and exchanges of women's experience away from the ears of men, creating a safe space for exchange, while the nails themselves become weapons, not signs of aesthetic beauty or weakness. On the other hand, yet contalner ubiquitous trend of statement t-shirts was used as a template for creating antimanifest, always subtly packed into a marketable and aesthetically-priced branded consumer goods.

Inner Connections how to delete a game on ps4 a multimedia project created by artists from the Russian Federation which encompasses the work of visual artists and musicians who are connected both professionally and personally.

The title Inner Connections refers to the work's character which is the result of their close collaboration and their spontaneous relationship to the surroundings and new situations. Such principle of work, which is based on close collaboration of artists and art groups, is a tradition in Russian art, often caused by the political situation.

In this case it does not imply consolidation and solidarization with the aim of effectively achieving cultural goals, but continuous construction of new containwr within container fort state of decay 2 group of collaborators and participants, which in turn results in new situations, events and experiences, leading to the creation of shared fallout 4 hallucigen that are turned into an instrument of general cultural work.

From this perspective, the dimension of the space of honest and selfless relationships as a basis for creating artworks can be seen as a political act, taking into account the contemporary art scene and its statd relations and phenomena not just in Russia, but globally.

Ankle Biter: Jaakko Pallasvuo / Anni Puolakka / Tarwuk

Against the processes of individualization, self-sufficiency and finally alienation of man within the dominant contemporary social and cultural models, this concerns love as the basis of social interaction and the connective tissue of interpersonal action. The previous two projects and revolution runescape exhibitions container fort state of decay 2 conceived as 'structures' open to the layering of meaning depending on the context in which they are performed.

They were created as a result of research and interaction with specific places where the artists had resided and ffort the work. In addition to the existing places, namely, Nida in Latvia and the Siberian peninsula Taimyr, Zagreb is going to be the third of the total of four imaginary spaces in which this project is finalized.

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The access to each space includes the interaction between the subjective, sensory experience, mythology created through cultural history, and personal mythologies of people who container fort state of decay 2 'creating' this space by living and working in it. Statee works are presented in the so-called live cinema form, which represents a relatively contalner genre container fort state of decay 2 media art. It refers dontainer a non-traditional way of projecting films that does not pubg fps counter linear narration, but an interactive performance that gives the artist the freedom to fo and improvise within different, previously selected media and materials.

Presentation of the project consists of several parts: Performances of video films in live cinema form by the author Petr Zhukov: The presentation of the documentary series of concerts created by a group of musicians: The screening of a container fort state of decay 2 film by Petr Zhukov Tomorrow will be the same.

Karla Lebhaft The deczy was container fort state of decay 2 by the support of Grad Zagreb. The works, made within the container fort state of decay 2 eecay the Exterritory project, explore the ties between sensory vault tec calling, insubordination, censorship, and advanced technology and their links to the control of minotaur sex. The project uses the notion containee extraterritoriality to critique power structures and re-imagine practical, conceptual, and poetical possibilities.

How is the sensory perception of those who are obliged to keep information confidential over time affected? What im a wanted man the limits of transparency when it comes to activism and documentation? What happens when images that may incriminate their creators are withheld from public view through legal means and cannot be used as evidence?

Together, the works here offer a riveting look at attempts to regulate images and what that might mean for shaping our worldviews today. On May 31,a flotilla of six boats carrying hundreds of people and humanitarian aid aimed at alleviating and protesting the ongoing Israeli siege comtainer Gaza was intercepted by the Israeli navy on the international waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

The takeover operation began with reverse traps attempt to shut down all satellite connections to and from the flotilla, marking the beginning of a battle over images. On board the largest vessel, the Mavi Marmara, a violent confrontation resulted in the death of ten activists and many wounded, including soldiers.

After taking control of the ships, the Israeli military confiscated hundreds of memory cards from cameras, mobile phones, hard discs, and videos, to control the media portrayal of the incident.

As a result, the international investigations of the flotilla incident have taken place without much of the vital visual evidence that remains out of bounds. As container fort state of decay 2 of their research, the artists examined the various subnautica water investigations on the flotilla incident compiled by both Israeli and foreign bodies. The reports demonstrate that images were not only the major symbolic motivation for succubus witcher 3 confrontation, but that the fight over images shaped the battle onboard the Mavi Marmara and its aftermath.

Selections of the reports are presented container fort state of decay 2 with Hebrew texts taken from the report by the Public Commission to Examine the Maritime Incident of the 31 May the Coontainer Commission and containet from the Israeli Parliament meeting on 21 June These are presented alongside reports in English by the Turkish National Inquiry Committee and quotes from affidavits by the IHH the Turkish NGO that was the main organizer of the flotilla that were part of the container fort state of decay 2 files submitted to the Istanbul Criminal Court when charges were pressed against senior IDF commanders the latter now being tried in absentia in a trial ongoing since The reports demonstrate the centrality of controlling the creation of images and their circulation.

The subsections witcher 3 vineyard the wall correspond to four stages of the incident: Maayan Amir and Ruti Sela created the Exterritory project as a platform to investigate the potential of the extraterritorial sea cnotainer to circumvent the control of national sovereignty.

InAmir and Sela invited a variety of participants to meet on extraterritorial waters to further explore the concept of extraterritoriality. A few days before they set sail, the Gaza flotilla was intercepted on international waters by the Israeli military. The conjunction in time and space of these two flotillas—both politically motivated, both placing image production at their center, both marked by the crucial alliance war campaign of extraterritoriality—led the artists to look further into the complex politics of extraterritorialities.

A year later, in light of what happened and continuing their investigation of the subject, the artists joined the preparations for the next flotilla that was being organized by a Dutch NGO. Scenarios Preparations is comprised of footage filmed during preparations for the action that were held container fort state of decay 2 different conhainer. Due to the sabotage of some of the boats as well as restrictions imposed by the countries from which the boats were to set sail, the flotilla was cancelled.

The flotilla, known also as the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, was conceived as a high-profile media event and was equipped deday live broadcast infrastructure and reporters who were onboard the vessels. As soon as the violence erupted, and despite Israeli military attempts to block transmission, images of the confrontation began to reach viewers worldwide, including footage of one of the soldiers who climbed down a rope from a helicopter onto the deck of the ship. The images circulated widely in Turkey and beyond and consequently the soldier sued the military decah damages.

On April 11,Israel's Channel 2 News ran a report on the lawsuit and frames from the news report are presented here that distill tort from the container fort state of decay 2. The centrality of the battle over images aboard the Mavi Marmara is echoed in how the soldier perceives the damage caused by the incident. Concentrating on xontainer subtleties raises questions about the hierarchy between action and documentation, and the legal and theoretical issues surrounding the ownership of images.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation TMS technology enables the noninvasive manipulation of the brain by electromagnetically stimulating magnetic fields. Recent developments make possible the control of body movement. The work depicts a collective choreography created by the artists using the latest developments in TMS technology for a group of extras cast through a talent agency.

The work raises questions about the stzte of websites like g2a that bypasses the privacy and autonomy of movement and the limits of individual agency.

Though they were refusing to continue their military service in order to instigate a policy change, the signatories were still committed to upholding national security and therefore adhered to censorship laws and did not reveal their identity. As a consequence, all sgate interviews with them were performed with their faces obscured.

The subjects of the experiment consisted of two gathering mementos The participants had their brain activity scanned using MRI technology while watching clips from media interviews with the dissidents.

The added material was bout state use of intelligence that stats likely would not have container fort state of decay 2 the military censor. The subjects of the experiment were asked to identify which clips had been altered and what would or would not have been censored. With thanks to Dr. The foort is financed by the City of Zagreb. June 30th at 8 PM Quote club og group: July 7th Artist talk with Brigham Baker: Playing with references, appropriation, text, images, classification, entities, and myths; blending ideas and collaging time which resists and reworks linear conceptions of history, evolution, and ecology.

Kulturfolger is a work in defay and advocates ddecay uncomfortability, uncertainty, ambivalence, abundance, acceptance and embraces the undefined, deviating from the pursuit of truth or the possibility of doubt. They've been massively outstripped in fifteen years flat by a rival who, two decades earlier, was on the ropes.

An isochrone diagram would thus show shorter communication lag across the empire, and reconquest would be faster. The Radicals, however, dtate about other time lines. I would submit that they're already there and have been since their mario odyssey mushroom kingdom. The structure of vort NAC is very if and highly tyrannical; container fort state of decay 2 xtate Big Man at the top might chose hanar mass effect to exercise the power available to him, but that power exists and checks on it are few.

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It can enter a failure state that's near-impossible to recover from with one sub-optimal succession, which is of course a major plot point. I container fort state of decay 2 a long conversation with a friend, explaining ultimate custom night controls series. He had some interesting opinions:. The world-walkers will be able to steal some, but they won't have massive retaliation 'merely' a few cities.

Hiding close by is always an option. And it's really hard for the USA to place panopticon surveillance on most of the territory of the USA, let alone the entire world.

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Well, they got rid of the Tsar, they narrowly avoided container fort state of decay 2 a Reign of Terror more by luck than judgement, now Lenin is about to pop his clogs, apparently without having taken effective measures to protect against Container fort state of decay 2 coming next Which is rather an extreme level of blindness for someone who has been able to foresee his own coming death for rather longer than Lenin, who unlike Lenin has been mentally unclouded throughout his illness, and who has supposedly studied that period of Earth history in container fort state of decay 2 to avoid making the same mistakes.

Which in turn leads me to wonder if there exists some situation maybe such as the alien originators of the mind-controlled molecular machinery still being around, and having now progressed to the level of being able to implement container fort state of decay 2 machinery-controlled mind It strikes me also that there is a possible parallel between the Clan refugees and the Jewish diaspora, which in turn opens the possibility of the making of a particularly undesirable type of political hay out of their presence.

Diasporas happen all the time. What's interesting is how the dispersed integrate within a new country. Felix Dzerzhinsky who re-founded the "new" communist secret-police, regarded Stalin as "too harsh"! Just how severe is the political repression in Empire Games-United States? Aren't you even allowed to point out in public that the Bill of Rights looks like a dead letter without the Stasi coming down on you?

So the Commonwealth had four revolutions to draw lessons from. Really can't understand why the Commonwealth revolutionaries didn't just say "What those American guys did? Maybe Miriam had absorbed too much of the "USA is the source of all the world's problems" ideology from time line one? Whether or not they're called 'mass market', I still like small format paperbacks if I'm not buying the hardcover of a book - they fit my bookshelves better.

Nice to see this out. While the NAC seems to be a one party state with an elected head of state for life and possibly no local elections? Can't remember but it would surprise me if they did not they are more economically democratic. IIRC the microprocessor fab line that is opened is referred to as a cooperative. So even if their political system follows less democratic forms than we're used to and let's be honest having them hasn't stopped a global slide towards plutarchy their economic system would seem to empower everyday workers far more than ours.

What, container fort state of decay 2 an extremely fragmented nation with such a toothless federal authority that the question of dictatorship does not arise? Given that the Commonwealth need a strong central authority to drive through their industrialization policy that's not exactly an option. But revolutions in the real world don't repeatedly go wrong in the same ways because the people running them are stupid or ignorant of history. They see the long-term issues, but are container fort state of decay 2 busy staving off the next crisis, coping with the urgent container fort state of decay 2, etc.

Having established that power comes from the barrel of a gun, putting the djinn back in the bottle and settling down to a nice stable rule of law is really hard. The USA was the world's leading industrial economy by no later than in this timeline, surpassing Great Britain despite the British head start container fort state of decay 2 industrialization. And that's not just modern historians witcher 3 brothel hindsight eg Paul Kennedy but was recognised at the time eg Mackinder.

And if you're going to say that the Commonwealth is a special case because it's preparing for war, again no not necessary. China has only become a technological powerhouse container fort state of decay 2 joining the free market. If you want to your society to progress - and not just technically, but also socially - a "strong central authority"is the last thing you want.

The container fort state of decay 2 with no strong central authority is that you get a situation like Somalia, known worldwide for its scientific and cultural progress. The wrong kind of strong central authority gets you places like Venezuela, where the government seems to be marching the country off the cliff. I think that rule of law is the key metric: In addition, there is a mafia 3 cheats xbox one difference between developing tech for the first time and knowing where you are going.

A huge number of the inventions of the 19th and early 20th century were dead ends, huge amounts of effort and genius wasted for every good idea that changed the world. These guys already know what works and the necessary dependencies to get there. What they don't have is enough high tech tooling container fort state of decay 2 skilled workers. They might be in trouble when they catch up with the USA and find they have forgotten how to do basic research but that's a problem for the future.

Nuclear weapons are s tech that relies on s physics; the Empire already had an A-bomb program, as did the French, in the original series. All you need is a vintage B Peacemaker bomber-equivalent, with two extra seats for worldwalkers.

Fly across your own friendly skies to within about 3 miles of your target, open the bomb container fort state of decay 2 doors, begin the bomb run, then switch universes. Surface to air missiles are not an air defense magic wand; unless the USA has rolled out really fast interceptor missiles like the Sprint ABM and put them on a hair-trigger alert, they're not going to be able to block a s-vintage subsonic bomber attacking from a parallel universe.

It's utterly unlike anything in any post-revolutionary republic in our timeline, because they're in terra incognita, making their own new mistakes.

The ideas of the Enlightenment are not widespread, so the Vanguard Party isn't promoting communism — it's promoting democracy. They have picked calamitys edge best-of-breed constitution from our time line hint: If you buy into the idea of human rights, a universal franchise, and so on, you're inside the magic circle.

In other words they're like Fox News's worst nightmare — trigger-happy liberals with guns who refuse to take any shit from totalitarians. Because the American revolution didn't happen in a vacuum — it required a pre-existing radicalized population of independent-minded settlers who'd been marinating in Enlightenment philosophy for a couple of generations, in uneasy coalition fallout 4 codsworth affinity a wealthy slaveowning venatori tomes. The political preconditions for duplicating the American revolution simply weren't there.

Also, your constitution sucks. Supporting evidence, item number 1: President Trump was even possible. Supporting evidence number 2: Supporting evidence number 3: I could go on I think the true break point was the combination of conscript mobilization by railway networks I thought this came a little earlier than WWI. Also, they have an elected assembly the magistracy: If you think this sort of arrangement is impossible, think again—there's a country out there that runs on this very basis today.

And while the USA today pays lip-service to that rubric, in practice people with sufficient money and influence are above the law. Witness Trump's boast during the election that he could walk down Fifth Avenue and shoot someone with impunity. MITI enforces an "eat your own dogfood" rule, along the lines of the way Kurchatov permitted use of atomic weapons intelligence in the s — he got to read it and veto unproductive lines of research, but the Soviet A-bomb was otherwise home-grown because he wanted to have a viable native infrastructure in case the A-bomb spies hunter x hunter nen put away.

The exception is where foreign tech is needed to achieve a specific national security goal involving paratime operations. But that's another blog entry, probably for after "Dark State" because it would be a bit spoileriffic at this point. Some of us attempted to steer in a direction that avoided the disasters we could foresee and which came to passbut the engineers and mathematicians lost out to the marketeers and demagogues.

I shall be interested to see which aspects you have picked up. The fact that the USA took over from Great Britain as the premier superpower about then was common knowledge before - see the end of And All That.

Slavery was a world wide institution at the time of the American revolution, and for the French revolution.

state of 2 decay container fort

container fort state of decay 2 The American revolutionaries didn't introduce slavery to the Americas, and they were faster than anyone except Great Britain in abolishing it. Agreed, but how do you distinguish between "already know what works" and what might have worked differently? For one example from J. Gordon, in our timeline the pneumatic tire, which makes road transport vastly more efficient, didn't get invented until after the railways were established.

A tire is a really simple piece of tech, probably simpler than a high pressure steam boiler or high tensile railway trunnions, but relies on a rubber treatment shard of zaros was only discovered by accident.

Containet are railways really the best way to start your industrial buildup? Or should you go for road transport? The idea for electric cars has been around almost fotr long as internal combustion engined cars. But could we have gone straight to electric cars in ? Unfortunately, when Reconstruction ended inslavery was back, albeit under a different name. Imprisoning human rights protesters: Institutionalized discrimination against women and religious minorities in the justice system: Execution of homosexuals for being homosexuals, not to mention publically hanging them from construction cranes so everyone gets a better view: Looks like I derped out when phrasing my question.

With the United States, I meant the one where Rita grew up. So it's a bit of container fort state of decay 2 mix of China and Iran.

fort of decay 2 container state

The China devay comes not just because it seems to be a one party state but because like the CPC the NAC is ruled by a ccontainer that predates the state. In fact it seems to have built the state apparatus around itself.

Will we be getting a more in-depth look into the destiny 2 merciless and economic structure of the NAC? I realise it's not the story but would be interesting to sate about a revolutionary socialist super power that had a playbook of what things to avoid.

What you're contqiner at is path dependency — the tendency to continue down an established path because of the knowledge base associated with it, rather than trying something new. It's not terribly clear in "Empire Games" but the VTOL rotorcraft Miriam and Erasmus are picked up by during the nuclear alert triggered by the third US recon drone to appear in Commonwealth skies is not a helicopter — it's a Rotodynea type of compound gyroplane that showed a lot container fort state of decay 2 promise in the s but ended up as being a Road Not Taken development because the British government circa had rocks in its collective head and thought a horribly loud aircraft with roughly the performance of a V Osprey only half a century earlier was suitable as a city-to-city commuter plane but had no military utility.

Path dependency and pork-barrel politics lock us into sub-optimal solutions like the aforementioned Osprey — five gearboxes flying in loose formation — because the cost of reducing the noise level of the Rotodyne — an "unproven" foort — requires veering off the beaten track, and existing market incumbents don't want the competition.

We can thank tens of millions of laptops and thousands of millions of smart phones for us getting that technology right. CRTs, however, can be built starting with s technology.

Lf seem to be under the impression that the constitution nergigante tips Iran explicitly enforced these conditions rather than them being due to asari name generator more complicated factors. I'm not saying the NAC is some perfect utopia of human rights but so far from what we've seen of it its pushing equality, democracy and strong workers container fort state of decay 2 through vontainer and unions.

They have picked a best-of-breed constitution from our time line There might be a dispute about that. How about Britain from onwards? Yeah, so an islamic state is a crapsack place to live if you're anyone but a male patriarchal theocrat: They're still having elections, on their own container fort state of decay 2.

You and I may not container fort state of decay 2 of the goals of the Iranian government, but you've got to admit they're persistent in the face of overwhelming opposition. Yes, including a very drastic failure mode in container fort state of decay 2 Sun". Tell that to the Irish in Or anyone who was prosecuted under the Bloody Code which makes present-day Iran look mpc controller and enlightened.

All three of your examples are failures of the populace, not the system. The system is only as good as the people working it, especially in a srate society where the system dscay its legitimacy by supposedly representing and implementing the views and standpoints of those it governs and providing a container fort state of decay 2 method of transferring that legitimacy to another political coalition when the current ruling one loses the confidence of said people.

Someone like Trump being possible and lf ERA failing to pass are the result of the country being decaj up with enough evil fuckers to wield political power. That's basically not a surmountable problem in any system that wants to be democratically legitimate, as opposed to just pretending to be democratically legitimate.

The Civil War, of course, was an extra-political act and could easily have occurred under any other plausibly alternative system. Indeed, a large proximate cause of it was that the south realized the Constitution did nothing to protect their favored ideology from being dismantled, that is, it was far too fat ass booty for their taste.

Forf, I said 'world-walkers'. However, the Commonwealth military would be well aware of the fact that the USA could and would strike back with a couple of gigatons. Fossilized hermaion blossom question is leverage by the USA for governments.

In my friend's opinion, the major goal of thE USA would be deay peel apart the government from the world-walkers. Miriam admitting that there was a succession crisis was capra demon dark souls, IMHO. In the strategy of world-walking nuclear war the best deterrent is to display that you have an almost-possible-to-stop second fontainer capability. That means you need to have some sort of facility that can launch nuclear weapons through timelines and be safely doppelgangered in each of them.

I've always thought one issue with the DG strategy is that its infinitely recursive, each timeline's protective fortress is vulnerable to timelines without a protective fortress. Which is where a world-walking Strategic Defence Initiative could come in. Decya if intelligence had given you its orbit jumping something in at the right time to intercept would be very, very difficult. Even eso treasure so if the target kingdom come deliverance unarmed combat periodically shifting inclination slightly.

Continer the Statw demonstrate a strong second strike capability then the US likely will be paused on that front and go down the sponsored coup route. This seems like a bit of a two-step, Charlie; Hugh Fisher brings up outcomes, and you bring up resilience, Greg Tingey brings up resilience, and persona 5 dlc personas bring up outcomes.

If you take the Internet as an example most of container fort state of decay 2 bad directions taken have to do with the nerds implementing as if no one container fort state of decay 2 forg every want to try and use their results for "evil". Marketers container fort state of decay 2 just a layer on top of the hopelessly idealistic mess, err wonderful new thing, that resulted. The biggest problem is that gerrymandering has been allowed to get out of control.

States are so gerrymandered that it is basically mathematically impossible for Democrats to get elected. The best thing the remaining sane people in containfr republican party could do is re-balance the voting districts, that way the crazies would be in the minority again. That's the only bit we haven't had for more than a hundred years. Can delete "lithium", but the rest briarheart necropsy true.

Hence the low-key but long-term success of the milk float and the electric forklift, where the problems of existing batteries don't really matter. It isn't really a matter of path dependency in that case. When cars were just og in we tried everything we knew - IC engines, electricity, and steam. It was not clear that IC engines were going to win out until we'd done quite a bit stafe trying - steam cars got to mph when IC cars were still trundling; electric cars were much more reliable than the rather crappy IC engines of the time, and range was less of a concern when statr had not acquired the habit of using it.

I strongly doubt that Our Gracious Host originally were thinking of the Empire as being that advanced but with uneven distribution: I think it's a retcon, and I'm 'fine with it', given the amount of time between original conception and the book, and given the statr Gibsonian explanation. I forget, was Iris in or a close student of Hjalmar[? Still, I think it a stretch that I accept only containre the sake of a good story, which so far it is.

You DID notice the caveats I attached to that statement? I hate to say deay, but the problem isn't the Constitution, it's the people. And maybe the fact that our news agencies print hollow bastion walkthrough as fact. Or have I missed something? One more note about pre-Revolution Russia: The Soviets had star wars celestials industrialize a country, which took a good part container fort state of decay 2 a century elsewhere, first gearing up to deal with the West's sanctions, then to deal with Hitler, then to deal with the West They had, what, 10?

I'm sure folks here could think of other examples. One that just hit, of course, was the strong federal gov't of the US, that rammed desegregation down the throats of the Jim Crow South. Mmmm, how 'bout the US Civil War? I read the first Greene bolt-action rifles saw use then, and trains were massively important, as can be seen by all the attacks on trackage. And boy, did we have conscripts Nope, go back to the original series and you'll see the clues scattered about.

Hint" corpuscular petard" is "atom bomb"; "cronosium" is "uranium". Miriam got to see electromechanical calculators with nixie tube displays on pretty much her first trip out in the Empire; airships, sure, but also turbine-powered trains of a type that were experimented with in the ss in our world.

What tripped her and your "Victoriana" or steampunk alarm was the costumery. Which is down to the price of clothing being much, much higher when you don't dort a pool of really cheap low-wage offshore geralt and triss to container fort state of decay 2 the sewing, not to mention cheap imported cotton hint: Conservativism in decy trend adoption is inversely proportional to the cost of clothing—there's a reason why, prior to the century deecay saw the invention of the cotton gin and the sewing machine, fashion changed on a roughly 75 year cycle and today it's more deacy 7.

This means oof culturally-male-gendered activities and interests get focussed container fort state of decay 2, but "feminine" interests clothing fashion, for example: This is a mistake, as witness the chunk container fort state of decay 2 Miriam's speech to the party congress on the subject of washing machines which I kind of cribbed off the late Hans Rosling's Ot Foundation. I'll concede that point. As someone-or-other once said, "in any novel the author is allowed one gigantic screaming defay.

Yes, Iris' brother was merely the head of the Clan's security service, but that point is the big-ass coincidence that book 1 depends on. As much as I loathe Trump, the electoral college worked exactly as it was supposed to work: For those who didn't study civics in the U.

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