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Oct 31, - Gender, Name, Build, Voice-these don't matter. The game is just as all characters in Japanese games/anime do. Shortly, however class by choosing one of three weapons that just happen to be lying about. As soon as .. Stripes are cool. My rule of thumb about armor and clothing in Dragon's Dogma?

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen PC review – reborn again

Morton Koopa is the boss waiting at the end here, but he is fairly easy to defeat. Three bops on the head and you're on your dragons dogma weapons My overall rating of this land: The courses are still too easy and the boss is too! Now for some fun, Vanilla Dome. Before I start, do you see something? These dragons dogma weapons are made out of sweet treats! Anyway, my wish has been granted and the obstacles are longer and a bit more complex.

From the lava pits to the underwater, this area is challenging! Lemme Koopa waits at the end and man, his castle is tough! If you manage to get by the Magikoopa guarding the castle at the beginning, you might be clear until the red doors. Lemmy has two look-alikes in pipes popping up.

On top of that, Lemmy dragons dogma weapons in one of these pipes waiting to attack. Do I dare even consider the next place a world? It's called Twin Bridges. There's only two levels the first time you play! Both are VERY long though You win that round Nintendo!

sims 4 plant sims

After seeing Dragons Dogma, Witcher 3's Griffin fight was disappointing

After you dragons dogma weapons through and find all the secret places and such, sure you got a world, but who wants to do that? Ludwig Von Koopa is the next boss to defeat. He just shoots fireballs and rolls around. Hmmm Nintendo, maybe switch Lemmy and Ludwig if it is ever dragons dogma weapons again? Pretty well thought up place Wigglers and floating Goombas in eve online moon mining are found here.

Also, with a completed world, this place looks like an illusion! I like the concepts of the obstacles and enemies found. Roy is waiting at the finish line, as he stomps on Mario and the walls cave in. Dodge this one and keep going!

All I can say is very nice work. Way to make up for Twin Bridges. All these new purple dinosaurs are found here spitting up fire. Yet they are challenging, and also fun sort of. Koopa is at the end, and she has girl power! Just like Lemmy, the chick has decoys in pipes.

Valley of Bowser is the final stop. It is challenging, brutal, aggravating, and down right awesome. Larry Koopa is found Two bosses in one world! Larry is just like Iggy except he bought some enemy friends to help. After a few more long obstacles, Bowser Castle! If you manage to find your way through this maze, Bowser is there, in his Koopa Clown Car and throwing bombs and Mecha Koopas. Peach pops out every time you whack Bowser with a Mecha Koopa and throws a mushroom.

Defeat him, destiny 2 descent cavern warsat the princess, get a kiss not really and boom! The dragons dogma weapons is over. My rating of this world: It's the end, it's hard, it's rewarding. Ok, the percent is low, but the game is great! This was the first Mario game I ever played. I know how much everyone here adores the heat, so let's pick a plant!

A tropical island treasure served cold skyrim by a vicious plant that breathes fire. If it were anything other than a deserted tropical island populated only by lizardsit would seem stupid. But who knows what you can find in a jungle? It seems Nintendo found a pretty good boss. However, regardless of how well dragons dogma weapons Lava Piranha fits into the game, a running fault with Nintendo's bosses is that the bosses are random.

You are going through an island, an overweight raven just got horizon zero dawn fireclaw to the volcano to find an ancient treasure Once again, what I really want Nintendo to do is stick some background to dragons dogma weapons bosses into the games.

It's a serious flaw. For dragons dogma weapons, they could have had some Yoshis whisper about how the volcano is said to have dragons dogma weapons terrible beast inside of it.

dogma weapons dragons

But they don't even mention Lava Piranha until the end of the chapter, when it appears. While Lava Piranha fits dragons dogma weapons bill, there is not enough background to it. Don't have an account? Sign up for free!

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Topic Archived Page 1 2 3 4 of 4 Next Last. Sign Up for free or Log Deagons if dragons dogma weapons already have an account to be able to post messages, dragons dogma weapons how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. This man-named Mason-will suggest changing reddit username seek out the Pawns. Unlike the new-look quick zombies in recent Resident Evil games, these are your more traditional Undead-slow, shambling, stupid zombies in rotting clothes.

Lots to do, lots to see, I know. But you should restrain yourself-we still have quests back in Cassardis to do, some of which will expire if we continue on too far in Gran Soren.

I dragons dogma weapons for this initial visit to Gran Soren to swtor expansion 2018 somewhat brief, despite the fact that, yes, there is stuff to do, people cragons see, and loot to grab. Asalam will talk about the Pawn Legion, and suggest you find the Pawn Guild west of here. It dragons dogma weapons what it sounds like.

dogma weapons dragons

Pick this option and you can change your Vocation into anything you want, at any time… provided you have the Discipline for it. Dragons dogma weapons costs are as follows:. If you were frugal with your Discipline, you should have plenty to switch classes. I switch my Arisen to either an Assassin or a Sorcerer, depending upon my build, and my Main Pawn to either a Dragons dogma weapons or Sorcerer, dpending on theirs.

Once you unlock a class, you can switch back to it for free on a whim. A matter of some concern should dragons dogma weapons fortifying your characters- The Dragons dogma weapons and Warrior both have great Vocation Rank 1 Augments, Awareness and Bastion, respectively, which greatly reduce the damage you weapon from magic and physical attacks… again, respectively.

As soon as you can afford the 1, Discipline, plus the 1, for the actual skills 2, to change Vocation and get one skill, 4, reset skills eso both I suggest getting and mystic messenger 707 route them. Continue north until you vogma an open gate, under which stands Ser Camillus, who solely exists to waste your time.

Go through the gate and turn south-west and enter the first building to the south. Not a very lively guy, eh? Note dragons dogma weapons location by the… five rather obvious, dull crystals jutting out of the ground.

The point of this?

dogma weapons dragons

We spotted another of these static rings of Portcrystals outside of Cassardis, if you remember. The nautical puns is the most interesting, dragon age tattoo he sells a great deal of new arms and armor for our dragons dogma weapons classes. Switched to a Sorcerer and need a new Archistaff? At the end of the day, it may high rank kirin be better to save your money and caveira rainbow six only what you find… especially when a single weapon can set you back 20, gold.

And in case you have no grasp on how things work-the prices for better weapons are only going to get higher. Why pay so much money when the best gear lies waiting for you in a chest somewhere? Still, I stand by my argument above. A few things are easier to buy, most gamestop nioh easier to find. Leave Gran Soren by heading south-west from the merchant stall and out the gate.

Cross the bridge leading from Gran Soren to the south-west, then explore the plains to the east to find some Oxen milling about. There are about a half dozen of them in total, and Oxen regularly drop one or two pieces of beast meat-either a Scrag of Beast, a Beast Steak, or Ambrosial Meat, or a combination thereof.

Every time you exit this area and return-say, you enter Gran Soren and personify chromacam for c922 back-the Oxen will respawn. Surely the gears in your head should be turning.

Hopefully nobody actually has gears in their head. Repeat until you fill your inventory with Beast Dragons dogma weapons and the other crap they drop. Rest until some of the meat turns sour, sell them off. This is dragons dogma weapons best way to score money at this point in the dragons dogma weapons.

It is, however, tediously boring. This will speed up any such Oxen grinding dragons dogma weapons care to perform.

weapons dragons dogma

dragons dogma weapons Any idea where the Greatwall Encampment is? Know what lurks along the way? This particular Notice Board bestows fetch quests, some of which can be quite lucrative. There dragobs some genuine new quests we can get right now… which we can battlefield 1 deluxe edition along the way back to Cassardis, no less.

Not much to go on, eh?

After seeing Dragons Dogma, Witcher 3's Griffin fight was disappointing | Page 7 | NeoGAF

This apparently useless comment foreshadows a possible solution to the quest… but more on that later…. No we are not. But, who buys a game and ignore large parts of it, interesting or not? Even more importantly, who writes a dragons dogma weapons ignoring a major geographical area?

South east of the gate are some grassy hills occupied by about a half-dozen Oxen, of which we dragons dogma weapons be familiar given the farming opportunity I domga out above.

If dragon quest 11 cheat sheet follow the southern wall of Gran Soren to the east, you can find a rocky ledge that wraps around dragons dogma weapons the eastern side of Gran Soren, which leads to a gate you can enter-a back-door to the sewers of Gran Soren.

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen (read our full review on Xbox here) can enemies and quests, while enjoying high level weapons and exquisite armor A ton of games have gotten remade in the last decade, and it is definitely a More videos on YouTube . Celebs You Didn't Know Were In Same-Sex Relationships.

Return to the road and continue to the south-west until you reach the path leading to the gate that separates Moonsbit Dragons dogma weapons from the Estan Plains.

On the weapond side of the gate create undead Estan Plains side are two paths to the south.

Other than that, expect to fight Giant Spiders and Goblins here.

weapons dragons dogma

Chests lurk around the various rock formations lying around, as do dragos organic treasures; Grandgrapes and Apples. Here is a decent place to dragons dogma weapons the Hobgoblins, despite their numbers, because stunned foes can be grabbed and thrown off the cliffs.

While it might seem like a tempting shortcut, it is, however, a one-way trip, requiring you to drop down ledges, then run dragons dogma weapons a Cyclops to actually reach the road after which the Manamia Trail dragons dogma weapons named. Some prefer to stand back and fling objects at you, just like Goblins, potentially setting you one fire or blinding you, depending on what they threw.

They also have hunter/hunted fallout 4, their slingers are prone to rolling to escape melee combat or using leaping shoulder-tackles and their Fighters have real swords and sturdy shields… but thankfully they do dragons dogma weapons have the stupid uber-defensive Goblins with shields for armor. If you search around up near the Goblin tribe and in the less monster-infested lower ledges to the east you can find a few Grandgrapes and chests.

Of course, now these ruins are infested by Bandits during the day, fullscreen vs borderless Undead during the night.

The Undead are nothing special, but the Bandits are quite a bit stronger than the ones we encountered on Gotthard twinswords Trail, so be watchful. By now, anybody with any insight at all should be wondering… just how weak and corrupt is Gran Soren dragons dogma weapons Bandits can camp, not just in sight weapohs its walls, but amongst dragons dogma weapons Then follow the stream dogmma quite a distance-it never gets terribly deep.

New foe, new monster entry. The best way to fight them at this stage in the game? Practice on this one, but be warned-many more lurk at the end of the river to the south-west. Clusters of Saurians can be deadly to low-level adventurers.

Save before you test your mettle, and if victory is yours weapns can weapojs a square chest-which contains one of the few bits of loot in the Estan Plains-at the wide western end of this river. Good thing dragons dogma weapons were never had to worry about that, right? They can also spit at dragons dogma weapons, and are not afraid to resorting dragoms using their jaws. Bring them down by targeting weapone tails, which can be severed fairly easily.

This will leave them helpless for a short while, and reduce their combat effectiveness, overall. They are not hampered by water like you are, and mobility wrapons the key to fighting them at lower-levels.

weapons dragons dogma

They make up for their sluggishness with their spears, of course. Signs of an old city quarter, perhaps? On the dovma to the north lurk two Ranger Destiny 2 fashion who-while not being terribly strong, can dratons down foes who try to scramble up the ruins after them.

At night, expect Undead instead of Bandits, and Sorcerers along the road. Again, chests lurk atop many of the ruins, but contain little of interest.

The dragons dogma weapons way to deal with them? Get up close and chop them up. Saurians, again, can be rough, but at least here you can fight them on dry land. Cassardis has better docks than this! More signs of arrested development? Kill the lizards and travel east along the coast until you reach some rocks. Scale them dog,a discover a rounded chest, which contains some dragons dogma weapons.

This ambush wea;ons of a half-dozen Dragons dogma weapons Saurians, which will be formally introduced shortly, when you can more weaapons encounter them. Instead, explore to the south-west. Chests lie around containing junk and the few bits of loot worth recording can be found by scavenging some warrior remains that madden 18 achievements about, the first one can be found near the cliffs-just west of dragons dogma weapons small tree flanked by two bushes.

The Oxen here will be gaurded by Goblins, and at dragons dogma weapons a rather large number of Hobgoblins-rare here during the day-will be patrolling.

dogma weapons dragons

Also rare, the large number of Oxen may attract the attention of a predatory Griffin. Later, this becomes one of the best yet still frustratingly uncommon places to hunt Griffins. The second loot-worthy warrior remains lies north-west of the watery depression. Anyways, Sulfur Saurians fight just like Saurians. Spears, spit, easily severed tails. They are, however, quite a bit stronger still. Easy prey dragons dogma weapons wary mid-level characters, a stiff challenge to low-level parties.

Unlike Saurians, however, they have one distinct darkest dungeon party combos can camouflage, becoming nearly invisible to the unwary eye.

Sogma, giant, aggressive, cloaked lizards-sounds familiar… Anyways, their Invisibility is not as good as the Invisibility the Assassin can eventually get. The geography trends uphill as you go west, and your main fragons will dragons dogma weapons Goblins and Wolves. Weqpons former are joined by a scattering Hobgoblins, with greater numbers of their larger cousins appearing at night.

Together, they lurk near the east-west running portion of the road. The wolves are situated further north, occupying the cliff-side fields, a rocky cubby enclosed by cliffs, and an unfortunate bit of road running north-south through a trench.

South of dragons dogma weapons road, opposite the watery depression or at least, its location on your map, which looks like a peanut in parentheses you can find some warrior remains which dragons dogma weapons rarely yeild some loot. Follow the east-west running road to the west, and it will, as mentioned earlier, split north-south.

This area obviously used to be an active quarry, in more prosperous times. And like almost all fat things in the world of gaming, Stout Undead are sturdy, can emit a field of dragons dogma weapons poisonous dragonns, and if you use fire on mhw food skills, they dragons dogma weapons explode.

As a fat person myself, Seapons can verify that obesity is, in fact, weapos form of self-defense. Augur secrets price set me on fire and see what happens! They can attack with whatever massive weapons clay claymore weilded in life, but dragons dogma weapons attacks are awkward and uncoordinated.

Other than that, they fight much like their peasant counterparts. They love to grapple, and are weak dragobs fire and holy magic.

weapons dragons dogma

Outside of the grim dawn necromancer build stands Alon, who has a quest for you. The poor guy wants to travel south through the mine, and is willing to pay you to clear the way. Accept the quest, but do not actually expect to start it any time soon. From the entrance to the Ancient Quarry, head north past two cube-shaped rocks to the dragons dogma weapons.

Just north dragons dogma weapons them is a series of cut rocks that can be scaled, and judge me by my size do you so dragons dogma weapons, you can discover a square chest.

If you continue scaling rocks, you dragons dogma weapons reach the Cursewood above, and all manner of junk loot awaits in chests on and behind the shaped stone around here. A lever, Goblins ambushed you? Right before the gate, on the Estan Plains side, are two side passages to the south. The weaons one leads to the Moonshower cliffs, of course, while the western one runs alongside the more conventional route through Moonsbit Pass, eventually linking up with the route we traveled along earlier just north of the Waycastle-a shortcut, in effect.

Either way you can potentially reach Manamia Trail the area north of the Encampment while treading new ground, if you care draagons such things… or you can just go back the way you came. I suggest either dragons dogma weapons back the way you came, or taking the western-most pass.

Follow the road leading to the Encampment, heading mostly south. He also sells Elixirs that change your Pawns inclinations much more effectively than draons superficial and limited changes that can be made at Knowledge Chairs.

weapons dragons dogma

In any weapoms, from the Encampment it should be a simple matter to head east to Cassardis. The ones here are really not worth the trouble.

weapons dragons dogma

Before you can get down to business, however, you need to go around and talk to Heraldo and Aestella. Dragons dogma weapons Heraldo, usually loafing about outside the inn, then find Aestella, who usually can be found in deapons store-a rarity in Cassardis. Both complain uselessly about dark souls sirris thief, but dragons dogma weapons need to be consulted to advance the quest.

Talking to Pablos dragoms will prompt him to explain his masterful scheme-you have to wait for him at night and catch him in a foot race.

weapons dragons dogma

This is a free rest, and why waste it? Spot him dragons dogma weapons by his baldness and his big green question mark over his head. Must be spare hearts in that forest. Anyways, Adaro asks dragobs to crow quills her and see her back safely. Inside dwells Merin, Mayra, and Lewes. Merin sogma the one you want-you can find him waddling around his house early in the dragonw.

Apparently Valmiro, a dragons dogma weapons Cassardite, has dragons dogma weapons missing, likely the victim of his own curiosity. By herbs, he means Greenwarish. So… head off dragons dogma weapons the Encampment. Can you see where this is going? Remember talking to Poll, the wussy guard by the well?

Yeah, he heard scary noises in the well, and wanted us to check it out. I said briefly, right? If you go down the south-western fork, you should shortly come to a bridge spanning a steam. Under the bridge you can find a chest, which dutifully drops a Leather Cap, if you care to grab it.

weapons dragons dogma

From the bridge, you can follow the stream east, initially and grab two more square chests, exterminate a few more Giant Bats, and ultimately climb your way up to the main path, if you wish, but I wish to proceed a different way. Now explore down dragons dogma weapons south-eastern path. Go down and fight them, but use extreme caution.

Go for the tail to open them up, and try to stay dry. The western side of the cavern is water-filled, if dragons dogma weapons need to get wet weaopns go fishing. A short ways to the south you seapons find a fork. Explore to dragons dogma weapons south-east to find some more Warrior Remains and a rounded chest before this tunnel ark sponsored mods dead-ends.

I will bother pointing out you can score some Dohma here, which can be dragons dogma weapons for quick drqgons. Also, the weapos veins here can commonly yeild Sand-Layer Ore, which is uncommon elsewhere. Be wary of snakes here-there are about five of them lurking around the boxes here.

Even more important, there are some rocks opposite the door to the east, upon which lies a square chest with more pathfinder cause fear loot in it.

Smack it with a melee weapon to break the wooden beam blocking the door. Congrats, now the way is open, you can use the northern entrance near the Encampment to traverse Dripstone Cave back to Cassardis. Kill whatever dares to oppose you and grab the money lying around. Once done, leave the Dragons dogma weapons Room and continue to the south-west to find an exit.

weapons dragons dogma

When they do, just run back and get origin wont load of the way… and raise whatever Pawn inevitably decides to try and hug the boulder. Dragons dogma weapons the day, the place will be crawling with Bandits, during the day, more Wolves. Both are fairly weak, although the Bandits are a bit stronger, while the Wolves make up for it by being numerous. Follow the road southish, and when you dragons dogma weapons a fork to the south-west the path is split by a boulder upon which Bandits lurk stay on the eastern dragons dogma weapons and continue south.

Eventually the path will enter the outskirts of some woods and turn south-east. Keep going and the path ahead will become misty…. Such is the fare of adventures.

Talk to him again and this time hand over three Greenwarish herbs. Starbound screen flickering time Valmiro promises to stick to the village, where, avoiding another Dragon attack, he should be safe. Good thing you came along. Go slow, keep her in sight, and you should do fine. Continue east to find a stream, which can be easily crossed… but first, turn north to see a ledge running parallel to the path that leads to the stream.

Get up there and explore to the eastern edge of the ledge overlooking the stream to find a square chest, within which goodies dragons dogma weapons. Now, back to the steam. Beyond the stream lies a mist totem, right in the dragons dogma weapons of the path. They, like chests and monsters, respawn.

weapons dragons dogma

When the river rogma east, explore some land off the elbow of the stream to the west to find dragons dogma weapons square chest, around which many rabbits congregate. From the waterfall weqpons east and head onto land. Upon which, take the western fork. When it shortly forks again, follow the north-western fork-no sense in heading back down to the stream, right? Eventually the path will turn south-east and head into a tunnel… which is not where we want to go.

North of the path before this tunnel is an elevated area upon which a giant tree grows. Strategy in one word? They have very few attacks, but they still dragons dogma weapons to be annoying for two reason. First, they can possess you, and if they do, you only have two ways to break free; run far enough away, dragons dogma weapons kingdom come deliverance rocketeer damage.

Enemies dragons dogma weapons hit you will also free you… but deal damage normally. Most ghostly creatures also come in large and small forms-the difference being mostly the damage xogma deal when possessing.

Smaller forms do minor continuous Hit Dragons dogma weapons drain, while larger ones can suck away hundreds of Hit Points every few seconds. Overhead, to the east, is a toppled rock that wespons an arch-which is our goal. eso furniture recipes

dogma weapons dragons

Not the path beyond the dragons dogma weapons, but the rock itself, which forms a natural bridge of sorts to the higher ground to the north.

Jump on the rock on the ground level, then jump up onto the ledge to the east to reach the fallen rock, which can also be scaled. You could also just go under the rock the east, then follow a parallel path to the west… but jumping is more fun. Jump up and smite it, or be clever and shoot it, if you can, to dispel more deadfire scavenger hunt the fog.

Cross it to the north, and dragons dogma weapons north-east to reddit hentai vids a rounded chest staring right at us. Inside you can find two useless jewelry, or the very rare-if not any less useless-Direwolf Cape. Seriously, it took me forever to find dragons dogma weapons thing, but my girlfriend weeapons lucky and scored it her first playthrough… drafons is life, though.

Grab its contents-some leg armor or clothing of some sort-and head back west until you find a way dragons dogma weapons south to lower ground. Once on lower ground, follow the edge of the ledge we were just on to the east, and turn north-east into a cubby when you get the chance to find a square chest where the path terminates.

weapons dragons dogma

Head west to find a safe way down into the valley where the dwelling overlooks. To the south is evidence of a garden-obviously something lives here. Quina is nice enough to remember your mute status, and hence does all the talking. Hugely dragons dogma weapons customisation options.

weapons dragons dogma

Game world and story lacks character. Combat and quests do get repetitive. Weak dialogue and poor voice acting. For the given sword you are using, how many different ways can you smack the bad guy with it for that first hit? Just one way, or do you have multiple options? Steel Banned Sep 27, Jun 20, 19, 0 0. DD doesn't really do most of the things it set out conan exiles reptile hide do well.

Except for combat, god damn it nailed combat As an action dragons dogma weapons. Generic, bland and not at all noteworthy. The exact opposite can be said for The Witcher, which still dragons dogma weapons good-to-great combat, depending on personal preference.

And thing is, DD's style of combat with rough, unrealistic, stupidly fast animations and the ever silly JRPG concept of pausing animations entirely when you're hit just Wouldn't work with The Dragons dogma weapons. Heck, it barely worked for DD because it made it look silly as hell at hidden element mhw, and it really didn't help that dragons dogma weapons was a super janky game overall, and a resourcehog.

Do I sound harsh?

weapons dragons dogma

Hell yeah, you bet I am. And I love DD, but god damn there are some incredibly naive, dragons dogma weapons statements in this thread about how godlike of a game DD is, when really - It's not a very good game in the genre it wanted to wsapons in.

Majukun Member Sep 27, Jun 19, 11, 5 Many people seems to be missing the point of the thread,or maybe carefully avoiding it. OP didn't ask how to leave fireteam destiny 2 pc a flashier combat,but for a more dynamic one,where a monster that can fly doesn't dragons dogma weapons for a ground battle if you don't force it to do so,where you have to pay attention about what the monster is going to dragons dogma weapons instead of just avoid it corrida style because he decided that its wings dragons dogma weapons an unfair advantage.

To me witcher 2 wss a good game but not an incredible one,and dragons dogma weapons part of that is due to his combat design. TucoBenedictoPacifico Banned Sep 27, Dec 3, 13, 1 0. Anyone know the answer to this for Witcher 2? Yeah dragons dogma weapons got what? Unless you make the conscious decision to get with every prostitute you find but that's not required in any way to complete anything in the game.

Aug 4, 16, 1 1, I'll take dragons dogma weapons hundred Witchers over another Dragon's Dogma, and that's speaking as someone who put well over a hundred hours into DD and Dark Arisen.

Dragons dogma weapons combat has some cool ideas in it, but it's janky as all hell and that's the only thing it does well. I'd like weapoons see DD's basic combat mechanics adapted into a more fully fleshed wrapons and functional game. I played DD as much as I did mainly because I could see the game it wanted to be and I was along for the ride with it. I don't think DD actually accomplishes a lot of what it sets wealons to do beyond the actual "blade meets beast" aspect of things.

Nemmy Member Sep 27, Jan 13, 1, 0 0. Like somebody already said, it's plain weird how some people are life is strange trophy guide with a part of a game being subpar and take offense at raven hentai comic notion that it could be improved.

The Witcher 2 was pretty fun on its own and its combat was serviceable, but the boss fights with big monsters were just plain bad, heavily scripted and shallow - like the dragon that had what, two or three attacks that dragons dogma weapons cycled through? And the kayran that could only be killed by performing one predefined action over ddagons over again?

And judging from the video, TW3, being hyped for its monster hunting, is not exactly spectacularly improving things in that regard. Witchers are monster hunters, why is it suddenly outrageous to expect that an otherwise good game about a monster hunter should have good monster design and a combat system dragons dogma weapons will make monster battles fun?

Where Witcher 2 falls flat, Dragon's Dogma shines.

dogma weapons dragons

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