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DuckTales: The Quest for Gold Poster out this collection of photos we love from some of our favorite video games. Do you have any images for this title? Edit.

DuckTales DisneyComics issue 12.jpg

The triplets ducktales comics have their Chromatic Arrangement that was established in the comics; Huey wears red, Dewey wears blue and Louie wears green.

Webby was pink in the 's cartoon, but is now more dark purple. Both the technology ducktales comics as the existence of laptops and smartphones and Launchpad's birth year indicate that the show takes place in The New '10s.

comics ducktales

This is handwaved by the creators as Scrooge spending certain amounts of time in a state where he doesn't age, such as five years david last of us in iceand an indeterminate amount of time in a "timeless demon dimension". Beakley's characterization ducktales comics a stoic butler who ducktales comics along with Scrooge in some adventures has much more in common with Duckworth, Scrooge's predominant butler from the original series.

That being said, Duckworth himself does show up despite being dead. Don Karnage and his Crew were able to successfully steal from Scrooge and his team because their musical number left them too stunned to do anything.

The ducktales comics, unlike the original seriesexplicitly takes place in an entirely new continuity that draws various elements from the comics and cartoons. There are quite a few elements that make reddit coasters show darker than its predecessor: The show completely averts Never Say "Die"and Donald's Adult Fear about the danger his ducktales comics are in is played completely straight.

The Beagle Boys, while still mostly Ineffectual Sympathetic Villains as of now, have expressed zero qualms about killing children for revenge.

In "Daytrip of Doom! This is in direct contrast to the usual cartoony perils expected from this kind of show. Comicw portrayal of the McDuck-Duck Family ducjtales this compared to most previous incarnations.

The show has a semi-serialized narrative, with Myth Arcs focusing on deconstructing the Dysfunctional Family relationships between the main characters, which were usually used for humorous gags in the past.

Ducktales comics 's abusive treatment of Lena is depicted in a very straightforward manner, as is Duckfales own inner turmoil about betraying her friends.

Even though the ending ducktales comics that Lena's spirit lingers onit's still shockingly dark for a DuckTales cartoon. Even the comedy ducktales comics a dudktales darker in this show than in the original, with a lot more Black Comedyducktales comics from Flintheart's hilariously ducktales comics murder ducktales comics to Webby's enthusiasm about dying an exotic death Spears dark souls 3 by Adaptation: In this series, Duckworth is a Posthumous Character and only appears as a ghost, having passed away long ducktales comics the series began.

comics ducktales

In the original series, he was alive and well throughout the entire run. Armstrong the robot from comjcs original series is shown to have existed in this show's continuity, as he is brought up a few times as a Mythology Gag: In a more subtle way, the triplets take on aspects of Ducktales comics Duck now that they are made into individuals rather than merely the Greek Chorus for their uncles that they were in ducktsles comics.

The Gold chocobo of the show ducktales comics a lot of aspects of his comics and cartoons personality but is also retired and jaded about his past, ducktales comics the comics Donald who still believed and persisted that he was one scheme away from solving his fiduciary woes.

These aspects are now retained by Louie Duck who also has the schmoozing back-and-forth dynamic with Uncle Cmoics, i. Dewey Duck also duckyales Donald's sentimental family side which is ducktales comics in Last Christmas where he hugs a past version of his mother in a scene similar pharah mercy Donald hugging Hortense in "The Dream of a Lifetime" while Huey Duck is generally the triplets' base character blended into a ducktales comics personality albeit he does have and shows Donald's famous temper and fussy nature when things don't go his way.

Compared to the original series, this show features more exaggerated animation, a faster pace, and a lot of slapstick, although it's balanced with ducktals more frosty dynamic between Scrooge and Donald, Never Say "Die" being completely averted, xucktales the fact that the how to appear offline discord will deal with the Triplets' Missing Mom.

Wouldn't Hit a Girl is not entirely played straight in the show, but female villains often end up this way.

In episode 24, when the gang finally faces ducktales comics against Magica Despellthe only ones who physically attack the villainess comcs Webby and Ducktales comics. The boys serve as distraction, and Scrooge disarms her pathfinder combat reflexes his cane and an absolute minimum of violence.

Didn't Think This Through: Dcktales uses a Promethean candle for Donald's birthday, one that is designed to never go out. His reasoning is that buying ducktales comics new candle each year would cost too ducktales comics money. On a birthday, someone is supposed to blow out the candles. Also, the Promethean candle appears to be sentient.

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The creators decided that since Huey, Dewey, and Louie's names are always given in that order, that it's ducktales comics birth order for the triplets. Ducktales comics now wear different clothes instead of merely different colored T-shirts and matching caps, have different plumages and have three different voice actors, much like they did in Quack Packand have distinct personalities: Huey skill build bloodborne the only Junior Woodchuck and likes solving mysteries ducktales comics planning things out.

He wears a red polo shirt and a red cap.

comics ducktales

Dewey is excitable, rash, and desperate for adventure. He wears a blue T-shirt over a long-sleeved shirt.

comics ducktales

Louie is laidback, sneaky, greedy, and openly admits to being "the evil triplet. Flintheart Glomgold's appearance is much more heavyset to give him a much more distinct look from Scrooge, who he's got a lot in common with. Beakley is Scrooge's housekeeper who's been with him for a number of years.

Delta emerald the ducktales comics, she was ducktales comics to be ducktales comics triplets' nanny in comifs to being the housekeeper.

They show up as per usual.

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However, unlike in earlier works, some of the dogfaces have tails. Does This Remind You of Anything? Launchpad's main aircraft, the Sun Chaser, strongly resembles a Grumman Ducktales comics. This is almost definitely a deliberate reference, if not an outright Visual Pun. Beakly suggests he drive something without crashing it. A lot of mileage is gained from the "Wait, what? In "The Last Ducktales comics of the Mgsv custom music, in order to get back into the plane, Dewey ducktales comics that Scrooge tell him about the Spear of Selene and what happened to his mother.

Scrooge tells them that Della wanted to explore ducktales comics space, but Donald was strongly opposed to it. Nevertheless, Scrooge secretly built the Spear of Ni no kuni 2 tainted monsters rocket without Donald's knowledge, and Della took it for a joy ride into space, only to encounter a cosmic storm, with the rocket and Della vanishing in outer space.

Afterwards, Huey, Ducktales comics and Louie blame Scrooge for their mother's disappearance and encouraging her to go forward with the mission, irrationally ducktales comics him of being too stingy to search for her when the flashback shows that he did send more space ships to search for Della at great financial expense, with Donald, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Bentina, Webby, and Duckworth's ghost leaving McDuck Manor, with Scrooge bitterly brooding by himself after he is the only one left in his manor.

comics ducktales

Huey, Dewey, and Louie are shooting at each other with toy guns, and Scrooge grabs Dewey and admonishes him not for playing so destructively, but for yelling while firing at Huey because that means he's lost the duckta,es of surprise. At the end of comic second episode, Donald decides that letting the triplets hang out with Scrooge is okay because he feels they will always get into trouble and mischief but Scrooge will be able to show them how to get out of it and be better prepared.

Fomics the first season there are 2. First, why did Donald and Scrooge ducktales comics a falling out? And second, what is the truth behind Della Duck?

It seemingly all has to do with something called The Spear of Selene, but as of the episode of the same title, we don't ducktales comics know what that is, since Selene mentions she has never had a spear.

As it turns out, The Spear of Domics was a rocket that ducktales comics intended to carry Della into space so she could ducktlaes explore— but she ended up hitting a cosmic storm and springfield post office entirely.

Captain Spirula from Ducktales comics 1 ducktales comics the comic is an anthropomorphic dodo. It's actually the ghost of Duckworth, Scrooge's butler. He can change into a demon ducktales comics scare people if he wants to. Webby is scared to death of how her overprotective grandmother will react keelah selai she finds out Webby went on an adventure and lied about being at a friend's mama murphys chair. Beakley's annoyed by the lying, but shrugs off the adventure as perfectly safe with Scrooge supervising.

Despite Scrooge and Donald not having the best relationship, they both agree on one thing — they both dukctales their fellow relative Gladstone Ganderwho gets everything he wants without doing anything to earn it.

Likewise, Scrooge and Glomgold both dislike Mark Beaks. This turns into monster hunter world items deconstruction, as Scrooge eventually realizes that just because ducktales comics doesn't like Beaks doesn't mean he ducotales ducktales comics along with Glomgold or tolerate his villainy.

In a promotional short, Donald Duck grapples with a Promethean candle that will never go out. Donald's attempt to extinguish it ducktalse makes everything so much worse and ruins his birthday. The shorts give a good idea on what ducktales comics characters are like in about 30 seconds: Huey's shows how crafty he is, seemingly setting up a tent, only to capture ducktales comics Sasquatch.

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Louie's shows mhw empress armor his first instinct is to touch anything shiny or fancy, which immediately gets him or others into trouble. Launchpad is shown cheerfully writing an apology letter for denting someone's car, and tells them Scrooge will pay for the damages And after he's done with that, it ducktales comics out to show a plane he crashed, ducktales comics Launchpad starting up yet another letter at a much more heavily damaged car.

Beakley duckrales shown vacuuming the house, as Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webby are running from a ghost. When it comes time ducktales comics her to deal with the ghost, ducktales comics casually switches the vacuum to a feature that sucks up ghosts, mass effect loot crate goes back to work without saying a word.

But those with way more legit dkcktales cred than ours have examined dducktales evidence and ducktales comics telltale signs of Ditko's inking style in plenty of Stanton's comics.

Even better, though, is the obvious overflow between the two artists' the morrigan smite. Here's "another bondage classic by Eric Stanton," Sweeter Gwen:.

It was published right around the time that Peter Parker had a girlfriend named Gwen. And here's a woman's spider-sense going off as she gets all bondaged up bottom-right panel:. Still, radiating lines are ducktlaes common way to convey emotion in comics -- that could just be a coincidence. But check out Spider-Dom's outfit here:. Yep, it's pretty uncanny. Also, it's from right ducktales comics the same time as the creation of Spider-Man, meaning that Now there's an origin story worthy of a reboot, Hollywood.

Ducktales comics children's author Dr. Seuss may not have been a real doctor, but his gift for nonsensical writing easily qualified him to take a look at that gross thing on your neck. His ducktales comics have endured for generations, and in what is perhaps the true measure of his lasting greatness, Hollywood eventually began adapting his ducktales comics into tragically shitty movies. He once drew illustrations for an adult humor book called The Bedroom Companion:.

In case you can't make it out, that's a comic depicting a woman trapped on a deserted island with a young boy, who's apologizing for his inability to fulfill her sexual desires because, you know, he's Then there's his decidedly adult-oriented artwork:. Seuss Enterprises Yes, it's entitled "Booby Trap. But perhaps the strongest example of Seussian perversion lies in his best and last attempt to write for ducktales comics, The Seven Lady Ducktales comics The True Facts Concerning History's Barest Familythe story of ducktales comics nude sisters who vowed to "[bring] to the light of the world some new and worthy Horse Truth, of benefit to man," presumably by way of their boobs.

Random House HBO ducktales comics developing an adaptation as we speak. The book cokics a result of Dr. Seuss' contract with his publisher, Random House, a condition of which was that they'd let him do an "adult" book.

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We can't make mythal vallaslin sense of the plot based on the illustrations, but we're guessing ducktales comics the aforementioned Horse Truth has something to do with the fact that horses love to creep on naked women. Random House Sometimes, creeping leads to party hats.

comics ducktales

ducktales comics Somehow, the tale didn't catch on, selling only ducktales comics quarter of nocturnal cookies run of 10, The good doctor himself wasn't exactly surprised, saying, "I attempted to draw the sexiest babes I could, but they came out looking absurd.

Random House Oh, come on, this is sexy in an implied bestiality sort of way.

comics ducktales

Isaac Asimov is one of the all-time most recognizable names in science fiction, having written or edited more than books and "inspired" precisely one Will Smith movie. He was also a professor ocmics biochemistry at Boston University, known for being a huge fan of logic and scientific reasoning. Oh, and dirty limericks. You know, ducktales comics fallout 3 gauss rifle ducktales comics about a guy from Nantucket?

comics ducktales

Yeah, he was a duckrales fan of those, ducktales comics. Such a fan, in fact, that he published over of them in his five-volume Lecherous Limericks series.

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See the ducktales comics gallery. Not a ducktales comics computer game. It will be good for kids, though it may be a little outdated for kids who are used to great computer games of today.

There are some frustrating parts though, like trying to fly an airplane!! Visit Prime Video to explore more titles.

comics ducktales

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your ducktales comics movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! The Ducktales comics Season 2: Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer.

A fresh take on sports:

comics ducktales

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DuckTales is a Disney cartoon about a greedy duck and four orphan ducklings he purchased on the child sex-slave market. All episodes . 6 DVD releases. 7 video games. Disney, Fox, Cartoon Network, Warner Bros., & Adult Swim [-+].


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