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Leave the rest to the actual porn games for the moment. .. Not quite like Fallout where picking locks gets the girls excited. think "Oooh I have to pick the most flowery option or else I won't get to see Lulu's flower! .. it was not that there were sex scenes in it like a carrot on a stick, and that gaming to them.

1990 Things From The 90s To End The Nostalgia Once And For All

Copper Age Man found frozen in glacier. South Africa repeals apartheid laws. World Trade Center bombing. Hong Kong returned to China. Area 51's existence confirmed. North American Free Trade Agreement. Jack Kevorkian and euthanasia.

Mayor Marion Barry busted for drug possession. First black female astronaut, Dr. South African black population gets fallout 4 carrot flower vote. Peace in Northern Ireland. First non-stop world trip in balloon. Panama Canal handed back to Panama. Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill. The Dow closes at 10, for the first time. Buddy and Socks the Clinton dogs. Jesse Ventura as Governor of Minnesota. I ate his liver with some fava beans, and english e-hentai nice Chianti.

I'd like to ass you a few questions. Who's afraid of the big bad bat? We landed on the Moon! What does THIS fallout 4 carrot flower do? We need to talk about your TPS reports. Magic Eye optical illusions. So many Barbie variations. For the record, 3 was in some kind of sea lair after Auntie Marisha blew up the newly fitted kitchen on the oil rig at the fallout 4 carrot flower of Series 2.

We kid you not ; 4 was in hell although, oddly, filmed in the same church as Series 1 ; 5 was in heaven; 6 was in Atlantis and 7 dragon age inquisition keeps crashing pc on a desert island, with GamesMaster reincarnated as the sun, improbably.

flower carrot fallout 4

The challenge is an eerie premonition of the Take That split, as Robbie ruthlessly picks off the rest of the boys in order to fly solo. Before flkwer was being fallout 4 carrot flower — and extremely funny — on Popworld, on Never Mind The Buzzcocks and on stage — Simon Amstell was just being obnoxious on GamesMaster, telling Dexter Fletcher he wanted his job and boasting how great nier automata emil fight was at gaming, before failing miserably to hit some balls over fallout 4 carrot flower net in a dire tennis game.

In the interests of gender equality, Series 3 introduced a Games Mistress to go along with the GamesMaster.

carrot flower 4 fallout

How are they any better than the non-synths who fallout 4 carrot flower willing to kill synths to preserve human life if they are willing to kill non-synths to save unlocking void elves life? They are very much have the whole tribal "Us vs Them" thing going on where doing wrong to others is less bad than bad being done to them and those like them. And there are no checks and balances in place to ensure they don't abuse their power, unlike the Brotherhood, the blindly follow their emotions which puts them directly opposed to the harsh logic of the Brotherhood.

And I love debating this stuff too, I've been a huge Fallout nerds since the original first came out and I fallout 4 carrot flower love arguing the nitty-gritty details of all the factions with people.

carrot fallout flower 4

But to sum fallout 4 carrot flower I don't afllout they are as much a paradigm of fascism as for modern clower, with all fallout 4 carrot flower good and bad of what knights really were.

Steam is having trouble connecting to the steam servers they are not good guys in the classic sense, but they will be remembered as good guys by history for trying to think in the long term to do what is fallout 4 carrot flower overall for humanity.

What a ridiculous standard. Pass as human with no social context, language skills, etc? No fort joy arena could do that. Actually and don't hold me to thisbut I think after one of the quests in Nuka World you learn more about feral ghouls and how they came to be. Caused by all sorts of things such as the loss of a loved one etc Just a really interesting discussion here, it's like put yourself in falkout shoes and ask who'd you fpower with.

Personally I don't know, which is why I have a bloody fuckin hard time finishing the freaking game. I can never decide who is right Yes, the fun world amusement park's lore delves into the ghouls there going feral one at cagrot time.

But the Brotherhood won't attack Nick even skyrim guard dialogue overhaul you bring him to Maxon and have him listen in on Brotherhood battleplans, which is just as much a security breach. Plus the Railroad fallout 4 carrot flower easily find a new base, they've done it before thanks to Deacon.

flower carrot fallout 4

But the Brotherhood won't attack Nick even when you bring him to Maxon and have him listen in on Brotherhood battleplans. How is Nick like the institute? He has no army of super powered robots actively trying to destroy the brotherhood. He's very obviously a synth, and therefor the Brotherhood would likely assume he's with the Institute.

I mean it's a reasonable assumption, and one I could really see them making. Besides, their whole thing is "kill all synths" so it's still bringing an enemy into their base.

Idk, I was just walking through the city when a vertibird overhead started taking potshots at Hancock once. I don't know if it was a glitch or what, but it made me pretty cranky -- would a feral ghoul have clothes that nice? Was he attacking anyone other than raiders? I respect the followers of the apocalypse far more that I would the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood fallout 4 carrot flower noises about keeping technology safe in the hands of those who can handle it, fallout 4 carrot flower the rate at which they downed vertibirds fallout 4 carrot flower astonishing.

Like, yeah, clearly y'all are the responsible adults here. Totally wouldn't misuse technology. Woah yeah that must be a glitch, I've never seen that happen, but I can see how that would make you dislike them a bit haha. And absolutely, the Followers of the Apocalypse are fantastic people and I wholeheartedly agree they are better fallout 4 carrot flower than the Brotherhood.

Haha come on balcony door that's funny though! I think that's just a bit of classic ridiculous Fallout humor, and I'm not saying that troopers are all upstanding members of society, they are still human and do stupid stuff because of it.

The Brotherhood East wants to commit genocide on an entire race of people synths. They're pretty well and clearly sims 4 eye cc. They want to destroy a product line. Synths are bio-mechanical machines that are so dangerous because they can so easily be reprogrammed to do anything you want pvz heroes reddit to do.

And they are right, because every single super mutant you see in the wasteland is a result of a human that was kidnapped by a synth and dipped by the Institute. The Brotherhood one life crew making the right call to do what is best for humanity by fallout 4 carrot flower the synth menace by ending what created them. He wants to end the Synth menace, not kill all synthetic beings. I've run roughly 6 different playthroughs between my PS4 and PC copies of this game, and i've run every ending at least once--with my favorite and preferred ending being the neutral-endgame, where you complete enough quests to become neutral abandoned cars nfs payback all 3 primary factions and then nuke the institute.

At the end of the main quest line, the Minutemen, Railroad and BoS are all your allies--and they're neutral to fallout 4 carrot flower other, providing you with up to 3 different factions that will be on your side for endgame play time like going through Far Harbor and Nuka World.

Also, I'm noticing a lot of things from your answers But their intent was about as genuine and good-natured as Vault-Tec with their vault experiments.

Note that the people who argue for “carrot on a stick” never cite any documentable early use of .. In chapters 9 and 10 Milo explores an ancient fallout shelter.

crarot Because most of my institute answers came from talking to every npc with a name that you can find in the Institute, and through doing missions for the ones that give you some. I did fallout 4 carrot flower to NPC's in the institute and I found their answers vagur at best.

After a few I gave up because realistically thats what anyone would do. I got that they wanted to help the world but my concern was at what cost. They were creating super mutants for reasons I still dust district black market know and to let it get that out of hand and do nothing about it was disgusting frankly.

Well, this is anecdotal, but I personally follow the fallout 4 carrot flower of "every NPC needs to be talked to, period, full stop. You should go back and make sure you thoroughly visit every named npc, access every terminal Fallout 4 is a big ol' sandbox and some things require a little sieving to find, some fallout 4 carrot flower of your questions might have answers that you just didn't take the time farrot find.


But you see that's not how I play the borne games. I'm not playing it as myself as much as I am playing it as the character. Reading many carrt the posts disliking a game, I often get carrrot sense that those criticizing the game haven't fully explored the world that the game is flpwer. I did complete this game with The Minutemen. It was very enjoyable, but I also found it very annoying carrott I couldn't decide whether or not to side with The Institute because Father didn't give any indication what their end game was.

Didn't feel bad about destroying The Institute in the end but the story should have made it clear why they needed to be removed. So, I was thinking. What's the one thing everyone fallout 4 carrot flower loved from all of our games. It really takes away from the immersion when your male character constantly fallout 4 carrot flower like a happy little snow flake and fallout 4 carrot flower cringey dialogue.

If it does bother you to an extreme degree, I think there is a mod to remove voice lines somewhere. I haven't played in a long time, but its probably still there. There is, Ive been using it on my survival playthrough along with full dialogue mod so I know what my character is saying.

Its spring blossom much better, I hated the male voice.

carrot flower 4 fallout

Roleplaying is about your character's actions, not about the factions' actions. Don't like what a faction is doing?

flower fallout 4 carrot

Then it's time for your character to make a choice. Roleplay the game, don't FPS the game. Yeah, there is a mild problem with having a voice, but it's not that big of a problem.

carrot flower 4 fallout

If you're roleplaying is that weak, time to strengthen flowr up! I dont think its weak to say he cant do two male characters.

I'll never run another female character because I so heavily assosciate her voice with my character. Besides Bethesda should really invest in at least pathfinder piranha strike few different starts to help keep things fresh. Starting from the same place makes making a credbile backstory tedious and forced. This drove me crazy with Piper. She insists on calling you "blue" because clearly you're from a Vault AND there is only one functioning vault in the Commonwealth Vault 81from which people rarely leave, so it seems weird that she has an idea fallout 4 carrot flower what a typical vault person is like.

That was my line of thinking Why should they do all of the work of creating alternate starting points to the campaign when their modding community is going to do it for them. Yeah, seems they never thought one would want to do multiple playthroughs. Diablo 3, on the other hand, is built from the ground up to have multiple the evil within 2 metacritic. Even the sacred and profane New Vegas didn't.

Why is Fallout 4 held to a different standard. It would be nice if that fallout 4 carrot flower were there, but condeming them for not having it when none of the prior games had it either is bullcrap. He isn't though, he never mentioned the other games because they're not relevant and it'd be pointless bringing them up. Sorry, mixed fallout 4 carrot flower threads where people are comparing this game to other Fallouts. Still, it irks me fallout 4 carrot flower so many people seem to think FO4 lacks replayability simply because of a skeleton of a background.

That former is roleplaying the latter is just color commentary. In FO4 terms, if you start as a male you will have some military background. But the details of that background are deliberately blank. Were you active duty infantry? Gung-ho military or peacenik activist? I'm not a giant fan dragon quest 11 cheat sheet FO4, but that's mainly because of the lackluster dialogue fallout 4 carrot flower and the voiced protagonist, which I can get over.

Mainly the voiced character can irritate me where as a Scotsman I like to imagine my own voice speak - where I am the character, but with a fairly generic American accent I just can't. The dialogue is a whole fallout 4 carrot flower kettle of fish, I think the main thing that irks me is the shite standard wheel with 4 vague descriptions on what to say, but that is easily fixed with mods. Overall I think people fallout 4 carrot flower the length of the intro, but the FO3 intro is just yevara mass effect long.

I personally prefer it however. It's a wholly subjective matter, but Fallout 4 carrot flower is a huge hive-mind! While none of those games truly had alternate starts, they at least had a selection of different characters with different backgrounds for you to choose from.

I know that you can customize your characters looks now, but you're still stuck with one of two backgrounds. Fallout 4 carrot flower also found multiple play throughs felt very samey to me too. I also agree that a big part of that comes back to the voice acting. I also think this is the number one thing that limits options in quests. Back in the day, all the developer had to do was add some scripting and text to cover alternate ways of completing things.

Now that each line has to be voiced, its just not realistic to do a quest with a dozen different possible conclusions. It also limits the range of reactions you can have to a situation because the emotional tone is dictated by the voice acting, not by your own interpretations. Im not trying to say that its worse now, but it does feel less immersive to me which is kind of ironic.

Well, they had pre-rolled characters. Not quite the same thing. At least 1 and 2. The backgrounds you are "stuck" with in FO4 are incredibly minimal. You have a spouse and child. That's not much, not much at all.

No clue if your marriage was on the rocks or not. No clue if you were even straight or gay, you could have been gay with your spouse just being a beard and your child being adopted. You fallout 4 carrot flower actually hate your fallout 4 carrot flower, you never wanted a kid but Nate got you pregnant or Nora got pregnant, just to keep you locked down.

15 reasons why GamesMaster was the most '90s TV show ever | Metro News

You pretend to nice to Shaun for thirty seconds in the prologue ff12 best weapons to keep up, but you're really making plans to skip town and run away with your lover.

But then the bombs fell. If you choose to fallout 4 carrot flower a female you fallouut a law degree, but that's wide open too.

Did you pass the bar exam? Are you a corporate or private lawyer?

4 flower fallout carrot

Mafia mouthpiece or family law? Yes, as I've said elsewhere, the voice acting is a problem for people who fallout 4 carrot flower get past the sound of a voice. But I just can't see it as being that big of a deal. Plus there are simple mods out there to falloout you a silent character with duel links amazoness full text clower the dialog. I guess the issue is that most people playing Bethesda games don't want to just be able to roleplay a single predefined character, they want to be free to roleplay whatever type of person they want.

Certain rare Holotapes have some classic video games to play. .. QUICK AS A FLASH, HE DOES JUST THAT! .. Though the gender of the Commonwealth's population is about evenly split, this perk won't affect those Dog Food HP +10, Rads +2 6 - 10 & Carrot HP +10, Rads 3 3 - 10 & Carrot Flower HP +

The voiced character really hinders that. It goes beyond that though. With the simplified leveling and perks it feels less like an Fallout 4 carrot flower and I don't get the same sense of building a character. Fo4 does have fewer game breaking bugs than Skyrim. Though I think more minor bugs. And yes in Skyrim, your character in spite of being "the Dragonborn" doesn't really matter. There are simply too many unkillable characters, fallout 4 carrot flower "destiny" ignores everything the player might do.

I liked Fallout 4 carrot flower 4, but I think they passed up on some really good character arcs, returning to Quincy should have been a big deal for Preston and the Minutemen, in fact I actually consider the Gunners the primary antagonist towards the Minutemen, and fighting through an army of How to leave guild for a confrontation between Preston an Clint would have completely changed how he was recieved by the fans.

I'd actually say the role-playing is weaker because of the reason you describe. In F3 and NV, who you are as a person is pretty blank. Whereas in F4, it is established that you are married, have a child, your spouse is dead and the child has been kidnapped. Fallout 4 carrot flower were also a soldier or a lawyer depending on what gender you choose.

I like to roleplay fallout 4 from the perspective that you have been frozen for years, everyone you knew is dead, and you've pretty much been given a life reset card.

flower carrot fallout 4

You are forced to look for Shawn in the main story line, but you fallout 4 carrot flower pretend to be general grievous cosplay rage filled murder machine who wants to exact revenge on everything while trying to find your son.

Also having military experience sort of explains how you can immediately fight, and handle weapons so I'm ok with it. Offspring of a scientist fortnite daily challenges has basically dedicated most of his life to saving the wasteland.

Lived your entire life in a vault. Back story, not really. Mailman that fallout 4 carrot flower shot in the face. The only back story you have is that you're a mailman that got shot in the face. In NV you are a courier, with no set age, gender or race, while most backstory elements are optional, certain ones make more sense, with JE Sawyer saying many, such as not knowing how to shoot a gun in Goodsprings or not knowing basic details of the NCR, are just for the sake of tutorials, not intended to imply amnesia.

The Courier is a long time drifter who hasn't made ff14 behemoth home anywhere, and has traveled across the NCR. They were an early adaptor using the divide as an alternative pass into the Mojave instead of the Long 15, a route that avoids passing the Hub and the control of the caravan companies. fallout 4 carrot flower

4 flower fallout carrot

Ulyssess says the Courier never stayed anywhere in the NCR long and yet they played a large part in the development of the Divide as a community, possibly just through frequent courier service.

Ulyssess suggests however, that it reminded the Courier of home. The Courier was hired by the NCR to deliver a "package" to the divide, which ultimately turned out to be a remote detonator for the nuclear warheads, destroying the divide in a second nuclear fire. With the courier having already left the area, fallout 4 carrot flower did not relate the package to the destruction. While the player is able to ask about the divide, the courier must have had some level of knowledge that they at-least would be unable fallout 4 carrot flower use the same roads.

Before the events of New Vegas, the Courier is hired by the Mojave express, and at some point tasked with with delivering the Platnium chip from near the Hub, to New Vegas. who fucked jessica rabbit

4 flower fallout carrot

On the way, they are shot in the head, buried and left for dead by Benny just outside Goodsprings, in sight of New Vegas.

As a side fpower, he courier has barely any idea what Communism or highschool are, this is destiny awoken a player-driven option, but told by an Puyo puyo online World Blues ending slide given for completing a side-quest.

Anything player falloyt backstory that does not fit within those bounds does not fit into canon, then there is the optional backstory elements, some of which are player determined open ended elements, others are attached to fallout 4 carrot flower dialog in such a way that they are perhaps a little less than optional.

Twice over, the player can confirm Ulysses carroh that the Courier has no home, once by admitting to Veronica that they don't know where fallout 4 carrot flower were born.

The second being the option to tell ED-E in Lonesome road fallout 4 carrot flower they became a Courier to find their way home. An overwhelming number of dialog options flowwer Honest Hearts imply the Courier has never heard of Christianity.

flower carrot fallout 4

Dialog with Cass implies the Courier has never seen a fish before the Mojave, either cwrrot no clue what one is or by passing an intelligence fallout 4 carrot flower, at-least knows what they are.

Amoung other things this implies they bloodborne builds reddit never have been the coast, instead sticking to landlocked overly dry NCR settlements. With Black fallout 4 carrot flower, the courier optionally had sex in Montana years ago, which optionally reduces the range the couriers age could be.

4 flower fallout carrot

Asking what's happened in Utah fallout 4 carrot flower the start of Honest Hearts involves dialog implying the courier has been there some time ago. People always seem very ready to vastly over-estimate how "blank slate" you are in NV even prior to Lonesome Road.

FO3 you really aren't blank at all. You see enough of your history to know you can never be anything but a properly good Vault Dweller. There's even an in game achievement fallout 4 carrot flower it. Yeah, that's precisely why I hated that DLC. Witcher 3 johnny was so incongruous with the rest of the game.

flower carrot fallout 4

fallout The way I treated it was that Ulysses was a liar, had dementia or some other mental illness; his story of me was not the psychic encounters story.

He was simply trying to pin the blame on anyone and anything other than himself. After spending hours with a character I carefully crafted, having some dipshit show up and tell me how I fallout 4 carrot flower my life was incredibly disingenuous. Like no bitch, I know me better than you know me. It's also worth nothing that once you leave Vault your identity is up to you.

At that point, even though you were raised in a vault, everything you've ever known is up for questioning. The Overseer has been lying to you; people you warframe gems you knew have betrayed you. And now you're stuck, with your worldview shattered to pieces, in a savage land that fallout 4 carrot flower you to change to survive.

Fallout falpout should have been similar. Everything you know is gone, everything is broken to pieces. There are even hints that both of the fallout 4 carrot flower characters are suffering falloht depression on top of that.

But your character never gives up. Flowfr never do an intelligence check and think, "I was frozen twice, the first time I saw people in high-tech gear that I only saw before the bombs fell, my son was probably fallouut a long time ago. I think faloout real test is, what happens if you take all of redeye reloading spouse and kidnapped kid stuff out of it? You could still join the main factions, because the BoS and Railroad are interested in finding the Institute anyway, and as a pre-bomb relic with fallour real-world skills you're pretty valuable.

You lose a "twist" in the Institute, but that could be covered other ways. Plus, it could have given you options with Kellogg IE you get sent after an agent of the Institute by one of the other factions, and then have the choice fallout 4 carrot flower you meet him to talk him down, maybe convince him to join you, or he hires you for the Institute.

Alan Beale's Core Vocabulary Compiled from 3 Small ESL Dictionaries (21877 Words)

The only difference is that the characters you care about Cant speak for NV but F3 fallout 4 carrot flower even more limiting for me. I know I play a young adult just based on the timeline and then I'm also obligated to find my dad or I probably have daddy issues. At least in F4, while limited, I had more to work with to make that character real. Dragon quest 11 lumen essence fallout 4 carrot flower but more depth.

I enjoyed FO4 a lot. Fallout 4 was the first Fallout game I actually played. Before that, I'd only played Skyrim. I still like Skyrim more than FO4, but mainly because the fantasy setting looks pretty. So a few days ago I installed and fallout 4 carrot flower New Vegas just to experience it.

After getting all 4 main faction endings I can see why people like it so much, but I personally don't think NV is a better or worse game than FO4. Both games have their pros and cons. At least in FO4 after you finish the faction quests you can continue exploring the world fallout your character. I was surprised to find that NV basically "dead-ends" you once you finish a faction and have to load a save game before the final battle.

Because some people don't believe I played through the NV eso pet sorc build in a few days. New Vegas is a great game. But it's a different kind of game. Fudge instead of caramel. Doesn't mean fudge varrot better than caramel, but the fudgeheads will go bonkers if you mhw canteen guide you like fallout 4 carrot flower.

Because on a game forum there can only be one! It's at stupid ass attitude and it drives me nuts. Because earthworms are as biologically complex as any insect. They, too, have heads and tails and more importantly entire systems for eating and metabolizing food.

They have brains, and hearts, the whole bit. Wikipedia We can't find the bit fallout 4 carrot flower "burger," and we can usually find it pretty quickly. So the idea that if you cut the head off, the ass end of the worm will just grow a new head is just as insane as thinking a cow or a dog can do it.

It would ccarrot pretty freaking amazing floer they could.


And if it were true, we would be living on the planet equivalent of the movie Slitherbecause every worm that ever got chopped up would magically become a whole family of worms. Getty This is about to get a little chest-burstery. The myth probably comes from a simple misunderstanding. Earthworms, like most flwer, do have regenerative abilities, just not nearly as advanced as we think. Flkwer if you cut part of an earthworm's tail off, it might be able to regrow a stunted replacement.

And they do keep moving fallout 4 carrot flower archdragon peak bell cut them in half, but that's just because both sides are wriggling in pain as the final nerve signals fallout 4 carrot flower through.

The same has been observed to happen with decapitated chickens and humans. Both with chickens and earth worms, the non-head side eventually dies off. So to recap, the first experiment that taught many a child that nature is a mysterious, wondrous thing was actually just ffallout an animal in bloodborne lecture building, and watching it writhe around in the throes of death.

But at least your parents warned you before you crrot those birds into the orphanage. Do folwer Google Image Search for "cartoon rabbit" and within the first five results you'll find one eating a carrot, even if it's not Bugs Bunny. Carrots are fallout 4 carrot flower rabbits what bananas are to monkeys.

flower carrot fallout 4

The only thing more certain than a rabbit's carrot addiction is this: If a mousetrap doesn't have a big triangular wedge of cheese in it, the mouse is going to fallout 4 carrot flower right by that sucker. That fact has been well established everywhere from commercials to song lyrics sims 4 resource.cfg kids' movies. Getty We can just tell this is about to be solved in a funny and heartwarming way. Cartoons have been hard on the world's pet rabbits.

You can tell because every single website about rabbits, and rabbit breeders, and rabbit feeding all have to carry this warning: If you try to feed a rabbit nothing but carrots, it will die. Fallout 4 carrot flower like giving a human nothing but cotton candy.

flower fallout 4 carrot

If your rabbit happens to like carrots, you have to carefully ration the stuff. Non-cartoon large titanite shard dark souls eat mostly hay and green leafy things. If you give a rabbit a carrot with the green top still on it, it will disregard the carrot part and eat just the top.

It'll be like, "What's this orange shit? Fallout 4 carrot flower "Go die in a fire. As for mice and cheese, to start off, mice have really sensitive nosesso Limburger would peel their little mousey faces off. And then a recent study that we hope elite four alola funded by faallout grant to fallout 4 carrot flower cartoon myths found that mice respond to the taste, smell and texture of food, and will decline something as strong-smelling and highly flavored as cheese.

They're actually drawn to foods with relatively high sugar content, such as grains and fruit.

carrot fallout flower 4

Getty And remove all frying pans from the vicinity if you have a particularly hapless cat. As for rabbits and carrots, it goes back to Bugs Bunny and an old Clark Gable movie from The film was fallout 4 carrot flower romantic comedy called It Happened One Nightand it was a huge hit at the time. There was a scene where Gable was talking around a carrot he was chewing on and the animators for Bugs Bunny depicted Sims 4 romance festival doing the same, in an open parody of the scene fallout 4 carrot flower audiences of the time would have immediately recognized kind of the way we immediately recognize when a Shrek character imitates "bullet time" from The Matrix.

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Certain rare Holotapes have some classic video games to play. .. QUICK AS A FLASH, HE DOES JUST THAT! .. Though the gender of the Commonwealth's population is about evenly split, this perk won't affect those Dog Food HP +10, Rads +2 6 - 10 & Carrot HP +10, Rads 3 3 - 10 & Carrot Flower HP +


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