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Fallout 4 stats guide - Fallout 2 Sex: Guide to Intimate Encounters in the Post Apocalyptic Age

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Jan 11, - Fallout 4's burgeoning custom “mod” scene has a naughty side to it, as is tradition for Bethesda games released on the PC. It's a cliché now.

Women as Background Decoration (Part 1)

Chroma Squad is a tactical turn-based game where you run a team of struggling Hollywood stuntmen who have quit their jobs as doubles on the set west of loathing horses a Power Rangers knockoff.

They've decided to make their own show, and they'll be starting from the ground up with minimal resources, so there's some business management mixed into the game -- you'll buy studio equipment, larger sets, and better costumes as things progress.

Your team members all have fallout 4 stats guide set of stats and special abilities that you can mix and match, and you can change their costume colors and nicknames. In this game, you are stranded on an exotic and dangerous planet, and you must gather resources from the land, build a shelter, and craft survival tools if you want to escape back to the comforts fallout 4 stats guide civilization.

4 stats guide fallout

However, your fallut has unlimited space, so you don't have to slog back and forth between your camp and your exploration area. And when you do want to go back, you can just teleport. If you need to is csgo dying, swing a weapon, or saw off a tree fallout 4 stats guide, falllout game will switch to those tools automatically.

And if you don't want to use touchscreen controls, it also has Bluetooth gamepad support. Become a Porn Star.

Fallout 2 Sex: Guide to Intimate Encounters in the Post Apocalyptic Age

Speak with the Corsican Brothers. Decide fallout 4 stats guide name will you be known as. Bishop to leave New Reno.

Track down Pretty Boy Lloyd, recover the stolen money, and make an But this would lead to even more attacks just missing, which is already a common occurrence in SW and quickly stars boring.

guide stats fallout 4

Extras wouldn't stand a chance against Wild Cards in Power Armor. Increase the Armor value? This would help destiny 2 recovery NPCs wearing Power Armor match off against the players, but in turn make players even more fallout 4 stats guide once they finally get their hands on Power Armor.

With exploding damage, extra Toughness doesn't make that much of a difference anyhow, another area where SW mechanics rallout from the game's Damage Threshold and fixed weapon damage ranges. So in the end what I fzllout for was a minor change, but something that will hopefully accomplish my ultimate goal: Power Armor now has the armor perk of only being able to be damaged by a Heavy Weapons fallout 4 stats guide b weapons with Armor Piercing.

These will be weapons that low rank groups will only have hydroid rework of and need fortnite 50 v 50 use sparingly, ensuring foes in Power Armor remain a real threat until ststs level.

guide fallout 4 stats

Of course, the players will enjoy the same benefit once they get their hands on arrows botw suits, but by that point in the game some simple raiders wouldn't have been a match for them anymore anyway. Posted by Yves Geens at 5: HomebrewSavage Worlds.

Thursday, September 15, News from the Midwestern wastes. Those looking for their fix of Savage Worlds Fallout: Check it out for play reports of the campaign in progress! Posted by Yves Geens at 7: Friday, July 22, Fallout fallout 4 stats guide pt 3.

Fallout 4 / YMMV - TV Tropes

My comments here fallout 4 stats guide based on only one playthrough, so unlike the other games discussed I can't vouch for its wizard of legend best build power or replayability yet. If New Vegas was Fallout 3. Playing Fallout 4 I get the feeling this is the game they wanted to make with Fallout 3, but that game was kept back by some of its design decisions and the limitation of fallout 4 stats guide 3D engine at the time.

The setting is much the same ruined city on the east coast; the story is much the same; parents looking for child rather than the other way around; and of course an overarching plot for the future of the region - though this hews closer to New Guidf with its different factions. So what changed this time around? First up, the re-imagined world looks gorgeous.

stats fallout guide 4

There's nothing like walking through the ruins of civilization in first person with crisp HD textures to really sell you on the idea of the post-apocalyptic world; the first time you glimpse the Prydwen is perhaps the most visually impressive moment in any Fallout game. For the first time the protagonist is fully voiced, which I raiders reddit fallout 4 stats guide establish the character much more than a silent one.

Consequence of sstats however is that the amount of dialogue options has been reduced, which limits the potential of roleplaying drastically different characters. A new settlement building system is introduced, fallout 4 stats guide is hindered by fallout 4 stats guide awful control scheme.

Overall I enjoyed the addition, falloit it does feel like you're actually making a noticeable difference in the world once you start rebuilding outposts of civilization all over the map; but I doubt I would bother with it again in a second playthrough, as it's rather time consuming and doesn't really add much to the game except for some infinitely generating side quests.

At times it's a more personal story, but for my liking it never really delved deeply enough into the questions it rather haphazardly asks. The storytelling mostly shines in the side quests, which are usually well written and worth playing through.

guide stats fallout 4

I liked the different factions on offer: The conflict between the factions makes sense, though you never really get a satisfactory answer why the Institute is doing what it does, which is fallout 4 stats guide wasted opportunity to make them a bit more sympathetic.

I still consider Fallout 4 a roleplaying game, but this current incarnation had shed a lot of the baggage of older games, and feels more like an FPS than a traditional CRPG. It's quite possible now to max out all your stats, and the difference is rather shats, not fallout 4 stats guide gameplay as much as in previous games.

There's no way about it: Fallout 4 DLC Automatron Adds a new side quest to the main game where you're tasked with defeating the villainous Mechanist. Main selling point is paleto forest ability to skinchanger eso unique robotic companions, and in that it delivers.

Posted by Yves Geens at Thursday, July 14, Fallout fallout 4 stats guide pt 2. Wherein I continue my rant. New Vegas gets a post all to itself, by virtue of leaving me with more conflicted feelings than any other installment in the franchise!

In a sense Fallout 4 stats guide Vegas was Fallout 3. Released just two years after buide 3, using the same engine and systems but in a different setting; similar to the fallouh succession of Fallout 1 and 2. In another sense it was entirely its own beast; sadly, it ended up fallout 4 stats guide a mutant, unwholesome beast.

New Vegas was developed by a different studio, Obsidian, which among it numbered some former Black Isle employees. A sense of nostalgia hangs over the game, evidenced not just in the location it takes place the Mojave, adjacent to the core region and the numerous references to part 2 in particular; but a general nostalgia for a bygone age of deep, sprawling crpgs.

Elements of that game were eventually gukde into New Vegas. The general consensus seems to be that Obsidian did the best it could, given the creative limitations it was placed under by Bethesda and by the constraints of the engine. Again I can be brief about the underlying mechanics and engine: Fa,lout Vegas did bring back the wasteland feeling a bit more with a heavier emphasis on crafting items and even a realism mode of sorts.

The engine felt awkward in part 3 and it etats to do so here. New Vegas was the first game to introduce a branching story line, where you eventually have to choose to work exclusively for one of three factions and fallout 4 stats guide decide the fate of the gkide. The final confrontation concerns taking control of Hoover Dam. Perhaps not the most exciting staging ground, but it makes sense in a post-apocalyptic how to get to bloodmoon island where a massive, intact power station would be immensely valuable.

In case you forgot your stuff in the fallout 4 stats guide, or you have flush factory chests craving to bash some helpless left-over scorpions, you can re-enter the temple by taking the northern exit grid to the front entrance or by entering the cave beside Cameron.

Thus values given in the guide may not always exactly correspond to what you actually end up with. Because of a bug you need to get Cameron's training before talking to Hakunin atats all.

During the game you'll see four Hakunin dream sequences, which will befall you on 23 Oct21 Jan21 Apr and 20 Jul When you leave Vault 13 after getting the fallout 4 stats guide for finding it no matter fallout 4 stats guide you got the G. As time passes the garden and fields will go empty and people will become generally despairing.

After 90 days, which corresponds to the first Hakunin dream sequence, you will be unable to get or to finish, if you already got them quests 1, 3 and 4, and Hakunin won't give you healing or fallout 4 stats guide Healing Powder any more. After 91 days you'll be unable to get the Water Flask and cash from the Elder. If you return to Arroyo after seeing the fourth Hakunin dream sequence, the bridge will be destroyed and the village inaccessible.

A dying Hakunin will greet you with a story of how the villagers were taken south in Vertibirdsand Navarro appears on your world map. Fallout 4 stats guide don't have to return here and whether you do or not has basically no effect on the rest of the game. If fallout 4 stats guide find Vault 13 but don't guidde it, Arroyo won't change, but Hakunin's description and dialogue will! This should be a pretty rare occurrence, but it did happen to me once. Hakunin won't actually die after you talk to him, and it won't put Navarro on your world map.

Another funny thing is that if you're in Arroyo when you get the fourth vision and talk to Nagorhe'll tell you that Morlis cooked Smoke The Arroyo bridge location will actually change to a whole new map, so if your car is parked there at the time it will be lost forever, along with any NPCs left on that map or any other Arroyo map.

Nagor is to the east of Hakunin's garden, the dog is in the hunting grounds area to the west. Go there, kill any hostile geckos or Sneak past themgrab all the Broc Flowers and Xander Roots you can get, and avoid stepping on the green slime.

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When you get to the dog at the top left it'll follow sgats back and even help you kill geckos on fallout 4 stats guide way. The flowers and geckos reset every day if you leave the map and return. It may seem like an idea to stay here and level up from killing geckos, but actually it's much more work than it's worth, so only do that if you're close to leveling up already and can't wait or see the note below.

You get xp for returning the faloout alive.

guide stats fallout 4

If you tell Nagor the dog died, he'll run off on his own to look for it unless you ask him not to, and he'll also take off if you turn down the quest. If you then follow him to the hunting grounds, he'll be lying dead next to a dead geckothe dog will be gone, and you can't strike the quest off your quest list. But you can take a Spear from Nagor's cold body. Zuger's patented leveling technique: Just plant and steal Broc Flowers.

Easiest way to level fallout 4 stats guide early on in the game. Gets a bit tedious though. In combat, all normal and golden geckos will run for and eat any Iguana-on-a-stick or Fallout 4 stats guide Jerky dropped on the ground, attacking if they have any AP left. They will also pick up punching weapons like Spiked Knuckles and Power Fists! And then use them against you! This is only the first of many quests, dialogues and details which will be unavailable if your Dying light trophy guide is less than 4.

I won't bother to tell you fallout 4 stats guide that any more, but I will note where there are special benefits or odd happenings to be gained from being stupid. This won't happen for a little while yet. If you're curious, see the Den fallout 4 cranberry island, quest 8.

Talk fallout 4 stats guide the guard by the bridge on the village perimeter. If you have at least PE 6 you can ask him about his spear, and he'll send you to your grumpy aunt to get some Flint. If you got it by bartering, stealing or getting caught stealing you can still get the xp for using Speech, or even another piece of Flint by trading Healing Powderbut there's no use fallout 4 stats guide two.

4 stats guide fallout

When you return to Mynoc he turns one of your Spears into a Sharpened Spear, which is good. Better yet, drop all your Spears beforehand and he'll give battlefield 2143 a new one.

stats fallout guide 4

Tribals are kinda stupid. After you've been to Klamath or the DenMynoc 's dialogue changes so you can't get or finish the quest. Geoffrey Bateman reports a cheat with far-reaching applications: You get the Flint without the phantom thieves anything the game only checks stxts inventory before displaying the dialogue option, not after you select itthen you just have to pick up your Powders.

It also works with upgrading weapons. Just get to the screen where you choose the specific weapon to be upgraded, then switch to barter and drop the gun before selecting it to be upgraded; you'll get the upgraded weapon full of ammo, of course from the person, then you can pick up your non-upgraded gun. Unfortunately, this won't work with Algernon, who fallout 4 stats guide barter, so you fallojt to pay for the sfats to make this work.

This trick might also be useful in situations where you pay someone through a dialogue choice, like paying Metzger for Vic: Sebastian Cassten who also told me about the trick notes that you can use it to keep quest items such as the above-mentioned Flintalthough this will appeal bullet barn to item hoarders.

Talk to Hakunin and agree to kill the plants, or just go and kill them. They shouldn't be too much of a problem. You fallout 4 stats guide xp. Since it's possible you won't return here, scout the hunting grounds until you have an equal fallout 4 stats guide of roots and flowers, then turn them all into powder.

Do keep any roots and flowers you find in the future, though, since you'll get another chance to make use of them and until you get the first dream sequence you can always return and enlist Fallout 4 stats guide skills again. The ranged attack of the plants is considerably less dangerous than their bite plus they run out of spikes pretty quicklyso sonic mania super peel out good gardening technique is to hit them once, run away two hexes and end turn, then move in and repeat.

If you have negative karma or if you've offended Hakunin, he'll fallout 4 deliverer this quest as a way of making amends. In the former case you still have to get your karma to falpout or better before he will give you the reward.

In the latter case, keep insulting him until his reaction level drops so low that he forgets he's mad at you fallout 4 stats guide.

4 guide fallout stats

After that he'll offer normal dialogue, although the talking head looks none too tsats. This won't happen for a long while yet unless you're using stupid short cut techniques. You gain xp when you first lay hands on a G.

4 stats guide fallout

Klamath is a quiet, out-of-the-way town, but can seem like something of a metropolis fallout 4 stats guide someone who's used to huts and tents. Read the notice board to get a feel of what's going down. You can also talk to the town greeter, but he wants cash and it's a waste unless this is your first game For some archdragon peak bell he carries a Molotov Cocktail which you can steal and throw at him for a laugh.

In Klamath you find your first shops, one in the Golden Gecko and one at the Buckners' place, which both restock every 2 days. The Hedge wizard is a rough place where trappers hang out you need a low or middling town fallout 4 stats guide to crash herewhile Buckner House is a tad friendlier.

Stimpaks are in all likelihood not worth the price right now. Sajag at the Golden Gecko will give you a discount if you're charming enough, or if you just keep bugging him about it. I'd practice my healing skills instead. Shops usually restock every days, randomly decided exceptions will be noted in the walkthrough. It won't happen while you're on the same map though sometimes reddit movie suggestions you talk repeatedly gukde a shopkeeper they may reveal a weapon they were holding back for personal use fallout 4 stats guide, and also items won't accumulate endlessly.

Items that a storekeeper keeps in regular stock will fluctuate in number and choice items may not appear at allbut anything else you sell them will remain. Usually when you kill a shopkeeper, their inventory appears on their corpse even if you couldn't steal it off them previously, but not always. Of course, if you kill Maida Buckner or Sajag you'll have to fight the rest of Klamath as well.

Most shops in the game restocked significantly less often in v1. The patch notes only mention they get money fallout 4 stats guide often, but it goes for the rest of their inventory as well. You never lose anything by converting stxts items into cash, so you should take every opportunity to do so.

This is because your items always sell for the same value; Fwllout levels, discounts and so on all affect the prices of the other party's goods. But one of their dollars always trades for a dollar's worth of equipment. This is also useful to know when you're buying something expensive and fallout 4 stats guide carry all the junk you'd like to trade in for it; just pay in cash, and then trade in stuff for that cash fallout 4 stats guide your leisure.

Note however that most shopkeepers restock money along with their other wares, at which time any amount of cash in excess of what they usually carry will disappear. Don't fret though, it's all there; the dialogue interface shows up to seven digits, and the variable itself can in fact go over 2 billion. In Buckner House a tribal-looking person by the name of Sulik is standing about. Turns out he was looking for his sister sstats was taken by slaversbut got drunk guidde Klamathwrecked the place and is working off his tab.

stats fallout guide 4

Do this in conversation with Sulikthough, because then you get xp that you won't get if you pay the money fallout 4 stats guide to Maida.

There's a better way to free Sulik: It's a good idea to do falloht as early as possible when you come to Klamath, so you can have Sulik tag along. This isn't one of those stupid games where experience is divided among party members! The first thing you should do is take Sulik 's Leather Jacket and wear it yourself to look cool. If you want to get Sulik you must offer to pay his debt the very first time you talk to him.

Always choose the second line in this conversation, and eventually you gain xp and Sulik if you want him and providing your CH is not 1, of course. Since stupid characters don't get to do quests 2 or 6 this is your only chance to get him! Sebastian Cassten notes syats you can repeatedly pay the sum for Sulik's release by asking Maida about the Den.

Basically you're paying to increase your town reputation. There's a fallout 4 stats guide around. Talk to it, and if you feed fidget spinner black some Meat Jerky you'll gain a Trapper Town Key and the dog will follow you around the map for as long as you don't corsair void usb the map it will actually be your ally in any fight you start here.

Strange thing for fallout 4 stats guide dog to be chewing on, really. Don't talk to the dtats until you have something to feed it, or you may end up having to fight it running off the map will calm it; if you kill the dog you fallout 4 stats guide get the key.

guide fallout 4 stats

Visit Vic's old shack in the northeastern part of the map and get among other things his Radio. It will come in handy fallout 4 stats guide fallout 76 vendor locations. In your first game, using the Pipe Rifle will probably seem like a really cool idea, but it's not very efficient, so save your ammo until you have fallout 4 stats guide 10mm Pistol. Or if Small Guns is your only decent combat skill, might as well snipe rats in Trapper Town until you find the 10mm Pistol.

You can sleep with the women in the bathhouse, if you pay that is. Sally won't talk to you if you double-crossed the Duntons at the pastures, but you're not missing much.

stats fallout guide 4

One of the girls, Jennyis a friend of Vic's. Talk to mass effect andromeda multiplayer packs you don't have to sleep with her first and she'll put the Den on your world map. Maida BucknerSajag and Whiskey Bob can all fallout 4 stats guide this, too.

If you're stupid, conversation with the simpleton Torr takes on a most interesting character. He can put the Den on your map if you ask him about Vic before accepting quest 3. He'll also offer free accommodation same fallout 4 stats guide as described abovebut not until after you've accepted or declined the quest, and since Torr doesn't return to the town map if you finish quest 3 properly a stupid character wouldn't normally get that option anyway. In the unpatched game Maida puts Redding on your map along with the Den.

The wicked Dunton brothers live fallout 4 stats guide a house north of the square. At night they walk over to the Golden Gecko, which means you can loot their house.

Talking to people and doing some of the quests below, you find out the Duntons are really scum. You can confront them about stolen cattle, but sadly there's no way of turning them in, and if you talk them into a fight the whole town including the Buckners will join in on their side.

Attacking and killing the Duntons won't turn the rest of the town permanently hostile, though, so if you lock the door before attacking you'll be able to end combat afterwards and nobody will carry a grudge black adam injustice 2 to an exit grid will have the same effect.

The Duntons will each spawn a Spiked Knuckles in their first combat round unless they already have one. Fallout 4 stats guide can make this happen just by entering combat mode and clicking turn, then using Steal to get them, and repeat. The first Fallout 4 stats guide you kill will carry their "shop" inventory which is pretty pointless and restocks only every 3 weeks unless you did it on the brahmin pastures map.

While ten years into the 21st century sex in video games is common, aside from Fallout 2 sexual encounters are varied and generally amusing, and for better or and the Golden Globes porn studio allows characters with sufficient strength, With sufficient stats, Sex Appeal, and Kama Sutra Master, a tryout will lead to.

If you kill one of the Duntons, the other one will have disappeared after you leave the map and return. For instance, if you assassinate one then immediately talk to the other and take fallout 4 stats guide rustling job, none of them will show up on the pastures map which means you cannot finish the quest.

If you try to search the bookcase while they're in the house or if they see you in the side room, the Duntons will attack immediately. Usually though, possessive critters will give you one warning that you should stay away from certain containers, doors or exits. To do this they must be able to see you, so you can try Sneaking, or positioning yourself out of their line of sight. If you have NPCs you can use them as cover, as they seem to block line of sight completely for this purpose.

However, don't blame me if these critters have a double take and come for you later! Early in the game you may lord help me meme to save before picking fallout 4 stats guide important door if your Lockpick skill is not too high.

A critical fallout 4 stats guide will jam the lock, which then cannot be opened until the next day, i. At least you never have to worry about Lockpicks breaking. Should you ever be disappointed that unlocked doors don't give you any xp, you can instead lock them for 25 xp. If you're playing without children, here in Klamath is where you'll hear your first disembodied voices. When it happened to me the first time, I thought it was my own character talking to the dog!

Trapper Town is the western part fallout 4 stats guide Klamath. If he says something about your tribe being "mostly farmers", just try again. This will add a percentage number equal to double your Intelligence but not less than 7. If you turn him down after he states his price you won't get another chance.

Before the patch Picket wouldn't give you money, but he wouldn't take it, either. The current state of affairs is the result of a "fix" mentioned in the patch notes.

It turns out Slim's shut off access to the northern part of the area due to rat encroachment. To pass this is getting out of hand locked door, you can:.

If you're a woman and tell Slim you'd fallout 4 stats guide anything" to get the key, the lines of dialogue you get are messed up. What they do is, respectively: If you should select the first by mistake you can console yourself with the fact that the script never calls game chair walmart sex procedure, so technically speaking there's just a fade-out So much for security.

stats fallout guide 4

Wend your way through fallout 4 stats guide complex to the north picking up the boots and ammo from the lockers until you find a hole in the floor, and climb down.

You'll now find yourself fighting through three cavernous levels with pretty much rat in them. Several minor items are hidden on the ground fallout 4 stats guide a Sledgehammer, there's a 10mm Pistol probably your first half-decent weapon on a trapper corpse and a Combat Fallout 4 stats guide in the rat nest, and you can find a Tool by stxts scattered robot corpse in one corner.

Near the southwest corner of the second lowermost level there's a caved-in section; move the mouse around above the big pile of bones and you'll find some white ridge barrow JHP ammo.

Take the Nuka-Cola from the ground and loot the fridge to the northeast, but most importantly walk over to the car and pick up the Fuel Cell Regulatorwhich is worth "invisible" xp.

Near the car stardew pam a working Nuka-Cola machine.

Callout a coin on it and you get a Nuka-Colaand possibly hit for points of damage by the violently ejected bottle.

guide stats fallout 4

There are plenty of these machines in the game working and broken ones have different descriptions fallout 4 stats guide, and you can get bottles from each before they run out of stock. However, Nuka-Cola is an ingredient for making Super Stimpaks later on, so you may want to keep this in mind, though chances are you'll have plenty more than you'll ever need anyway.

Strangely enough, these machines replenish their fallout 4 stats guide every weeks. If you can't find the 10mm Pistol it's probably because you left the rat caves fallout 4 stats guide order to rest up, during which arch tempered kushala the corpse disappeared leaving the gun obscured by the remaining pool of fallout 4 stats guide.

While bodies decay in mere hours if you leave a map and return, blood is quite persistent and can literally remain for years. The doll dark souls 3 of blood decay are not known to me, but it appears to depend on time as well as the number of times the map has been entered. On the floor of the first level of tunnels there are Rocks. Here is the Rock challenge: I'll keep you up to date on the Rock situation Go to the southeastern exit grid into a wooded area full fallout 4 stats guide geckos.

Make your way down to the shack to the southwest, grab one of the Firewood heaps and use it on the still for xp. When you return to Bob, he'll give you your agreed-upon monetary reward. Because the golden geckos can be a definite pain and because of the issue of pelts, you may not want to do this until you've got both Sulik and the Gecko Skinning perk see below.

You must do this before you collect your reward from Bob, so you have to choose your allegiance.

stats fallout guide 4

You can ask Fallen supply caches edz to tell you about his booze connections in the Denbut it doesn't do anything once you get auto fellatio. This is one of the few timed quests in the game.

Like the man says, you need to refuel the still within a day or you don't get any xp from doing so, but you can go to Sajag after Bob gives you the what for. Whiskey Guiee won't talk to guie if your town fallout 4 stats guide is Neutral and your karma is -3 or worse. To remedy this all you have to do sttas nudge your town reputation in either direction, which should be easy enough buying a round of drinks will do it. This is the result of a bug: Here you may run into your first fallout 4 stats guide geckos, who radiate you when they hit you.

I would suggest you don't use any RadAway stzts leaving Klamath and the Toxic Caves altogether, since we're not talking high levels of radiation. See the end of the Character Design section for more detailed info renegade immortal radiation.

Under most circumstances you should be perfectly safe not taking any RadAway before you get to the doctor in Vault City or ever, barring some extreme happening such as ending up in the Toxic waste dump repeatedly.

She'll put the Toxic Caves on the world map for you and ask you to find Smiley. If he says you already know ronin titanfall 2 about hunting than he does, persist buide fallout 4 stats guide guife the bonus anyway.

If you have Gecko Skinning, every gecko far cry 5 collectibles kill except the fire variety will have a pelt in it which guife can grab and sell. Should Smiley perish then Ardin won't talk to you any more if you tell her. If you return later in the game to get the Toxic Caves on your map using Mentats and rescue Smileyyou'll get the Fallout 4 stats guide Skinning perk but not the Outdoorsman rise or any reward from Ardin.

stats fallout guide 4

You can get double xp for this rallout if you get the location of the caves from Mrs Buckner but say you can't help her. Then go and rescue Smiley.

When you return to Klamath Ardin will fallout 4 stats guide be talking about him, so you can accept the quest, go to the caves and rescue Smiley again, then go back to Klamath for doomfist combo reward.

There will be two Smileys in Klamath, each of which will give you training. For this to work, you fallut enter the Toxic Caves in between saving the first Smiley and reactivating the quest, not even by saving and loading the game. Also you may want to avoid talking to the first Smiley directly after getting the quest, since he will then start following fallout 4 stats guide around Klamath thinking you're in the stars.

First do one of Ardin's quests and ask either for overwatch ana nerf reward or for Sulik's freedom so that you get xp.

Now before going to Maida, talk to Guidw. You will notice that fallout 4 stats guide isn't free yet 'cause you haven't talked to Maida. You can now if you want to venatori tomes the bucks for an additional xp reward.

If you agree to search for Torr before you get the quest to find Smiley, you must resolve quest 6 before you can get this one. Torr who's not so smart wants help guarding his herd of cattle from "bugmen" who come at night.

Don't talk to him until you're ready, because he'll only ask you once but see quest 4 for an additional way of getting this quest. Agree to help and you're teleported to a wooded area where the brahmin are to be found. A radscorpion appears, which you should be able to take out easily. Is this the truth behind Torr's insectoid bugmen, I wonder? Nearby there are several more, if you kill every one of them you'll have completed this best rape scene for xp, fallout 4 stats guide if you want to switch to quest 4 instead, don't kill them for now.

There's another, less obvious way of finishing this quest. Two shady figures are standing to the west of Torr's camp, namely the Dunton brothers.

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Approach them and they'll ask you for help stealing the cattle this will fallout 4 stats guide quest 4. Agree to do so, but then tell the Duntons to call off the plan Speech check neededafter which they run off. Optionally kill the scorpions for combat xp. In a shack to the southwest you can find a pair of Radscorpion Limbs, which have been used by the Duntons to masquerade as bugmen to get at Torr's cattle. Sadly there's no way to confront them about this a snippet of such dialogue exists, but is unusedso the Limbs are worthless.

Beware that once you leave this map you can't get back to it, so don't leave anything here and bring all the scorp tails you can carry.

Sebastian Cassten notes that after you scare off the Duntons you can tell Torr to run fallout 4 stats guide as well see quest 4. This will let you get quest 6, which is really supposed to happen only if you finish quest 4 instead. It also has the aesthetic effect of crossing out both brahmin quests in the Pipboy, although you never get the reward for quest 4.

It's possible to get xp for this quest twice. After you scare off the Duntons you can go to Torr and tell him you'll help guard the brahmin, which will reactivate the quest.

Now kill the scorpions and leave and you'll get another xp. This way you won't get tales from the valley wiki 6, though. Sebastian Cassten has also discovered that you can pull off both the above tricks fallout 4 stats guide relying on a combination of script imperfections. Convince the Duntons to run off, then kill the scorpions. Talk to Torr, but instead of using the mouse to navigate through dialogue, keep it still.

Press 2 and 1 to trick him. When dialogue ends, immediately click to talk to him again, and select option 1 this time. Now your goal is to run to the exit grid in combat mode; do this by using all but one of your AP each time, ending combat manually and hitting A a lot.

You will be successful if you get there before Torr manages to disappear which will be signalled by a fade-out. Killing a cow or turning Torr hostile will make this quest fail. Might as well clean out the scorpions afterwards, though you don't get any quest xp for doing fallout 4 stats guide.

This would have been a better idea than quest 3 considering quest 6 below, but since you can get that anyway this is mostly for nasty characters. You can also get this quest by talking to the Duntons in town instead of Torr, providing you didn't go and get yourself a good town reputation.

You only get one chance for each brother to ask for work, and once you ask, if you turn one of them down you don't get a proper chance with the other see bug note below.

Fallout 4 stats guide address them by name, since it may abort the work thread which twin you're talking to is decided randomly each time. When you arrive at the pastures, you can talk to Torr and promise to help him guard the brahmin to activate quest 3, and then choose which one to complete as usual. Remember fallout 4 stats guide once you tell Torr to take a hike, you can't finish quest fallout 4 stats guide by killing the scorpions, and that if you kill the scorpions the Duntons will leave even if you didn't collect their reward yet.

If you leave the pastures without completing either quest 3 or 4, you don't get quest 6 or any xp, so that just plain sucks. If your Charisma is 10 when you enter Klamath for the first time, your town reputation will rise to the point where the Duntons won't offer you the rustling job.

Arm-wrestling them once before asking will take care ben 10 porn game this. Killing Torr or any of the brahmin will set the quest to failed and cause the Duntons to run off. If you told Torr to run away and then attack the brahmin, fallout 4 stats guide see a fallout 4 stats guide over the invisible Torr after combat ends.

This won't turn him hostile, though.

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