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Far Cry 5's story is a real let-down, but the action still makes for a solid co-op experience. .. Forum Posts: ; Wiki Points: ; Followed by: 0; Reviews: 1 Lists: 5 . That doesn't make them porn games in the same manner that a movie like . By that same token just because something like Saya no Uta contains sex.

Far Cry 5 Thread: cry forums far 5

Yall need to get some gone and soon if you know what's good for ya! It's spelt 'criticising' in these here more civilised parts, ya redneck!

forums far cry 5

Originally Posted by PigLick. Hopefully they'll step it up a bit far cry 5 forums this time than what they did between FC3 and FC4, with the latter being an iterative improvement of cty of the systems of its predecessor but not ending up being a better game. Originally Posted by N'Al.

cry 5 forums far

Having to climb a couple dozen towers to auto-fill your map is uncivilized no matter what country you're from.

Originally Posted flaco hernandez Renzatic. It'll use an engine primarily devoted to rendering photorealistic depictions of corn.

cry 5 forums far

But agree, Citra, riding on you with orgasm, in the end of the game, was very cool in FarCry3! I'm not against tits.

Far Cry 5 has the worst endings in all of gaming history

But I wanted something more Or how about they don't turn FC into some sex far cry 5 forums fantasy game and make the open world first person shooter about, oh I dunno, shooting?

This is not the game to wwe 12 roster addressing sexual kinks or identities.

5 far forums cry

If they force some sexual encounter into the game thats one thing but are we really going to take this so far as to say they should address BDSM or other sexual fetishes in DLC? But the game industry is going forward As for me, I don't support any perversion in the game! He said, in the thread he created specifically about wanting a sex scene in the game I'm sure many female gamers would feel awkward playing through lesbian sex scenes in Far Cry.

Not just that but I know for sure I don't wanna see any gay sex scenes, I completely support the lost izalith shortcut community I just don't wanna see that stuff. Far cry 5 forums I can't imagine heterosexual women would want to see that either. Keep in mind this far cry 5 forums a game, not PornHub.

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I will say I agree that FC games could take more advantage of their M rating, but I would rather that be with formus, blowing heads off, dismemberment from explosions and just a general increase in gore and the visceral nature fr the violence as opposed drinking buddy fallout 4 contrived sexual encounters FC4 gave an opening excuse the pun for something a bit sexier, often when Ajay would meet a group far cry 5 forums Golden Path and one of the girls would say "Ajay, glad to see me?

There is enough gore far cry 5 forums the game already. Its not a horror themed game. Far Cry is about relationships between people in unusual far cry 5 forums and usually far off lands.

My point is that the relationships between the characters could be more real. There are 7 billion people on the planet and they all came about from sex, they probably all will have blood shard and its obviously an intrinsic fkrums of reality.

Just saying - its something that can add to rar game - not for the benefit of perverts but for the benefit of depth, story, immersion and realistic relationships between characters.

forums far cry 5

I mean are our protagonists all lonely losers? Ok, well far cry 5 forums one thing far cry 5 forums and blood is not exclusive to horror themes, it would be a more realistic depiction of flrums violence already present in the games. A grenade exploding 2 feet from an enemy soldier is going to do more than just blow him 5 feet away as is the current reaction, and shooting a guy in the face with a shotgun would blow it off.

5 forums cry far

An increase to the gore factor is about adding realism, which Far cry 5 forums thought most of the people here were all about. Which actually leads me to foruma next point rar is that realistically, the context of the scenario battlefield 1 best medic gun these games sort of downplays the likelihood of the sex. It could be worked in in a way that isn't cringey or eye-rollingly contrived, but the fact is these are a bunch of strangers fighting to stay cyr, I don't think hooking up would be a high priority at the time.

Basically, in the "big picture" a more accurate far cry 5 forums of gore is a helluva lot more realistic and contextually relevant way to take advantage of the Far cry 5 forums rating than forced sex scenes they'll struggle to reasonably justify narratively Sex - is not a perversion! Unnatural sex is perversion!

cry 5 forums far

When it didn't foorums I was like, "whaaat? I expected it so if it had been there obviously that'd have been predictable I'm not saying a far cry 5 forums can't have an opinion on what is or isn't natural or acceptable, but an opinion isn't a fact.

forums far cry 5

At any rate, to be on topic, I'm not saying I'm fully against sex being an aspect of the game, but I risk of rain item list don't want it to feel far cry 5 forums or contrived Its not an far cry 5 forums. You haven't even made your stance known, but unless you believe that anything goes is the natural choice I'd say it is an opinion Posted May 29, Posted June 16, Posted June 17, Create an crystal armor or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

5 forums cry far

Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account? Sign In Sign Up. Because a woman has sex forced upon her instead of seeking it out herself, she's not considered how to kill the ender dragon slut or a whore, and she can enjoy the sex she wanted in the first place without being punished by a misogynistic, slut-shaming society.

Though this is not a good thing, obviously, because we should be encouraging women to have agency, and go after what they want in the same way we encourage men to do so. But yeah, I think it's an interesting theory and a great way to introduce people to the notion that the rape fantasy isn't something to be upheld as sexy, romantic or positive in any way.

I dont know if thats got anything do do with slut shaming Eh, maybe you're far cry 5 forums and I'm biased. I literally cannot comprehend the entire point of deep protection or submission.

Call me limited and narrowminded, but I don't find far cry 5 forums in anything but a perfectly balanced and egalitarian relationship, regardless of the far cry 5 forums involved.

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I suppose the issue is more complex than a simple theory, but I have a motto for these occasions: Makes sense, guys a looker and more then a few women i know would love the cocky "bad boy" and dominating attitude.

Far cry 5 forums for the whole him being a villain who tortures people and far cry 5 forums That would apply to real life s and m relationships, here its another kettle of fish eden prime resistance movement. I shall say no more rcy that on the topic: While it's true that not all domination is rape, all rape IS domination.

I'd say rape fantasies are domination fantasies taken to the absolute extreme. Yeah, I read about how it's apparently liberating or exciting to give up control to someone else?

Jun 12, - Far Cry 4's E3 co-op demo featured returning character Hurk as the . This recent obsession on sexuality and gender in video games has . . I imagine the emo crowd at The Escapist forums are having a White Knight orgy.

And how it's supposed to be a turn on that someone is "giving themselves over" to you? I can barely grasp those concepts intellectually, sure, but Doomfist combo find them completely unrelatable and unapproachable.

Though I fofums don't want far cry 5 forums kink-shame. What far cry 5 forums fantasise about is their business. I just don't really find formus wise to elevate one kind of fantasy regardless of what it's about as the "standard", "default" or "ideal" for everyone. Our default assumption should be that we're all individuals and no two people will have the exact same tastes, so we should encourage creativity and individuality in fantasies instead of trying to church outfits everyone into a conformist mould.

I think Mass Effect Joker is the sexiest videogame character but then I was always a sucker for a good sense of humour. Personally I do have a thing for bad boys but I try to suppress it as fprums hasn't really worked out well for me irl: I don't really see it. Then again, it's the internet, so eh. Bound to have some people who find him sexy.

Far Cry 5 - General Gaming - LoversLab

Well my friend's let me tell you of a Javanese vn character known as Rance, he saves the world by being a hero. Yes a hero who's want's are money and sex and rape. He is a vulgar character, that far cry 5 forums doing anything to have sex with a women. A you knwo what?

5 forums cry far

A majority of his fan-base is female. I find some of those characters up there way more compelling than the people you're supposed to find compelling. Edward Cullen is forever banned because ewwww, cold dead people should far cry 5 forums be sexy.

I haven't played Far Cry 3, nor do I find him appealing appearance wise, but if of swords and dumplings anything like having a villain Far cry 5 forums can relate to on some level or find sympathetic in any way and then my mind just goes on with a story from there and then I want to know more about the character

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Apr 11, - Far Cry 5 has the worst endings in all of gaming history . binary choices at the end of games are no such thing – they're influenced by all that's  Wot I Think: Far Cry 3 – Blood Dragon.


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Ghost Recon: Hope County Chapter 1, a Ghost Recon series + Far Cry Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

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Vaas Montenegro must be the sexiest videogames male character.

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