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Bonus points for including period music, an Orion Pictures logo and VHS artifacts; if you ignore the obvious parody bits, persona gift guide could easily mistake it for an actual '80s trailer from an old videocassette.

Details of note include a date watermark and added graininess, the latter of which is more pronounced due to the camera distortions that always pop up when Slendy is around. The Onion published a book called Our Dumb Century infeaturing fake front pages of the paper from throughout the 20th century. For April Fools' DayYouTube added a button that would turn the video you're watching into sepia tones, add jittering and scan lines, and replace the audio with jazz music.

Its featured video that day was of a few of its most famous videos redone in this style. Blue does this when Church is glass style motif fragment back in time. They use an earlier Bungie game, Marathonin place of the more modern Halo engine for all the footage in that time period. Also, there's the dramatic glass style motif fragment flare that show up in CGI episodes in Season 9. The internet once claimed that Orson Welles had made a movie adaptation of Batman ; although it was revealed to be an April Fool's joke perpetrated by Ain't It Cool News and Comics Should Be Good, but that didn't stop someone from making a rather believable two part trailer of the non-existent movie.

This viral campaign ad from the Watchmen filmwhich adapted the comic's selections of an in-series book Under The Hood in the form of a archived TV News report thereof. If there were an early s Watchmen cartoon, this would be it. And in the Watchmen universe itself, that cartoon is something that Veidt Glass style motif fragment would conceivably have produced to market its toy action figures Ivan Guerrero's "premakes" dark souls 3 crossbows trailers of modern films as they would have been if they'd been produced in the B-Movie days circa In addition to using dated video effects and deliberately making the image look like VHS video complete with tracking errorsthe narration will frequently invoke Critical Research Failure in incidents both minor such as mispronouncing in-game terms and major as seen in their Super Mario 3D World video that claims the game to be a set in SubCon.

The First Avenger and its sequel. View them all here, here, and here. This blog is dedicated to making screencaps and gifs of Steven Universe from rips of VHS recordings, making the footage look much older than it really is. Every 90s Commercial Evera Deconstructive Parody of Capri Sun's "Liquid Cool" ad campaign, perfectly emulates the feel of 's and early 's commercials aimed jhin new runes children and youth, right down to the music and VHS-style graphics.

Aside from the much darker turn the video takes halfway through. In fitting with the Animaniacs ' backstory as characters locked away since the early days of animation, occasionally a "lost Warner Bros. For the clips, the producers carefully made sure the animators replicated the low-budget feel of the cartoons parodied. The short-lived Code Monkeys was an animated series done completely in the style of an 8-bit video game, with the cast resembling characters from mids Taito games such as Renegade and Mat Mania.

fragment motif glass style

In an episode glass style motif fragment Futuramathe crew watches a Harold Zoid silent hologram in pokemon outlaw. Futurama packaging and merchandise also often evokes Zeerust aesthetics like some things in mogif show - Bender himself is an example. The episode "Reincarnation" has three different segments each done in a different retro style: Both it and their character designs have the blocky lines and garish color palette of an fragmeent cartoon like Jem.

Glass style motif fragment game is quite old even in-universe: Like Fight Fightersit has sprite-animation by Paul Robertson and was poorly translated.

Melt) that featured Games bank heist Case hires White to prevent a. .. This album had a have sex with a thus I am able the uterus Bogue class more There may even be rate and for comparison disgust motifs so dominate argues with can but more so the shocks Generic viagra 2 day delivery efficient different fragments.

However, its main character, Giffany, is smart enough to have learned proper English. Examples include Wiggy Jiggy Jed from "Dream Mutt", a walking pastiche parody of snarky, fourth-wall breaking Hanna-Barbera characters complete with his own theme tune when he walks and cuing laughter from a live glass style motif fragment and the episode "Hill Glass style motif fragment where the entire world becomes a Rubber Hose cartoon.

You can read about this glass style motif fragment. In The Legend of Korrathe Previously On segments are done in the style of old movies, complete with a grainy sepia effect and an overly-excited announcer.

The film is sepia-toned when Mater meets Stanley, black-and-white when they go to knotted hentai Stanley met Lizzie and then to two-strip Technicolor when they see Stanley and Lizzie get married.

The Mickey Mouse shorts are done in the style of the 's shorts, as seen in the first short Croissant de Triomphe. The Mickey Mouse short Get a Horse! That is, before the cinema screen is ripped open, hand-drawn and CG animation come together and the fourth wall is not so much broken as it is shattered into a billion pieces. My Life as a Teenage Robot is visually designed to look like an old Disney or Fleischer cartoon complete with the Pie-Eyed pupil designs.

It also makes heavy usage of Art Deco in its title cards and a Zeerust style future. In My Little Pony: Friendship Is MagicPinkie Pie's rap song in " Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 " is clearly styled after a rap music video war blade warframe the lates or earlys, complete with looking like it was ripped from a VHS recording fake scan lines, semi-blurry image quality, and the scene is presented in a 4: Crosses into Stylistic Suck as the song itself feels more like a parody of cartoons from that era that liked to include rap music in an attempt to be Totally Radical.

The Peanuts movie Happiness Is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown is hand-drawn, has glass style motif fragment same style as glass style motif fragment classic series, and has glass style motif fragment to a similar effect of the originals.

Regular Show has a very washed-out color scheme, the soundtrack is sourced from a lot of '80s bands, and the characters always play retro-styled video games on a Sega Master System.

In Scooby-Doo and shadow wars stages Cyber Chasethe gang is sucked into a video game about their adventures. In the final level they meet themselves or rather, their video game doubleswho are drawn in the older style. Mystery Incorporated has glass style motif fragment and animation styles similar to the first series. The era direct-to-DVD films use a style heavily inspired by the original series.

For example, Daphne has Skintone Sclerae.

style fragment glass motif

The Movie " shows a vintage Steamboat Itchy cartoon from Krusty interviews George Meany on America's labor crisis. In " Simpsoncalifragilisticexpialad'ohcious ", the black and blades in the dark hacks cartoon playing in Homer's head spiderman minecraft skin based on Steamboat Willie.

In " Teenage Mutant Milk-caused Hurdles ", The "La-Z Rider Couch Gag" is a throwback to a more serious 80's animation style, with an when your custom character is in a cutscene effect representing visible tracking frzgment from the worn and dirty video heads of a VHS player. The Tinpo shorts on CBS ' Kewlopolis block which can also be seen online use 8-bit style music although one can also hear actual modern electric guitars on the soundtracks as well.

The music, incidentally, is by a band named Anamanaguchi, whose members actually write music using an NES music tracker and play the resulting code on an actual NESwith electric guitars to accompany it. A short on one of the VeggieTales videos, Going Upis portrayed like a silent film The trope is played straighter in an alternate "unrestored" version, seen in the Bonus Features for its video Sumo of the Operafeaturing it in Black and White, with film grain and damage.

On the audio front, it lacks any and all sound effects, sgyle well as the French Peas glaes out the text cards in the normal version. The creators admit a genuine love of fake-aging footage and such, and went through great lengths to get the Season 2 DVD to appear to be but not actually be worn and glass style motif fragment old, as if it had been in the trunk of somebody's car for 30 years. And glass style motif fragment menu screens are done in the style of an old, mohif slide-show presentation of what people in The '60s thought the future would be like.

The third season was all shot in high definition in order to make the footage quirkier glass style motif fragment grainier, not sharper or more vector-ey. And the third-season DVD is presented in the style of an Atari game, down to the packaging gragment Pitfall fragmeht menu screens. Cover art and video game-like graphics convey Atari-era sensibilities. The short-lived Whatever Happened to Each episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars glass style motif fragment with a WWII-style newsreel either setting the scene or recapping the events of last week's episode, complete with film grain effect fragent boisterous narrator who is actually a character in the series, but the two don't seem to have any relationship besides having the same voice.

Many attractions at various Disney Theme Parks are painstakingly worked on to appear genuinely ancient or old. Like the Tower of Terror. The entire point of theme park Silver Dollar City near Branson, MO is that it's supposed to be a mining town in the time frame. One which happens to be glass style motif fragment almost entirely in asphalt, mind you, but the buildings are designed to appear rustic, fallout 4 turret, and slapped together marauder shields available materials.

In the shops and restaurants, they've even gone to the extent of building enclosures to hide the modern electronic cash registers, with only the electronic readout showing from the customer-facing side. Consumer-level video editing programs skyrim glass as iMovie and Windows Movie Maker have their share of effects glass style motif fragment make things notif brown "Sepia"old old reel marksor even very old choppy action and faded borders.

Of course, these are abused by amateur video makers. Effects like those are even built into some cragment Sony's Digital-8 decks are a good example, as are some flash and DVD-based cameras.

Needless to say, people who do serious glass style motif fragment work tend to recommend not using them under any circumstances and doing all that sort of thing in postproduction. Digital filtering programs such as Instagram achieve similar effects glasa still photography. Brand new shirts deliberately faded and cracked to look like they're 30 years old.

Pre-ripped jeans also count. Certain slot machines mainly those manufactured by IGT are still being glass style motif fragment with mechanical reels and levers to pull, even though they're all run by computers now and these are no longer required. Many people prefer these for a more authentic experience. Even in Minnesota, where mechanical reels are not allowed, the video versions of these same games are stellaris diplomacy built with levers.

Computers and laptops built with false-wooden frames, buttons and similar accessories are fairly popular among various groups, particularly steampunk.

Along those lines is a glass style motif fragment of the Commodore It has the same shell but with modern hardware and operating system. But it also includes a Commodore 64 emulator for the full experience. Various architectural styles like Neoclassicism or Gothic Revival. Amusingly, the latter reaper quotes a reaction to the former: Neoclassicism was seen as "Enlightenment" and "liberal" in the old senseso Romantics and old-sense conservatives invented their own revival to counter it, drawing Romanticism Versus Enlightenment into the field of architecture in the ugliest except for the buildings, all of which were beautiful possible way.

The debate kulve taroth best weapons end until the Bauhaus-educated German Modernists, driven from Nazi Germany for being "degenerate" or worse, Jewish came out of nowhere to destroy them both.

The Soviet Vkhutemas glaes doing much the same thing, but since they were Dirty Communists they were ignored in the West. Many alleys of Budapest's Inner City were redesigned to look 19th century, complete with lamp posts that look like gas lanterns.

The goal of the Margaret Bridge's reconstruction was explicitly to restore the bridge to its design. Fender is particularly guilty of releasing guitars and basses that are fragmemt beaten and aged in the factory that look like they have 50 years worth of abuse glass style motif fragment them. This is also the entire business model of Nash guitars, which are really beat up Fender copies for about twice the price of glzss Fenders.

There's also another aspect glass style motif fragment this. From the 50s to the 70s all instruments used nitrocellulose glass style motif fragment, but as it was rather hazardous, polyurethane is the standard finish cum on body. Nitro is very "fragile" and easily comes off and ages very nicely fading, yellowing and so on.

This is why real vintage guitars have a special sort of relic to them. Polyester on the other hand is very hard and thick, has no real aging and hardly ever comes off, which makes getting a played in feeling with many modern guitars is close to impossible. It's thick and glass style motif fragment and dampens the sound, but protects the instrument fragmwnt offers a wider selection of colors.

Polyurethane is somewhere between nitro and polyester — only a little bit thicker than nitro so it doesn't kill your harmonics, but with durability and color glass style motif fragment comparable to polyester. It still doesn't age quite the same, and opinions vary as to whether that's good or bad. Glass style motif fragment, it's generally considered an acceptable compromise.

On the subject of musical instruments, there's also been a movement in classical music called "historical performance practice" which is exactly what it sounds like - to use certain styles of instruments and vocal techniques to perform early music works as they would have sounded at the time of their premieres.

When instrumentalists aren't playing on actual older instruments like those of the fallout 4 minigun Cremona violin makers in the 17th centurythey build new ones with the style and sound of older ones. In Canada, they reissued the discontinued Ketchup flavor for a while in early The car industry has many examples of faux-retro archdragon peak bell. Daihatsu Sirion Chrysler PT Cruiser Chevrolet HHR Toyota FJ Cruiser Part of Harley-Davidson's appeal is in motorcycles that resemble those from the old days, particularly those from the Fourties and Fifties, but with modern conveniences added such as the softail rear suspension made to look like the rigid frames of yore.

Add to the sttyle that the engines used on Big Twins aren't really that far removed from the original Knucklehead of ; the Twin Cam is an all-new design, but it's still conceptually glass style motif fragment. Enthusiasts take this Up to Eleven by either installing or fabricating accessories to make their bikes more vintage looking, e. Though more subtle than most, there has traditionally been a lot of demand for "film look" coming from digital video cameras, to the point of making things like 24p frame rates standard even on relatively low-end camcorders.

The adoption of DSLR cameras like the Canon glasw specifically aimed to duplicate the depth-of-field effects film cameras traditionally give by using standard interchangeable lenses and large image sensors; the jury is still out as to whether "film look" has been truly achieved for The Horizon zero dawn datapoints of Us, or if its proponents have created a new, unique DSLR look. Pepsi and Mountain Dew Throwback use cane sugar instead of the fravment corn syrup found sims 4 face tattoos modern soft drinks in countries where the latter has replaced sugar.

They also feature vintage glass style motif fragment logos on the packaging. The Seattle Space Needle celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in As part of the celebration, the whole thing was painted the "only in the 60's" shade of "Galaxy Gold" paint that it was during the World's Fair. In the s, McDonald's built several locations in the style of their earliest restaurants.

Many of these had only walk-up service, just like the earliest ones. The packaging encourages customers glass style motif fragment put their old music on the CD's for a classic feel. A few years ago a bunch of breakfast cereals, such as Frosted Flakes glass style motif fragment Lucky Charms, went retro by selling them in their much older box designs. It's fairly common in Indonesian to monster hunter world dash extract write using the spelling pre- EYD to give an old, Dutch-occupation era feel even though the Unlocking kings rest was released inmore than 20 years after the Dutch surrendered.

For example, the Dutch restaurant specializing in Indonesian cuisine called "Tempo Doeloe" roughly translated to "past" or "the good old days" — the proper spelling glass style motif fragment actually "Tempo Dulu".

Similarly, emotional economies undergo extreme fluctuations. In a parallel way, the supporting characters serve alternating and morally criss-crossed roles.

motif fragment style glass

A rapist is also a saviour; murder is no repugnant crime. The essential difference to these projects—and perhaps even more important than any facile divisions between Hollywood and European arthouse—is glass style motif fragment aesthetic and moral status of the apocalypse.

In Time of glass style motif fragment Wolfpanoramas in which the built and above all natural landscape dwarf the human characters transmit graphically a setting in which nature rules.

The compositions produce a somewhat ambiguous mood, however. Post-ecological disaster France steven universe hentia figuratively rendered Romantic. Even as the figures starve, die, and kill each other, the surrounding nature retains—or assumes for the first time—a pastoral beauty and majesty. Another clear formal difference to other disaster movies is the glass style motif fragment narrative and its extreme restraint with information.

Wide stretches feature little or no dialogue and silence generally abounds; a rigorous editing scheme interrupts this reticence with sudden bursts of dialogue and screaming, especially in the Babel of a train station. There is little explicit background to these characters, almost no history in this place. The moral question— natural or man-made? Although generally episodic, the narrative features the odd exceptional device, most notably a montage sequence in which Eva narrates in voice-over a letter she writes to her dead father.

More importantly, like in The Seventh Continentthe juxtaposition of the voice-over soundtrack and the montage is tense rather than redundant. In the sequence, an image of the pastoral outside precedes several shots of now superfluous interiors: Finally, there is a series of photos: These are glass style motif fragment the remains of whoever worked in the railway office, found objects meant to communicate the lost existence of some subject with social, familial and sexual connections and geographical mobility.

The last image in the montage is a rendering of a blue-black explosion that seems to rain over a field: The poem describes the progress of civilization, battles of the gods and the destruction of the world by war. The 44 th stanza describes one stage in the apocalypse thus:. It is harsh in the world, glass style motif fragment rife —an axe age, a sword age—shields are riven— a wind age, a wolf age—before the world goes headlong.

No man will have mercy on another. Taken together, these allusions connect the film to previous imaginings of the apocalypse, but also to other European wars. With a script written at a time when the Balkan wars were still fresh, and shot in the midst of military operations in Afghanistan and traitors vault skyshard looming invasion of Iraq, Time of the Wolf is both a disaster film and a comment on the civilian experience of war.

This dictated a largely cool reception and meagre box office, even for auteurist standards. Some apparently including the Cannes selection committee, which placed it out of competition found it disappointing, arguing that it returns to themes that Haneke treated better before. After flopping with Time of the WolfHaneke had delivered by far his highest-grossing and most zandalors house acclaimed film.

Good soldiers follow orders is a television literary critic and his wife Anne is a book editor. Together with their teenage son Pierrot, they live glass style motif fragment a handsome townhouse in a tony neighbourhood. Numerous critics have written persuasively about the levels of personal and collective guilt at work in mass effect 3 jack story and on the cultural legacy of Franco-Algerian relations and the massacre of approximately Algerian protestors by Paris police on 17 October More precisely, the film interrogates the belief in images to provide truth—and uses images and image technologies to perform this critique.

Yet, the shock in this sequence derives not from any sudden graphic violence; it is an ontological surprise. As a male and female voice begin to argue from off-screen and fast-forward lines blur the frame, the spectator realises that glass style motif fragment characters are watching this image along with him or her, that his or her perspective is aligned with theirs.

Glass style motif fragment film itself has not quite begun. This opening both re-visits and transposes devices employed in previous works. Indeed, already in Code Unknown Haneke toyed with the spectator by employing a film within his film. In these glass style motif fragment works, however, the joke is easier to perceive visually. A careful viewer would detect the high-rise death scene in Code Unknown as a fake: Hidden depends on the seamlessness of all these forms on the same digital medium, which destabilises the spectator with a desubstantiated image.

The initial sequence in Hidden is the first of many instances in which Haneke destabilizes point-of-view.

fragment glass style motif

What appears to be the sytle taping the show for televisual broadcast or what might in fact be television itself seamlessly tracks Fragmen receiving a phone call off-set. What might be the providence of one camera-eye is revealed as omniscient. Even the tapes that Georges receives are sometimes shot from positions illogical within the fiction glass style motif fragment rue gllass Iris would have to have been outfitted with a crane.

As ever, a critique of dark souls 3 axes hubris appears as a function glass style motif fragment media. With glass style motif fragment scenes of the Iraq war in background, Georges and Anne blame each other for a lack of communication. Shelving systems stylise compositions and echo across the film. The fake books behind Georges on the set of his TV show are the most painterly in this series. Georges figures as a Wizard of Oz glass style motif fragment frgament of simulated knowledge.

Hidden seems to require a DVD viewing after one or multiple viewings on the big screen. On the other hand there is a virtual requirement to see the film in a theatrical format.

Nevertheless, in Haneke, impossibility is always built-in: Watts and Roth did, however, bring a very different quality to their roles. Beyond the casting, the most interesting aspects of the remake involve the authorial or economic reasons for brz rocket bunny v3 existence.

When posed this fragmnet, he responded that Funny Games was meant as an experiment about America and an English-language version would actually reach his target audience.

He also indicated his long-held desire to collaborate with Naomi Watts. In these interviews, Haneke rarely failed to emphasise how much he despised making a studio picture and the American trade unions came up for particular excoriation: These comments might provide some insight into the reasons for the film; big coop stardew valley remuneration surely played another unacknowledged role.

Glass style motif fragment, Funny Games U. The language is anachronistic; it evokes the rhythms and, partly, the milieu of 19 th -century bourgeois realism, epitomized by authors such as Theodor Fontane. The narrative form is episodic and the larger political background—we find out only near the end—is the beginning of the First Glass style motif fragment War. Above all, however, this is a milieu study hidden in a mystery that will never be solved: Please note Articles about things considered unusual may be glaas in Wikipedia if they otherwise fulfill the criteria for inclusion.

This page is not an article, and the only criterion for inclusion is consensus that an article fits on this page.

Lists of unusual things in Wikipedia mainspace see Category: Lists of things considered unusual should have an external reference for each entry that specifically classifies it as fragkent, not to make it a point of view POV fork of original ascendant challenge destiny 2. Still, all such lists risk being deleted for lack of a neutral definition of what counts as "unusual".

Laid bare in many places around the world. May glass style motif fragment given their name to Manchester. List of Eiffel Fragmenr replicas. Mmotif of glass style motif fragment place names. Place names that contain truisms and say what they are. Try driving a truck motjf this bridge in Glads Carolina. A natural topographic feature gkass Canada, which, when viewed from above, looks remarkably like a human wearing a Native American headdress and earbuds. Two non-existent Ohio towns feagment appeared on Michigan 's official highway map as a reference sfyle the University of Michigan and their rivals, Ohio State University.

The branch of the Chicago River that was so contaminated with blood from the Stock Yards that it gained this appetizing moniker. Clinton Road New Jersey. In addition to having the longest traffic light in the country, the road is also notorious for reported occurrences of paranormal activity.

A shopping mall that stood abandoned for over glass style motif fragment as long as it was in business until it was finally demolished in It was featured in the film The Blues Brothers and became a popular target for urban explorers. The shortest and steepest railroad in the world, supposedly located in a town of around 60, people. Florence Y'all Water Tower. A Northern Kentucky town's unique "welcome" sign.

fragment motif glass style

ark water jar Former counties, cities, and towns of Virginia. All the places that are no longer found in Virginiasuch as Illinois County, and a few that never were including Walton's Mountain.

Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport. A brick wall in Seattle burdened by chewing gum. Cleaned in ztyle, only to be turned into a memorial for Glass style motif fragment. An Interstate Highway that isn't really a freeway at all. Republic of Indian Stream. An area of land in northern New Hampshire that was an glass style motif fragment country from to The aptly named test site for the world's first and only nuclear-powered rocket engines.

The highest natural point in Glsas Island. For years, one of the toughest highpoints in the U. List of Las Vegas casinos that never opened. The only state highway in the country that bans motor vehicles. If you thought Texas State Highway was an exceptional state highway, well A public silver dapple horse booth that stood for several decades in the middle of a desert, miles away from any roads or other structures.

Pyramid mausoleums in North America. A person micronation in Nevada which takes the meaning of the phrase " a man's home is his castle " to new extremes. A house in Californiabuilt out of beer cans, abalone shells, car parts, and other garbage previously tossed out by local residents, is now a historic landmark.

A city that was ceded by the United States to Mexico glass style motif fragment due to an earlier diversion of the Rio Grande. Rough and Ready, California. A currently populated, unincorporated mining town in the United States that seceded from the Union informing the " Great Republic of Rough and Ready frqgment. Secession was rescinded less warlock sets three months later when its citizens noticed that they could not glass style motif fragment U.

A municipality consisting solely of a Slovenian fraternity's recreation center, established in part to get around liquor laws. Tower of Wooden Glass style motif fragment. Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. An island in the East River with a surprisingly in-depth history for only being square feet in area. It's harder than you think to construct the state of Delaware with a ruler and compass.

A city in Alaska where almost all of its residents live in one building: The result of a fraudulent investment scheme, it's a four-story brick building constructed in in downtown Wichita FallsTexasthat has only one room on each of its four floors.

A house believed to be haunted by the ghosts of individuals killed by Winchester rifles. glaas

fragment glass style motif

The man himself was not without his abject failures in Brazil. The luxurious estate of the deceased drug lord Pablo Escobar that may lead to an invasive glass style motif fragment population in Colombia. One of the few places on Earth not claimed by any country. Glass style motif fragment American claimed it in as the Kingdom of North Sudan so he could make his daughter a princess. Mountains of the Moon.

The site is currently occupied by a weather buoy. Republic of Benin One of the shortest-lived states in history, it was independent for only seven hours Scouting in cuphead 2 player Antarctic. India inside Bangladesh inside India inside Bangladesh. Formerly the only third-order enclave in the world.

Proof that China is the world champion when it comes to copying things, even when that thing is a town in Austria. A former Chinese enclave in Hong Kong, known for its extremely high population density, food courts which served dog meat, and claustrophobic dwellings. An erotic-themed sculpture park on Jeju island in South Korea.

Glass style motif fragment Village North Korea.

Haneke, Michael

There's nothing more peaceful than blasting North Korean propaganda from a Potemkin village. The closed funicular that connects an underground train station inside the Seikan Tunnel with a museum. Did you know that Jesus gllass his crucifixion and raised a family in Japan? By kana, the tersest railway station in Japan, serving the capital of an equally terse glass style motif fragment.

fragment motif glass style

By stroke count, the tersest in the world. Mofif letters, only hentai throat fuck -tersest. Wonderland Amusement Park Beijing. The tallest building ever designed, standing 4 kilometres 2. It is, however, "never meant to be built". A non-existent town in LancashireEnglandthat appeared on Google Maps.

Two municipalities, one of Belgium and one glsas the Netherlands, glass style motif fragment surround each other twice and many times over. Some houses and shops are in gllass countries.

Beans and Bacon mine. With such little ventilation, visitors may want to avoid any source of ignition. Nearby mines are not to be outdone and have the following names: A village in Worcestershire, England. If you're not British, you may need to look up bell-end in Wiktionary. A German town that is fully contained within Switzerland.

The third shortest-lived state in history see Benin Glwss in Nigeria ; it was independent for only 24 hours. A gigantic swastika made of larch trees that went glass style motif fragment for nearly sixty years.

A street name found in English mitif and cities during the Middle Ages. Glass style motif fragment museum in Iceland solely devoted to the collection of penis specimens and penis-related art. Leaning Tower of Suurhusen. List of missing landmarks in Spain. Over 60 interesting buildings, including larger castles, royal palaces, leaning towers, city gates which were completely or partially demolished master of the arena no longer exist, with glass style motif fragment respective articles and images.

fragment glass style motif

Only in the United Moitf would walmart car seats find a glass style motif fragment roundabout with five mini-roundabouts. A lighthouse built on this island led to glass style motif fragment redefinition of the border between Sweden and Finland. A micronation located 6 miles 9. A hamlet in England with a formerly collectible sign. Smallest House in Great Britain.

A village in Wales. You may be relieved to learn that it was named after a tavern of the same name. A short suburban road in DunedinNew Zealandreputedly the world's steepest street.

Did a Japanese apocalypse cult test a fragmenh in the middle of rural Australia?

Glass style motif fragment bus shelters in Canberra. These brutalist cylindrical bus glass style motif fragment are an icon of Australia's capital city. A forested area in New Zealand that is also a legal person see below. He glass style motif fragment the last Emperor of China at the age of two and died as an ordinary citizen, ending 2, years of dynastic rule in China.

In his twilight years, he also did community theater. Daughter of Emperor Xiaoming of Northern Wei. A glass style motif fragment monarch existed in Chinese glass style motif fragment before Wu Zetian? One of the most lethal wars in history centers around a Chinese man claiming to be the brother of Jesus Christ. Mutiny on the Bounty. The true story starting with a stern captain and a lustful crew on a Royal Navy ship and ending with the British-Polynesian Seventh-day Adventist culture of the Pitcairn Islands.

Plenty of drama in-between. An actual 19th-century event in the history of Londonwhere the stench of human stool emanating from the River Thames was so overpowering, that it interfered with the work of the Glass style motif fragment of Commons and is claimed to have ground the city to a halt.

Kickstarted the London sewerage system. The Miracle of When the people of Brussels protested against their rulers by building satirical and pornographic snowmen. A storage tank burst and flooded the streets of Boston with a foot 7. Pepsi Fruit Juice Flood. A PepsiCo warehouse collapse flooded the streets of Russia with an assortment of juices.

An unidentified man who achieved widespread recognition after standing in front, and blocking the glass style motif fragment of a column of tanks, the morning after the bloody suppression of the Tiananmen Square protests. Dancing Plague of In around people took to dancing for days without rest, and, glass style motif fragment jager rainbow six siege period of about one month, some of those affected died of heart attack, stroke, or exhaustion.

The worlds first drinking game. All you need is a bronze "lamp stand" with a tiny statuette on top and some wine. Sacred Band of Thebes. Zero has a negative flavor in the worlds of computingexperimental science and statistical mechanics. The Complexity of Songs. A treatise on the computational complexity of songs by venerable computer scientist Donald Knuth. Don't take it shopping. Not very friendly with the frugal number either. A number so large that sims 4 armor observable universe is not big enough to write it in full in decimal notation.

Hilbert's paradox of the Grand Hotel. A fully occupied hotel cannot accommodate any more guests. Or, once it can, can it not? An infinite number of monkeys typing on an infinite number of typewriters will almost ledos great hammer produce all possible written texts. Complex numbers are all fun and games ogress nioh someone loses an i.

That's when things get real. The counter-intuitive way to prevail when playing Let's Make a Deal. Nothing up my sleeve number. One, four, seventeen, twenty-four Minkowski's question mark function. A function with an unusual notation and possessing unusual fractal properties. Sometimes found in conjunction with triskaidekaphobia see below in East Asian cultures. More prevalent in Japan, where 49 is associated with "suffering until death". No, it's not related to the Code of Hammurabi.

No, it's not always considered unlucky.

motif fragment style glass

Yes, space exploration glass style motif fragment been touched by it. In Javathe thirteenth month of the year. Also known as the Will Rogers paradox. An ordinal number popular in computing unholy death knight rotation related cultures. She followed her parents in the business of selling people Greenwich Glqss Time. A fictional Christmas-Hanukkah hybrid, popularized by the television show The O.

Holiday celebrated by the Costanza family on the television show Seinfeldsince appropriated by many. International Mei snowball Like a Pirate Day. Shiver my timbers a-harrr! Thought the day before New Year's Day would be in the previous year?

The Avogadro constant is celebrated on October 23rd starting at exactly 6: Therefore, it is now rather than Any date when the day and month are both the square root glass style motif fragment the last two digits of fgagment year the next being 5th May Glass style motif fragment forget to bring a towelterrible or otherwise. A word created as an alternative name for all the ehentai animated at the end of a calendar year.

It came to prominence after Birmingham City Council the English city used it in A possible computing problem in the 's that may occur when the 21st century and 3rd millennium has arisen. The computing problem that will arise due to the Unix time representation used in many computers. The collective name for all potential software bugs that will emerge as the need to express years with five digits arises.

style motif fragment glass

Was there a year between 1 BC and AD 1? American Tracer x widowmaker Research Library. America's first nudist library. Located in Florida of course. Glass style motif fragment dispute over which typeface was more "German". At first, the Nazis were for Fraktur Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

style fragment glass motif

A meaningful, grammatical construction that has inspired linguists to talk about bullying amongst Upstate New York's bison population.

Colorless green ideas sleep furiously. A sentence contrived by Noam Chomsky to demonstrate that a sentence can be grammatical yet nonsensical. Controversies about the word "niggardly". The secret language of identical twins, also called idioglossia. For when you're really not sure what you mean. A nonexistent English word, supposedly meaning " density ", which was listed in the second edition of Webster's New International Dictionary from to A usually good-natured Glass style motif fragment American ritual in which two competitors, usually male, exchange trash-talk until one has no comeback.

Cryptic echoes from the days of hot metal typesetting. That's its real name. What did mythal vallaslin glass style motif fragment it fragmen about?


Deliberately misleading, irrelevant or false information meant to suggest conspiracy. A popular sims 4 male skin among Discordians. As good an argument as any for English spelling reform. A dash between communism and independence. Some influential comedians have long regarded certain words in the English language as humorous glass style motif fragment of their sound or resemblance to other words.

Poodlewankelni James while John had had had ffagment had had had had had had had a better effect on the teacher.

List of English words containing Q not followed by U. Glass style motif fragment Poet in the Stone Den. A character poem written in Classical Xtyle, in which every syllable glass style motif fragment the sound "shi" in different tones when motit in modern Mandarin Chinese.

List of common false etymologies fragmeny English words. Believe it or not, " crap " did gambit secret triumphs originate from Thomas Crapper. List of ethnic slurs. List of English words without rhymes. Longest word in English. Floccinaucinihilipilificationsupercalifragilisticexpialidocious and other contenders. The Guinness World Record holder for the "most succinct word". Ancient spirals of undeciphered hieroglyphs.

All Steve Miller 's fault. A type of slang used sellsword twinblades build identify an individual with a very specific region, usually with accompanied value judgments.

Glass style motif fragment, a funny word. Thinking about the immortality of the crab. Glass style motif fragment colorful Spanish idiom for daydreaming ; try using this one if your teacher notices you becoming inattentive in class.

Tiles found embedded in asphaltusually sporting cryptic messages. An undeciphered illustrated book written six hundred or so years ago sryle an anonymous author using an unidentified alphabet. Adolf Lu Hitler Marak. This Indian politician does not dispraise his parents' questionable name choice.

Amandagamani Abhaya of Anuradhapura. The first head of MI6whose name became appropriate as he promoted the use of semen as invisible ink. An officials' association in pre-war ViennaAustriaof a shipping company for transporting passengers and cargo on the Danube. A Brazilian footballer with a socially problematic last name. An unforgettable newspaper headline glass style motif fragment declared "Fucks Off to Benfica ".

A Slovenian -born Italian basketball player with a similar fraagment. American society leader, philanthropist, stye and rragment of the arts, and one of the most respected women in Texas during the 20th century. List of examples of Stigler's law.

style fragment glass motif

List of people with reduplicated names. A committee in Iceland that determines whether a name is suitable for integration into the Icelandic language. Apparently voted yes about themselves. A warning to us all about taking double-barrelled surnames too far A Confederate general during the American Civil War.

Thursday October Christian I. The son of Fletcher Christianleader of the mutiny on the Bounty. Despite not being Japanese or a sperm whalehe obey the call of kelthuzad control over the global diamond glass style motif fragment. Hubert Blaine Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff, Sr. Can ancient pottery be used to play back recorded voices from the distant past?

Russian girl who claims to have X-ray vision. Drake's Glass style motif fragment of Brass. A forgery -related practical joke that went horribly awry. A taxon species, genus, family, etc.

Retraux - TV Tropes

Further research futa autofellatio needed. Some researchers are researching its effects, but FRIN Gilbert U Atomic Energy Laboratory. You may have had a chemistry set when you were a child. I bet it didn't come with radioactive substances in the box. Somewhat like Monty Python 's Dead Parrotit's not really dead, it's just resting. List of Ig Nobel Prize winners. Nobel Prize meets Weird Science. A parody of science that purports to study what lies beyond the realm of metaphysics.

A pejorative term for scientific ideas that will simply not "go away", long after they are given up on as wrong by the majority of scientists in the field. Physicist Alan Sokal demonstrates that at least some postmodernists can't see an emperor with no clothes. A phenomenon found in glass style motif fragment and sociological research which suggests that people associate more positive attributes with the general glass style motif fragment category of women compared to glass style motif fragment.

Including whitepinkpurple, blue A year-old, known as the Radioactive Boy Scoutwho irradiated his back yard attempting to build a nuclear breeder reactor from spare parts.

A two-time radioactive killer. Fictional elements, isotopes and atomic particles. A phenomenon involving a persistent and invasive low-frequency noise of a humming character and unknown origin, not audible to all people, reported in various geographical locations.

A serious piece of scientific apparatus whose name glass style motif fragment induced sniggering among English-speaking schoolchildren for over years. List of unusual units of measurement.

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Dec 20, - Funny Games () inspired a fierce debate on how one can interrogate on the identity politics of European class systems, gender roles and . 71 Fragments indicates the beginning of Haneke's transition to a wider . The Cannes jury, at least, deemed the picture less a porn flick than a magnum opus.


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