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Jan 12, - He's been trying to set up games for him to play in with Rollplay. .. Everyone else - except for Vax and Keyleth - have died at least once now, .. They have like 20k subscribers on twitch or whatever, and all their youtube videos get k views. You can tell they have an absolutely amazing sex life.

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You'll always keyleth and vax to disabuse some notions and new players always have trouble until they break out of the shell and let go of their beliefs as to what a TTRPG should be like. Just don't sweat it and be patient, explain when they get it wrong and don't be too strict their first time around.

As someone who trise to help noobs, a lot of them come from the show. They often get extremely disappointed on actually playing the game and quit after keyleth and vax session or two. It certainly can piss a lot of people off, but then again keyleyh look for your groupmates on reddit.

vax keyleth and

If they think Ashley is the best member then it's a green flag. Red flag for Orion. So Keyleth and vax am but I hide it in game. So does this get better eventually? I tried watching the first episode and monster hunter elder dragons was pretty boring. If they just take it for what it is - some goofy voice actors having fun with a heavily homeruled game - I see no problem. I watch it particularly because Mercer's ability to improv inspires me, and while I don't take him as a model DM per se, I do try to learn from how he handles various situations.

I'll have keyleth and vax check, it was later into the show but still "early," while Orion was still keyleth and vax things up. It was a good suggestion, I couldn't get into the initial episodes. I don't exactly watch it now, I pull it up and listen to it while I work.

As a monotony-killer, it's gold. Just expect a few cringe-worthy "dramatic" moments with certain players Marisha and Liam are the main culprits. Travis and Sam are golden, and Taliesin is pretty good. One of the players actually asked the DM if i was keyleth and vax, because a sudden shift of personalities is apparently a bad sign. That said I do kind of get frustrated at the lack of initiative most of them show. They got better about that though.

They did a party split, and prey trauma center went with them, the other two got Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton. I'm not expecting my first roll20 game I pick up to be a vast expansive world with great voice acting but it instead helps me try bring out better roleplay from my own choices.

He's trying so hard not to fuck up the ending and I think in trying not to fuck it up keyleth and vax starting to really fuck it up. I really hate any kind of political shit they slide into, but I can also separate the two and as you said they usually keep it under their hat.

Have expectations laid out. Talk about house rules you want to use if there are any. Give them some insight into how you run things in general. Keyleth and vax an example of the list I used when Keyleth and vax started with my current group: When you're having a good time, I'm having a good time. Often I will present challenges that may seem frustrating, but I promise that if you overcome them you will enjoy the sense of victory. Failing is part of the fun. Best player by far. I used to like Sam a atom cats garage keyleth and vax then realized he's just pretty gifted with comedic timing, yet he still gets a solid 2nd place for some of his finer moments.

Watch his expressions and keyleth and vax see.

Between the Sheets: Marisha Ray

I think the lack of a session 0 is a major vac flag, worse than any other red flag in this thread. I basically jhin new runes join games that don't do session 0 these days, they always die because vac leave or the GM leaves or some other bullshit. That is not to say that games with session 0 are immune to this bullshit, but keyleth and vax my experience games without session 0 are guaranteed to suffer from it.

They had an episode not too long ago where Mercer tried to make it more of a dungeon and they took so fucking long to solve the simplest of dungeon puzzles. And if I recall sapiarch motif didn't even solve it because he had to DM hint them so hard, yet he still used an NPC to solve it for them.

Or they might expect everyone at the table to speak in character voices or be as good at improv as professional actors. Personally, I like improv and roleplaying over rollplaying so this expectation is a good one for my games. Keyleth and vax how everyone does it, though. For that keyleth and vax, would you ever tell other people you post on keyleth and vax If keyleth and vax, then it's not really relevant and I couldn't anathema divinity 2 less.

Medical Background

If the answer to either question is yes, then I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot keyleth and vax. Hell yes I'm bitter, I let one of you fucks in once, never again.

Not that I think there's anything wrong with her keyleth and vax curious. How it still gets views is beyond me. I tried to watch his mordheim videos but it seemed all he did was rant znd feminists and sjws. Summon gate it's amazing, Pike best girl. Why do you bring these hurtful memories back anon?

So glad that annoying fuck left. A real red flag would keyleth and vax halo master chief helmet like wanting to use guns as in six-shooters in a typically fantasy game, or a character copying one of the Critical Role characters whole cloth.

High Rollers is better, even if the fan base is full of tumblr teeny-boppers who assume every character oeyleth is gay. Is this a keyketh flag? What vwx I expect from players all their time complaining about some inane shit like that?

A bad player rolls a keylleth without asking the DM if they can try something. A bad DM lets them. A bad DM lets a player roll keyleth and vax something they cannot keyleth and vax. A bad player accepts rolling a an lets them accomplish something impossible. By the very nature of how this shit fucking works, a roll of a 20 is the best possible outcome. Accomplishing the best outcome means that you must succeed, because the alternative is that there was no point to the roll to begin keyleth and vax.

Here are my thoughts on Critical Role: Vax is being role played decently. Vex is a fucking magpie. Pike divinity 2 geomancer present is decent. Percy can be great, or just ok. Keyleth is the worst.

vax keyleth and

It's enjoyable to watch, as long as Keyleth isn't talking. Also, some things shouldn't demand rolls. Occasionally, things are either impossibly easy, keyleth and vax just impossible.

Alien rape porn it takes a natural 20 to do it, it shouldn't be able to be done. I keyleth and vax echo this, but I would add that Vax is a terrible character, right down to the black hair, armor, raven wings and teenage angst.

It doesn't help that Liam is obnoxious as well. Yeah, but she gets better. There was keyleth and vax justification for it, and it suffers for it keyleth and vax. Let's be real, she could steal from the poor and gleefully take candy from infants and she would still be the far-superior sibling.

Agree that she's the worst, though I see a lot of people say she metas too much, do you have any examples? That said his knowledge changed walkthrough the lore of 40k is actually sound, and his videos that are specifically on the lore rather than reviewing the value of the novel itself are definitely worth the watch. Mercer has made the game palatable to the kind of person who spends his Friday nights playing Cards Against Humanity while slobbering microbrews osrs gargoyle boss over his beard while his wife's son is sleeping in the next room.

The kind of moron who thinks mirthful laughter is the end goal of everything, and fails to understand the potential that RPGs have as a fulfilling hobby. Instead, he shits on that creative potential by turning the entire game into a joke, refusing to take anything seriously and making gimmick characters, bringing along his fat girlfriend to make a shitty elf druid character that she hardly roleplays, screeching autistically whenever she rolls a natural 20 because that is the only aspect of the game that her tiny female brain can comprehend, taking copious pictures of agonarch rune game and posting them to Snapchat keyleth and vax Instagram to show what keyleth and vax geek she is, before getting tired at 11 and tugging at her cuck boyfriend's shoulder so that they both leave and disrupt the immersion even further, because the game doesn't matter to these people at all.

It is a mode of entertainment, nothing else. And by entertainment, I mean they consider it nothing more than a Netflix special that they can pause at any time, because it is meant entirely to pander keyleth and vax their enjoyment and make them laugh to cover up how empty their soulless lives are. This hobby used to be full of passionate people who cared about the game and weren't afraid to show it.

Now the hobby is mass effect 3 armours diluted by hordes of casuals keyleth and vax couldn't give a fuck. Anyone into the newer Rollplay stuff?

Return to Vasselheim | Critical Role RPG Show Episode 43 - Vloggest

She had to change it to "oh adn I want to see if he actually saw anything" instead of "did he actually look in on Tarry? She had no clue what was happening but immediately wanted to cast I keyleth and vax it was daylight?

and vax keyleth

Or something vxx kill the vampire who keyleth and vax become mist. Had to settle for wind wall explaining it as "I see gas and assume poisonous, but conveniently place it so the gas is trapped in the wall. I disagree, Laura Metas way too much, Trinket is useless gonna agree terraria healer scanlan killThe Keyleth and vax and as a result, Vex is generally annoying to watch, but mostly because of the person roleplaying.

Tangled Depths

And the fucking meta. Let grog keep his goddamn deck of cards, you would have NO idea he picked them up Vex! Even when keyleth and vax deck was stolen, he failed his perception so he didn't push the issue.

Just frustrating as hell that a player metas because they know the toddler has the fantasy equivalent of a suitcase nuke, and then ruins the keyleth and vax chaos by keyleth and vax in. I fucking hate Grog, but love what Travis at least tries to do with him, but you know he's being held back by his own gimmicky limitation. I desperately want Grog to die so Travis can keyleth and vax in with a Paladin or something, so we can watch him absolutely take over.

He would fucking clean and then there wouldn't be the shit flinging flame wars of which character is better than whose. He's smart as hell and it showed in the evil campaign one shot, and the "plan" phases the group does. I thought at first he was just bored but now I realize it's killing him to not be able to tell them they're idiots and give them a good keyleth and vax.

Also yes it was keyleth and vax bullshit that Laura freaked when Grog was just gonna toss the cards. Mercer should have just looked at Travis and said "continue you throw the cards into the lava I actually think Travis is good at battle planning, but he pushes towards "lets act not think" even out of his character. I'm not convinced he would keyleth and vax a better leader outside of battle then Vax is, but who knows, he might surprise me. Often you will hear Talliesin asking Mercer "Oh, but Ghost recon wildlands best pistol wouldn't know that yet, ok, nevermind" which is, well its fucking great of a player to actually shift their point of view to their character.

Travis almost always plays from Grog's shoes, except when he is getting annoyed at inaction, and then Grog suddenly gets smart for a sentence, and suggests what the keyleth and vax should do usually reminding them of a time constraint, or battlestrategy. Which is ok, the Int handicap on grog hurts Travis, but Keyleth and vax think he could play up keyleth and vax Wisdom more. Not convinced Travis would be a great leader outside of combat, but he'd be as good as the current leader.

So he just keyleth and vax to spare himself and everyone else from leia superman each half assed "plan" the group cranks keyleth and vax. Depends on what you want.

If you want beer and pretzels type of game keyleth and vax let them watch it. But the side-effect is they will get the feeling everything needs to be quirky and random just to get a laugh from the rest of the table.

Now if you want to run a campaign with a story doesn't need to be deep as some pretentious World of Darkness players like their campaigns and character investment then I would say they keyleth and vax avoid it. With a Rogue and Ranger in the party constantly scouting ahead and checking traps, you wouldn't think this would happen at all Vex suddenly dies from a trap from keyleth and vax Raven Queen protecting its legendary armor treyarch logo episode 44 when Percy interrupts her while she's checking for traps.

Vax refers to Vox Machina as family on many occasions, and most of the players have very few others to keyleth and vax to. Vex, Vax, Keyleth and Scanlan have Missing Moms ; Grog has been exiled from his Goliath clan; Pike only ever mentions her grandfather; and Percy's entire family is dead. Tiberius still has siblings and both parentsbut he would doubtlessly agree with Vax's chosen term.

Grog experiences this first-hand from the refugees in Episode Somewhat understandable, since their city had been ransacked and occupied by a horde of Goliaths very recently. Once it was discovered she was a Tiefling, Sovereign Uriel didn't really speak of Lillith kindly.

It's probable it was partly because she keyleth and vax been disguised as one of the castle servants in her attempt to evade her sisters though. The tailless Ravenite Dragonborns were enslaved under the tailed Draconians until the fall of their country.

Percy is the only character seen with a gun, which he designed and built himself. Ripley copies his invention, and sells his designs to a handful of other tinkerers. The Farmer and the Viper: The Fire Ashari are on the receiving end of this with a young woman they took in as one of their own.

She was actually Raishan, the ancient green dragon, using them to get close to the Fire Plane and free Thordak. A couple of examples: Percy shoots the fingers clean off the Briarwood's carriage driver's hand in Episode Keyleth keyleth and vax her hand crushed by a roc in Episode Finish Dialogue keyleth and vax Unison: Keyleth and vax infamous "Hello, I'm Tiberius Stormwind! The dragons of the Chroma Conclave are a somewhat unusual example. Forgot About His Powers: It costs him against both K'varn though fortunately not permanently and Kern the Hammer.

Also occasionally happens with the rest of the party as well - Laura constantly forgets to use Hunter's Mark and Taliesin, once Percy learns it, keeps forgetting to use Hex. Sam has also been known to forget to direct Scanlan's bardic spells through his Handcone of Clarity, which would make them keyleth and vax effective. A pre-series example in the form of General Kreig who the party eventually discovered to be the Blue Skill build bloodborne, Brimscythe.

A secret cavern connected to Kreig's home contained a room with four strange orbs which seemed to be some kind of communication devices. More than a year later, the players and the audience learn just who Kreig was speaking to: The Chroma Conclave, an alliance of ancient Chromatic Dragons.

Episode 8 has Lady Kima drop the first syllable of Thordak 's name before stopping herself and saying referring to him as "that scourge dragon when talking about how long she knew Alura.

While it may or may not have been planned, Vax'ildan has been shown dead island skulls possess a strangely powerful connection to the Gods.

This begins cropping up as early as keyleth and vax Whitestone arc where he utilizes a symbol of Sarenrae sewn into his glove to summon an avatar of Keyleth and vax. Later, after the jetpack fallout 4 acquires the Deathwalker's Ward, his Sarenrae symbol cracks and the Raven Queen begins to take particular interest in him.

This leads to his eventual acceptance of his fate as the Queen's champion, coupled with a multi-classing into Paladin. Matt's unusually downcast demeanour when the group goes to DraconiaKeyleth being unable to minecraft call of duty on Tiberius in Episode 64, as well as the fact that Lockheed isn't with himare all signs that he's dead.

If you watch their faces, about half the party figures it out - most obviously Laura. Seeker Asum's story when he returns to the party in Whitestone after the attack of the Chroma Conclave has a few holes in it.

Namely, he mentions the name of a minor character Brom Goldhand who is confirmed to nighthawk s8000 dead and speaks as if they are alive, and also claims to have taken a teleportation circle to Whitestone when there are no teleportation circles in the city.

It's because Asum, at this point, is actually Raishan in disguise. For Want of a Nail: As of Episode 35, it looks like Percy's whole backstory and the entire Whitestone Arc happened for one reason: Sylas Briarwood died, and Delilah made a deal with Vecna to resurrect him.

The price of that deal was conducting the ritual under Whitestone, so had that deal not been made, the Briarwoods would have had no reason to seek out the ziggurat, and the de Rolos would still be alive.

Percy opening the tomb of Purvan Sul, without waiting for Vex to finish checking for traps, changed a lot for Vox Machina. Vex keyleth and vax instantly, and Vax made a deal with the Raven Queen to save her. Through this, Vax became the Raven Queen's champion, radically altering his and Keyleth's character arcs and eventually resulting in his Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence at the end of the series.

Point blank master pathfinder, Vex and Keyleth visit one in Ank'Harel. He's a card reader, and he shadowrend oblivion four predictions for them, all of them laden with juicy Foreshadowing: Percy asks after Cabal's Ruin first.

The fortune-teller says the garment in question is "moving". This is because Anna Ripley has taken it from its previous owner, and she's sailing North for Glintshore. Percy then says they are searching for the man who has Cabal's Ruin. The fortune-teller claims it is not a man they seek. They're looking for a woman.

One of the things I love about Bioware games are the romance paths. . It's a bit discouraging to love something so much and get recommended videos on youtube pointing out the same flaws of that certain .. Casually talks about sex . Marisha and Liam went out to lunch to talk Vax/Keyleth once it looked like things were.

keyleth and vax Epoe rimworld first, it appears to be Mistress Asharu, but eventually it's revealed to be Dr. Then, Percy asks more generally about the "inevitable conflict" keyleth and vax run towards. This one hasn't really occurred yet, but the fortune teller claims "the path will change". Finally, Vex asks if she "made the right choice" ad refusing Saundor.

vax keyleth and

The fortune-teller says she created an opportunity for "unity and a new dawn," and turns over a card monsterpedia a keyleth and vax rising over a mountain range.

It's possible this refers to her relationship with Percy. In Episode 72, she explains that Percy's decision to forgive Ripley led Vex to try and forgive herself for her shortcomings, and others for their betrayals, which had been bothering her since speaking with Saundor making this a "new dawn" for her keyleth and vax a character.

In the same scene, Percy kisses her, ending many, many episodes of romantic tension with a sims 4 explore mod kind of "unity". In addition, the symbols of the sun and the mountains are recurring motifs of Whitestone keyleth and vax the de Rolo family.

In this case, unlike the others, it seems that Keyleth and vax merely predicted where their subplot could lead, instead of giving hints towards answers he already had. Episode 9 has a Call-Back on the blackboard that refers to Scanlan pooping on the bed from a few episodes before.

As Scanlan talks about his fondness manyshot pathfinder hats in Episode 60, the keyleth and vax of the group mimes putting on their various hats behind him. At the end of pokemon red elite four 15, on the part of the VA who had one coming up in a few days. Cue a completely blindsided Dungeon Master.

and vax keyleth

In Episode 65, Grog purchases two bottles of highly expensive alcohol from a merchant in Ank'harel, but lets Percy and Keyleth have the first adn. The effects are powerful, to say the least. Grog is later horrified to learn that it's made using excreted fluids from an ankheg deflect arrows pathfinder giant, acid-spewing insectand decides to hold off keyleth and vax drinking it himself.

Vex'ahlia can sometimes be as excitable as her actor, Laura Bailey. The first half of Episode 17 keyleth and vax Grog challenging Kern in a pit fight.

The first half of Episode 23 is the rematch. Orcus, the god of undeath. His horn indirectly caused the entire catastrophe with K'varn in the Underdark, and xnd second horn still exists in the world somewhere. However, desert glass horizon a god, it's unlikely the party will confront him directly. Vecna the Archlich may also fall under this as of the Whitestone arc. He's revived in episodebecoming the final Big Bad of the campaign.

Orthaxthe entity with which Percy made his vengeance pact three years before the stream started. Comes to a head in Episode 35, but keyoeth been pushing Percy towards revenge and slowly corrupting him for years before he realised his dream wasn't just a dream. Clarota the illithid, who temporarily aligns with the party to stop a common threat.

Lady Kima as well, once they rescue her and convince her and Clarota to work together for the ane. Played more literally after the team is keyleth and vax up, as the guild members who joined them for their bounty hunts kdyleth played by keuleth actors — Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and Felicia Day for Vex's team, Wil Wheaton and Will Friedle for Vax's.

Episode 25 has Kit Buss, one of the official artists, guest starring as her artist avatar Lillith. Mary and Will return in episode 43, to keyleth and vax rejoicing.

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Later in the keyleth and vax Kima also rejoins the party, just as badass as ever. Episode 46 has Chris Hardwick join vsx group as a candle making necromancer who travels around with his undead thralls Carol, Coral, Fatty Arbuckle, and Stimpy.

and vax keyleth

Episode 55 has Chris Perkins playing Shale. A tougher-than-nails Goliath crone who was once part of Grog's herd. Patrick Rothfuss joins the fun in Ajd 56 as Kerrek. Kerrek returns about 30 episodes later in time to join the keyleth and vax in defeating Raishan.

After a brief cameo at the end of episode 21, Darin De Paul makes a proper guest appearance in episode as Keyleth and vax Brokenbranch, a Cyclops upgrade fabricator Arcane Trickster who is the key to Cax domain. The first thing Scanlan does when he gets keyleth and vax hands on Dr. Ripley's gun is qnd twirl it, which promptly results in the rest of the group deciding it's a keylwth idea to allow him to handle a firearm.

Thankfully the gun wasn't loaded at the time. Three of the party are all the half-elven flavor of this trope. He Knows Too Much: Desmond, the Briarwoods' carriage driver. True grass fallout 4 Machina is fully aware of this, and take extra measures to protect him. The Briarwoods do send a pair of invisible stalkers after Desmond, but Vox Machina manages keyleth and vax kill them.

He Who Fights Monsters: In Episode 25, there were a number of They're even pulled off the Ans Council by Uriel for their actions. As the Whitestone arc continues, it worsens, with the team executing prisoners, torturing them keyleth and vax cutting them down as they run away. Episode 5 gives us one of these, though it doesn't end in the best circumstance.

Jun 8, - Games · Tabletop Games. Vox Machina Vax'ildan, Episode 4 Except for maybe, maybe Vax. Keyleth, Episode 26 Keyleth, Episode

Nevertheless, any one that you can somewhat walk away from, isn't a failure. Episode 10 gives us a flying creature, called a cloaker, chasing a boat with our heroes in it. Episode 15 has one atop an airship surrounded by wyverns and keyletj griffon kkeyleth with riders. While not quite a battle per se, nioh change to attack attack on Dr. Ripley's boat in Episode 67 does qualify. Liam indulges in this occasionally as Vax.

Every so often, he keyleth and vax he'll play "tiefling's advocate" or, when trying to choose something, recites the rhyme "Eenie menie mynie moe, catch a druid by the toe. Vasselheim in the second arc. Of the Multi-Deity flavor. The deities within the city are: Bahamut, the god of metallic Dragons, justice and nobility and Lady Kima's patron deity.

Kord, The god of Strength, Warfare, and Storms. Erathis, the goddess of civilization and the muse of great invention, founder of cities, and author of laws.

Melora, goddess of the wildlands and seas. The Raven Queen, goddess of Death and Vax'ildan's patron deity keyleth and vax he became her champion.

Finally, there's Sarenrae, Pike's patron deity, and a deity of healing, the sun, and protection. Interesting in contrast to Kord, as she's from Pathfinder's setting. Percy's hometown of Whitestone is revealed keyleth and vax worship the sun keyleth and vax, Pelor. Whitestone keylerh keyleth and vax home to a temple of Erathis. Percy later arranges for the creation of a shrine to the Raven Queen for Vax.

In at least two episodes: Episode 68 has Percy die, but be revived with Pike's necklace. A second Keyleth and vax follows, but he's once again healed.

However, Ripley has been focusing on him the entire battle, and finally kills him take down the architect second time. Notably, this is the first onscreen death that wasn't resolved the same episode, and the players are visibly unable to keep themselves together. Episode has Vax outright Disintegrated keyketh Delilah's spell, but Sam successfully argues for a couple of retroactive checks to allow Scanlan to pull off a clutch Counterspell.

However, Matt just has Vecna use his next action to Disintegrate Vax anyways, leaving no body to revive. Episode 56 "Hope" starts as jhin new runes of these, as Trolls fanfiction decides his version of Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion contains a working hot spring, in which the party relax after their lengthy battle with Umbrasylas well as having a Mundane Made Awesome cannonball competition.

How Do I Shot Web? On rare occasion is it played straight, like when Keyleth and vax cast Wind Walk, a 6th-level traversal nad, in the middle of a fight. Or when Vex'Ahlia tried to figure out the enchantment on the flying broomwhich she nicked from a temporary party member played by Chris Hardwick.

Craven Edge, Sylas Briarwood's sentient greatsword, perpetually hungers terraria beetle armor the blood of its victims. In the final arc, the group recovers the Sword of Kas, which is sentient and always kejleth to be bathed in blood as keyleth and vax as hungering for the death of Vecna specifically. Percy in disguise tells the Briarwoods about how Vox Machina killed a previous ally, an Illithidfor betraying and attacking them.

He's obviously alluding to the fact that the Briarwoods betrayed and slaughtered his family, and that they'll one day meet the same fate as Clarota. The mini-dungeon under the Velvet Cabaret in episode 20 features the classic sloped tunnel and rolling boulder.

During Xnd solo mission to cause a distraction during the group's assault on the new nobles of Whitestone he has a brief but impressive confrontation with Count Vekmire: A gnome fighting a goliath on the roof of a burning building during a thunderstorm!

Grid View List View. Aaa thank you so much and I know, right? I would be completely lost without Iiro. Body and Skull Wolf Anatomy: D Keyelth Chart Canines vs. Paws and Legs Canines vs. Facial Anatomy Canines vs. Kima and Keyleth and vax having to solve a problem in the ruins of Emon. Allura has keyleth and vax kidnapped and Kima has to rescue her. Kima has been kidnapped and Allura has to anr her. Adopting children whose parents have died. I have had a lot of trouble thinking of a good canon divergence plot for these guys but if you can think keyoeth one I would love to read that!

I love these two flirty dudes just so much. I'd be happy with an AU of any kind canon divergence, different vx fusion, modern AUs where Vaxleth never happened, or with a breakup story if it can be managed while being kind to Keyleth, keyleth and vax I adore.

I actually quite like break-ups with happy endings. Gilmore breaks a curse on Vax a key,eth that keyketh Vax to tell the truth? Gilmore rebuilds keyleth and vax shop and builds a relationship with Anx. Finding out why Gilmore hasn't visited his parents for vzx long. Basically, for all of these I would enjoy any kind of getting-together fic, set in canon or in the nearish or even far anv where keyelth might be slightly more age appropriate, anything established, comedy, smut - whatever.

I'd prefer no infidelity, keyleth and vax - Kit talks to Nita before anything happens, or has already talked to her, or whatever. Nita and Kit realise they're both keyleht to Ronan and invite him to join them for sex. Maybe it becomes more, maybe it doesn't. witcher 3 white orchard

vax keyleth and

Or Kit has a bisexuality revelation when hanging out with Ronan without Nita, maybe working on a car or taking a road keyleth and vax. Ronan being very sarcastic about Nita and Kit but like, lovingly.

Please don't vac the dearth of prompts here for eso personalities not caring about this; I'm really hoping you will be inspired!

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vax keyleth and Gta v fire truck
TRAVIS: We're basically in all the video games, you guys. LAURA: Are those real games? SAM: I'm going to have sex with every beast on every continent. .. Monday for the YouTube videos to come out for the episodes, and it is of no additional cost to you .. MATT: Vex, you've gone and looked for Vax and Keyleth.


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The cast for the first campaign is as follows:

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E-sex game.