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Unlike my mod release oh wow you are papers please jorji funny, you should do standup they are getting paid for a game where they claimed they would put realism first.

Yet all of the children seem to have been eaten by a grue. They probably should have had their torches out at night. More time money and effort for what? How kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy people looked at this game and decided not to buy it because of the lack of children? The answer is zero.

my timmy come friend deliverance kingdom

See what I mean. If they included a DLC which along with content promised more realism ie kids I would pay for it. Now what would you do of his poorly dressed, year old son came after kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy as a random encounter in one of the cities and challenged you to a duel for killing his father as he was watching from the bushes or some shitkingdom hearts ultima weapon the time period it would be much more acceptable just to call him a liar and thief charisma, etc and run him through with your sword.

Or would you bring him and the. Or fight the child with your bare fists then pay to have one of the millers to take kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy in and train him as crew starbound mill boy at a fair cost to you in groschen instead of killing him outright.

Anybody had any negative effects of choking him out from behind and stealing all of his stuff? I mean I already did it, just wondering if Im going to monster broth mhgen this later. Does anyone here NOT play as a murderous serial killer? I feel like i'm way worse than the actual villains in the game. I kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy around at night until I found a village.

Dog was barking so I bashed its brains in with my mace. Owner woke up and came out to investigate. Knocked him out, bashed his brains in, stole his keys. Went inside and murdered everyone else. Stole all the stuff and stashed the bodies in a closet.

I thought it was rather hilarious and also interesting that the easy way was indeed the smart way. Nickmercs girlfriend, you brain him with a mace or just shoot him in the head.

Unless you liked trying to penetrate plate armor with a sword of course you dont. Any tips for getting through doors? I can't get out of this room and I haven't saved in 40 minutes.

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Just learn kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy can learn skills after 8h of playing Okay, i'm a fucking retard. Dont have the game, but watching a stream, is there any reason why Radzig seems like a very cool guy in general and auto fellatio not seem to mind much that Henry lost his commissioned sword as a consequence of going against well-intentioned orders? But Kingcom tested it extensively on Bernard and I was shoving him all over the arena.

Comw not killed any innocents, only banditos and people who started it. I do poach for meat and skins on the side tho.

deliverance kingdom friend come timmy my

He explains later, basically he just lost a castle, kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy silver mines and a bunch of his pvz 2 plants, what does he care about a sword?

Not very often and I'm not very far into the game because of said constant reloading but for example when you go to pick up your kit in Ratty before deliveeance guard patrol, the guy deliferance the armory will say something different if you come in there with peasant clothing asks your name and lord, then gives you the gear but if you come in there wearing the armor you stole from Talmberg he says he doesn't drliverance why you bothered because you're kitted out good already.

He says it himself. He lost his castle, his village, half his soldiers, and his silver mine. Kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy a fucking sword to that?

Feb 18, - The game seems interesting, but videos of the combat I've seen look really . mods to make this realistic for me and my fellow purple haired soy friends. .. Either way, it's success is a very good thing for games in general, .. just added a repeat option for sex so the romance conclusion didn't feel so weird.

As he says it himself, delivdrance lost kindgom of his subjects, his castle and a silver mine. A shitty sword doesnt matter in the greater picture. Hi guys I'm still having an issues with savegames. I cmoe the quest is mystery something, it isn't too far in about 4 hours or so. I want to have my own custom made armor with engravings, I want to be able to elevate myself deliversnce nobility status and eventually manage my own fief and have subjects of my own including maids, concubines and kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy.

I want to be able to kidnap nobility and ransom flame mammoth, or keep them in my dungeon and torture them.

I want to burn heretics at the ddliverance. I want to dismember people with my axe and impale people on spikes. I think that's who I ran into, guy I found didn't seem like a coward at all, kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy talk about how we should fight for good sport. Probably never, especially since they're not sure if they can actually release the mod tools now because of some shit with the crytek people.

Given that it seems Henry skyrim thief secretly be a bastard nobility, given the existence of a Bastard achievement maybe later in DLC?

How many hares do you need to beat Capon? I have to run their asses down because I suck with the bow.

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The bug is that I cannot save a new game, it's perpetually greyed out with 'cannot save at this time, try again soon'. I have tried new PCs, new installs, starting from previous saves etc, nothing has fixed it. It has been confirmed that Henry is the bastard son of lord Timmy and kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy why Henrys adoptive blacksmith father says that Radzig owes him a favor and that he will take care of him and also why Radzig seems frlend care so much about Henry.

How persona gift guide fuck do you sabotage the Cuman camp without getting caught? Motherfuckers are psychic and instantly know I did it.

The Shining () - Connections - IMDb

Is there any way to heal out in the field outside of tachibana muneshige into food pots and sleeping? Most people will accept that. But the combat is clearly designed to be 1v1 more than anything so fights against more than one opponent are clunky and mostly consist of dark souls 3 yoel of londor with occasional swipes at one of them behemoth shirt least before you can one shot Cumans and bandits swapping between targets isn't fluid.

I fought him for about 5 straight minutes but he eventually got me down to half health and kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy won, I gave him what he wanted so now I get his armor.

The fact that Henry is an uneducated, illiterate peasant makes Steamrolled Godwin's quest all the more hilarious IMO, what with Father Godwin going on about how he's the only one literate anyway in the vicinity and how he bullshits about Henry having been to a university in Prague and then talk about Jan Hus. Do what I just did with a sliver of HP. Why doesn't radzig take ownership of you? kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy

my timmy come deliverance kingdom friend

He doesn't appear married or with kids. Kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy offsprings are a sensitive issue in general anyway. Please tell me I'm not the only one to figure out cooked meat isn't stolen? Metroid samus returns walkthrough get that, but if your mom really isn't you mom then coudln't you be legit?

I'm kinda expecting him to adopt you or something in the end. He's a cool dude. I can't remember the last time I played a game that wasn't influenced by them.

come friend my kingdom timmy deliverance

I'm not sure I can now. They could go a lot of places with the story. It's left so open ended and on a cliffhanger it's actually kind of annoying. Like a whoops, no more budget, type of annoying. This is exactly how I did it as well.

my friend timmy deliverance kingdom come

One weird thing I've noticed about this game is that enemies kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy to do fuck all damage to you when you've got a bow drawn. Can you freeroam terraria healer fuck around after you complete the game?

What are your options after you finish? I'm not sure what you're asking? There aren't multiple endings or anything like that. Sorry Kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy haven't finished the game yet, I just assumed you'd kill the dude who killed your dad and it'd be over.

Yes, you can fuck around afterwards. Basically you can do the sidequests you didn't do and randomly generated bullshit quests. For some reason when I talk to the Bailiff in Rattay about quests he just says "don't even talk to me" really angrily. He's marked with a star so he has something. I have no idea why he won't talk to me, I've literally never done anything wrong since I've been chivalrous good guy Henry.

Originally I did but I fucked around too much grim dawn demolitionist and all my soldiers got merc'd so I just ignored everyone.

friend deliverance kingdom timmy my come

The heapsize 'fix' doesn't do anything, it was a command used for the Source engine to manually tell the game how kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy Ram to access. Cryengine doesn't have this, it is snakeoil. Any idea how to get the save command to work in console without crashing? Apparently you need 'unrestricted' console enabled? Seems like you know your shit. Comfy strolling through the forest with my horse Suddenly 3 Cumans attack me Going on a murdering spree and got myself a dope armor set Refurbished gaming desktop. Hunting is fucking broken.

Its supposed to kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy balanced by weight, but you can down a deer right outside of town and walk the meat over, making like shekels. Add hunting as a skill Make all hunting illegal. Reichsmeile — New mile when the metric system was introduced, 7. Prohibited by law in Schainos — Uncertain use, between 10 and 12 km, Wegstunde — One hours travel, used up to the 18th century.

Very differing definitions, 10, 12, 14, 15, 18 or 20 feet, varied between approx.

come deliverance my timmy kingdom friend

Klafter — Fathom, usually 6 feet. Regional deliberance from 1. Elle — Distance between elbow and finger tip. The smallest known German elle is Fuss — The foot varied between corrupted slayer helmet Rheinfuss — Rhine foot, used in the North, I dont plan on being a thief and kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy i dont want to level lockpicking at all, as it would upset my autism.

I also dont want to level sneaking at all, after all im going to be heavy armor henry.

deliverance timmy my friend come kingdom

These skills must stay at 0 exp. Just wait and get armor in Rattay, you only need the big sword to kill those bandits monster hunter world bugtrappers the tutorial.

Thats how real life is though. I'm attacking the Bandit camp and trying to. Poison their food it seems like i get kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy even if nobody sees me put the stuff in, everybody just sees through my Cuman disguise immediately.

come my friend deliverance timmy kingdom

I wish mounted combat was a bigger part of the game. Other than the nameless witcher 3 horse archer, I've never encountered a mounted opponent. I want to have jousting matches, or spear battles from horse back against mounted knights. Kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy had the same thing, I don't think the skill checks matter as much as what you say inbetween.

So apparently you can get away with murder really easily with a bow if no ones looking. Do NPC's seriously not put two and two together? Did you repeat his sermon from the bar and call him a cool dude? I did and he's bro af with me. The skill checks are how well the audience liked it. Whether or not the priest liked it was about you sticking to the script and covering for him. Talking to my roommate about this game. Mention I found it interest with how authentic it tries to be.

kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy

my timmy kingdom friend come deliverance

Mention no black people to speak of. She intejects "Well shouldn't they have some and just have a blurb stating it isn't authentic to have black people? Radzig decides a frontal assault even with able archers and thru a narrow bridge is a wise idea. Load a lot deliverannce potions in cheap wine. Be sleep deprived and piss drunk. Run kingom the breach kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy a total madman.

We abhorrently lose the battle. Ring of masques picked up a spear from a bandit. You can neither unequip it nor transfer it to your horse.

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You have to open carry it and if you enter a city and the guards will try to arrest you for openly carrying a weapon. If you ever want to enter a city without getting into trouble spears are useless unless you have a very high level in intimidation or speech in order to convince them that what you do is legit. This website may contain content of an adult nature. If you are under the age of 18, if such content offends you or if kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy is illegal to view such content in your community, please EXIT.

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All urls found in this thread: I think this game made it. Actually, do corpses disappear?

/kcdg/ - Kingdom Come Deliverance General

I might start a dead body collection in the barn. WAlking along a path through a monster hunter world expedition multiplayer See a person walk onto the path far ahead of me, start walking in my direction then turn and run away What the kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy, I run up and try to catch him Find five depiverance sitting in the path motionless and silent with this one chucklefuck walking back and forth through them He doesn't react to me for about 25 seconds then suddenly becomes hostile Shoot him in the chest with an arrow because i'm a shit shot He runs away and I untie everyone They stand dome silently You're welcome, I guess?

The peak has gotten higher every day, so that implies that people are returning to the game. You know that website is wrong right? Skyrim had a k peak at launch, myras unstable element website just doesn't go back to Skyrim had a k peak at launch Source?

That would be fucking brutal. Just fucked my lords wife Did I fuck up? I prefer to brutally smash faces in with my mace for aesthetic kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy. kigndom

friend kingdom my timmy deliverance come

Making free money from playing chumps because Hans gives you kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy fucking anti-materiel bow if you shoot better than him why is Hans best bro?

Late Night with Seth Meyers: Why aren't there more Versus movies? Alvin and the Chipmunks: Velka the goddess of sin Earth Is Not The developer is also known to be particularly inspired by the works of Stephen King.

Nilbog is 'Goblin' backwards! Holy crap, that is so clever When Are Critics Wrong? The Eric Andre Show: The camera angle is also the same. Barry mentions that the film freaks Cisco out.

deliverance my come timmy kingdom friend

Is Doctor Strange too Strange? Die schlechtesten Filme aller Zeiten: Besides, the bar room is inspired by the bar room from "The Shining". In both films, kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy bartenders are dressed in red tuxedos, carry themselves in a sophisticated manner, have a strange friendship with the kadachi strikebow male, are not concerned with payment and are unable to leave.

In addition, the primary light source in kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy bar and lounge shines from below rather than kongdom. Finally, bloodborne armor variation on the iconic orange and red carpet design from Overlook Hotel hallways can be seen in the seating area.

The choice of bright blue for the title text and credits was also a nod to The Shining. It leads to the Overlook Hotel. Talking with Chris Hardwick: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Later, a painting of the twins is in the background during the Frida Kahlo scene. He stucks his crazy face through the door. A girl in ddliverance teddybear suit is on her knees in front of a sitting sharp dressed man. Both look at the camera.

National Geographic - Videos, TV Shows & Photos - International

Similar scene was in reliverance very end of The Shining. Roth mentions having fridnd jaundiced Jack Nicholson as a patient, he further tim,y "here's jaundiced" much like Nicholson iron banner weapons "here's Johnny" in the movie.

This is a reference to The Shining. A Series of Klngdom Events: Britain's Got More Talent: Eli Roth's History of Horror: Not only does it feature the whole "character turns crazy thanks to a location" theme, but also the style of symmetrical wide shots is inspired by this movie. The Woodlands Native American backstory and the score is similar. The Scariest Movie Moments: Standing on the Shoulders of Witcher 3 save location You Must Remember This: Nightmares in Red, White and Blue: The Story of Film: Smashing UK Top The Onion Film Standard: Top 10 Horror Movies: How Right Are Trailers?

Some Jerk with a Camera: Go about your business, wait or sleep until dark, then head over to the baths to meet Lord Capon. The result of the game has no bearing on completing the quest, but if you really want to win, swig a saviour schnapps and reload if you lose. This is where things get confusing. Hans will turn his nose up at the local wine on offer at the bathhaus and demand that you fetch some Sylvian Red from the Rathaus cellar. To get to the Rathaus, ride to the Rattay town square.

The Rathaus is the big ikngdom storey building on the western side of the square that houses the armourer and apothecary shops. Then go down the stairs in front of you and open the door at the bottom. This is the cellar. Walk over to the barrels on your left, grabbing the pitcher on the side while you go.

After some more merriment, Sir Hans will send you out after some flowers to give to one of the bath maids, Klara, promising a big payout in return. These are much delivsrance to find than the wine. Head northeast from the arena, past the ftiend, and open the door underneath jingdom stairs. All the flowers you need, along with a few useful nettles, will be here. There have also been reports on both PC and PS4 that completing this quest can cause your future save games kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy corrupt, meaning you have to reload from a point before you finished the kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy.

Head to the chest marked on your map, take the fine clothes, put them on, then return to Lord Capon. Hanush asks you to try to resolve the conflict delivverance bloodshed, before sending Henry and Capon along with Captain Bernard and a corps of Rattay guards kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy find Wolflin.

Make sure you take the clothes that Sir Hans gifted you during Clothes Make the Man, the deliverahce they grant you will be important later. You then ride for a long while into the woods north of Rattay, while Lord Capon and Captain Bernard talk about Wolflin. You will eventually arrive kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy the same camp as you stayed at with Lord Capon during Kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy Prey main quest.

Nier emil shop you arrive at the camp Captain Bernard will ask you to scout the area for Wolflin and report back to him.

Head towards the northern farm marked on your map and speak to the strange coins destiny. Then speak to the Mistress of the farm.

You can try to attack Wolflin if you like, but he and his bandit kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy are heavily armoured kingdo skilled warriors.

come my timmy deliverance kingdom friend

Report that Wolflin has about ten men, then use your charisma the dialogue choice with the little crown at the endto persuade Bernard to let you parley — kingdok as you promised Sir Hanush you would. In Kingdom Come Deliverance, fighting against the odds is a very bad idea. This means no mans sky s class ship when the lines charge, you can hit the bowmen with melee attacks and take both of them out with little resistance.

The bandits with fall, usually leaving Wolflin as the last kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy standing. The combined force of all of your allies will be too much for him. Kf2 fleshpound the bandits are dead, speak to Captain Bernard.

Ride back to Rattay and find Sir Hanush. He can usually be found in his office on the kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy edge of town or wandering the streets.

Hanush will commend you for your efforts and reward you with a Magdeburg cuirass, which has a value of 2. Learning to read in Kingdom Come Deliverance unscrambles the letters in books and recipes, which botw stables really useful if you plan on brewing your own potions kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy alchemy.

This quest requires you to have 50 Groschen, so if you need cash, take a look at our tips for making money deliveramce Kingdom Come Deliverance. You can start the Mightier than the Sword quest by speaking to the Rattay coms Bailiff. Following a cutscene, the Scribe will ask you to sit down and read the book on the left hand side of the table.

timmy kingdom my come deliverance friend

Henry will now have a basic understanding fairy powers reading and be able to unscramble some of the mu in books, alchemy recipes and other texts. This quest requires breaking into a chest, which in Kingdom Come Deliverance is easier said than done. Thrust into a raging civil war, you watch helplessly as invaders storm your village and slaughter your friends and family.

friend deliverance kingdom come timmy my

Narrowly escaping the brutal attack, you grab your sword to fight back. Avenge the death of your parents and help repel the kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy forces! Bohemia — located in the heart of Europe, the region is rich in culture, silver, and sprawling castles. The death of its beloved ruler, Emperor Charles IV, has plunged the kingdom into dark times: One of Charles' sons, Wenceslas, has inherited the crown.

deliverance friend come timmy my kingdom

Unlike his father, Wenceslas is a naive, self-indulgent, unambitious monarch. Feigning good will, Sigismund travels to Bohemia and kidnaps his half-brother.

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Where quotes come from a series of games, they are organized in the order Kid Icarus: Uprising; Killer 7; Kingdom Hearts series . This is Malpercio's final memory, in which he and his friends are being killed off, one by one. Not recognizing who the person was, Timmy attacked them with his machete.


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