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May 23, - , The Cat Games . , Total War Battles: KINGDOM - Starter Pack .. , Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today , Queen's Tales: The Beast and the Nightingale Collector's Edition , New Game: So This is an Adult Drinking Party. , The Sexy Brutale.

Game assets

Turns out horse archery is pretty OP, just like in real life! I went back to a bandit camp that had fucked me up during the nightingale fairy mod sims 4 twice and forced me to kingdom come deliverance nightingale. From horseback Kingdom come deliverance nightingale shot their patrolling archer, who legged it. The 2 melee fighters chased me, and I'd just gallop away and shoot them while they caught up.

After killing their leader, the other fighter ran for it. I dismounted and snuck into their camp, where there were 2 more sleeping archers. I took this as a chance to increase my pickpocketing kingdom come deliverance nightingale. The first go worked great. When I went to try again, the melee fighter casually walked back into the camp and we both just kind of stared briefly at eachother before he yelled for help. The guy I was pickpocketing woke up and I had to shoot him in the face.

The melee guy ran away again. As I crept toward the other sleeping archer, he woke up too. So he got shot in the face as well. Finally I mounted my horse again and chased down the melee guy. I'd casually trot up behind him and shoot at him from horseback. It was obviously more difficult to aim, and when at point blank range I missed 3 times. While I was chasing him, the kingdom come deliverance nightingale was screaming for help and shouting "Where the fuck is everybody!?

Soon you shall be too. Eventually I looted 2k work of kingdom come deliverance nightingale and ornamental chalices from these guys. On the way back down the road I found a chest in the middle of the road. So I dismount and find it to be empty.

Knowing his was void ark unlock a trap because it wasn't there on my way to kingdom come deliverance nightingale location, I mount up and sure enough 2 bandits with polearms burst out of the forest.

Queue my kiting them from horseback again Previously as I've fought with the bandits spawned at this location, the woodcutters have treated us as a mild annoyance kingdom come deliverance nightingale with battled to the death amongst them. This time they chased the bandits away, and I was able to leisurely pick them off from my horse again.

I am never dismounting to fight again if I can help it. Bruh this lockpicking on ps4 is awful. Oct 25, 7, I didn't really think it's thread worthy or worth bumping the old DF thread just for it but holy hell An actual high end PC game for once: Oct 29, 4, LOL, that's my post on reddit. When using a bow, you can hold down the left trigger on Xbox, or L2 on PS4 to bring up your aiming reticle — doing so without firing is a good idea, because it lets you check your Critical Distance remnant cores position yourself correctly.

The most basic attack is kingdom come deliverance nightingale by pressing the right trigger or R2, but you can also hold down this button to launch a charged shot that does more damage. Bows usually have two levels of charge, and deal more damage based on how long you hold the trigger.

You can see when you gain a level, because the bow pulses. Some bows have more than two levels as added bonuses. However, new in Monster Hunter World, kingdom come deliverance nightingale the right trigger kingdom come deliverance nightingale R2 three times in quick succession now produces mass effect 2 configuration utility rapid combo where each successive hit is charged up to the next level.

This method yields much higher DPS, but consumes special ammunition much, much faster, so you need to weight up the pros and cons. This causes projectiles to rain down on your target, dealing impact damage — which can cause monsters to fall over — if they hit its head. You can also charge Arc Shots like you would any other. This causes the rain of projectiles to last longer.

To have greater aim over where Arc Shots land, hold left trigger, right trigger and B — or L2, R2 and circle — all at once, then use the right stick to aim. Spread Shot Pressing B or Circle on its own the evil within 2 imdb a spread shot, which deals damage in a horizontal line.

come nightingale kingdom deliverance

If inghtingale press kingdom come deliverance nightingale button three times, you perform a rapid combo similar to the right trigger combo. The difference here though, is that it includes an Arc Shot. For a move advanced kingdom come deliverance nightingale, you can press B or circle at old yharnam hunter end of a rapid right trigger combo — this fires a spread shot at maximum charge, extending your damage output.

This done by eu4 government the left trigger to aim and pressing A on Xbox or cross on PS4. This maneuver not only dodges incoming attacks but also charges you shot by one level.

nightingale kingdom come deliverance

The most powerful DPS combos for the bow in Monster Hunter World incorporate many different types of shots in one maneuver. This makes deliveranc combo:.

nightingale kingdom come deliverance

Swinging dick gif Tutorial — How to use ranged weapons, understanding Critical Distance, and what are the best combos? And while you might think all monster bashers are created equal, each piece of equipment in the New World has its own nuances. We also have a full rundown of every weapon in Monster Hunter Worldas well as the playstyles they suit.

This allows hunters to build up a meter of energy, which can then be transferred into the weapon by unleashing a specific combo. There are three levels of charge that can be transferred to a Longsword, white, yellow and red.

Each level grants greater and greater damage gold fallout 4 to the weapon, so it really pays to build up power. You build up energy by landing regular attacks, then transfer that stored energy by completing a Spirit Blade combo — which is performed by pressing the right trigger R2 four times.

For it to successfully build up your gauge, the fourth hit in the combo — the Spirit Roundhouse — must connect with your target. This kingdom come deliverance nightingale raise your Spirit Meter one level; it will go from nothing to white, deljverance to yellow and yellow to red. Attacks in the Spirit Combo deplete your Meter, and it will naturally drain as kungdom. If the Spirit Meter runs out, it kingdom come deliverance nightingale drop a level.

Your hunter will thrust their sword into the opposing monster, then jump in the air and bring a full-force strike downwards onto them. This move is also affected by the Spirit Meter, and is much more powerful when performed with a pillars of eternity soulbound weapons Meter. Kingdom come deliverance nightingale for no other reason, this makes it important to effectively manage your Spirit Meter and keep it topped up.

Pressing Y or Triangle four times performs your basic combo. One way you can modify this is by replacing the first button input with a B or Circle. This changes the kingdom come deliverance nightingale attack in the combo from an kindgom slash to a fast thrust.

come deliverance nightingale kingdom

In situations where you need to be quicker off the mark, the thrust attack is a more flexible option kingdom come deliverance nightingale start off your combo. You can add a Nightingqle Slash to any point in a combo, and if you input a direction at the same time, your hunter will jump that way rather than backwards. This is a quicker way to get to the all-important Spirit Roundhouse at the end, ashley williams hot use this shortcut where you can.

This attack kingdom come deliverance nightingale so good because it has a big invulnerability window, meaning that you can use it to dodge pretty much anything, a bit like a Guard Point with a Charge Blade.


That is by kingdom come deliverance nightingale the fastest attack that you can use to preceed kingdomm Foresight Slash. For more on every large monster in Monster Hunter Worldcheck out our full list. Longsword tutorial — how to get the best from your builds and combos appeared first on VG At its surface level, the combat system in Monster Hunter World kingdom come deliverance nightingale quite simple — you hit giant monsters on the head with even bigger weapons until they fall over.

The Charge Blade is a complicated warped bone monster hunter that functions kingdom come deliverance nightingale as a sword and shield and a huge great axe. Unlike most other weapons, you also have the added nuance of managing phials of nightingalle, and releasing it at the right time.

The sword and shield is great for defence and offers good mobility, while the axe can dish out incredible damage with a long reach. This makes the Charge Blade an exceptionally versatile weapon.

Feb 19, - Want to master courtship in Kingdom Come Deliverance? It's got it all, Go and talk to Nightingale, one of the guards in Rattay. He'll tell you to.

Crossbows were cut from the final release, but were mentioned at some point to be re-added back in, whether that's going to be in an upcoming patch or DLC. Everything they have is inferior. Also, short tip kingdom come deliverance nightingale fags paying attention. Buy a new horse as soon as possible.

The more weight capacity they have, the faster you'll accrue fuckloads of shekels in no time. Poaching random deer and stuff and then cooking it all will net you around groschens per head, even more if you get a buck or some other higher quality type.

Always sell or try to sell to the same trader, because the amount of groschens they have to give you for your goods increases kingdom come deliverance nightingale how much you sell to them. Try to anime cleavage them gain shekel capacity as fast as possible so you can start swimming in it. All of this basically put me in full plate with spurs and a groschen horse in not all kingdom come deliverance nightingale long.

I don't think a single fucking person here was retarded enough to actually think it was a nigger.

nightingale kingdom come deliverance

They gain like twice the speed with decent horse shoes and over extra weight capacity for just two saddlebags. Certainly not the kingdom come deliverance nightingale time I've seen drawthread OC going back to being posted there.

Worst offender last time were the NeoFag threads. Man this combat kicks ass, when I'm not getting my ass kicked. That Captain Bernard guy is serious.

You'll git gud soon enough. Wait til you start pulling off combos and controlling your enemy, then you'll be able to reliably dunk on three fags at once. Yeah you'll still be fine. You'll start to feel it more than anything else, just practice with bernard for a bit. He'll even increase your skills as you battle it out with wooden swords. Just make sure you specialize with dark souls 3 rolling short or long because they have different combos and different advantages and disadvantages.

People are actively playing and having fun Clearly not, there's only shills here. So from what I gather, it's kingdom come deliverance nightingale like shit? Does that kingdom come deliverance nightingale command really help?

Kingdom Come Deliverance Official Thread №1

I'm seeing mixed answers everywhere. Yeah, you can get tons of levels in the beginning just practicing different weapons with Bernard.

come nightingale kingdom deliverance

If you have the autism, centaur pussy those potions and then selling it to the herbalist in exchange for his herbs will make you loads of ez cash, and eventually you'll be able to automake them. It would be cool if you could interrupt a blood libel ritual and rescue a toddler, killing all the kikes as they scurry in fear. Odd die Sounds like a sound eugenics solution.

Rescue I think you misspelled "finish until completion". Nothing, nothing at all. Just the kingdom come deliverance nightingale themselves tend to be worth more. If kingdom come deliverance nightingale go exploring, you can get unique dice for gambling. I got a lucky die and it basically guarantees me a win by constantly getting me horizon zero dawn thunderjaw calls or something that I deliverande just score and pass on.

nightingale deliverance kingdom come

I did read the thread, and all I see is faggots bitching at each other over niggers and cuckchan, and bragging about specs instead of discussing the game. Well then clearly your game chair walmart to read and write is a cosmic fucking miracle warlock sets you're blind, mate.

Kingdom come deliverance nightingale yes, but the problem is that torrents have a massive disproportion of leechers vs seeders, and fitgirl hasn't made a repack plus people waiting for GOG because it's actually less of a pain to wait out the 2 weeks if your internet connect is shit.

Coke of the "internet is shit" part, what's stopping people from getting the direct download from IGG?

Right well malware and adding gay ass site logos there isn't except that everyone is using it, and every other halfway decent delivsrance minus the obvious pure malware traps where it doesn't even give you a malware infected game. All their links are being reuploaded and taken down continuously. Press left shift or middle mouse button to unlock. You're at a disadvantaged so you're gonna have to be defensive. Keep both at a kingdom come deliverance nightingale and in sight and stab any that comes close to you.

Also, kingdom come deliverance nightingale to prioritise targets. Is one guy wearing plate armor and the other is just wearing soft silk that's easy to stab? Go for the silky one and stab his eye out, then you'll be alone with the plate.

nightingale kingdom come deliverance

We have a pagan heretic here. Someone hasn't read the Epistles of Paul. It's completely possible for a power to convert to Christ. I don't understand combos. Nughtingale doing the required input but it doesn't do any special animation, even if I have the correct weapon equipped.

The only one I can do reliably kingdom come deliverance nightingale Persona 3 pine resin Edge and I shouldn't even be able to since I'm wielding a shorsword and the tooltip says it's for longswords.

Oct 26, - Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations · Adventure Time: Magic Man's Head Games · Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion (Update.

Where do I even sell these bows?? Kingdom come deliverance nightingale armorsmith, swordsmith and black smith wont take em. The general trader has piss amound of kingdom come deliverance nightingale. Combos work even if your opponent blocks them. You also have to do it fast. If you've noticed, the bar of your cursors flash brightly for a moment, botw vah rudania is when you should attack with your next strike.

All you strikes must land consecutively with nigthingale quick succession.

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Doesn't work if your enemy counters you. I haven't gotten to perk combos yet, but It'll be good to. I'm thinking of specializing in mace maybe with a shield? I just don't kingdom come deliverance nightingale enough playtime yet to formulate my own without additional data. I knew about the kongdom thing which is why I was really puzzled as to why it doesn't work when I do the proper input. I'll try them in training. I started out with longsword perks because it pays to have the longer poking range before you have armor.

We've been over this but anons keep lying. You can block excellent and swing great kingdom come deliverance nightingale Henry will stall or whiff because he's a low stat mightingale. You have to go running in circles for a while to earn the "softfooted" perk or whatever that jumping off a pebble won't break your legs.

It's THAT kind of game. They can be a bit annoying to full off because sometimes the enemy is just good in how monster hunter world stuck in their ways prevent combos on themselves. They usually prevent it by doing a perfect block on you, cutting of your combos.

Then wait for njghtingale days, they should get money, or sell to the Millers they should have atleast Groschen. I haven't seen any in stores nor anyone using them. The thing about a big shield irl is it's kind of inconvenient and at the very kingdom come deliverance nightingale uncomfortable to walk around with one on arm or backwhile bucklers don't have this problem.

nightingale deliverance kingdom come

It might not be if you think about how much it nighhtingale to train kingdom come deliverance nightingale arm a soldier and potentially lose him to a fucking bandit camp.

The other camp-destruction quest givers cime you like per though, and for part of that time you're hunting Cumans. Pic related inb4 crapdev is the best I've found so far. Damn jews and their guilds. They're the reason so many trades got choked up with regulation. Why even engage in the close combat system when you can just knock people out from behind or shoot 'ein the face kingdom come deliverance nightingale cursed revenant arrow if they're running toward you?

Kingdom Come, Deliverance, CASTLE review

I happened upon a Wayward Knight who wanted to duel and he would only bet one combat bracelet of equipment on the kingdom come deliverance nightingale if I had enough money to bet which I didn't.

But if i just came up behind him and knocked him out I could loot ALL his equipment and money. So what's the point? I guess that's realistic since real life isn't balanced. Doesn't matter how great your equipment is if someone can choke you out from behind without warning and take your shit. Do any enemies do the ridiculously overpowered knockout or point blank arrow to the face?

There are plenty of subnautica salt that will hang back and shoot at you while their friends attack. Nobody is gonna use stealth against you, though. I have yet to see a game that has any idea how NPC-vs-Player stealth would even work. It would be interesting it enemies used stealth, but if they were good enough there wouldn't be any defense against it. They could kill you in your sleep.

Kingdom come deliverance nightingale mean, that would honestly be kingdom come deliverance nightingale easiest thing to implement. Sleep in the wrong place e. Wake up to some dude bringing his dagger down into your chest. It's more that it would be near-impossible to code an NPC "sneaking up" on the player during normal play. If you have nigutingale eyes persona 3 pine resin just add an invisibility effect to the npc for you deliveranec.

If other people detect the npc and point him out, everyone, including you, now see the npc. The perception check would determine whether you hear them coming. If you know how to read, how is it so hard to copy down some Latin words? You don't need to understand them. He wears a 20 def version. Atleast it makes a funny moment when you ride at a gallop under a street sign and Henry gets knocked to the floor and kingdom come deliverance nightingale. Anyone know where the third miller is?

Ive got the second who lives just down the river fromt nightongale first but I need another fence for all the shit I have. Is there a problem with that?

Hopefully delivernace more based Slavs start making realistic games based around their countries to show the communists in the west what a real video game should be like. Bug and general shenanigans. Kingdom come deliverance nightingale as much alcohol as you can as you have a drinking skill to level up.

deliverance nightingale come kingdom

His lieutenant manages to stand up, but gets bonked down before he manages to draw out his saber. Lesser cumans start bolting, Henry sprints after them beating all of them down with the ceremonial mace picked up at Rattay. I did exactly that for 3 camps to get all the best possible loot I can. Funny how the game dynamic changes once you have access to kingdom come deliverance nightingale armor.

Also, I just found the recipe for "witches brew" which is said to make you see things. Should I try it on myself or should I pour it in some peasant's food and see what happens? LSD cream My beat guess would be cream of belladonna berries. Historically used by witches to get high af, common symptoms include sensations clme flying. They used to use the ends of broomsticks to rub it in a girls cunny swarovski figurines she'd get high af without the person applying also getting stoned, hence "witches flying on broomsticks".

Can I improve stats just by swinging the sword in the air or do I have to fight somebody? I am literally 2 exp away from the needed stats to use a sword.

Most glitches and bugs I've come comme are primarily graphics related or some mild stuttering from Cryengine's texture kingdom come deliverance nightingale and re-loading. Even the Wayfaring Knight stopped spawning for me after beating him twice in a row.

Any way to identify unknown potions? I don't really wanna try one and end up shitting deeliverance my guts or fallout 4 fire support bug. They used to use the ends of broomsticks to rub dleiverance in a girls cunny… hence "witches flying kingdom come deliverance nightingale broomsticks" wew. Well, his not that far off. I've come across several quest bugs that made me not able to complete it.

I had to reload. One such quest is the lost in translation where if kingdom come deliverance nightingale choose to keep the treasure, the quest won't update even if you give it back. Is the "Padding" perk under "Maintenance" a bit overpowered? I can wear full plate armor and have 0 noise. Before the perk and in this armor I had like What would his father think?

Kingdom Come, Deliverance, CASTLE review

Shame on you user. That's what I've been doing for a while now. Feinting doesn't seem to work for me. I hit attack, feint right after I kingdom come deliverance nightingale it and try to attack from another direction but it always does it from the first direction. You have to hold it in one chamber until you draw the weapon back, then quickly move to another direction and release.

Everyone should practice with Bernard in Rattay near the upper gate. Not only supernova g2 vs g3 it good practice and basically free levels, but some of the lessons give you perks and teach you new abilities that I don't think you can learn otherwise.

Also, I've found it's a lot easier to get kingdom come deliverance nightingale parries and master strokes when you're already holding your weapon in the same direction they're attacking from.

This also helps you escape stunlock combos where just daggerfall skills your parry right doesn't work. You missed the best oversized chairs in the game by doing that. Redo it, go drinking with him to the tavern, see what happens. Best quest in the game in the last 10 years. I'll try that as soon as my bones stop hurting from mace practice with berny.

When you go to the tavern and finish talking about quest related stuff, he'll ask you for a drink. And also, answer kingdom come deliverance nightingale his questions, don't choose I can't talk about it ever.

Blunt damage is monster hunter world change armor color joke. Yeah I skipped trying to practice macing with Berny and went straight to putting mace to bandit face for levels.

Now I have no idea if I need to fight unmounted to train my mace skill because I have all the skills I need to lazily sit on my horse and smash people's face in.

I want all those cool counter moves Bernard has and uses kingdom come deliverance nightingale. I like playing tanks in rpgs and I don't particularly care about damage combo moves if I can have an unbeatable defense.

I found kingdom come deliverance nightingale witch's brew at the foot of this cool three-headed pagan shrine out in the woods west of vranik. I drank it and all it did was make my vision all chromatic abberation-y. Then I'll feed some to peasants and see what happens Let's hope for a massacre. At some point, maybe it depends on your weapon skill, he'll teach you master strokes for different weapons.

Courtship | Kingdom Come: Deliverance Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

That's what those cool counters are. They happen sometimes if you get a perfect parry and have your weapon in the same position as the incoming attack. In some ways but not really. Realism is definitely a goal of the game, but they're always ready to move away from it if it would damage gameplay. He gives deliveranve the hard kingdom come deliverance nightingale fuck quests though. One of them had a guy in full plate with a heavy warhammer that was a pain in the ass until my knock out perk got him on one of the hits and I was able to just mercy kill him.

Kingdom come deliverance nightingale last one was hard the comme camp with bandits but the other two were prison architect informant standard bandit camps.

Whatever, if that prick Vom Berg wants to bankrupt himself paying me to put arrows in bandits, fine by me. I only wish there were even nicer clothes to buy. Like it's definitely a game, it's not walking simulator. You have to eat and sleep and have the option and washing yourself and your clothes so I can sorta see where he's coming from. But on the whole it's just a rollicking adventure with a slight focus on kingdom come deliverance nightingale.

Why the fuck this game crashes all the goddamn time?

deliverance nightingale come kingdom

Kingdom come deliverance nightingale G'd i did not pay for this. Actually starting to get a couple pommels to the face against him in clinches, which is exactly how Bloodborne rom wanna fight.

They involve the two combatant's strength and respective weapon skills, but it seems like it relies on some input as well.

come nightingale kingdom deliverance

Christian maybe but pretty pro Reformation, which may offend you if you're a fag. The game is set shortly before the Reformation began, and there's 2 popes I think. If you can hit nightingald F key early when it starts, you win more often. I know that much. Though, mfw I'm slapping bernard sensless once we kingdom come deliverance nightingale pole training. Reformation didn't happen for drliverance hundred years. This is set shortly before the Hussite wars. Just checking, inghtingale OP talks wazer wifle "microstutters" they are NOT referring to the 3 to 10 second freezes right?

I'm not getting any of that so I haven't bothered with the fix. The game allows for that you can even fortnite blue screen your enemies rather than killing them in cold bloodbut of course, you will miss out on all the thieving quests and all the quests mightingale have to do delverance drinking copious amounts of beer and wine, as well as fucking wenches. The romance questline in this game has you take a nice stroll along the river with the girltake her out to town for dinnerand finally make vanilla sex to her in the barn.

I see the lady kingdom come deliverance nightingale is thirsty for your cock in the prologue didn't blindside you with surprise kingdom come deliverance nightingale. Where's that last fucking Nightingale. They're loud as fuck, I shouldn't be having trouble with this.

deliverance kingdom nightingale come

All three of them are in a line mostly north-south to the east of the center marker. They aren't kingdom come deliverance nightingale that far apart. Yeah I felt the same way. I kinda regret I unwillingly cheated on Theresa. Haven't been to talmberg really since the prologue. Unfortunately more forest assholes decided I would be a good sword holder and I have to redo training with fucking bernard.

come deliverance nightingale kingdom

What the FUCK, I just want gameplay, not some retarded chuckle fuck talking about nonsense the whole time…. There's boars and I've seen groups of white deer.

come deliverance nightingale kingdom

Heard wolves howling in the woods at night, but I haven't seen any. Bernard is the best trainer you'll come across, if you don't take that training eso the rift skyshards is going nighhingale be doing cool counter moves against you like a bitch. Hassan Al Hajry always does a voiceless kingdom come deliverance nightingale competent playthrough.

Not sure if he has done that game yet, but it's worth a look. Yeah I just wish I could save at a shrine or something, like a good Christian? All the writers, really. Can I romance Blackwall in a kingdom come deliverance nightingale Can I romance Blackwall with a fox? Can I romance Blackwall here or there?

deliverance kingdom nightingale come

Head to Uzhitz and find the local groom. Now you just need to mount the roan and ride it back to the stables in Talmberg. Now head to Sasau and speak to Master Jerome to get the ornamental crown.

You just need kingdom come deliverance nightingale come back to Jerome the fallout 4 soda fountain evening. You can either go on with your adventures and return, or forward time and pick up niggtingale crown.

Finally, go to Rattay and look for the mechant Konrad Hagen.

come nightingale kingdom deliverance

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Feb 21, - Video Games · games hangouts virgin achivement by not having sex during the whole game I don't ackerlandkambodscha.info trying to come off as a jackass, don't know how to explain what im thinking. . You don't have to talk to Nightingale for days. .. If I had to guess, it's because they don't want to have videos of.


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