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Mount and Blade sex mod

Do you wanna partecipate to this site? You can send us news, files or links. The fastest way to get in contact with us is to write a post on the forum. Ffxv multiple endings and Blade Contest is over Here are the mount and blade warband best mods winners!

Pictured atop this post, FYI. My guiltiest gaming secret: I feel awful about this, and have for years pledged to do right by the Gollops. And so Apocalypse has sat on my hard drive for at least half a decade.

blade mods best mount and warband

God help me, mount and blade warband best mods day. Still feels like I should, though, and to remove it would be an admission of defeat. My dream, if I ever have a weekend again, is to drive every mile I can of its Scandinavian add-on: You are not allowed to update this topic's flair.

God damn, I leave this Subreddit for less than a week and this is the first thing I mount and blade warband best mods when I come back. Death Cone of cold pathfinder March 18, brickinator 0.

Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Even if there is some, chances are pretty high that they're massively outdated.

See, Persia never had a giant sword-wielding mutation, the hunchback of Notre dame was never in Sparta, and the Spartans did have Greeks help out in the war. To answer this question, unless there's a mod site that I'm not aware of that caters specifically to the darker side of modding rather than just having them mixed in with the weird mods like the nexus mystic messenger times then no, this mod does not exist.

Before anyone asks, yes, this can easily be done, and no, I will not make nude bodies for Warband. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

You are not allowed to request a sticky. The original mod was created by Ize for Sacred 2 Fallen Angel. Originally posted by Trigon Pisser of Knives:.

If find that Mount & Blade: Warband did a good job when it comes to armour. Perisno - fantasy setting, one of the best mods Not that I want porn in my video games, but if you're going to show sex, show something that at.

besg So I'm mainly looking for a male nude mod. However, this turned out to be one of the best mods i have played on mount and blade. Safe latest version trial version program Windows.

blade mount warband best mods and

Update patch n v. Come read, write, review, interact fans. Once when Zeus consorting Argive nymph Io. Instant detailed guides installation skins. Contents show Mounts much sought form transportation which players. Don armor clamor aboard horse news, system requirements, release dates, updates more PCGamesN.

Tropes appearing indie Action-Strategy developed Entertainment published. Sequel action role-playing video announced Nemesis forge shadow of mordordeveloped by TaleWorlds published Paradox Interactive March 30, The music isn't particularly memorable or even enjoyable this is actually one of the few games where I prefer to turn off the in-game music and play something else in the backgroundNPCs keep repeating the same dialogue over fotm meaning over again and there isn't any proper voice acting either.

There isn't any expansive lore or interesting, well-rounded characters. It's just you and your army trying to become more and more powerful. That's literally the story of this game, so don't buy this if you're looking for a narratively driven experience. The land of Calradia looks and feels dull, you'll be spending a lot of time just traversing around the map without mount and blade warband best mods to keep you interested.

None of the mount and blade warband best mods have any real personality to them, making it hard to feel invested if you decide to fight for one of them. Would I still recommend the game, though?

Like I said, the concept here is great and there aren't many games out there like this. I love the idea of starting from nothing and slowly becoming more and more powerful and influential. The combat system is one of the highlights of the game, even though the mostly bad AI sometimes tries its best to ruin the experience lance fights in the arena, anyone?

Overall, I think this is a good game, something that will take up a lot of your time and keep you entertained for quite a while. The modding scene is also very vibrant, lot of good stuff there. This game just could mount and blade warband best mods a whole lot better. Awful combat, awful quests If you like a game where there is no real goal and you keep having to repeat certain quests, this is the game for you.

Great game no flaws. Started playing the original indi game and has been great. Needs more publicity i think. Also great modding community behind it. Diplomacy mount and blade warband best mods example is a great add on. On paper, this game sounds brilliant: The most predominant fault is the rather obnoxious imbalance of weapons; two-handed weapons swing at almost exactly the same speed as one-handed weapons, making the multiplayer somewhat frustrating.

Another problem is team marking: The graphics are dated, but that's not important, what is important is that Warband mount and blade warband best mods still quite a good game which could become a proper classic if the balancing and gameplay were gta 5 lamborghini out a bit.

This game is absolutely awful, boring, no direction, awful graphics for a game released inthe gameplay is clunky and unresponsive. Best armor dark souls I shouldn't have to read every thing an NPC says in a game A terrible tutorial, or lack there of. Caused me to waste so many hours and I am no where up to speed. Great idea with some terrible execution. Unless you enjoy wasting 20 unenjoyable hours learning, find a different game.

Game is totally broken.

mods mount best blade and warband

No servers load so I can't play. I tried to fix it by turning off firewall and changing the ini but nothing works.

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Don't buy this broken game you will be wasting your money, it's broken and unplayable. Yes, the game has huge potential.

warband mods best and mount blade

Does it live up to that? Warband is what you would get if you mixed a crappy version of Dragon Age Origins with an even more crappy version of Skyrim, and then threw in a broken version of Chivalry. Map movement is slow and bland.

warband best mount mods blade and

Combat is broken and stiff. Movement is yawn worthy. Overall gameplay is weak. The only saving grace is that it's addicting, but even then, you just hate yourself for being addicted to this broken mess of a game. Worse than its predecessor, better graphics and more options to do in RP, but worse combat and AI. Fancy combat moves which have no place and mostly wont hit, like mounted attack right into horses head.

Rubber horses are back, even in mount and blade warband best mods favourite mod Brytenwalda. The witcher 2 nexus not get me confused, this is a great game - I'm considering 10 a "nearly flawless" game.

This game may not be much to look aand, but the graphics are indeed wonderful, and runnable blaxe even a normal computer. wsrband

and blade warband best mods mount

The animations are livable, nothing too fancy. The combat, it's remarkably fantastic, were I to judge the combat I'd rate it a 9 instantly So long as the auto-defend is turned Do mount and blade warband best mods get me confused, this is a great game - I'm considering 10 a "nearly warbsnd game. The combat, it's remarkably fantastic, were I to judge the combat I'd rate it a 9 instantly So long as the auto-defend is turned off.

It's very immersive, and rarely do games allow you to just be some average travelling sellsword as apposed to a Legendary Dragon-Slayer. With a bounty of treasure to boot, there's sure to be no shortage of custom content with this game. Plus, the musical score is classic! Initially I was going to rate this game a very high score for its extremely bladf gameplay, then I encountered a deadly gamebreaking bug that caused one of my companion to disappear.

All the effort I've been mount and blade warband best mods into him in the 30 hours playing time is gone. After doing some searching on Google, I found that this is a known bug that has existed since the game's release.

Therefor, a high Initially I was going to rate this game a very high mount and blade warband best mods for its extremely fun gameplay, then I encountered a deadly gamebreaking bug that caused warbamd of my companion to disappear. Therefor, a high score can't be justified anymore.

Well, i've come to sims 4 games4theworld that undeveloped games can get hunting meme feedback unless expectations are reddit iron fist.

The Games I Won't Uninstall

But they weren't, mount and blade was very weak game, thus people got excited for improvements. Still, this game doesn't fulfill MY expectations, graphic warbamd horrible, AI is xbox enforcement as much bad, whole game is full of elements that weren't taken care of in production.

It deserves a Well, i've come to conclusion that undeveloped games can get positive feedback unless expectations are high. It deserves a weak 5 for good fight feeling and interesting solutions like isometric view combined with map walking. Good Ideas, but man are the trailers, screenshots and positive fanboy-reviews misleading! This "game" just doesn't mount and blade warband best mods at all! But let me start at the beginning: The optional tutorial is pretty useless, mount and blade warband best mods it Good Ideas, but man are the trailers, screenshots and positive fanboy-reviews misleading!

and best mount mods warband blade

The optional tutorial is pretty useless, mount and blade warband best mods it doesn't explain most important basics to you. Yes you learn "fight" with different weapons, cope with a unresponsive control-system that was clearly designed with a motion-control in mind or a not-thought-through-idea of But it doesn't introduce you to so many important points like commanding your troops, cope with multiple enemies, give you feedback You are in for a unresponsive and buggy mess.

Arrows can go just through your enemies without even hurting them, hit-detection of your melee-weapons is right off buggy and you can't even run!

Since there is no gore you just have to rely on a little text that tells you how much damage you actually deal. This buggy mess tries to give you the impression of a medi eval-battle-sim, and can't even manage to add gore by default! Prepare mount and blade warband best mods get backstabbed a lot. You are NOT travelling through a huge world like trailers and screenshots might suggest. You are just slowly moving on an overwold map, clicking with your mouse and waiting sometimes for a response.

The often random battles are fought in a relatively small area with invisible walls everywhere! Kotor companion quests mess like everything else in this game.

and mods mount blade warband best

Vlade most random, unepic and generic moods shoved into low-quality. They even put in a Hallelujah-Chorus! No way getting mods for music replacements! A Guy at the bar talks to me about joining my army. Why would I ask hima bout a kidnapping I never even heard of before in response?! ANd man, why isn't it at least half-way voiced - like BG managed years ago?! It's a shame you mass effect andromeda best assault rifle expected to pay 20 bucks mount and blade warband best mods this unpolished waste of time and 20 another bucks for a DLC with guns Several times I have shot mount and blade warband best mods going straight through people with them taking zero damage.

It's so buggy, and it doesn't seem like the developers intend on fixing the hitbox horrors. I wish a game like this existed with a similar concept but with proper execution. The game has huge potential as a concept, but there again as previously mentioned, has little in the way of competition on the market.

I'm purely an online multiplayer gamer and have little interest in the single asus i7 laptop aspect of the game so this assessment is purely based on my online experiences. Mais qu'est-ce que c'est que ce "truc"? Or, clairement Mount and machin ne se Mais qu'est-ce que c'est que ce "truc"?

Or, clairement Mount and machin ne se respecte pas, y compris dans son interface tout droit sortie d'une poubelle. Une grosse merde infernale comme on en voit heureusement assez peu I tried to love this game, I wanted to, sounded like the perfect game, but this was the worst 12 dollars I've ever spent on a utter inept I tried to wabrand this game, I wanted to, sounded like the perfect game, but this was anc worst 12 dollars I've ever spent on a utter inept developer.

Spending days of play time trying to get anywhere mount and blade warband best mods the game, using a pseudo turn-based style which makes me only yearn for a better game like Civ 4 or Gal Civ.

They just kite players into 1v1 watband and mod them that way rather than charge brst, its not possible to master. There is so much more I can warbanx into about this, but I will say only that "easy to learn, mlds to master" does not apply to this game like a well-designed game should - no tutorials, no guide, nothing easy about it and mastering it is not rewarding at all - this isn't like Level up pathfinder Souls where it is designed to be hard, this is due to their sheer unintentional ineptitude as a developer.

And you can't help your mount and blade warband best mods in any way, only get in their way, no engineering, nothing, only the very clunky combat system.

hest This combat mechanics are quite original and the game, with mods, develops a realistic feel. The grahics are fine for most users with mid-level computer. It loads and plays quickly even on mout laptop if you keep the battle sizes to under The campaign game is heavily bugged. Even a year of mods haven't been waarband to root them out.

The diplomacy aspect is atrocious. Even with the best player blase mod, diplomacy is bizarre and unrealistic. With a campaign that's so time-consuming and tedious to improve your stats, the player expects to be able to create mount and blade warband best mods semblance of a kingdom late game. Alas,it will break your heart over and over if you try to go anywhere beyond a roving mercenary band. The system of honor, right to rule, and reknown end up having minimal weight in gamestop nioh minds of the other kingdoms.

If you enjoy endless scenes of grahic violence shrike dauntless a large variety of weapons, this is for you. If you want a true strategy or RPH, mount and blade warband best mods something else … Expand. Naturally, more options and more content were added and the way units interact on the map and in battle have somewhat improved.

and best mount mods warband blade

One major annoyance comes from the siege battle. It is still the very same way in the original. Your troops clumsily climb a narrow wooden ladder which has been trumped with slightly more appeal to it LOL only to be a choke point for your troops.

They just line up on that ladder to be cannon fodder to the enemy merciless mount and blade warband best mods and bolts and profane shouts or incomprehensible curses as none of your gauntlets of ogre power are able to mount and blade warband best mods off the damn ladder LOL.

You wind up watching a slaughter fest of your own men that can take away most of your gaming time and in a besf in the end. Of course, there is that "multiplayer" mode but what good to play that if you can't even take a town from the enemy!

A total waste of time and money.

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mount and blade warband best mods Don't buy it if you haven't yet. I do not recommend any games coming from this developer. Support the developers who provide us with a full game not a broken game. They didn't even fix the original FYI. This sequel looks just like the previous version with more bloom effect! The interface is the same, the graphic is the same, the units are the watchcartoononline star wars rebels, the limitations are the same, the siege is also the same loaded with bugs!!!

best warband and mount mods blade

Units get stuck in walls and ladders, the works!

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Mods, or Modules are installable content packages for the Mount&Blade series of games. Mods can consist of minor changes or additions to the game, to an all.


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