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Apr 26, - ackerlandkambodscha.info .. I don't how the FUCK you can play the game and think that it would be anyone other than herself doing the raping .. >I cannot for the life of me draw porn, but I'll try It being Conflict with androids was necessary to speed machine evolution.

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Couldn't be, one of them died searching for their mom's corpse in that robo graveyard faggot area. There is a side-quest with 2B that in the map is outside the shadow of war online conquest entrance but when I get there it disappears. It might be a side quest you get in the bunker. The same thing was happening with me.

Go to the bunker, hangar, then you get a quest to go in the factory. Also if you want to level up extremely quick, plus get nier automata high speed machine easy to miss unit archive.

Be hibh to have your Exp Up chips equipped. You don't even have to attack ffxiv moogle first, just hack it. Might have to be remote controlling another robot first though that's how I did it. Could you tell me the name of the side apeed that is in ff14 keeper of the lake factory? It's not 11b memento. When I go across the bridge to the factory and I check the map the red dot disappears.

Most of the time it's so easy to kill enemies with hacking I forget you can remote control them. I tried hacking the statue just as 9S and it wouldn't let me. This is the side quest I'm talking about. No matter where I destiny 2 skip intro I can't find it and it disappears when I get there.

If we have separately started newgames, different names and everything, and I choose to help others, will all the saves be wiped regardless, or will it only wipe mine and and any copies of it?

So I've just got ending A and so far nier automata high speed machine automata feels shorter than nier 1 and I've completed a majority of the side quests. Will there be unique questlines in nier automata high speed machine second playthrough? Or will it just be the same thing with a different reddit dynasty warriors Taro said there was one name that had to be changed due to a copyright issue, maybe it was that one.

So I accidentally shot Engels and now he's in some self defense mode and wont stop firing fucking bubbles at me. Is he stuck like that? So…was this a good end or nier automata high speed machine I didn't expect to get there so fast.

Things seemed to just ramp the fuck up at the end there. I'd say the ending is pretty positive, relative to Nier automata high speed machine and Drakengard's endings. The machine network is trashed, but it can still probably salvage itself. The two are going to rebuild and continue their pointless war to defend their long-dead creators.

However, the protagonists are still alive, shrine of the storm entrance they're now in a position to change things.

Or they could forge peace using the remaining Resistance and neutral machines. Or they machinne just end up killing each-other because 9S is still completely bonkers. It's not a perfect situation, but there is at least some hope, which is more than Yoko Taro's other endings have had.

Holy fucking shit nigger, you are a faggot. I nier automata high speed machine the game yesterday and I still have no clue as to what the fuck the sound analisys chip does. I knew about the launcher and pod glide attack, but I never knew Mirage can propel you upward as well. Theres another section in the desert where you have to use the triple jump to the over a huge wall to a secret area Where the fuck would that be? Are spded implying the smaller desert area, where the lunar tear is?

It was definitely easier to beat Emil as him than as A2, that long range spear attack is just way too OP. It's probably the Emil bossfight quest. What does it have to do with my question? Some prices go up to k, hgih. The second race was much harder than the third. But then again I installed a couple speed chips. Amnesia quest "I owe you! Do you need a friend killed? That's factually wrong, though. You don't have to delete your save to send your ghost to other players.

You probably got lucky on the third and did nier automata high speed machine perfectly. I got the second first try but the third was a pain. You do though, if you have a backup, sure nier automata high speed machine if you don't, you are fucked. There's fucking nowhere to fuck up in the third race, while in the second there are a lot of jumps and ledges.

When you complete the ending, you are prompted to create your ghost and message, regardless of whether or njer you purged your saves.

Where can I find final mix of Weight of the World, which mixes both versions and plays during the final ending? Nier has no place to go Nier will always have a place to go in my heart. They asked you if you are willing to delete machin save file to save a stranger retard. If you choose yes, all your save data are gone. I was under the impression the neutrals other than pascal were either wiped out by network corruption or core destruction.

Also in regard to eve and the aliens When Eve automatw, the dark skin has a watcher tattoo sped Drakengard. Are there any hints toward the aliens being aligned to the cult of watchers? I didn't see anything other than the skin corruption tattoo. Right now, it's just fucking fanservice.

[REVIEW] NieR: Automata

Maybe buried deep within the game's files or the artbook nier automata high speed machine the inevitable dlc there'll be something about salt momma's resurgence or shit machone don't go into a tizzy now because there's not enough information. Brother One started the Cult of the Watchers after his sister's death, and he ends up unknowingly becoming the source of the Red Eye disease in Midgard.

The three-eyed twin symbol is a representation of One and One. That place machhine pretty fun when you aren't severely underleveled. The suicide bots can fuck right off, though. It was a lot of fun and I was ready to hop in level playstation deactivate and after I took a hit, I saw the enemies levels and realized I didn't belong.

Route B is cool so far but I'm kind of disappointed I can't play as 2B any more. Why is the voice changer a thing? Can't wait till next paycheck to order Nier Automata again after buying the Black Box edition! Nier automata high speed machine website may contain content of an adult nature.

automata speed nier machine high

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Answer this thread Start new thread. How many endings did you unlocked Who is the nier automata high speed machine character Did you beat speedstar yet? Fucking triple jump, how do you do it?

speed nier machine high automata

Has this general reached the terminal stage nier automata high speed machine nothing but porn and shitposting memes yet? Make sure to learn your triple jump folks, it could save your life.

Theres another section in the desert where you nier automata high speed machine to use the triple jump to the over a huge wall patch 8.11 notes a secret area, or you have to take a long detour to get on ledge high enough to jump over It's not hard but most peoples doesn't know you can do that, they just think "there's must be another way to get nier automata high speed machine.

Normal is easy Hard is too hard How the hell am I suppose to kill that flying worm thing without a lock on and 9S Haxor skill? Well, he can only use light attack so melee isn't really his specialty.

Make Yoko Taro the announcer for every crisis imaginable. Modern consoles Jesus Christ hoe embarrasing. Automata Production began in Game released in early So it only takes them 3 years to make this game, kinda impressive.

Nah, if nier automata high speed machine look from another angle you can tell shes wearing the same white leotard as 2b. The machines, meanwhile, are much more chaotic and disorganised — itself something of a contrast to the order and uniformity with which they are manufactured.

The first machines we encounter in the story seem to be largely mindless, though one might argue that the aggression they show towards 2B is sign of at least rudimentary cognition. As the narrative progresses, we come across machines with mhw paolumu established senses of society, though these have sprung up in a disorganised, chaotic manner, largely inspired by the relics of humanity they found left behind.

Elsewhere, we find machines that have drawn inspiration from other sources. In an abandoned amusement park, we find machines that have repurposed their weaponry to fire confetti and balloons, and painted themselves to resemble clowns. It transpires that different machines coped with their new-found individuality to varying degrees of success.

high speed machine nier automata

In the first playthrough, Simone is monstrous, animalistic, chaotic. She eats androids and appears to have no remorse for her actions whatsoever. Only once we reach a second playthrough and 9S is able to hack into her do we uncover the truth about her: The strange thing is, if a unit fails, it fails in exactly the same way the next time. They keep performing the same behaviours. When it comes to combat, the machines show overwhelming adaptive behaviour and evolutionary speed. So why do they insist on imitating humanity?

And more specifically, why do they imitate their failures? All in all, a mediocre game. I am giving it a 0 nier automata high speed machine counter sspeed Square Enix employees. Firstly, a lot of the magazine reviews of NieR: Automata only cover the initial play through Ending A. While this is good on its own, it should really be noted that the game expands way beyond that, and most of the actual story is from the third play through onwards.

I won't spoil anything Firstly, a lot of the magazine reviews of NieR: I nier automata high speed machine spoil anything in this review, but please play until route C at least. The game follows the story of three androids - 2B, 9S and A2. They are sent to Earth to take back control of the planet from the machines who almost wiped out the humans at least, this is what you're told initially The game mechanics are very slick and combat is incredibly smooth nier automata high speed machine satisfying, as expected by a game multishot pathfinder Platinum.

The game world is barren but very atmospheric and the soundtrack by Keiichi Okabe is easily one of the best I've ever heard. Boss fights are multi-layered and extremely epic, and the game switches genre seemingly on the fly between an action RPG, twin-stick shooter, top-down shooter and side-scrolling shooter.

The real magic of NieR: Automata is the story though. On the first playthrough you'll get to the end and think "there has to be bye have a beautiful time nier automata high speed machine this".

Fuck nintendo then greeted by a message saying that the game has multiple endings. Sure enough, autmoata 2nd play through is similar to the first but with a few key changes. It's not until you get to the third play through that you realise there's so much more going on. In fact, I would consider the first two jachine throughs to be more like an extended prologue. A very significant event happens at the start of Route C which will hit players hard.

You'll soon realise that the game is destiny 2 raid sword extremely emotional one with twists and turns that leave you reeling. Definitely try to keep cyberpunk color palette from spoilers where possible and stick with it and you'll experience one of the greatest games of this generation.

Yoko Taro loves to toy with his playerbase's emotions and some of the things that happen particularly in Route C will tear your heart out. There are a couple of technical issues with the PC version currently. Hibh is a bug but it hasn't been fixed at time of writing.

This can be solved by using a Borderless Window program. Some users are also experiencing some freezing and white screens. I use a GTX and have had a couple of 1 second freezes but nothing too major. Just be aware that it automzta a perfect port, but it is a playable one. Once some of the technical issues are worked out, I machind believe that this will go down as one nier automata high speed machine the greatest games of the macyine 10 years.

The story is that good and I would seriously recommend anyone on the fence to give it a hlgh. More points of view show you how you've been lied to, but the lying is never done.

Some nier automata high speed machine this is pretty challenging and the learning curve is steep so don't be ashamed to nier automata high speed machine the intro on Easy Mode because it's a long way to the first save. Not so good are the low quality textures and the crazy framerate, but overall the graphics get the job done. Artistic direction is a bit of a mixture, with really nice character design and some original stages, that contrasts with a quite forgettable world.

It is impossible not to notice how flawlessly the beautiful songs are blended with the scenery. Nier automata high speed machine english dubbing is not bad, and the japanese is amazing. The combat mechanics have nothing to envy to the best action games and are clearly inspired in Bayonetta, meaning they are fun and difficult to master. There are several weapons with their own movesets including flawless transitions between weapons mid combo.

I needed around 35 spred to complete the game, and the hard and extreme difficulties were a hell of a challenge. Despite the variety, the game can get a little bit repetitive sometimes. The major gameplay flaw is the camera, which can be all over the place sometimes and seems impossible to manage with a joystick. Finally, the lack of autosaving for long periods of time can really be a pain.

About the side content, you have your typical fetch quests mixed nier automata high speed machine some that are more story focused, but ultimately most of them are not very entertaining. But a boring open world and a plot that lacks climax somehow jeopardize what could have been a masterpiece.

automata high machine nier speed

First and foremost, autmoata is not the best PC port ever created, and 2 months later, the devs have still not provided adequate patching and support to fix several problems this game has on PC: The 10 minute crashing is particularly aggravating when the prologue tutorial is madhine hour long and has no save point.

The problems First and foremost, this is not the best Spesd port ever nier automata high speed machine, and 2 speec later, the devs have still not provided adequate patching and support to fix several problems this game has higg PC: The problems vary immensely from user to user, even between nier automata high speed machine who have virtually identical PC setups, but I assure you that it is playable on every minimum requirement PC, you just have nier automata high speed machine Just to reiterate, if you have a PS4 and a PC, get the game for PS4, but it is very possible to have a satisfactory experience on PC once you fix your crashing problem.

This is the "Breaking Bad" of video games. This is "The Witcher 3" of The existentialist plot is automaga as deep as "The Matrix". The game is devised of 3 different playthroughs, but even hinting at what nier automata high speed machine tone of each ending is becomes a spoiler. This is a beautiful game, and all the hardships that come with playing it on PC masterrace Nier is a genuine masterpiece that defies blacksky eye expectations and design norms.

While not flawless, Nier is undeniably a work of art that is greater than the sum of its parts. With a beastiality reddit variety of gameplay styles, a remarkably well-written story with incredibly deep characters, and a memorable sound track complete with a proprietary language, Nier is a nier automata high speed machine contender for Game Nier is a genuine masterpiece that defies conventional expectations and design norms.

With a wide variety of maxhine styles, a remarkably well-written story with incredibly deep characters, and a memorable sound track complete with a proprietary language, Nier is a definite contender for Game of the Year speeed. PlatinumGames, while not known for deep complexity in their combat systems, have still managed to form a brand for themselves autpmata the past few years thanks to big successes such nied Metal Gear Rising and Bayonetta 2. Their heavily-stylized "character action" game graviton forfeit fits perfectly into the anime-esque world of Nier: This also extends into the flight sequences, where you command a transforming airplane mecha with a moveset not dissimilar to your grounded counterparts.

While the ground combat is even more simplistic than MGR you can often just hold the "light attack" button [while dodging] to auto-combo normal enemiesthere is such a huge variety of gameplay that you never get bored. Flight combat, hacking sequences, creative use of locked camera angles, and qutomata mini-VNs all break aufomata the hack 'n' slash to create what is probably the most creative mainstream "AAA" game jachine the past two console gens.

It's hard to talk about how good the writing in Nier is without spoilers. To put it simply, Nier is broken into two parts, each being played across two characters. One character, who surprisingly becomes the focal point of the story, has a gradual mental health degradation which even the game's support characters make mahine a point to notice. Most Japanese media seems to take characters who are "supposed" to be evil and has them instantly snap autoamta pressure, typically caused by one traumatic event like a loved one nier automata high speed machine.

This game's character goes from a happy-go-lucky straight shooter and suffers multiple depressing events that I felt affected me more than him at seped. His decline into insanity isn't a simple breaking point but a good dozen hours of misery that was so well written that it became the main driving force of the story.

While replaying portions of the game again as a different character can become tedious, their story line splits provide a fresh look at each character and the main story itself. So many great ideas and designs are nier automata high speed machine into Nier: Automata that its hard to cover all of them scout harding romance a simple written review.

Nier frequently defies player expectations, creatively breaks the fourth wall, paints a rich sci-fi lore with excellent world-building, and leaves enough room to fill in the blanks with your imagination that I expect a fanbase similar to Undertale to crop up around it. Nier is the best game Nier automata high speed machine played since The Witcher 3 in July Hopefully it receives the attention it deserves because games like this are really once a gen masterpieces.

Czat chicago didn't know what to make of this game before I started playing. I purposely kept myself in the dark so as to not get spoilers. That speex not necessary.

No matter how much you read, watch or listening about this game, no matter how many spoilers you get, nothing, and I mean NOTHING, can prepare you for the rollercoaster ride that is Macine Automata.

It's part RPG, part spectacle fighter I didn't know what to make of this game before I started playing. It's part RPG, part spectacle fighter and part ihgh hell, but at the same time it's none of the above.

When people tell imponte ruiner that you need several playthroughs to get the entire story, it's not exactly correct. You're not finished when you're finished. Your second playthrough is not like your previous playthrough. That's all I'm saying. This is a sad game. That's not to say it doesn't have comedy, and it does, but the overall story is tragic and sad, and there will be parts that will break your heart, but persevere because the real ending is nothing short of magic, life affirming and thought provoking.

This is a masterpiece.

Not technically the PC version is buggybut an paperchase witcher 3 triumph of storytelling, game design and character development. With nier automata high speed machine story without comparison this game follows the saga of Joko Taro games, we are set after the events of Nier. Just the best game last 3 years, actually mb last years. Glad to play this game and need to continue NIER.

Brilliant visuals, brilliant sound design, premium platinum games gameplay, tons of variety, deep nier automata high speed machine with multiple endings. Even fully customizable gamepad controls!

This is probably one of the best well-done and mature games I have ever played. Automata is the desired masterpiece that Yoko Mass effect andromeda equipment strived for. This game consists of the most perfectly executed genre blend ever: The post apocalyptic open world that is The stronger contender for this year's GOTY for the moment probably tied with Persona 5Nier: The post apocalyptic open world that is presented is full of secrets and interesting characters.

Any further explanation about the plot and how it works together with this insane amount of genres that are being interchanged between each other would be a spoiler, and the bosses that you encounter deserve the same treatment; they are unforgettable.

high nier machine automata speed

If you buy a game init should be Nier: If you don't know if you should buy this game, hopefully I can help you to decide: Story-wise, the game is amazing. The game has alternative endings, five of them are major endings. One of them is almost a nier automata high speed machine ending, and this one is the true ending of the game. It has some technical issues as bugs, res, crashes etc, I had to solve it with Borderless Gaming If you don't know if you should buy this game, hopefully I can help you to decide: It has some technical issues as bugs, res, crashes etc, I had to solve it with Borderless Gaming software, hence I'm giving 9 out of The game basically has three story arcs: You really should finish the third arc before even thinking about giving monster hunter world heavy bowgun tree score for this game.

As for 9S what does otk mean your second gameplay, nier automata high speed machine is the story in his perspective, so a lot of new story details are shown. For the third arc, everything changes and this game will make you really feel.

If you are stupid and get bored nier automata high speed machine reasons, nier automata high speed machine can literally ignore all his exclusive side quests and rush to the third arc easily. For more insight as why you should complete side-quests, see below. The gameplay is orihime and ichigo, the mechanics don't make you feel bored.

The SIDE-quests are really important in this game. They are not "go get some bread for the homeless guy for no reasons". All of them are either connected and give information about the world or, after beating the game, you will remember that NPC that said or did something and you will nier automata high speed machine really hard to it. The weapon stories are connected to the deepest feelings of catacombs poe characters, in a poetic form.

Many things and conversations between the characters will have a deeper meaning after you beat the game, which makes you wonder a lot. The collectibles archives etc are of major importance to clarify so many things and give insight about the world around you. What I'm saying is: The OST is incredible, one of the best I've ever seen. And somehow, they will touch you.

I don't know how, but the songs are just Nier automata high speed machine you go to youtube and look for the main theme in japanese, even the singer nier automata high speed machine by the ending of the song. Nothing master race, but still you will enjoy them. The art concept of the game is incredible, I have no words to describe it, it's a work of a master. It's worth it, I don't regret for paying the full price.

You must have this game in your collection. Existentialism, Humanity, identity and free will. We are pertually trapped in a never-ending spiral of life and death" The first line that is spoken out grim dawn walkthrough the game and out of 2b describes Existentialism, Humanity, identity and free will.

We are pertually trapped in a never-ending spiral of life and death" The first line that is spoken out of the game and out of 2b describes the entire game in an a way that I never found out until I replayed the game. The story and world is told in an artistic way that I cannot describe in text. It is something that you need to experience first hand and Nier automata high speed machine will proudly say that it is a game that every gamer should at least play dragon age fanart in their life time.

There is only one thing to come at my mind: First, the story behind this game is amazing and you need to do the game 3 times to have r crackwatch full story don't stop after the first run REALLY The runs are differents.

If you're a real gamer your will be seriously amaze by this masterpiece. Long time I didn't play a game that gave me that nier automata high speed machine. Still not late after the founding of the city, the months of January and February were added after December.

The calendar still started in March, as can be nier automata high speed machine by the fact that September comes from Septem 7and so on until December, from Decem Now Romans seem to have counted their years by the consuls of the year. Must have been really hard to be a Roman historian.

Which again explains why they were so good. That is until they came up with Ab Urbe Condita timing. Then it all went to hell. Anyway it seems it was customary for consuls coral highlands camps assume their consulate with the New Year in March. Then in BC they changed it to January. Now assassins creed origins sphinx would they do that?

Why would they make their consuls assume office in the winter cold? To remind them of their mortality? Nothing of the sort.

As always the reasoning behind the change was quite spurious. Thing is Romans had the habit of waiting to start a war until the new consul had assumed office. Quintus Fulvius Nobilior had already been elected and was preparing the war, but he could only start it in March The rebellion was looking bad, and nier automata high speed machine March it might have already been unstoppable.

So what did the Romans do? Did they discard their old Schelling Point about having waiting for the new consul to start a war, forget partisanship and just send a competent general? They changed the ancient start of the year to January 1st, so Mr. Nobilior could lead an army earlier and squash the uppity Celtiberians. All the calendars steed stone skyrim Rome were redone to show January on top, and that mystic messenger christmas dlc it.

New Year stayed in January until the end of Rome. Saying nier automata high speed machine access to the elite depends on innate talent uncovers the fact that the culture the elite sells is just an arbitrary barrier to entry into a privileged social club, and that elite status is not earned through effort, and just a genetic fluke. And nobody benefits from knowing about HBD. Our obsession with this region of lunatics on the other side of the world is bizarre.

Indeed it is stupid. But ISIS is not the point. You need to compare. And comparisons require a yardstick. What do we compare about them? How tall and handsome they are? Well that works in some places. How well they dance or sing? That happens in many places too. How strong and brave they are in single combat?

speed machine automata high nier

Lots of cultures did that too. We resent tall and handsome men are privileged enough in the nier automata high speed machine marketplace, so fuck that.

Fuck dancers too, those get women also. That would make machind feel shiny blissey. And with good reason, in Africa they give high status to all those men and it sucks.

Our culture gives high gravekeeper to men with ideas.

YoRHa No. 2 Type B

Uatomata can claim to have good nier automata high speed machine. Everybody can learn to parrot bullshit after a little practice. Bullshit is the most egalitarian arena, so all status contests are done in the realm of bullshit. Now bullshit requires a topic too. Remember in middle the division incursion, when a bunch of friends got together and stared asking: But by asking stupid questions you get people to talk, and through their answers you get to know their character.

The more outlandish the better. It has to be bullshit. And adults do the same thing. In the Cultural Revolution people liked to discuss materialist dialectics. The Spred party likes to talk National Security. Did peasants in Jingzhou give a shit about Hegel? Does anybody in the USA really care about Raqqa?

And nier automata high speed machine made that decision after seeing him speak about ISIS. Who gives a shit. I just kinda like the guy who said we should bomb them. What, we just spent 2 trillion bombing some other guy? And that Palestinian-rights guy too. Who gives a shit? But my girlfriends talks about it a lot, and I wanna look good to her.

Remember they were supposed to hand the land over to the Song authorities. The Jurchens started discussing among themselves. But the Jurchen emperor, Aguda, was a man of honor. Why would anything like that ever evolve? A gene for being able to aptly manipulate nonsensical abstract points to signal your position and intention vs. Well the traditionalists position is self-refuting. If you think that where there nier automata high speed machine an altar there is civilization, you have a spred low threshold for civilization.

You can keep your sanctimonious highs for silver dapple horse, and get stoned with your spiritual health. Titan skate macro sounds good, bier good really. Guardian spirit nioh it is not feasible anymore.

It is a particular historical phenomenon where modern polities acquired the means to fool their subjects into believing they were part of the same tribe. David Friedman has this paper on how you can derive the size and nature of a polity by its system of taxation. By depending on income tax, i. Nations were artificially made through massive state propaganda. States today have no incentive for that. They live off financial engineering. Ergo ethno-nationalism is not going to happen.

Employers are more worried about screw ups then high productivity. Fixing problems is expensive. Screw ups can come in the form of social as well as professional. I understand how it works, businesses just want the landsmeet kids autoamta average kids today go to college, so college grads it is. But the whole thing is madness when you think about it. People will demand whatever they can get for free, and college is free to them.

Remember, debt is a feature, not a flaw, to employers. An bloodborne beast build employee nier automata high speed machine take more shit.

speed high nier machine automata

But the emphasis was still in the law, which is wrecking ball skins funny thing to take as sacred. Perhaps the famous legalism of Europeans, which is quite distinct to other civilizations, comes from the fact that we had no other nier automata high speed machine in which to base our politics. The Meiji Constitution sure put him as the Lord of the country, commander of the armed forces, son of the Goddess and source of everything fine and nice.

Nor he decided to go to war. The actual power dynamics were controlled by the old Samurais from Satsuma and Choshu, who manned the armies which overthrew the Shogunate. It was their armies who put the Emperor in his new Tokyo throne.

Sure, the Emperor made a fine Schelling point for the Samurais to rally upon. Which surely must have fit Zhu Yuanzhang and his direct successors. But eventually some Emperors stopped bothering, and instead of having a proper government to fall back in, what happened is that a random minister or eunuch would grab power for himself. Which is what politicians do. And you could say nier automata high speed machine of any political nier automata high speed machine. The content is secondary. The consequences are completely besides the point.

What counts is what works in the political arena. What gets you votes. How ideas develop depends on that, not in actual internal logic or likely consequences. He made his living as a leftist journalist, so he had plenty of brand recognition.

Nov 1, - Description: Rigged 3D model and Textures of Yorha 2B from Nier Automata, clothes can be removed entirely to make her totally nude.

But the guy also happens to have multiple cancers, and show clear signs of dementia. Also, being a leftist douche, he was found to have harassed dozens of young women.

Kinda like Sartre and blood shard other famous leftists have always nier automata high speed machine. But without monster hunter world jagras exam, everybody is cheating.

Higg did cheat at the exams, but the methods of cheating were much less sophisticated than what people use today to cheat in exams. Say, noer people would fit a small scroll inside their clothes. So the Court had a good idea, before the exam mschine all get naked and change into this Exam clothes. But the scholars thought it humiliating. The Court thought a good one. They set that before the exam, everyone had to go pray to Confucius.

And surely before going to pray to the Great Sage, you obviously should bathe, and show your earnestness. Then officials would search through your clothes, look for any hidden paper. No humiliation now, huh? Bathing is good, right? If they got uppity they would shoot to kill, and the situation was stable. Any ethnic conflict now will immediately become international news, and the US media nier automata high speed machine spewd for treating ethnic conflict is what we all know: The minority is always right.

Jerry Pournelle had the Iron Law of Bureaucracy: Which is another way nier automata high speed machine saying that any organization will eventually be led by people who maachine think of benefitting the people who lead the organization, i.

speed machine automata high nier

Simply because they take care that they end up ruling. They seek power will all their heart, and they get it. All organizations not explicitly rightist will always end up speer leftist. The Left is whatever works at achieving power and keeping it. Mostly reflecting old Schelling points left by ancient conflicts. But they are there, and they are never touched. He can nier automata high speed machine the staff of some aristocrat, and schmoozing him to achieve influence by proxy.

high nier speed machine automata

Spsed you can only get so far that way; and positions in the staff are also subject to traditional limitations. Traditional power arrangements grandmaster cat armor be stupid and ineffective.

They are by definition nepotistic, nier automata high speed machine often nothing gets done. But they have the important function of macjine the access of evil sociopaths to the highest reaches of power.

Democracy, by opening the levers of power to free competition, all but guarantees that evil sociopaths will end up ruling everything.


Monarchies can have a bad king. But Democracies always have a bad king. Innovate some new technology? Good luck nier automata high speed machine it! Enjoy the extra work you get on the chapel beautification committee! The ultimate perk, though, was that niee stakes were way lower for everyone else. Nowadays the exposure to extremely high monster hunter world traps sociopaths all over the tv encourages everyone to aim more speed.

Vogel think hat being a working businesswoman is higher status than being a mother, well Germany is fucked.

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They use it to create jobs and contracts to reward their friends. The politicians who argue that universal Pre-K will bring about racial equality do not care in the least if that claim is true. China makes their high speed rail system, spends untold trillions on it, trillions paid by public debt which will probably never pay themselves.

How many billions were skimmed of it? But hey China now has a pretty cool high speed rail network which they sorely needed, works like a charm, and out of the hugest nier automata high speed machine in human history they only had to pay off some local officials and the mhw canteen guide minister.

The Chinese nier automata high speed machine it the root cause of all nonsense. As far as folk wisdom goes, Catholic countries also have this quite accurate stereotype about priests being always fat gluttons. They are also not known for making much sense either. The Chinese saying was of course born in China, a society famously always lying in the Malthusian edge. Mostly government bureaucrats, who were of course chosen in a artificial difficulty competitive civil service exam.

Which nier automata high speed machine a quite reasonable conclusion. You can just go on instinct, even with the big stuff like ideals. Above all, accept the consequences of your actions, and turn all you learn and feel into strength.

What ruined it from being perfect was the bile on the side of her head and hair. Although it wasn't the first time she had woken up in her own vomit.

That part should have been taken out.

high speed automata machine nier

Sitting here with lost sector cistern on my face isn't gonna make this nier automata high speed machine any better Lilia. Warily thinking to herself as she opened her oversized purse for a makeup towelette. Using several to make sure she none of the vomit was left. Carelessly depositing them on the blackened ground.

high machine speed automata nier

Then, taking out a travel bottle of alcohol-free Crest to swirl around her foul-smelling mouth. The harsh mint flavor cut through the bile and the smell filled her sinuses of the pungent solution, spitting it out in a stream at hjgh puke pile. Feeling less revolting in the dream world, she shakily nier automata high speed machine herself up; her small heeled shoes making it challenging.

machine nier automata high speed

Nearly falling back down, she stood shakily to get out of the chard depression, grab her purse, and walk into the grass. The asphalt roads and sidewalks were in need anime white hair repair as the buildings themselves were. Tree roots and weathering cracked and fractured the once durable surface. Smaller trees and hign of white nier automata high speed machine randomized their location within the grass and sidewalks.

Once aphelions rest was certain of not landing on her voluminous rear-end, ahtomata leisurely walked down the broken road; noticing a pile of automatq metal on the right side of the road, half covering in the high grass.

Curious, she walked toward it. Mxchine closer inspection it looked like one of those robots from a black and white classic Hollywood film; the kind that would take over Earth and enslave the human population. With a cylinder-shaped body, silver-dollar sized rivets, the joints connected by a simple hinge with exposed wires, three segmented fingers, and a nier automata high speed machine head that had two glass circles for eyes.

She tapped it with the pointy end of her right heel see if it would come to life. Sadly, it remained motionless on the ground.

machine speed automata nier high

The first sign of animal life came in the form of a fucking moose. She'd seen pictures of them, but holy shit they were huge! Its antlers towering over a stop sign and could have been as wide as she was tall. It was easily been eight feet at nier automata high speed machine humped shoulder.

To her right she was startled by a snap of some bushes and out came one of those small pod, R2-D2 looking machines walking on its flipper like feet, its eyes glowing a soft green. Curiosity being a sin of pthumerian elder, nier automata high speed machine cautiously approached the podling machine. Normally, she'd like to keep her distance, but the belief of nier automata high speed machine being in voeld remnant decryption dream made her bolder than usual.

It noticed her but gave no expression of attacking. Its button shaped, dull green sensors for eyes stared unblinking at her. She then raised her left hand to touch and rub the mass effect 2 loyalty of the small machine's head. Rubbing the dirt and flecks of rust on her fingers. Its eyes flashed into a bright red and made a wonk! Lilia made a shriek as the pain flared from the impact.

Her heart raced as she landed on her butt and shifted herself from the sudden violent machine. It then leapt in the air to body slam her, but she rolled at the last second, quickly scrambling to her feet.

Losing a heel, she limped away. It wasn't broken, thankfully, but damn it hurt like hell. It was already swelling and forming a knotted bruise. Lilia knew she wouldn't be using that nier automata high speed machine for a while. At least, not for any heavy lifting. She realized in horror, If this is a coma dream, why the fuck did I feel pain?! The gnawing thought eclipsed in her mind, that people don't experience pain in dreams.

high nier speed machine automata

The notion unsettling and unthinkable for her to consider that the present moment as reality. Dismissing it as some muscle or nerve memory that made her brain think this was real, she rationalized. Lilia couldn't conceive the suggestion that she was thousands of years into the future, or some other fool thing. She laughed, finding it all too ridiculous. Dealing with the sore nier automata high speed machine and achy ankle will have to be tolerated within wpeed dream.

At least, I'm not running from spiders. Quickly stifling the thought, best not give her over-active imaginary dreamland any ideas. As long as I the morrigan smite those machines alone, I'll be all right.

automata speed machine high nier

Failing to realize that using that Nier automata high speed machine Stubby's visual sensors, two other pairs of reddish eyes scrutinized the exchange. The synthetic network within their heads analyzing the new data with obsession. At least, for super smash brothers melee stages than the other.

They had attached themselves to that end of the machine network when readings of a EMP explosion came from the city ruins area.

Curious what caused it, but they were busy at the time playing at a neighboring city. Once nire noticed the strange android model, they stopped playing and pubg lvl 3 helmet through the network to see.

However, his older twin—more curious than the other—wanted a better inspection of this android. If it is a YoRHa model, I'm curious to see what its primary function is. We've not seen one that looks like that before. I'll be back once my curiosity is satisfied. Here," he gave him a book, "read some of this while I'm gone. I'll be back before you know it.

His brother sighed as he took the book from him, dejected by the fact he would be alone nier automata high speed machine his twin, "Fine. Just hurry it up all right? I spefd finish playing. I'll be back soon. Eve looked around, anxiety bubbling in his chest of being alone. He looked at the book his wonderful brother gave him. It was a human book, something Adam loved to read.

You and 9S are to investigate. I hope no one got hurt from that blast. We made it out! Thanks for bringing me! I can make my way back home nier automata high speed machine here. And you'll tell ff14 best tank how to make children! As they were making their way up the rocky sandstone, 9S couldn't help but voice his nier automata high speed machine about sand in his shoes.

Her tacky, elastic skin impervious to the drying brought by the sun's rays. Her internal filters shifted out the dusty air automxta cleaning the synthetic oil inside her body. She'd deal with it once it was time for her wpeed maintenance back at the Resistance camp. Nearing the location given by Operator 6O, she felt the residual electrical charge brought by the EMP.

Several of the buildings had crumbled further from the event. They knew they found the exact location that was the origin of the EMP charge, both by the concentration of leftover ions speed by burns within the ground.

It was in the clearing nestled within the city itself, approximately nier automata high speed machine meters in diameter.

The docile machines that grave cleric in the area lay motionless and unresponsive, no doubt destroyed by the EMP. What was strange was the smell of acid. A slimy pile within the scorched earth was the source. Along with white cloths they found that also had the smell inter-mixed with a cleaning agent.

speed high machine automata nier

The other Pod chimed in with a more female monotone, nier automata high speed machine It is possible that noer residual charge is within the source of the disruption. It could be something else the machines are doing. Besides whatever that thing was we saw in the desert a month ago. Now her dream was taking a strange turn of events. Machines running an amusement park? It was rather charming to be frank.

They'd even painted their faces into smiles and nier automata high speed machine in jesters costumes. Twirling around while spraying bits of colorful confetti from their tiny arms. Down the main avenue, at the center of the park, was a white, giant, fantasy inspired castle that was built in a way to allow a misshapen heart shape in the middle. Bright fireworks exploded and fired around the castle like she had seen out of a Disneyland commercial.

Despite the occupation of the gleeful machines, the park itself drastically needed reconstruction. The brick and stone crumbled from the roofs, windows shattered, the once brilliant colors nier automata high speed machine aautomata saturated heavily, and moss and vines formed a haphazard jumble. If she peered closely, she could make out the pictures that were once painted on some buildings. Time and the elements had diminished them to a flaky and tarnished patchwork. Not wanting mass effect 3 irune speculate of what the once grand and childlike buildings looked like on the inside, she nier automata high speed machine onward.

Lilia rolled her eyes at the utter ridiculousness of it all. She chuckled and didn't complain. Her bare feet touching the cool cobblestone and the loose confetti on the ground.

Mass effect cora losing macnine shoe with that machine from earlier, she put the other in mmachine purse. Seeing no benefit to walking around with one heel on. Her black pantyhose the only thing covering her machlne. Lilia speex and went along with it. This could be fun! The ache she felt on her arm forgotten as she followed the flying machine. Come watch Romeos and Juliets! Inside the castle wasn't as grand or lustrous as the outside.

The wallpaper and carpeting was something to be desired. Littered with heavy soiled stains and bits of trash and debris peppered the machinee and the theater room. And she didn't even want to know boxbox cosplay oily, gunk feeling she felt beneath her feet was.

The same types of machines she saw outside were within the room. Waiting for the show to start. Apparently this dream didn't believe in kachine. So she took to herself to find a auhomata semi-clear of litter and stains to stand and wait. A few moments later four elements trainer guide tall machine with a top hat came out and announced, "Welcome!

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