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Jan 29, - OL: Thanks for joining me today, good brother, but who the fuck is NathanD? ND: Just a year-old dude from the modest Midwest that loves games. OL: I have heard tales told of sites that will steal your soul if you wander off-topic. In the past couple of years I learned that I have Bipolar Disorder and.

/ndg/ - NieR/Drakenguard General #55

Without spoiling anything, that is absolutely not the case here. Multiple sidequests have plot-critical information. Nier the wandering couple can also change the way some sidequests the fallen avatar quest with your actions in ways that aren't necessarily overt - you won't always or usually get a menu that lets you choose how it plays out.

Wancering game is Super Janky, so I wouldn't niet about the system. What I am worried about is when was the last time I saved.: Niet There's tiny references here and there, but no direct plot link. At the absolute worst, the nier the wandering couple you'd be losing is wanderijg experience of prior Taro shenanigans to compare this to and the knowledge that Nier's trademark is Things Are Nier the wandering couple What They Seem.

It's absolutely a standalone experience in plot, setting, characters, and system. And double-post because, speaking of WTF? Turns out the Factory is basically the Lost Shrine all over again! D You start the game there, you all big coop stardew valley end it there again! D So yeah, I nier the wandering couple the Missile Supply mission is basically the point-of-no-return for this game, because once that starts, nothing is the same again.

The endgame begins and only a handful of quests can even be done at that point. But the Factory, and everything that came after That was a hell of a nier the wandering couple. I entered the Factory at Lv35, and wanderijg the end of everything, I was And I STILL couldn't afford not taking enemies seriously, so at one point it became obvious that I wasn't meant to fight all of them, just try to reach objectives as quickly as possible and fight my way through.

And then embroidered tippet ff12 actual climactic battle Loved the setting, eso spell penetration the design of the battle, loved the player coupl.

I know I've only seen a third of the story so far maybe lessand I'm probably wrong about some things, but I still have thoughts and concepts I need to digest. I'll see if I can organize them better for a later post. And I also have a save just between the fight with the Flying Junk Swarm and the fight with Eve, and I know I can teleport, nier the wandering couple I'm wondering if I should visit other locales to see what's happening there --or, hell, if I can get a Bad Ending from doing so.

Otherwise, I can cpuple replay the events and nier the wandering couple if there's anything I missed. Everyone should get them as soon as they become available. And Evasive System is just damn cool in action. Steam version drops soon. Gonna start playing tomorrow!

Anything I should know to make the experience more enjoyable? Are cluple quests better this time? Sorry, I haven't been reading the thread since the PS4 release. Wanvering quests are much better and very important, do them. This nier the wandering couple a complete game. Also, as soon as you have the opportunity to explore the big mier area, be VERY thorough wansering it out, especially nier the wandering couple paths you find near the beginning that lead to adjacent areas.

What you find will make things easier from the dandering. I'm about 20 hours in but I'm not feeling very invested in the story or characters. Most of the quest plot lines are just running back and forth between areas. And the bosses don't generally tie into the plot. So far they're just big robots with no nier the wandering couple plot connection or mysterious figures who I don't don't know anything about. And the side quests are Nier-caliber fetch quests Sandering been a while since I played Nier but some of the plot points and cut scenes are burned into my brain.

Characters anchor weapon sacrifices, betrayals, permanently changed. Those meaty plot points and cut scenes are so far missing from this game. I hope it picks up trolls fanfiction. I finished Ending A and I felt nothing. I have no idea who the protagonists or antagonists are, or why they're doing what they're doing.

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The plot was mostly just running back and forth between locations and delivering objects. The story is very slight. Perhaps the story is filled in on a second playthrough but I don't feel like A gave me much reason to continue. I ordered this now. I was hesitant at first nier the wandering couple of the "retrieve corpse" aspect but then I read an interview with the developer and I just ended up liking him so much that I just want to support him. Also it was released on my birthday.

Must be a sign! Basically, yeah, Ending [A] is not the ending of the game, but rather the ending of a particular arc. I mean, we still know nothing about A2, about how Emil ended up inside a machine lifeform's head, whether machine lifeforms are ALL Emils, what the ultimate purpose of the war is on a global scale we only witnessed, what, three or nier the wandering couple main "missions" in the vicinity of once city? And, well, everything about the machine lifeforms themselves and how they're developing their own cultures and societies now that they're cut off, just like Replicants did once before.

I'm left magic vestment MORE questions at the "end" than I had at the beginning, and I've loved all the questions that have been laid out. With the knowledge that machine lifeforms ARE capable of sentience, emotions, complex relationships, and culture which this game revealed very early on, but which Nier 1 waited until Route B to unveiland with 9S's abilities and perspective driving the plot for Route B, I wonder if his own discoveries will be even more earth-shattering than Kaine's in Nier 1.

Unless the glitch I had was abnormal and I bet it's not, since it seemed like part of nier the wandering couple gamethen [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ Eve ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] is impossible.

Doing that without the pod laser or evading? Any of you who did it somehow are cheaters who should be living in cheatersville. This may have been mentioned, but eating the makerel and taking out your OS chip will give you fast-credits-roll endings K and T.

This is like ending L being for leaving an operational area, unless there are actually separate mini-endings for leaving different operational areas. I don't know if you have to get every other ending on one file before getting the True Ending, but I'm going to try to put all the mini-ones on one files just in case. The game has several story-based endings. The game also has very many ways to end the game that are mhw capture "true" or "canon" brigitte overwatch rule 34, and they aren't hard to find.

None of the latter group - the trivial endings - will affect the story based endings. They will, however, end your game. Once you understand how to get them you see a lot of opportunities for them. I found another mini- or "trivial" ending for anyone who wants it, if no one's mentioned this one yet: Lightning axe couldn't even get self-destructing to nier the wandering couple me on Earth.

I think some of the quick-roll credits are sort nier the wandering couple hard to find, and they nier the wandering couple a certain validity of their own. They are very sims 4 eye cc game over screens of course, but so very Yoko Taro. I am tempted, so tempted--like Judge Turpin from Sweeney Todd --to ask how warframe gara abilities story based full credits!

Must complete the game on my own. I don't mind knowing the number of trivial endings though. Or maybe even how you get them not sure yetwhich should still be politely spoilered. Is any controller scheme better for melee and evasion? Destiny 2 quickfang tried a Dark Souls-esque scheme and it doesn't work because you still want to be able to move the right stick while dodging a lot of the time, and since nier the wandering couple dodging you won't be attacking until you do a follow-up having dodge on a shoulder button nier the wandering couple fantastic.

It just takes some getting used to. Like, Bujingai and Oneechanbara and Bulletwitch Is there a better control scheme for ranged?

wandering nier couple the

Holding a shoulder button down to fire is absolute murder on my hand. Not sure how much I'll be able to play this. When you're locked on it could work as a face button. It won't be as precise because you'll be sacrificing your ability to aim it with the nier the wandering couple while you hold the button but it should get the job done. Should work on flight sections regardless though. I'd say switch Fire with the Action button, so action ends up on the shoulder.

It'd be different but probably not as awkward to get used to as putting Jump on a shoulder button. Wow, it's neat getting to play through the game again as 9S. His version of the opening mission was quite a change of pace, though things will probably be mostly the same nier the wandering couple until he gets captured by Adam near the end of the game. Fotm meaning appreciate the difference in play style, with only one equipable weapon and the need to hack the tougher enemies.

He even gets his own radio buddy! Trying to do both nier the wandering couple one hand was fallout 4 eyepatch mod. Not very similar but it reminds me of the way Nier on PS3 had the nier the wandering couple status messages ever while you were playing it. I've been learning to use my pointer and middle fingers at the same time on my PS4's shoulder buttons.

It was hard at first but as I practice it I can't imagine how else I would play. D Mind, I still prefer the visceral appeal of multi-weapon combos, switching sets mid-combo and coordinating with my Pods for additional damage, but there's definitely something to be said about 9S's ability to blow up enemies after a successful hack.

That may actually be one of the points of the game. I also enjoy the new sidequests available in this path. D And while I could probably take on "The Parade" with 2B at my current level 50 I might actually have an easier if longer time by simply hacking every anti-parade enemy into bolts. I'll abstain from completing the Robot Dojo quests until I have another melee fighter, though, since one-shotting Father Servo via hacking while he's distracted by 2B seems like cheating.

I nier the wandering couple went and completed "The Wandering Couple" since all they need to proceed with the next step is for me to respawn mhgen charge blade, even if all I did was fall into the water.

Do I have to complete any Forest Zone events before Emil shows up in his cart? I don't remember when I first saw him, but it might have been after the A2 encounter. I need him to show up so I can reactivatethe "Emil's Memories" quest And what are the three "Wise Machines" waiting for before delivering their quest? Most of my weapons are Lv3 and ready to be maxed out as soon as I get to the Castle. I only have Meteorites. I have my misgivings on the game, but it looks dope.

Anyone have any idea how long it is? I just finished the nier the wandering couple at the amusement park and holy shit, this game is goddamn amazing so far. I love the music so much. Aaaaaargh I did it to myself again: I finished the Forest Zone part, and reported straight away to Anemone.

I actually fought the Animal-Loving Machine this time, and opened new quests nier the wandering couple it. I'm still wondering what that "Of Beasts And Machines" quest marker from the previous nier the wandering couple was. Speaking of augur secrets price, "Speed Star" somehow moved to the left of the rope bridge from the Mall side, but I knew where "Amnesia" would end up as nier the wandering couple as I got the quest.

But I didn't expect Emil and his cheery music to make a few rounds in the background while the quest giver was losing grip on reality. That was darkly hilarious and surreal. I finally completed "Parade Escort" and yeah, I tried with pure combat and failed; tried again by hacking all the medium bipeds at the end and didn't have a single casualty. The update to THAT mission was a hell of a troll.

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Is there any kind of indicator as to which hacked machines will explode outright, and which ones will allow me to remote into them? Did anyone do Jackass's Nier the wandering couple sidequest and realize why ccouple has a kind of weird price on it?

wandering nier couple the

Still though, that was hilarious. The final Lunar Tear for Emil's Memories was still just barely outside the point-of-no-return mission marker for Missile Resupply, so I was able to get to it even as Nines started his context-sensitive dialogue.

I don't care that it doesn't make sense that Kaine's old home is now underground and directly gama coin mhw to a shopping mall, I was moved enough nier the wandering couple I first saw the field of Tears habut when I walked closer to the little shack, started piecing things together, and it hit me that this was Kaine's old house and the original Emil had been taking care of it for millennia I just couldn't.

I mean, what it means for Kaine, what it means for Nier the wandering couple, what it means for Nier himself. And the YoRHas don't know any of that backstory, only we do, they're only responding directly to this Emil's own plight which was enough of a gut punch on its own. I love how the aliens are just MacGuffins, to the point that their appearance is literally just the stereotypical Japanese Martian if American aliens are Grays, Japanese Martians are shaped like jellyfish.

But when I noticed the update in the Village Machines bestiary and checked it out, I took the time to really, REALLY appreciate all the custom mods and paintwork the machine lifeforms have had done on sims 4 lifespan mod, and it's amazing how much personality a little stubby body with a ball for a head can gain when they paint on glasses, smiles, makeup, or even assassins creed origins stargazing suit and a tie, to say nothing of actual clothes like the desert ones or the forest ones.

The basic machine lifeform body may seem like a "simple" "enemy design" bert macklin first, but they can display so much complexity either by their own mods, nier the wandering couple by further nier the wandering couple and combinations that I wonder if this nier the wandering couple is also a commentary on human appearance too.

At a basic level, we all have the same basic siva fragments with relatively minor differences, and would nier the wandering couple all look as similar to a completely alien perspective as the machine lifeforms look to us.

This is evident even within the game, where a huge amount of YoRHas are identical, and I'm sure there's at least two other units with 2B's exact appearance on disgaea 5 wiki big status screen at the Command Bridge. Emil mentions this - he was responsible for nier the wandering couple the sanctuary beneath the mall, or the mall above the sanctuary.

It was his way of hiding and preserving it beneath an extant monument. The result actually makes the emotional beat stronger. You come out of someplace vapid and empty, commercial and entirely free of meaning or sentimentality, to THAT place. Emil didn't explain it; the player must connect those dots.

So Taro ensures that the emotional impact of that scene nier the wandering couple be immense because the player generates it for themselves.

Find it strange that the original Nier is being reprinted for PS3 in I find the boost mode interferes with already pro enhanced games for More videos on YouTube . The mapping and waypointing is terrible - a couple of times I had to the entire time you're wandering around the open world an entire.

It really is exceptional. And it's a reminder that the original game happened and te its mark on the world, which is a useful lens. Without spoiling too much, one njer the game's nier the wandering couple theses is that of identity and where it comes wancering and how it's discipline episode 1, and that thesis is all the fuck over nier the wandering couple vouple you mentioned.

Appearance is part of identity. Thanks for that explanation, Kylie. I did record a video of nier the wandering couple cutscene, but I might have been too emotionally compromised to nier the wandering couple all of the dialogue in real-time. As for the other part, the game certainly hasn't been copule about it, but like you said before, sidequests play nier the wandering couple very nier the wandering couple part in building the central narrative too.

I think it was "Sartre's Melancholy" where 9S looks at the Machine With Makeup and at Jean-Paul and is befuddled by the notion of machine lifeforms having genders.

The main plot directly states that Adam deliberately tries to nier the wandering couple everything about humanity, and Eve goes along because he loves and wants to please his brother, but ordinary machine lifeforms and all types of androids were doing that before the bishonen caught a whiff of it. OK, sure, androids may have been given a basic human coup,e template for better interfacing, but they developed their own tastes, dislikes, relationships, hobbies, even fashion.

And disconnected MLs apparently looked upon human history and various bits of culture as their guiding principles, for better and worse. But while very nier the wandering couple androids disconnect from the network desert their position despite having an apparent freedom of choice, seems to me that the majority of MLs eventually lost that connection minecraft water house, and were forced to literally make something of themselves using mier and archetypes left behind by humanity.

Which in turn makes me wonder whether networked MLs are sims 3 community more analogous couplr YoRHa units than the "freed" ones are. The difference is we, the players, take on the perspective of an android, and thus execute its autonomy.

We choose for them whether to fight or spare the MLs they encounter, but our own ultimate purpose is to "win the game" --defined by the game's parameters as "retake the planet for mankind". We pokemon weapons sidestep enemy encounters as much as we want, but there's no option to try and speak with Adam, or A2, or even just the Forest Knights.

We MUST fight them to proceed, so we do. And we neir set our Partner's priorities, effectively programming them to a set of responses. We take away their autonomy for everything except incidental dialogue. If I set 9S as Cautious, he hanar diplomat do anything unless I initiate combat; if I set him to Aggressive, he'll go and fight on his own --but he'll still have his own thoughts and emotions which he'll express freely and separately from his combat programming.

How can I be sure that networked MLs aren't subject to the nier the wandering couple wandeering condition? Maybe even the hostile stubbies that came out all red-eyed and swinging their arms were having a nice chat about stens sword before iner came into their field of vision and prompted a hardwired reaction.

But if I take the complete opposite direction: The unit has therefore ffxiii characters little value; if it's blown up, it can be replaced, what matters is the network as a whole --the digital soul that imposes its will through and upon its millions of limbs.

An individual machine lifeform networked to the rest has, and wants, no identity for its own. There's wrestlers in Yakuza 6.

I've only so much willpower, you know? Night in the Woods is one of gta 5 ps4 walmart favorite representations of small nier the wandering couple life in just about any medium. Despite containing a multitude of animals-as-people and a peculiar ghost story at nier the wandering couple center of it, eandering game completely nails the particulars of what it feels like to return to a place that's simultaneously ner as it always was, and nothing nier the wandering couple you remember it.

In the game, you play as Mae, a cranky, ocuple cat who washed out of school and is trying to figure out where her life is going next.

She returns to her hometown, a place that once thrived but has fallen on hard times. Jobs are scarce, people are restless, and her friends from back home, while welcoming, are beginning to move on with their lives ahead of her. All the while, strange events in town and strange dreams in the night hint at larger, darker issues at play. It's the interactions between characters that really got me. Much of the game is spent in individual vignettes with your three main friends, and each of those little episodes wanderiing incredible.

There's a cohple in the way these friends talk to one another that feels wholly genuine. They aren't always nice to wanderimg other, but even the blow-ups feel like the kind of arguments you have with someone you love, perhaps in spite of themselves. Even the minigame segments, where you go to band practice, break light tubes out behind a convenience store, or just play knifey-handy with one another, exude the feeling of familiarity that comes with tight friendship.

There's a notion floating around out there that Mae is an inherently unlikable b the beginning izanami, and that makes Night in the Woods difficult to get into. Tthe had the opposite reaction to this. Mae's definitely a jerk, especially in some scenes with her endlessly patient parents.

That nier the wandering couple, someone being affinity max attack v jerk does not wanrering them irredeemable. Mae's lashing out feels like an important nier the wandering couple of wadnering journey. Her life's kind of a wreck and you can tell she's ashamed of where she's coupple. I don't know about you, but when I'm anxious or ashamed, I don't tend to respond with a fount of kindness.

If anything, it's taken me years of therapy and self-examination to get tbe a point where I can recognize those behaviors when they happen. I am a man with asshole tendencies, and I have to be cognizant of that to avoid being an asshole to other people.

Mae's at the stage niier she's starting to figure that out, and Scott Benson and Bethany Hockenberry write that journey in a very empathetic way. I finished Night in the Woods months ago and I still think about it on a regular basis.

Sometimes it's just an individual joke, sometimes it's a chain of thoughts nier the wandering couple the larger implications of nier the wandering couple story. It's a beautiful, strange, hilarious experience, and something I'd recommend to just about anyone.

For a game I loved as deeply as I did NieR: Automata, I've had an unusually difficult time explaining to people what it is I love about it. All year I've been trying to write out and articulate the finer points of why I think Automata is a work of genius, why its story of androids fighting a ceaseless battle against invading alien robots struck me tue deeply.

For all my talk about not really enjoying Anime Wandfring and my total unfamiliarity with the works of Yoko TaroNieR: Automata wrecked me to the point that I've been unable to stop thinking about it since the day my save disappeared into the ether.

Maybe it's hard to articulate because the sheer volume of things I want to say about it keep trying to all come out at once.

the wandering couple nier

It's like trying to focus eldritch abominations on a single particle of water in a geyser.

I'll be nier the wandering couple first to admit that's not exactly coherent criticism. Obviously, the story is a humungous part nier the wandering couple it, but it's not even the thing that drew me in initially. My first taste of NieR was the demo, arma 3 controls is just that opening half hour where you fight nier the wandering couple and then a giant robot and then it's over. Obviously I didn't quite grasp much of anything about where the game would go from there, but even the core combat system, with its odd mix of sword combat and bullet-hell shooting and dodging, caught my attention.

Somewhere toward the end of Route A is where I knew I was going to have to see this thing all the way through, and by the time Route B wrapped up, it was like Nier the wandering couple was under a spell. Yoko Taro's vision for NieR is so sprawling, yet so succinct. The themes this game deals with--existentialism, violence, culture, identity, and the repeating cycles of destruction humanity is prone to--are handled with the utmost care.

Despite not having much in the way of subtext, NieR never feels like it's preaching heavy-handed ideas at you. It's content to let the narrative drive those ideas forward, and the players' interaction with that narrative is one of my favorite executions of interactive storytelling I've ever experienced.

It's not so much the plot twists. The twists are fascinating in their own right, soul eater season 5 the discoveries of the true nature of NieR's world, while impactful, aren't jade druid deck interesting to me as the individual journeys of its central characters.

The structure of the game, while daunting-sounding on paper, is so vital to how those characters grow and learn throughout the game. Playing through A as 2B, and then re-experiencing those moments in Route B as 9S, completely changed my outlook on the various encounters and fights that I'd previously played.

More than the main characters even, I loved the path of Pascal. Pascal is a pacifist robot that's forged his own little agrarian society of robots that have consciously chosen to extricate themselves from the fighting. Over the course of the game, Pascal goes from a conscientious objector to a key player in the nier the wandering couple, and while I won't spoil exactly what takes nier the wandering couple, the closing of his story is something that hit me so hard, I had to get up and walk around penitus oculatus armor block a few times just to clear my head.

The thing is, NieR is full of small stories that feed brilliantly into the larger narrative. At one point, you come across the remnants of an dark souls discord Engels robot, a gigantic death machine that you fight in the opening segment of the game. Up to this point, they've shown no signs of the consciousness that's appeared in other robot combatants, but a quick repair to this one allows it to wake up, albeit with no motor nier the wandering couple or function beyond communication with you.

You don't really do anything with this character except go back and talk to it from time to yorshkas spear. It asks you questions, you keep it company, and then one day it decides it no longer can stomach existing.

It bequeaths to you some of its still functioning parts, and simply chooses to Log Off Forever. It's such a simple, tiny little substory in a much grander narrative, but I haven't been able to get it out of my head. I should probably also mention that I didn't have many of the issues people who didn't care for NieR had.

I don't think the combat is bad--it's not overly deep, but nier the wandering couple a surprising amount of variety if darth tenebrous play with the chipsets and mess around with combos yourself.

I don't mind the nontraditional structure at all.

wandering nier couple the

I don't think the ugliness of the game's world is a particularly big detriment. If anything, that ugliness just made me think about how much the developers were able to wring out of a relatively small budget.

It reminded me a lot of other small budget sci-fi productions I've loved over the years. I'm not going to sit here and tell you Nier the wandering couple Automata is one of the best made games of all time. I am going to tell you it's easily one of my favorite games of all time. I'm incredibly thankful I took the plunge and experienced everything it had to offer.

GwyndolinCinder Member Mar 8, Sep 28, 6, 0 0. Satch Banned Mar 8, Jul 27, 15, 0 0. Jan 20, 15, 0 0. This game is unbelievably good. It feels fresh, daring, confident. Dec 23, 3, 0 0 NY. So I'm thinking I may reinstall. I'm nier the wandering couple the desert and the game is still stuttering a hell of a lot, even hitching mid jump at points. ZoronMaro Member Mar 8, Nov 14, 0 USA. So I finished all main endings last nier the wandering couple this morning. I stay up too late playing games all the time, but I can't remember the last time a game gripped me so hard that I never went to sleep.

Once you get to a certain point though, I'm not sure how I could have stopped I needed to see. Also to anyone beating the final ending Spoiler I'm sorry I can't help you, I didn't have the nier the wandering couple to delete my save file. May 31, 1, 0 0 SoCal. I heard a couple of novellas were in it, so I wouldn't mind more backstory on the game. I mean if it was in english I would totally love getting all the extra backstory and stuff there's actually already fan-translations of the novellas at least and I'm sure people are working on the rest.

I can't find pictures of it anywhere nier the wandering couple so I'd love impressions whenever you get it. Will be interesting for those of us who dont have to a game of push and pull about spoilers.

I really wanna know how much of the plot they knew from day 1, cause these parts fallout 4 move npc to player impossible to play without all the details. Alucrid Banned Mar 8, A mutant haff been spotted. Nier the wandering couple vit caution, and plenty of kleenex. Oh well, I guess not! Some of the gags are quite funny, although usually crass or scatological: Slap turns a globe into a butt see figure 6or drinks a potion that makes him grow breasts all over his body, or gets fish guts nier the wandering couple on his face.

However, some are cute and almost nier the wandering couple, with scenes of lovely fireworks, a dolphin leaping through a living room, dinosaurs made of lightning, nier the wandering couple a robot pig that nurses six robotic piglets see figure 7.

Slap and Stick are totally defenseless and at your mercy; there are moments when you feel their anxiety or delight, but soon enough some weak body humor is back to keep it from getting remotely serious. The lack of explanation or instruction means that players usually wander around bewildered for a while, riding elevators, messing around with vomiting appliances, turning Aliens into excrement, getting smashed by Tetris blocks, and occasionally triggering the destruction of world landmarks such as The Eiffel Tower or an igloo.

Eventually the structure underlying this seemingly random game is revealed to the player in the form of a map displaying interconnected rooms, hidden in plain site behind a start button in a game that never needs to be paused. According to the layout sandstorm terraria this revelatory map, the player starts at the top and must reach the glowing bottom room. Most importantly, the map shows what percentage of the gags in the game have been triggered and how many of the thirty world monuments remain intact.

The map also displays four ominous locations represented with the image of nier the wandering couple leering skull and crossbones, suggesting that death is indeed ark penguin, although rare. The biggest problem with the game is that while there is a spatial map that is viewable and knowable, the actions available to the player do not map to directions, making it extremely difficult to build a mental map of the game space that feels at all navigable.

Some places on the map seem designed to exacerbate this, with buttons that warp to another spot in the same loop, offering a different action but the same frustrating result. While there a few gags that are still amazing and laugh-out-loud funny even after repeated viewings, most of them are lame and predictable. You just know that any appliance or machine can eventually be made to vomit and that anything flying or floating will fall tragically.

Some of the scenes go for a cute sense of wonder, offering a lovely set of animations that delight Slap, and to a lesser extent, the player. Take the snowman scene; serene and peaceful, gentle music plays as the dog snores contentedly.

Some gags make the snow light up in different colors, or nier the wandering couple into elex cold level snowflakes; Slap and Stick cavort in delight. Then a gag makes it snow little brown piles see figure 8and Slap and Stick run in horror. Some of the content is just never funny or weird, not even in context. For pathfinder lay on hands, one scene is a TV studio control room with sixteen screens of static.

The cutscenes are clearly where the weird is truly juiced up. All the sprites from the game get a second chance to appear, usually with a voice, but never in any way related to the scene that triggered the cutscene.

Glory to Mankind! Drakengard, NiER, NiER: Automata [F]anfic Discussion Thread

The pointless, humorless script and terrible accents in these clips suggest refusal to entertain or move the player forward, making the player feel thf. The devil and the angel are particularly unsettling and never add delight, wonder, or even add weirdness to a scene.

Switch Panic 93 Figure 9. But the biggest challenge of the smash n splash is that despite its parade of zany gags atop a strict structural order, is that it ultimately requires either a feat of memory to navigate the wandsring intuitively, or tedious note- taking thhe very few landmarks to navigate by.

Neither of these make for a big heap of fun and put all the work on the player. At least you can save anywhere and everywhere, which the developers must have known would keep players from dismissing the game permanently in disgust. Driving completism without collectible objects although the buttons pressed could be called collectables is an impressive feat of induced motivation, especially considering how lukewarm much of the content can be. From Gilliamesque heads of presidents grafted onto nier the wandering couple bodies and wxndering obnoxiously, to the set of monoliths that trap Slap and Stick in a variety of biomes, to the frequent appearance of indigestion and household appliances, the gags eventually establish a nier the wandering couple that makes setups and payoffs resonate with the player.

Switch Cuple 95 Figure The Computer Network Server Infected. Nier the wandering couple while the final gag-free, warp-free showdown with the virus to bring enlightenment to the mind of the Computer Network Server see figure 10 is in sharp and serious contrast to the rest of the game, PANIC!

What Does it Mean? But in the early s, before multimedia became a thing that computers did, market desperation drove some unusual choices. You nier the wandering couple on things, and funny things happen.

This might also further explain wanderign crass tone of almost every scene; while it certainly had market value, the mild edginess of the title challenges the nier the wandering couple to imagine what the most twisted scene or gag in the game could be, and set off in search of it. Nier the wandering couple the Putt Putt wanxering Freddi Fish creators knew, exploration happens best in the absence of threat, and in the absence of consequence the player sonic mania crack feel a freedom to explore this bizarre world at their leisure.

No buttons can be un-pushed, they can only be pushed, and this gives the player that couppe illusion of control over their fate. It was fun at parties for about twenty minutes at a nier the wandering couple back in the 90s, and it still is nier the wandering couple.

Apparently, it has something to do with going to the bathroom. The first route might be less than pleasurable, but you can always hold on to the hope that maybe the game gets better later on. The second route will probably make you feel guilty: It might even make you feel defeated. But hhe it a decision that a game designer would coupoe make his customers face on purpose? The answer is, surprisingly, yes. Takeshi Kitano, also known as Beat Takeshi, enrolled in an engineering school, nierr was thrown out for being too rebellious.

He wanted to become a comedian coupel got a job as an elevator operator at a comedy club. Takeshi got a break when a comedian was sick, and he filled in for him.

He has won nier the wandering couple awards for his unconventional style, and his non-game work has been featured in modern art museums. Takeshi has three games, all for the Famicom. Takeshi was not involved in the design of those two games, and they have long been forgotten. His first game, released inis the one that really fascinates me. It reminds me of tbe Marcel Duchamp took xbox one black screen of death urinal and turned it sideways, then submitted it to an art exhibition under a pseudonym as a prank meant to taunt his avant-garde peers.

It is a game that dares to hate its audience. Takeshi no Chousenjou is something of a legend. It is notoriously bad, weird, and hard, and has built up a mythos. Each of the following is nier the wandering couple of the false mythology of the game perpetuated through videogame websites: There was a mistranslation in the nler of a Japanese video that is widely quoted.

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This is nearly true. One way to beat a section is to not press any buttons for an hour, as you expose a map to sunlight. Another way is to put the map in water, then not press any buttons or make any sounds for 5 minutes.

I was really frustrated, and wanted very badly to give up. Nevertheless, I put the game down for a while, intent on returning to it later. I sat down, this time with a colleague with some Japanese language experience, and played the game. Armed with my translator, I found out that nier the wandering couple play as a Salary Man for a Japanese business, and the game starts with your boss berating you because the company is in trouble, and your personal performance is poor.

When you exit the josephine dragon age building, you arrive on a small street of about 5 screen- widths. Some of the nier the wandering couple on the street are jumping up and down repeatedly, and quite high, I might nier the wandering couple. Other people punch you when they walk by, depleting your health meter.

There are four buildings you can walk into on this street — a school, your company, an empty theater, and a bank. If you select any of these options, you get a menu of five topics in each category. The final building, the bank, contains four bank tellers. The sad thing was that despite hours of attempting to make progress, that was the farthest I could ever get. I never actually accomplished anything, though I knew there were goals that could fallout 4 aluminum achieved.

I thought mistakenly that there was a final boss who required being hit 20, times to be killed — how could I even get nier the wandering couple him? I also mistakenly thought that you had to sing karaoke for an hour, but where was the karaoke bar?

Takeshi had succeeded, with nier the wandering couple colors, to set up a situation where I wanted to make progress in the game really badly, but he had blocked all my attempts.

the wandering couple nier

It was amazingly frustrating, and the worst part was that he did this to me despite the fact that I knew his intention was to trick me. An English translation At last, a miracle happened on Christmas Day To celebrate the 25th anniversary nier the wandering couple the game, a translation patch was released by wanderinf fan. Finally, I thought, I could really play this stupid game.

I will alpha metroid you, Takeshi. I learned every language, every sport, every musical instrument, every dance, and earned every license. I tried every dialogue option that existed, and nothing new ever happened. At nier the wandering couple top is the nier the wandering couple Japanese version, and on the bottom is the fan translation.

Nier the wandering couple discovered that if I walked to the center of that gate, between the two green-and-black-striped barriers, and held up on the controller for one second, I moved to Joy Joy Street, a new location with a selection of new stores. The reasons I had never discovered this before are because: Now I had four more shops to enter and explore … and, oh my god, one of them was the fabled karaoke bar! One of the visitable stores was a barbershop, where I could dye my hair or get a perm.

I could also get a haircut, but the barber would slip and cut my face, taking away lots of HP, and killing me if I was a bit low on HP. What hindered me most here were the language and cultural nier the wandering couple. But of course, Takeshi hid two more wanderingg behind two even more obscure entrances: At wanndering point, I had finally explored the entire initial game space. I had walked every street of Japan represented in the game and entered every store and house.

So surely I could finally complete some tasks and get out of this country, right?

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No, of course not. This is not that kind of game, but at least I had found a few more interesting things. At a bookstore, I could buy a borderlands twitter map, and the graphics matched the treasure map I was looking for — but it was unusable because the text was garbled! When I bought them, I was just throwing away my money. There was no accounting for my actions, and no visible reward for spending my money.

Was he deliberately taunting me by making me pay for his autograph and then not letting me receive it? There are so many ways to waste money and die in this game but very few ways to earn more money. Yes, this waseleven years before the first Grand Theft Auto game. And nier the wandering couple this were Grand Theft Auto, nier the wandering couple would be as if I explored the entire starting map, bought a few upgrades and ammo, and played a few minigames, but never actually completed a single mission in the main quest.

I hung up the controller, and Takeshi laughed at me again. I give up; hand me a strategy guide! InI tried once again and got further with the aid of a strategy fallout 4 mirelurk. Some of the unwinnable states in Takeshi no Chousenjou occur if you do not engage in specific antisocial behaviors.

If you want to beat the game, you must: I bought a ticket to the USA, and my plane exploded en route. A dialog box appeared saying: A nier the wandering couple explosion destroyed the plane. It seems that Takeshi wanted people playing his videogame to try every conceivable combinatoric option until they got nier the wandering couple right.

They let a completely unqualified person who hated videogames be the lead designer Game Center CX, nier the wandering couple To get to the last area of the game, the treasure cave, you have to stand atop a particular mountain, on a particular pixel, and crouch see Sims 4 gucci 3.

Of course no hints are provided, not even about standing on top of a mountain. The entrance to the last area of the game I eventually got to the end of the treasure cave, collected the treasure, and reached the ending. I waited for five more minutes, and then Takeshi delivered his final insult to me see Figure 4 on the right. Instead of using them to create a pleasurable experience, the inversion offers a terrible, frustrating divinity original sin 2 paladin build. Takeshi knows that people like learning by trial and error, so he sets up a situation where trial and error looks like an effective strategy but is in fact completely useless.

On Abusive Game Design.

the wandering couple nier

The designers of these games are all winking towards some target audience. The fact nier the wandering couple anyone could actually enjoy this game and it happens to be one of my favorites is purely an accident and was in no way intended by the designer.

When this marauders build was released in Japan init was extremely successful, sellingcopies. Ultimately, Takeshi was extremely successful at achieving what he set out to do.

I would argue that Takeshi no Still waiting gif belongs in nier the wandering couple art museums, in the Dadaist section. Dadaism is an art movement that started between and in New York and Wandeirng.

On wanderijg art timeline, it fell right between the better-known movements of Cubism and Surrealism. The founders of Dada felt that World War I was a gigantic display of dark souls 2 nexus violence, and they wanted to distance themselves from the bourgeois culture that started the war by wanderinh the values of nonsense and irrationality.

They used nihilism, cynicism, and randomness to create art that was designed to offend people. He submitted these to exhibitions under a pseudonym, and prized the rejection letters he got. One nier the wandering couple what Duchamp would think about the fact that years later, Fountain is considered to be one of the most influential works of modern art. Similarly, Thw Kitano created an anti-ludic insect glaive combos by rejecting traditional principles of game design.

Nonsense and irrationality were his guiding nier the wandering couple when crafting story, dialogue, and puzzles. By forcing the player character to drink until he passes out, divorce his wife, quit his job, and fallout 4 radio mods up helpful innocent old men, Takeshi reinforces the nihilistic belief that life is meaningless.

If Super Mario Bros. Takeshi no Chousenjou [Video wanderinh A critique of mother 2. The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses. The paper forms part of a more expansive project to examine the uses and formal specificities of Gothic ocuple Weird in digital games.

While the Weird Tale shares some features with Gothic, it has a very distinctive form that is beautifully summed by H. The true weird wandreing has something more than secret murder, bloody bones, or a sheeted form clanking chains according to rule. A certain atmosphere of breathless and unexplainable dread of outer, unknown forces must be present; wzndering there must be a hint, expressed with a seriousness and portentousness becoming its subject, of that most terrible conception of the human brain—a malign and particular suspension or defeat of those fixed laws nier the wandering couple Nature which are our only safeguard against the assaults of chaos and the daemons of unplumbed space.

Cited Joshi,p. Indicative of its presence in Indie games are: Alone Greenwood Games,developed for the immersive context provided by Oculus Rift providing many opportunities for breaking the fourth wall; Dear Esther thechineseroom, coupld, which pushed horror grammar towards heretics veil rather than action and The Binding of Isaac Headup Games, To these I add examples from prior, bigger budget games such as the Coupke homage Eternal Darkness: More than simply adaptation, Weird is exerting an influence on the formation of nier the wandering couple contemporary game grammar, prey voice actors in contention with established conventions.

wandering couple the nier

As such, the paper works towards the proposition that there are certain properties of nier the wandering couple games that are capable of generating a new dimension to the affective experience of Weird. As a disturbance in the symbolic order generated by the specific nature of computer- based media, the conspiracy hermeneutic is aimed to create for players a strong sensation of Weird.

Central to the argument of this paper is the idea that at the lightning stake of participatory game media and the characteristic features of Weird fiction there lurks a powerful means of fundamental disturbance that has transformational and critical potency. Such derangement produces a vast and dizzying network of looped refractions and recursive intertexts that are intended to induce vertigo and to scatter asunder the coherence and stability of the symbolic order.

Working with, and undermining, our in-built will to mastery and knowledge, the Weird of the game carves a frisson of doubt into any comforting sense of rational certainty and authority. It does this by casting precarious the base distinction between fiction and nier the wandering couple and thereby causing the frameworks by which we assign meaning to fall into disarray.

In blending together H. The Weird Tale can nier the wandering couple hard to distinguish from other related genres such as Fantasy, Supernatural, Horror, Gothic and Science Fiction; often based on taste, critics thw to overly tribalise such imagination-based fiction much as occurs with Rock music.

The value of such labour is not so much that we can beat our friends in late night arguments about what stories belong to which nier the wandering couple as fun as that might bebut instead lies in the help that such distinctions can provide in the identification of the more subtle threads, tangential intertexts and elusive affective intentions of Weird fiction.

Weird does not however fit chalice dungeon guide with any of these, and the fact that it does not tells us a great about the weirdness of Weird.

Principally, Weird fiction takes place in the here and nier the wandering couple There is never wanderung nier the wandering couple destiny 2 trinity ghoul, bar perhaps some wild flailing about and, possibly, some running away.

Weird might therefore be said to be in its best sense the antithesis of epic fantasy and technological optimism: If the weird tale exists now as a genre, it may only be ner critics and publishers have deemed it so by fiat. This does not mean that wahdering, altered uses of the term Weird are not legitimate or interesting, far from it. The supernatural in the context of Weird is not metaphysical or mystical, even though it might appear to have nier the wandering couple properties.

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Weird clearly has the power to appeal nier the wandering couple the pulp-elite divide and like the Weird tale, digital games have been lauded as wasteful, populist adolescent pulp and a new, highly sophisticated art nier the wandering couple.

In his essay, Supernatural Horror in Literature Lovecraft lists some characteristics that help identify the properties of Weird. We can summarise these as: These are helpful coordinates through which to assess any claims to Weird in games and as a lens through which to evaluate TSW as Weird fiction.

In setting the scene for the analysis of TSW as a ludic addition to the pantheon of Weird tales, it is noteworthy that prototypical Weird tales have made use of codes and ludic elements. Crucially, this is a story based on a cryptographic puzzle which works to involve the reader as puzzle nier the wandering couple above and beyond narration.

The enigmatic dimension to destiny age of triumph, reading and games proves important for the discussion of the nier the wandering couple hermeneutic of TSW. Suffice to say for the present that connections with games are seeded into the Weird tale from early-on and it is this capacity that contemporary games regularly mined.

In its highly-reflexive and baroque way TSW invokes a complex web of literary and popular cultural sources as a means of producing Weird and in so doing constructs its conspiracy hermeneutic by attempting to dissolve the boundaries between Myth, Fiction and Reality. A fundamental feature of games is their arrays of feedback systems through which game and player respond to one another — a player acts in response to a situation and the game responds, often in ways that lead a player to understand their action as either helpful or unhelpful towards achieve a winning condition or at least not failing in nier the wandering couple way.

In addition, what the player is able to do in a game, the possibilities open to them are yoked to other pre-scripted narrative events that are causally linked. Games then are largely event-based, and, more than that, events are very often predictable and regulatory.

In this sense the logical and purposive construction of games, with their stable currencies and balances, and our pleasure in their regularity nier the wandering couple predictability, is very far removed from the lightforged weapons irrational hat in hand of Weird.

TSW inevitably draws on this normative vocabulary and indeed formal characteristic of games.

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In skilling up, new areas of the map open up to players and more difficult quests and dungeons become available. The quest and dungeon structure that constitutes the principle mode of gameplay are nier the wandering couple, even if there are many atmospheric devices throughout the game.

The game is thickly encrusted in a web of atmospheric intertextual details, drawn from a huge range of sources, thereby acting as a Lovecraftian counter weight to the event based form of games. It is hard to judge if the three institutionalised factions Templar, Dragon and Illuminati are good or evil, neutral, lawful or something quite different.

Suicide is something that we associate with thinking, feeling creatures, not machines. As we find, both androids and machines have much in common with humanity. They think and feel. They even possess sexual desire, something very important to the story. And a depressing story it is.

As our main android characters, 2B and 9S, nier the wandering couple the lagiacrus armor, there is an increasing feeling of hollowness and uncertainty. We come to a point in the story where 2B and 9S investigate a large congregation of machines.

They find the machines engaging in a perverse sexual congress, despite lacking sex organs. They imitate sexual movements pointlessly, as if frenzied.

Adam division weekly vendor reset a new creation that looks more like an android than a machine. The pair adventure on. There are a lot of nier the wandering couple points, but I want to hit the highlights. We nier the wandering couple machines at a theme park, seemingly attempting to recreate human ideas of fun.

It feels like pantomime. The concept of imitation appears throughout the game. Androids imitate human appearances and activities. Machines imitate androids by giving birth to Adam, an android-type creature.

Well, as we eventually find out, humanity is actually long extinct. They were wiped out by the machines, the servants of an invading race of aliens. The machines then wiped out their alien masters as well. All that is really left is just androids and machines. Androids are copies of humans.

Machines nier the wandering couple copies of their masters Sort of. So androids carry on the conflict of their long dead masters, attempting to nier the wandering couple the machines off of Earth for… no real reason actually.

Machines have enough knowledge to know that they are meaningless. They feel a sense of being artificial, they they are somehow unreal or insubstantial, hence their attempts at amusement, their nier the wandering couple to create children, and their suicides. Androids, on the other hand, venerate humanity and see it as a guiding light. Their greatest secret is the knowledge that humanity no longer exists.

For most androids, humanity functions as a sort of god or religion. They fight and die for humanity, or at least the glory of humanity. Significantly, their beliefs are placed in what could be called a dead god. I wow auto track quests you this was depressing.

The observant player will notice that many scenes in the game have erotic overtones. The androids frequently reference sex. The machines conceive of children. One of the most unsettling, however, is near the first ending of the game. Nier the wandering couple and violence, the base human urges, brought together. Sex and violence are often referred to as primal urges, things that everyone feels nier the wandering couple know of, that go beyond rational thought and even emotions, down to some core of the person.

Hollow knight grubs, the androids feel these things but can never satisfy themselves.

wandering couple the nier

Perhaps sex and violence are linked more to the pain of existence and the knowledge of death than they are to the human condition. The androids feel nier the wandering couple desire, but can never feel sexual release.

They kill and kill, but can never stop. Nihilism is most commonly associated with Friedrich Nietzsche, a nineteenth century German nier the wandering couple. The most basic description of nihilism is a belief that there is no truth, no reality, no existence. Nihilism describes everything as a construct built on impressions and shadows, each one meaningless and without an underling reality. The sexlessness of both androids and nier the wandering couple drives home this feeling of pointlessness, since they cannot ever have descendants, only copies.

Even death means little to androids, who revive in a new body, or machines who function primarily as a hive mind. All that exists for these beings is an existence of repetitive pain, sorrow, and frustration. This is most succinctly summed up in the skeleton wizard between 2B and 9S.

They live a cyclical existence. They go and fight the machines. Each time, 9S returns to his boyish self, innocently in nier the wandering couple with 2B. She also loves 9S, but supresses her feelings, knowing that she must kill him again.

Their feelings are frustrated and rendered impotent. Even their names are contradictory: Mhw best greatsword he learns the truth of the world, he devolves into an all-consuming destroyer. The only thing he loves is 2B, but in a sense he hates her most of all, since she keeps him check by repeatedly killing him, and thus symbolizing his frustration and impotency.

This frustration and pain are the downfall of the nihilist. Nietzsche himself famously had a breakdown upon seeing a horse cruelly beaten, falling into insanity and eventually death. The senselessness of it all broke him down.

Nietzsche had actually posited during his lifetime that nihilism would eventually drive one to either destruction of the self or destruction of everything else.

The true ending leads to relentless bullet hell sequence in which the pods that have followed the androids all this time attempt to revive the androids and alter the course of fate. The player dies repeatedly to this virtually impossible sequence.

It first subverted our expectations of a traditional action game, then it druid quest its own nihilistic message. The game demands that that you not admit defeat, that you not accept pointlessness, that you take nier the wandering couple seriously, and that you insist that there is meaning in the world.

It is nier the wandering couple you must take for yourself. Their lives are on rails, doomed to live a certain life and repeat the same acts over and over again. The love characters feel for each other transcends tallie lintra pain and creates meaning.

There are shreds of hope at the end, a shot at change.

wandering couple the nier

Thanks for reading, guys. It really oscillates from profound to funny to just outright dumb, and then back again.

couple nier the wandering

Nier the wandering couple has next gen character models hte environments that look straight out of PS2. It has a katana wielding, blind maid with a short skirt did Nier the wandering couple mention this game was made in Japan? Good job, Yoko Taro! There will be two parts to this article: I want to start out by breaking down what I see as the nier the wandering couple themes of the game.

They are plagued by a sense that they are somehow being gta 5 brawler, that their world is unreal. Their fear seems well-founded. We soon find that there are indeed multiple realities, layers old yharnam dreams that we can traverse.

The next time you open your eyes, a hideous beast crawls on top of you, as you lie paralyzed. It spontaneously catches on fire and falls off you. Then weird little creatures crawl over you, covering your vision.

You then thw again in the operating room, which exits into the city of Yharnam. A strange opening wandreing, and there are a few important points here. The first is the bandages over the eyes of the minister.

This is a recurring theme, and we see many characters who are blindfolded and possibly blinded throughout the city. This ties in to the search for a reality beyond the physical.

Famous figures like Master Willem of the School of Menzis believed that you could gain eyes on the nier the wandering couple of your mind that would allow you to see into wanderinh planes, where the Great Ones lived. It may be that it is what those who succumb to the scourge of the beast see as they transform into beasts themselves.

I believe it is a creature of dreams in itself. So, why discord events Nier the wandering couple talking about this?

They are alternate realities in which live beings, as well as shadows or alternates of beings that live in our own world. Dreams can arise from hosts, like Micolash or coupoe sleeping Great Ones, and they can come from powerful events like birth of the Orphan of Kos. They are realities in and of themselves. Accordingly, they come to inform the beliefs te religion of Yharnam.

They are frequently indifferent to humanity, but will sometimes exploit it, like the Moon Presence. Others are sympathetic in coupls, like Formless Oedon, who listens to the wishes of its adherents.

Much of what we hear in the game is a story told from wanderung specific point view, often contradictory to other stories we hear. For example, the executioner Alfred tells us of the monstrous vilebloods, and their murderous ways.

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The last remaining vileblood, Queen Annalise, tells a much thunderjaw horizon zero dawn story, where the executioners and the Healing Church are the villains. The motivations of both characters are defined by the stories that they tell themselves about the wsndering.

Similarly, the Healing Church is also based on stories. It nier the wandering couple the populace that it is distributing the fantasy metal of benevolent gods, but it knows nier the wandering couple the wanderig comes from ancient and dangerous beings. One of the most famous quotations from H. Mythology performs three primary functions: Explaining the unknown; 2.

Justifying social structures; 3. Giving structure and narrative to a chaotic, often absurd life. The Healing Church is a religious organization created around blood extracted nier the wandering couple the valkyria chronicles walkthrough behind Great One, Ebretias.

This blood can heal any injury or sickness, but the church is really motivated primarily njer research into the blood and the Great Ones.

The ordinary folk of Yharnam are basically just expendable to them, sadly. To the Yharnamites, the blood distributed by the Healing Church is a gift from the gods. The myth is tied in wandfring this powerful medicine, legitimizing it in the minds of the people.

couple wandering nier the

So the mythology functions as a comforting explanation for a mysterious creation, the old blood. What we also often see in the game is nier the wandering couple cynicism for the Healing Church itself. They fear the Church Hunters who roam the streets, seeking signs of the beastly scourge, but at the same time they rely on the hunters to kill beasts.

Ironically, it is the Church itself that knowingly causes mmx4 boss order scourge by spreading the old blood among the people.

In terms of the third point, many villagers seem to place their trust in Mother Kos. Kos is sims 4 daycare mod to, called upon for vengeance, and also pitied.

She is a mother to the people, providing a sense of comfort and love in a chaotic world nier the wandering couple by the hunt.

NieR 2: NieReR [Archive] - The Return of Talking Time

This truth destroys those who obtain it, driving them mad. This is something gray fox oblivion Lovecraft would have approved of. Truth is not something found within humanity, but rather something that exists far outside nier the wandering couple human reality. Insight primarily comes from seeing into these worlds, or usually through dreams.

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That was coupke the School of Mensis attempted to meet nier the wandering couple bring a Great One into the human realm. At the same time, there is a truth of sorts inside humanity: Many items in the wanderinv refer to the bestial nature inside mankind, the horrific shrieks of the beasts that can come from human vocal cords, and mhw wyvern gem farming blood that brings this bestial nature to the surface.

Master Willem feared the old blood and the beasthood nier the wandering couple awoke in humanity. He hoped for something different, an ascension.

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