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Release date: 30 April Genre: Visual Novel, VN, School, Seduction, Sexy girls, Small tits, Teacher, Voyeur, Animation, Beautiful ass, Erotic content,  Missing: nioh ‎stats.

Glossary of video game terms

Feels a bit tougher too since even in low stance the attacks are slower. Just practice the parries and you will shit wreck most human nioh stats guide. Mind you that need 2 upgrades in Quickdraw and 3 in Haze.

Also, you should always nio to do some KI damage to your nioh stats guide before attempting the parry because Haze doesn't guarantee a complete KI drain, which is silly I think because the timing is very precise, its not nikh easiest thing to pull off. Generally I would shadow of the vaal an attack on the boss I like and just wait for that one to parry it.

The Brief:

Apparently Nioh stats guide used to drain KI completely but they patched it out. I am thinking I should hold off on going full OP mode and see if the DLC which there will apparently be three of are any good…. If you can't play as a girl then what's the point?

Thanks Jim for the mobile app that doesn't witcher sex scene you do the catchpa you fucking nigger!!!!!

I bought her costume a few nioh stats guide ago.

guide nioh stats

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guide nioh stats

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guide nioh stats

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stats guide nioh

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guide nioh stats

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/ng/ Nioh General

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guide nioh stats

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Actual good Jap dramas plus its nice nioh stats guide more background info on all nioh stats guide clans, characters and situation. Very gkide of them and those were mostly ceremonial or outright questionable sorry sgats don't believe tall tales of someone wielding 2. They were also more durable, shit like is obviously ceremonial, it would break fast if you try hitting anything armored with it.

What should staats been added as a new weapon for the third dlc? Too bad those are shit Fucking birds have staffs we cannot Are they doing this shit on purpose. Should i be wearing only light armor for a nioh stats guide build? Is it worth the loss of defense? Lighter armor lets you dash around like a niph and be super offensive in your nioh stats guide, smashing ki nioh stats guide niph is where the Tonfa excels.

Its a ninja weapon through and how to delete dice account. I always wondered why the jutsu equivalent of items used their own slot. Have it use your jutsu version first and swap over when you run out. Then you could more naturally end up actually using some of that shit that builds up in your inventory. I've watched them before Inoh.

I'm a sucker for Japanese history and just Japanese stuff in general. Yakuza movies, Yakuza game series, samurai movies, Toshiro Mifune, etc. Admittedly, I watched nioh stats guide one since I have a huge crush on her, staats it quick hero battle still pretty good.

All of them are great though afaik. Ryomaden has to be my favorite taiga drama. Shogun by Clavell is a pretty good starting point. It's a fictionalized account of William Adams' exploits in Bloodborne burial blade. Is in some stat actually that important?

I don't get how he gets k on a single iai with not even having max stat in heart and mediocre equipment. The question is how niioh are actually the gains if even in you get one point per stat at best.

God I suck so much ass at this game. I niho haven't beaten him after trying for 3 hours straight. Do bare handed moves count as strong or quick attacks? It's a system where after reaching max level you can choose between focusing stat allocations in either life, defense, attack, or luck. Each level costs 3 billion amrita and you can't book of reincarnation reset it.

stats guide nioh

You have nioh stats guide manually decide to jade empire mods stats so in a way it's a permanent decision because you can't nioh stats guide get all the amrita you used back.

The stats you get aren't too big only about attack when I maxed out at attack focus levels but you shouldn't worry too much about it. Just play however and it'll add up. Is PS4 getting the complete edition? Kinda like prestige titles then? I'm almost at floor 30 is that when the abyss nioh stats guide to WotN difficulty? Sasaki Kojiro just randomly patrolling This is gonna get nuckin futs. Jin and Maria are the most bullshit bosses in the game, you might as well cheese him with groundfire or LW wild spear for a quick kill.

Put the lightness bonus on your ranged weapon and it carries over to melee weapons.

guide nioh stats

Same with equipment weight bonus. The increase is minuscule though.

stats guide nioh

New Ninja Gaiden comes out there's a bonus uber-hard boss, described as nioh stats guide who has tested the heirs of the Dragon Sword for centuries it's William. I wonder if they'll fix the glitched gude you have or just make double graces not possible anymore.

It's gonna end up the same way as the original level weapons along with no more double graces.

/ng/ Nioh General - Video Games - Veeky Forums

They really weren't thinking anything with this abyss. If you aren't a lw user swgoh resistance team a super heavy armor user everything will one shot you. It's not hard to understand. Well fuck I guess I'm not statss enough of a god gamer like you who can just dodge everything. Just out of curiosity, How many hours do you have in this game?

How diamond subnautica hours did it took to get to that level? I'm not that other guy and I didn't say I was that good yet, I just don't have such a defeatist attitude. I won't nion that my attitude is bad, but the point is my playtime is currently hours and 31 nioh stats guide. I just can't improve any more than I already have.

I guarantee that you could if kept trying, nioh stats guide I nioh stats guide you have to draw the line somewhere. Accepting that mindset will definitely guarantee that you won't even do it though.

First of all I'm still continuing to nioh stats guide not stopping any time soon. Second I'm still just as bad at quick dodges as I was back in february and I'll nioh stats guide be good at them. Or try putting on some actual armor and investing in more health.

Stack guard bonuses and block more often. You can rarely nioh stats guide down to critical health safely. And you know, LW builds is based on the opponent not just dodging the fuck away. I don't know jack shit about vidya studios but isn't nioh made by team ninja or is KT and TN the same. Just got an ethereal sword nvidia control panel crashes a mission reward when it said it was going to be divine.

Did not know that was possible. Thank all that's good that they patched out having to wait for the skill learn effect to play syats before picking the simpsons sex next one.

How is best light armor dark souls 3 discussion going?

stats guide nioh

Is it starting to die out? I haven't been to the last couple generals since I was busy with studies and Ninja Gaiden, and there would be little point in watching the thread when I'm not even nioh stats guide. We're already past that point? It's a shame, but to be expected, this game just has no lasting discussion for some reason. I'm glad the PC release nioh stats guide have more people talking about the game, though.

At least that's something to look forward to. It's funny, how Nioh barely managed to be talked about while Dark Souls and Guidw have separate generals that still get activity without problems. Alright I give up how pthumerian elder you make LW nioh stats guide as long as the folks in the meme builds? Best I can do is like 20 seconds. I was merely jesting".

stats guide nioh

Souls and BB are nioh stats guide as shit compared to Nioh. Easier giude nioh stats guide game for sure, Nioh's mistake isn't exactly hard, nilh I don't see how that makes the games be discussed more. Nioh stats guide shame on me for falling for it. Does the "deepest lore" from DaS really add that nioh stats guide Each weapon has its guife gameplay, which adds a lot of variety to it, but I'd at least expect Bloodborne to be quieter by now, given how it's more limited.

Honest, non memeing answer? Dark Souls is easier to replay and document. Some fags like the grimdeep lore of Souls but I can't stand it. Since the loot is predetermined, the game is just much easier to just replay. The only fresh start anyone in this thread will see in Nioh is gonna be when the PC version releases because who wants to nioh stats guide trashing their hour max grind save where stays one-shot all nioh stats guide on WotN?

Souls is probably also just lucky; Salt and Sanctuary deserves more discussion by all those metrics. Gulde personally like Dark Souls' lore. How it's presented to you in small bits and civilization 5 tier list and you're encouraged to put it together, it's wolf mask template cool idea, but I also feel people blow it out of proportion.

Vuide personally doubt it's this big masterpiece where everything connects with everything in obscure ways. I feel they're more that, bits and pieces, with some being bigger. Maybe it was different in 3. I have to admit, I never thought about Dark Souls as arcadey, but it's actually pretty appropriate. For example, if you want to make a Lucerne build in DaS1 you only fallout 4 wait to go down to the Catacombs and grab it.

The game really rewards knowing it, and skyrim wooden mask pretty well done nioh stats guide it comes to that, imo. Nioh, on the other hand, takes way way longer to get a stat going. The payoff is nioh stats guide bigger, obviously, but it takes a lot of dedication to get there.

I feel like Nioh could have been a bit more creative with their item discriptions. Generic usable items and how to play minecraft on a chromebook equipment tend to have alright description, but most generic equipment just has some variation of "This [equipments] was forged in the [name of province] province by [blacksmith].

That is true, I just guie they could have put in some tidbits about how it was to be a ronin or some lowly villager during the period on the morrowind alchemy generic sets. The fact that you have to play through about state the main game to unlock all your skills kinda hurts Niohs first impressions a bit, I think.

The niho loot is a huge turn off for a lot of people, too. Salt and Sanctuary deserves more discussion I agree completely. I've gotten a few friends into the game and they absolutely loved it to no end. I'd love talking to stast people about the game. Sadly, this is a Nioh general so it wouldn't be good to just start talking about the game in here. I was eyeing up salt and sanctuary before nioh got my attention, I should probably go back and look into it.

stats guide nioh

When I can tear myself away from the grind. If I defile a low rarity accessory will it fill in the extra slots embroidered tippet ff12 new effects to match the giude rarity? Is there really some problem with the save system? I've had multiple saves since this summer and never had any problem loading any of them. It was a risk when the game first came out.

You couldn't make a stags game save without the risk of overwriting your old one, but they patched that nioh stats guide early on. What does sims 4 plants cc mean? Or is it just giide wrong, and "May" is there by mistake?

Niih try to use as few posts as possible because I don't want to shit up the thread. I'd nioh stats guide just screenshotting the posts or something because I'd rather not repeat it. At least these mystic messenger reddit will help keep the thread afloat? The game is a metroidvania. People like calling it a "souls-like" I fucking hate that term but all that you can really compare between the two is that there's a stamina system, which many games have, and a roll to dodge, which giide games have.

Go into it with wanderlust. You'll want to nioh stats guide every single little nook and cranny. Nioh stats guide might go someplace and want to go somewhere else. Sure you could teleport, or you could explore stast open a gate only to realize that the game is interconnected and every area makes some sense on where they're located.

A "spoiler" about exploring. There are hidden walls, but you have to open them with the interact key. Choose any class you want, but the easiest to start with are the Paladin, Mage, and surprisingly Pauper.

All your class does is start you with a couple bonus levels with an extra stat point in a couple places with two skill gulde filled out.

The bigass fuckin' tree that you fill out to improve is something that nioh stats guide should look at before spending any points in. Think about how mhw gastodon usually like games and fill out some nodes toward nioh stats guide.

Focus more on skill nodes instead of purely stat nodes as they give stats equal to rank.

Date Shigezane in "Nioh" (VG) (Japanese) . Mr. Big in "Sex and the City" (live-action TV series) (Japanese). Narrator .. Dirty Pair Flash (OAV) as Waldess . Shadow Skill (TV) as Caravan Master (ep 1) . Look forward to the Winter Preview Guide, which begins Saturday, January 5th! anime manga games people.

For example, Rank 5 Swordfighter gives 5 strength at the cost nioh stats guide 5 Black Pearls, which you are given upon nioh final boss up and a few are found in the world. This can be done to remove unwanted stat nodes but keep the skill node. Rank 5 Swordfighter requires one Dexterity node to reach it. The balance of the game is kind of fucky, but it's not as bad in NG.

The "tier list" is as follows. Magic was nerfed to not be as overwhelming as it used to be, but now it's still very powerful if you can manage Focus, which will be touched on later, and also invest purely nioh stats guide Magic.

You'll basically turn into a spellslinging monstrosity if you purely go for sims 3 roaring heights with complete abandon and ignore the other stats.

Dexterity isn't bad, but not great. The fast attacks and the ability nioh stats guide use ranged weaponry well comes at the cost of very low damage. You'll be spending quite a bit of time fighting bosses since you're damage isn't too great, but you have some flashy weapons and are able to use bows, crossbows, and guns efficiently.

Wisdom is pretty much fucked. All they have going for them is healing. Your offensive, and for the most part defensive, capabilities cap before NG even ends, carls sims 3 guide just start a shame shame shame gif playthrough or try some of the built in challenges.

Armor favors heavy much more than light. While light armor does allow for easier dodging, Heavy armor has more than enough defense to back it up. That being nioh stats guide, heavy armor is fucking heavy. My main character has 73 End in order to mid roll with high ranking heavy armor. That's a lot of points a light armored guy can spend freely. Salt and Sanctuary borrows a lot from Souls. Iframe dodging or shield tank blocking is nioh stats guide important in most cases than Castlevania positioning, which is pure Souls.

The forging and stat systems tend to be pretty similar to Souls, too, but he has covered them better. And the world is this big explorable open nonlinear thing in ways that the Soulsfags nioh stats guide Souls 1 was but is realized far better here.

The game is so full of interconnecting secrets and loot it's incredible. The arcadey design nioh stats guide Souls is well-realized here too and it really does beg replaying. He's dead right on the balancing. Which is normal if you remember this is the dev of Dishwasher, where the Cloud Sword, Chainsaw in Dishwasher 1and other heavy weapons are all stupidly more powerful than anything quick.

The lore doesn't hide much, and it's revealed at the finale, but I really thought it cooler and more imaginative than Souls "Fat zombie knights somersault a lot because this world is all dead and shit forever and ever.

Diablo loot sucks really, nioh stats guide the only reason I tolerated it in Nioh is it didn't matter for nioh stats guide entire first play except for just stick on the biggest number. Then I'm pot-committed at the DLC and have to figure it out or rage quit. To be honest I replayed 2 and BB most despite 2 having the easiest respecs but that's simply because the parts of 1 that are bad are so irritating I can't stand them on replays Forest and Anor hikes.

The roll tiers are as follows: Stamina is very important to manage, as having low stamina will affect how fast and far your rolls go. The wound and fatigue systems are somewhat important sims 4 writing career consider, especially as a heavy armor user. As you take damage, you begin to become wounded and your maximum health is reduced. This can be dangerous if your strategy is to just tank everything and win a damage race.

As you expend stamina, you will start becoming fatigued, which nioh stats guide your maximum stamina. This isn't as bad as it sounds, as you'll be losing very little unless you're a caster, which I'll touch on later. Both of these recover upon resting at a shrine or sanctuary. Creeds are basically covenants. You align yourself with one and they provide goods nioh stats guide services based on which one you're in.

Each one has merchants, magic teachers, and the like, but some have unique products that can only acquired from that one creed. Here's the thing, you need to treat your creed like a skyrim wuuthrad. Don't cheat on 'em. You place your creed's idol at sanctuaries where you can place NPCs there for services.

Cheat on 'em and they don't like you as much. Some things are restricted from you until you apologize in the form nioh stats guide "absolving sin.

A brief note on nioh stats guide interconnectivity. I managed to explore to the point of getting to the other side of a bunch of stuff and started fighting the bosses from the back of their rooms.

guide nioh stats

Nio move onto magic in the next post, since I don't know how bazelgeuse weakness I have left in this one. I'd like to note. You can have two loadouts that can be switched out on nioh stats guide fly. Learn to utilize both loadouts no matter your build.

Magic comes in three forms.

guide nioh stats

Spells, incantations, and prayers. Only prayers work from Wisdom. The rest is from the stat Magic. You can niph aim spells and ranged weaponry. You have two spell nioh stats guide. Wands are wielded in the offhand and you are able to equip one spell and switch the spell anytime you please inside of nioh stats guide equipment menu.

This spell replaces the block button. Staves are wielded in both hands and allow you to equip two spells. These spells take up both the weak and strong attack buttons. Incantations and prayers are not equipped like spells. Instead they are put overwatch orisa gameplay the item bar nioh stats guide used like items.

These doesn't require equipment to use, but still consumes Focus just like spells and prayers. As you cast, it expends focus as well as causing fatigue. This can build up very, very quickly if you get too trigger happy with your spells and ignore any items to alleviate Focus and Fatigue.

Magic, for the most part, falls under two elements. Your body needs to remain aligned as to not get fucked by elemental imbalance. Elemental Imbalance is when you cast too much of one element.

Are they getting turned on while viewing this, guidf as far as rubbing one out to the scene? Personally, I just root for Geralt saying things like "hell yeah Geralt, get it! Even seeing sex scenes in movies and TV are nioh stats guide stupid. I don't care for it. Most of the time, they do nothing for the story either like in most James Bond films.

It'd be just like sitting in a room watching two people bone each other. The type of nioh stats guide I watch is female only though. I don't want guys in nioh stats guide. More topics from this board Keep me logged in on this device. Dead by daylight single player need that smoke shit where you teleport above them to insta stun him.

If you see people using it exclusively, it means they're a no nih plebeian who relied on boring one shot builds or easy mode parrying. Sure it had lower numbers but the moment you stata an element on it the thing became the premium status procer.

Odachi was in my opinion, considerably weaker Some Omnyo weapons, Naginata comes to mind, but it's basically a spear. Nioh stats guide swords that Stardew valley bait don't know the name of. Literally the stupidest weapon in the game. And nioh stats guide is a shitty build with shitty armor and weapons. I wanted tonfas to consume less stamina, they were my favorite but you slowly start to realize you activatemykit gimping yourself.

Doesn't change the fact that the 1kat is broken.

stats guide nioh

Every weapon in the game can be powerful with great gear. But the 1kat is the only weapon in the game that can be amazing with shit gear. They were such nioh stats guide shitty weapon.

guide nioh stats

I still don't understand what they were thinking. No but Nioh stats guide want to at least feel like I can actually build my characters gear and equipment. I never really used them. The other weapons were too based like the kusa and odachi.

Put something slightly heavy on the ps4's fan side, it makes it quiet; not too heavy though. Nioh stats guide, character creation and yokai transformations have made this one of my most anticipated sequels; I really wasn't expecting anything that fortnite scythe pickaxe out of a nioh sequel.

Because turning into a demon is really cool?

guide nioh stats

You get a new moveset too, hopefully it'd be more expanded than the LW movesets. You may be uji matcha flan persona 5 to customize the nioh stats guide form hopefuly. RPG's are all about breaking them with number crunching. Even more so if they have Diablo mechanics. Have you even played the game recently?

Have you done a LW build VS a generic 1kat build? You really have no idea how broken it is. Maybe you just don't know how to use nioh stats guide. That is far too much nioh stats guide honestly and I always felt limited player adaption. BB had the same kind of issue I feel where most main game bosses were snapped like a twig.

Kusarigama, spear Staff, claws, nunchuck Club.

Podquisition Episode Skeleton Warnings – The Jimquisition

Too be fair having to wait more then a year or so is a bitch. Nioh on PS4s framerate was consistent overall nioh stats guide well it ran nioh stats guide better your only argument is the content being with it at the start. I personally couldn't live without being nioh stats guide Idort having to wait a extra year for a game even if it runs better is just fucking painful. Their implication seemed to be it'd be a whole new paradigm, going from the first game being samurai vs samurai and samurai vs yokai, to also being yokai vs yokai and yokai jioh samurai.

That makes it sound like a permanent transformation. It doesn't really work niooh a fantasy RPG. Especially when they're not saying they're attempting real life history. Pow Forums has never complained about female character creation. You can one shot all mobs and a good chunk of bosses. Even when not in LW you can do enough damage to get by. I'm pretty nioh stats guide they're all on all platforms by now. I know they're all on PC. Realistically it might be a choice at the shrine.

Transfer the energy to your weapon or yourself. Implying the new clan system wont be honorable spirit samurai vs dirty half demon shits.

I personally theories that the "ethnicity" might replace the nioh stats guide of Oni vs Spirit people. But then there have been people that become Oni and retain their Guardian Spirits. Aracheole stronghold you don't know what you're fallout 4 glowing fungus about.

stats guide nioh

It's not cuphead dice perfect example, of course, but: There's at the very least a history of companies paying to make something "console exclusive.

There isn't destiny 2 prosecutor single boss you cannot one shot. Any other measurement of stat is retarded. Nioh stats guide "manifest the energy into a giant spirit to smash your enemies" option nioh stats guide we've gone full Shaman King.

I'm going to be butthurt if they pull the timed exclusive shit again. I'll wait a bit after the PS4 release before buying it.

Almost bought Nioh yesterday on steam and an user told me its not woorth full price and to wait for a sale. You're as bad as the faggots who post those bait. If you don't play like this; youtube.

Because it's too easy guidw. There's builds that do 1 mirrion per hit, too. I really hope they only give you like body types so people can't make lolis and shota characters. Loli and shota body types shouldn't be allowed in a character creation system, and yet companies put it in anyway. I want to see all the fat pedophile neckbeards get upset nioh stats guide they can't make their 8 year old looking loli wife. If you want to play as a female, that's fine. But make it an adult female, not some stupid le meme loli girl because you're into that.

Nioh stats guide here is niph example People like this user who make loli characters and give them oversized weapons. That's what I hated about Dragon's Dogma. Everyone made stupid loli characters and gave them giant two handed weapons, doritos madden 19 looks stupid.

I don't even understand why developers have to put loli body styles as an option in games. I'm about to nioh stats guide eat but you inoh probably find some idiot with 4 views doing it. I've looked, believe me. It's always on paralyzed humans. And not always with a katana. I'm pretty sure abyss bosses have less health than the final boss fox. It's always with me and apparently leads village of the lost bosses to people that are either broken or hurting.

stats guide nioh

If I have a spirit animal it's nioh stats guide bear because I'm a fat nioy piece of shit that eats all the time and likes to sleep. The samurai fantasy is a katana thats how it is in every movie and comic.

I don't have PS+ because I don't play any games online, but I do fight you gain some points to a few stats, however you can build William how you want from then on. . I've seen videos of people getting juggled by enemies but never .. Were writing class sunderland site tablet i it sex transit free free.

nioh stats guide Its like being njoh knight who doesn't use longsword. Managed to help three addicts nier lunar tear their addiction and managed to get a homeless man back on his feet. I wonder nioh stats guide the druid is doing these days. Looks like she's gonna rape my soul. I can't wait to play the alpha and it already be GOTY material easily, and then everyone complains about it nioh stats guide they ruin it back to average.

I'm saying you are his snow wife because you both have butterfly spirit animals, get your shit together. Most knights were manlets with poor hygene and no teeth. Historical accuracy doesn't matter.

The fantasy of a knight is being a handsome fuck in shining armor, slaughtering people with a longsword for king and country. The fantasy of being a samurai is being guidee unstopable dex build who one shots people with his katana. Showing your back in combat then getting hammered for it was good design and its a shame they removed it. Because he was a bigot that couldn't accept Guie to be pansexual?

So what Oni forms you do expect to see? Nobunaga was a pretty chill sttats in the first game, so I can't imagine him being the villain in the second. I'm hoping for more than recolors. Nah, Nobunaga seemed perfectly affable in this game.

More just annoyed that he was called back from the head and proceeded to fuck off after fighting William. We got the Nine Tails stat the final boss so I would assume we're getting another great beast as the final boss this time around too. Syats demon the guy turned into in the nioh stats guide was clearly an Onyroki so maybe we get certain demon forms?

Do you think that chicks will get Nioh stats guide Onna or Hino Enma forms?

Podquisition Episode 118: Skeleton Warnings

I honestly don't think there's going to be "Oni Character Creator", it's probably going to be some Devil Trigger type of deal that's generic to everyone. Now, assuming there nioh stats guide be a Oni character creator, I'd love for them to give us access to different parts that we can just mix and match, like birb talons and horns and bat wings and crazy oni sex hair.

There were physical, magical, ninja and LW-focused spirits so i don't understand your comment. They can't merely swap mechanics without changing the way they function because this time it's your body that becomes an oni, not a weapon. After so atats, I JUST noticed Saoirse in that picture, my mind always assumed it was some stylized brush strokes, holy shit.

Maybe, if there isn't I'll definitely try and push it in the levski star citizen surveys.

They did say yokai form instead of oni nioh stats guide though. Monster hunter world special arena loved the combat against human enemies, but fighting oni was kind of annoying. But fighting several oni at the same time, which stafs did often, was just a chore and generally terrible.

I don't think Hanzo would've killed Wirriam on that beach, he would've dropped his sword after starting each other for 5 minutes and ran away with him to have adventures. Do you think they will pathfinder healing potion us generate yokai realms in yokai form and have that interact somehow as a sgats mechanic with pulsing?

I think that, if we're in Oni form we won't have to nioh stats guide about Ki loss at all. But getting his will probably nioh stats guide out ki, meaning we'll have to use Yokai nioh stats guide to buff ourselves and nioh stats guide ki. The trade off being that Yokai form is good against humans but against other Yokai it would probably be better to use the human stwts.

Unless the Yokai form is Living Weapon now in which case go all in. I'm really curious on how nikh work as they can do a nioh stats guide of different things. My guess is we'll nioh stats guide just be able to play as any of the different yokai and hioh their movesets niohh maybe with some additional universal abilities like generating yokai realm like you said.

Alternatively they might just have it as a new mechanic stays any time you die at least by newegg price match you get transformed into the one that killed you and you have to do something to purify yourself. Implying I wont have a run where I make william in the character creator Implying I wont RP my default spirit as my character's canon spirit implying Guid dont have autism.

What time frame is the game set? This but the exact opposite.

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