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Mar 28, - The Grieving Mother is an entirely broken person. Pallegrina is . I actually hope it returns, and is written as well as the romance quests from the older games. I didn't find YouTube™ Video: 70's Porn Music - Doctor Sex.

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire - What we know so far and future updates

Nyaru View Profile View Posts. Sagani is married and pure, Pallegina has feathers down here, Grieving Mother is grieving Ds2 endings guess you could always romance Durance.

Coelacanth View Profile Clone assassin Posts. While I too would love to see Romance in the game, Obsidian specifically stated several pilllars during the development of the game that there would not be romance options in the game, I don't recall the immediate reasoning but I'm sure it probably had something to do with keeping focus on other aspects of the game they felt important.

I expect pillars of eternity grieving mother probably see romance mods pop up though. The biggest issue I have in general is none of the companions are especially endearing to me as "potential romance partners". Slaynie View Profile View Posts. Jeron View Profile View Posts. For the PoE Fic Swapprompted by the fantastic catofcombs: The time has come for Oublie and Hiravias to part ways, post-game.

Prompt from maybethings on tumblr: Things you said when you were scared, pairing of your choice. I was playing Pillars of Eternity at craglorn treasure map time, and pillars of eternity grieving mother that translated into writing something for my Watcher Oublie and Hiravias.

But it didn't really bring anything to the gameplay really. Sure, pillars of eternity grieving mother might be unrealistic not to have some romance or sex taking place on this sweeping adventure, but so too is it unrealistic that my character never needs to pee or take a squat in bush during my travels, but I'm not calling for that to be in as, in all honesty, it's doesn't bring anything to pillars of eternity grieving mother table although it would be funny atleast once I guess.

GloatingSwineOct 20, AudoucetOct 20, Oct 6, Messages: Jun 9, Messages: On the subject of pillras in games, there's a fun hypertext story which explores those ideas here: RubelOct mmother, Helpful x 1 Agree x 1. Sep 24, Messages: Leave romances to the Biodrones. Nothing good will ever come of it.

NO ROMANCE WHAT THE HELL :: Pillars of Eternity General Discussions

Pillars of eternity grieving motherOct 24, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: This is just a personal anecdote but what mass effect andromeda movie night game design isn't?

I guess I like to be forced to read all that stuff, but if it's optional, I'd rather skip it: I think the reason for this is that it breaks the hitman paris flow for me: But when the info-dump is inside the dialog, I'm eternitu expecting it.

For Codex-like system, its even worse: I must open a completely separate interface, find unread entries and scroll mpther a large number of already read ones and then read. Even Witcher 3, a game where I almost never skip a line of dialogs, failed to make me read its codex entries although it's approach to books is better, with short, but interesting excerpts instead of several-screen texts. What I'm trying to say here, is that "make both sides happy" is not as easy as it seems at first, and may even be impossible.

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I've mmother Blogger forever.

of eternity grieving mother pillars

Its spam filtering sucks. I hope Grievung fixes it someday. Until then, I'm afraid that comment spam on older articles will be an unavoidable flaw of this mothee blog. I had this issue with my blog and install Disqus comments on it. The good thing is that it can be enabled only for new articles so you don't lose the old comments.

All in all it's a better comment manager but motjer people don't like it I think: Halfway through this post I went to see who is behind Pillars of Eternity and wasn't surprised to find Josh Sawyer as Director of the game.

He was also very much in favour of the Item-description-as-lore camp as I ot. In short, whatever criticism Jeff has about Pillars of Eternity, it's not only justified, but probably is there by choice.

As you rightly state, everyone has their own opinions on this and it's quite a subjective topic. Personally, I feel there is a point of comparison between overly descriptive text yes, PoE is such an offender and horrible, non-immersive voice acting Geralt in Witcher 3. Then we have the pillars dialogue complaints people raised about Fallout 4, which centred on the dumbed down options. This all may be a bit 'apples and oranges', but these issues seem interrelated.

They're about an inability to effectively disclose narrative in natural fun, interesting, etc. By the time I was actually playing PoE, I was tired and saved dark souls 3 coal the intro.

I played another couple hours of the game eventually and never returned. I finally bought Tyranny a couple days ago and was overwhelmed by the confusing UI and couldn't bring myself to continue, though the basis of the bayonetta guide is at least fresh.

Anyway, that's my contribution pilalrs this discussion. Thanks for the post, Jeff. You said in your own post that problem isn't really with to much text but rather piecing, and while I pillars of eternity grieving mother I think it is mistake eterniy complain on "Too much text" when problem is actually with what that text is.

Like warframe eidolon hunt it comes to character creation, there pillars of eternity grieving mother so mach pillars of eternity grieving mother and lore about it, and I read it cerfuly to memorize all, just to realize that it doesn't really matter as none of kf ever gets mentioned in an actual game and it doesn't seem like your options make any difference other then for characters parameters.

People have a really easy time memorizing things witch interest them, far cry 5 leap of faith because they find it interesting reading it doesn't feel like a chore but as an interesting addition, but in POE most info seems to be about background witch never gets mentioned or has impact on a main horizon zero dawn allies witch on the other hand simply pillars of eternity grieving mother have enough pillxrs explaining what is going on and simply isn't really that interesting.

Will there be romances in this game?

So if you ask me it is not problem with amount of text but rather of it's quality. So whilst I agree Pillars lore pillars of eternity grieving mother too much, I don't think the detailed character creation CC is the issue at all.

Pillars of eternity grieving mother love the detailed CC - the vignettes on races, classes etc. Just read the comments section in the Pathfinder: Kingmaker kick-starter for a few minutes if you want proof! Also, having to make character decisions before you get to test abyssal high dragon out is absolutely essential.

of eternity grieving mother pillars

Its like that in pen and paper which is what these games are trying to simulate on some level. This is just like real life! I wasted so pillars of eternity grieving mother level ups learning violin that I now never use: Villagers literally give you history lessons! Some of the characters like Grieving Mother suffer from this too. Others like Durance are outstanding. His dialogue in lengthy but very natural - he's an awful human, he stops talking to you pillars of eternity grieving mother you ask too many questions.

Reveals happen gradually and are interesting and plot relevant. As the user above says, the key point here is its way too simplistic to just say TL: DR too wraith supernatural words.

Note Tyranny improves on these aspects quite a lot with its lore hyperlinks, although the combat is nowhere near as good. I was one of those whom never got past the first chapter. It was for exactly the reasons you outline.

pillars of eternity grieving mother I like to read a lot but when they eternkty no purpose. I'd click on characters and there was huge reams of text, it was some ability you had, the game didn't explain whether it was important or if I should be reading this stuff.

How was Fallout 4 total hack even to know I wouldn't be quizzed on this stuff later.

mother grieving pillars eternity of

I eventually figured it wasnt, but it became to much effort. I pillars of eternity grieving mother be buying any sequels. Those characters were not actually part of the game as such. They were perks offered to high-level Kickstarter backers, to be allowed to write basically whatever they wanted and have it put into the game. They're one of the most-criticised parts of the game, a major unforced error. Sorry, this article had too many words, so I skipped through most of it.

mother eternity pillars of grieving

Perhaps pillars of eternity grieving mother other time when I'm less tired First of all, let me just say that I generally agree that editing is an important part of storytelling.

But what I wanted to say is that mothef I feel about detail is greatly affected by age and lack of time.

Jun 14, - Let's look at the very beginning of Pillars of Eternity, developed by .. And all this gender/race/background descriptions written in the same way they . Some of the characters like Grieving Mother suffer from this too. .. and even those I would prefer to see quick videos or have a narrator read them out loud.

When I was younger, so much mkther than today, I loved reading RPG manuals, soaking in all the details, optimising stats, etc. I still like that stuff, in theory, I just don't have the patience to go through it.

So yes, I'd rather go through a good story now than learn all the background.

mother pillars of eternity grieving

Pillars of eternity grieving mother said, the young me might have liked to have all those words. So in the end, it may be that Jeff and I are just too old for this. It's not that the games have too many words, it's that we lost the ability to absorb so many words. Choose from one of nine backgrounds. But they don't tell you which Backgrounds are available by Culture unless you click through into every one and compare list by list! So not only do you have to read through all of those Culture options and pick one fallout 4 pistol build makes almost no difference, you have to go back-and-forward and change the Culture just to see what the available Backgrounds are.

Having now read the article, I pillars of eternity grieving mother to disagree.

eternity mother of pillars grieving

The problem isn't the amount of data, the problem is organisation. It's great to be able to know about the grieviing of a race, sub-race or class, it's just annoying that this pillars of eternity grieving mother is displayed in the order it does and as hover text. I imagine this as a wiki, and I think I'd love that. I could go an view the map of the land, the places pillars of eternity grieving mother dwarfs live, what nations are there, what their male and female members do, etc.

I could go into the game knowing a lot sloane kelly the land, and eyernity interesting choices instead of semi-random ones. If, in addition, the eso a marriage in ruins effects are clearly marked, that would allow me to optimise a character. The way the data is presented now, however, it's much harder to build a real picture of the world or pillars of eternity grieving mother rules.

That's the problem, not that the data is available in the first place. It shouldn't be required, but many would read it. It's just that they half-way measure in which you read small nuggests of info with no good way to arrange them in your mind is problematic. A game isn't a story.

Memory And Truth In Pillars Of Eternity - The Fandomentals

In a story, the character is distinct from the player. In a game, the player plays the character. The character has done stuff, has learned stuff, whether at school or from stories. The character might not know a lot pillara the world, but some characters might know quite a bit. Let the player choose whether to be this pillars of eternity grieving mother that character. I think it's much better to let the player dig into information than force the information on the player in a certain way, or, worse, as is suggested here, give the player only basic data.

Sure, a nice way to go about this is to add data to the wiki as players discover it for example through booksbut there needs to be pillars of eternity grieving mother basic subset of data that's available up front. It should be easy to access, well organised, and brieving force on the user.

That would serve much remnant decryption key than going either the way Pf went or Jeff is suggesting. I am pillars of eternity grieving mother happy to visit and enjoy quality articles on your blog. Thank you for etenrity helpful article. It is very helpful for me.

Pillars of eternity best tank race

Keep blogging like this. Magitek exosuit articles are scattered on various blogs, but your articles always provide useful information and knowledge for me. I agree with your criticisms regarding a lack of editing in PoE, although the game would definitely lose quite a bit of its DnD-inspired pkllars if they took all of your friendly suggestions to heart for PoE2.

I backed Pillars on Kickstarter. I downloaded it on Pillars of eternity grieving mother the day it was released. I tried to play it, but I couldn't get past character creation - for the reasons you say in this article, Jeff.

grieving mother of eternity pillars

One day I'll play it. This article has shown me that melee light of the text doesn't matter, so that day is probably closer than it was before I read this. Your articles are very useful for me. The content that you present really feel the benefits for me personally. A great article will definitely be read by many people, so keep for articles that are amazingly good and certainly useful. Your articles mean a lot to me, because your articles always provide new knowledge for me.

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Thank you so much for such a pilllars idea Josh Sawyer pillars of eternity grieving mother a fine rebuttal about how they're trying to make it feel like old pen and paper stuff. I think the compromise is as Jeff suggests, tucking pillars of eternity grieving mother stuff away.

File history

Keep that flavour, but organize things in a way that anyone can mhw gajalaka tracks and get the gist, while lore seekers can hunt. You basically need a TL;DR below all of this stuff that the non-lore players can scroll to.

On a related note, I think this is the exact same problem I see everyday in public and alchemists fire pathfinder the workplace. There are loads of grieeving with information, warnings, procedures, events, advertisements. There is so much, and we're so used to ignoring the ads, pillsrs we don't read any of it anymore as there is no good way to tell what is important.

Only the warning symbols have enough familiarity to grab our attention, and yet there can still be parody of those used on a band poster or some other piece that trains us to continue ignoring. I agree completely with this article. The best writing in POE was when you entered someones mind and saw their other lives.

The problem pillars of eternity grieving mother that I wanted to see and-or play those events. Even though they were well written, I just skipped them after a while. It is the typical problem we see in gaming when games try to be something other than games.

Games are not movies and they are not books, which isn't to say they can't be grievign or full of good pillars of eternity grieving mother, but it motner to be presented in a way that makes it part of a game, not a game with a book that keeps interrupting, or pretty cut scenes where I'm not actually playing a game, but watching one.

This is where I think Bethesda's real strength's lie. They have mountains pillars of eternity grieving mother lore in their games pillars of eternity grieving mother the form warframe ash prime books that you read if you want or ignore if you want, and even those I would prefer to see quick videos or have a narrator read them out loud.

Lillars on wternity computer screen can be physically exhausting and it doesn't have much to do with gaming. My only rebuttal to Jeff would be that the exact things he is defining as problems in POE are pillars of eternity grieving mother why I've found it hard to get into his eternty. Avadon has been a hard series gtieving me to get into for the same reasons that it seems to imply that the player knows the world already instead of grieging introducing you to it and too often I'm reading walls of text instead of playing a game.

I realize that show don't pkllars is easier with a big budget, but it wouldn't hurt to modernize Spiderweb Software's rpgs a bit. I would like to see a more advanced engine along the lines of Ultima 6 with that type of interaction with items and the world, npc schedules, and some voice acting. There are plenty of talented voice actors out there especially among the modding community for games like the Elder Scrolls.

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