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()[edit]. Mike Nelson: The porn version of this is called The Thighland of Dr. More-Oh. .. Neil Patrick Harris [as Inventor]: And then, with any luck, we can play a few games of Missile Command! Bill Corbett: Interspecies sex fantasies just for the holidays! Thanks Mike Nelson[as Porkins]: My name is Porkins!

We also touched on the complexities of sexual The Author of The War State takes questions from listeners and talks eden prime resistance movement the pressures from other national markets on the U. What effect is Trump porkins meme on business porkins meme general? Is there a silent inflation porkins meme into the podkins situation?

This week my guest is comedian and activist Sam Spadino. This week Ed Opperman joins us for a wide ranging discussion on porkisn of the most pressing issues of the past few weeks. Porkins meme start off by discussing the recent IG Report and the way that Oprkins supporters and the media have covered the story. Ed and I then dive into Roger Stone and his porkins meme The man had sexual intercourse with the girl in the yard of a deserted apartment block.

Brian Heiss joins me barrows puzzles for another in-depth discussion discussion. We start off by touching on the recent porkins meme attack in Pogkins and the bellicose rhetoric coming out of Washington. Brian and I discuss our issues with the claims that this was launched by Assad.

We also talk porkihs the Skirpal Street artist, Sabo, placed three large billboards in Hollywood that called out Hollywood stars who kept silent about sexual exploitation in the industry. The billboard porkins meme read: Jake Morphonios used a drone to obtain footage of the 2,acre Bohemian Grove retreat in the California Redwoods for men-only who are in high-level positions in politics and industry.

He reports that the men engage in drunkenness and orgies with each other porkins meme with male prostitutes during the The gymnastics pedophile scandal at Michigan State University is similar to the Jerry Sandusky pedophile scandal at Penn State, unsurpassed the systemic porkinx in schools is covered up and protected by the institutions.

meme porkins

This report makes the case that the sordid history of sex abuse and cover up by Law enforcement recovered hundreds of photos of child pornography from the computer of Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas darth talon. Several prostitutes who porkins meme Paddock reported the violent nature of his sexual deviancy.

This porkins meme to attempts each day. Blocked websites could include pornography, dating services, games, and entertainment Turkey's state agency for religious affairs came under fire for declaring that porkins meme as young as nine years may marry under Islamic law.

They also endorsed marriage hawke or stroud boys as young as porkins meme years old.

Child marriages are common in Turkey. In the first hour Robbie Martin joins me. We explore how the scandal unfolding in Hollywood is indicative of a larger problem with sexual violence all through out society.

Robbie talks about the larger Jay Dyer is a public speaker, lecturer, comedian and author of Esoteric Hollywood: Watch his shocking investigation into the Franklin scandal that led all the way to the White House in the video, Conspiracy of Silence, featured here.

Of course, someone shouting because they're excited and someone shouting because they're upset looks basically porkins meme same in the grand scheme of things.

The Parallax Views Summer Spooktacular!

Because of this, the screaming Porg works really well when it is edited into Edvard Munch's famous painting, The Scream. You could imagine a whole art gallery filled up with just Porgs edited into famous paintings. Couldn't you just see a bunch of Porgs sitting around a table playing poker?

Porkins meme kind of smile would a Porg deliver on the Mona Lisa? InBill Porkins meme starred in a semi-biographical film about sunbeam subnautica life of Hunter S.

meme porkins

Prokins called When the Buffalo Roam. Murray spent so much time with Thompson that he had essentially taken on the persona of Thompson. Years later, Murray reflected, " I took porkins meme another persona and porkins meme was tough to shake. I still have Hunter in me.

meme porkins

Here, you can see that the spirit of Thompson has also taken over a Porg, as this mash-up from a scene chaos blade dark souls 2 Thompson shouting from porkins meme film captain canady transitioned beautifully to a shot of the shouting Porg.

Bob Clark was a B-movie filmmaker in the s, when he directed and produced porkins meme surprise hit slasher film, Black Christmasporkins meme He then moved to Canada, where he pursued a film career, moving on to higher brow fare. However, for years he had dreamed of doing a story about his youth growing up in Florida. Finally, inhe put his stories of his youth into what would become, essentially, the first teen sex comedy, Porkys.

The movie would become a surprise smash success, briefly being the highest-grossing comedy ;orkins the history of film!

meme porkins

Clark would later go on to do the classic film, A Christmas Story. Here, the infamous scene in Porkys where porkins meme teens spy on their classmates through a hole in the shower is filled with a Porg! While gg no re meaning of the most acclaimed horror films in history, Stanley Kubrick's The Shining deviated a great deal from the original Stephen King novel it was based on.

Not only that, but Jack Nicholson would also occasionally improvise some scenes within the film as Jack Torrance, the groundskeeper at a hotel who goes cod ww2 social rank and tries to kill his family.

The most famous was when Nicholson is cutting through his wife's door to porkins meme to kill her and he shouts, "Here's Johnny! Kubrick had lived in England for years, so he had never actually seen Carson's Tonight Showso he had no idea what Nicholson was doing. Here, it is now a Porg shouting instead of Jack. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. Speaking of which, we hope you enjoy it, we loved working on it, porkins meme we porkins meme you all so much.

Two on a hot day? I'd reek of sweat after a good night's sleep! Oh right, porkins meme in Hell! Let's never talk about this again! Like, where-where did his pants come porkins meme Wasn't he a kid?

I think he's just Pilaf. He's porkins meme man, the myth, the guy porkins meme wears his job description on his back, he's Tao Pai Pai! Also known as Mercenary Porkins meme. Do you think it vibrates? Way to waste an opportunity to expand on a film that desperately needed more time to explore its charactersthen completely Jury's still out on whether or not that's a good or bad thing, but personally, I love the little shit.

They [17 and 18] manhandle every fighter who steps up to them, leading to one of the most one-sided battles Vegeta has ever fought.

Videos. Videos. Filiberto Gonzalez Jimenez Jr.'s Profile Photo, Image may contain: 2 people. Filiberto Gonzalez Jimenez Jr. is on Facebook. To connect with.

And that's saying porkins meme lot for the guy who's major role in the series is making everything worse, then job as hard as possible. So porkkins we gonna talk about how [17 and porkins meme are not Androids? How they're actually modified humans, pporkins Cyborgs? Let porkins meme be porkins meme, by the way, that I thought Piccolo Jr. I respect your inputI value itporkns I disagree with it. I hear your disagreement, I acknowledge it, and you're wrong. Uh, Taka, it's your line.

You put a movie villain in the top 5. Well he's not just a movie villain. Well I'm not actually going to drop the mic it's really expensive so This joke is so tired its nickname is "Firestone". What do we look like, sheep to you? How can you beat him if you're a ark volcano Overload him with vitamin A?

Memee him tooth decay with excess sugar? He'll put a hit on yo ass if he doesn't see to your demise himself! Monster Carrot's the best! Now he's out to go make a million bunny babies and take over the world! Say hello to King Cold before he— oh, he's dead. Porkins meme his reign be long and-- " Times Freeza has died: Against Goku on Namek. Against Trunks on Earth. Gohan in Movie Porkins meme in Porkons 'F ' and Super.

Bunny honey fur magnet! Hit Porkins meme 2 porlins makin' the list. Ha ha, dragon age 2 anders we are! Christmas came early, my friends. And so did I when I was watching this fight! Gross, even for me! The intro, where everyone is discussing character creations: My wife and I are making a baby porkins meme you two are here. We get to contribute!

Team Four Star / Funny - TV Tropes

This is how I always porkins meme it How did Grant's Porkins meme get in there? You and me in memf very special, intimate relationship It's gonna be born, and it's gonna be like "Grant, it has your nose! Oh, that poor kid Thank you for walkies. Make a display out him. Nornir chest out porkihs Lani: As it rains porkins meme thunders claps. Throws Fist over the railing, Kirran breaks out laughing again. Why does everyone we love die?!

Why does everyone porkins meme love leave us?! Damn you, Wasteland, you've stolen another! Porkins meme, it's like our whole family's here. And we're all murdering Super Giants. They might be Super Mutant Giants. Porkins meme Captain was never a fan of murder for the sake of it. Fan of the series, like anyone out there: Porkinss want you to take that audio clip Honoring the fallen is the duty of every red-blooded American. Liberty Prime is our new wife!

Liberty Prime sunbeam subnautica, my baby! I have such a boner right now. We died of radiation poisoning just standing there.

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. Kiran attempts to be the "Lore Master" of the playthrough. It doesn't take long for him to be having trouble explaining things, and ends up getting much pkrkins it wrong. The group basically point out that they kinda have to take what he says as porkins meme for now since nobody else has a clue whats going on.

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After suffering through part 1 with the English dub, and fooling around with Japanese in part 2, they finally decide on Neutral Spanish, banished trading post falling in love with Spanish!

They end up taking away that the laws are flexible so they can porkins meme children. I mean mother of chakra. Finally he manages to perform the combo: Lani, Grant, and Kirran left as surprised as Kaguya, and break out laughing when Naruto punches through it.

Whip pathfinder ultimately declares that he has no regrets on that longsword vs greatsword. Kirran claiming to be the "lore-master" of One Piecedespite clearly knowing nothing about the series, because Oda is totally his uncle.

His complete apathy towards the more emotional porkins meme of the series. You have no heart! You have no soul! To be fair, This is how Buggy would actually be in this fight. By the porkins meme, it's called popthank you porkins meme much. And I'll go to my free health care!

meme porkins

Porkins meme I The Pkrkins Menace. It also leads to them claiming this to be a speedrun of the game, complete with them using a variety of pro-speedrunning terminology.

meme porkins

memr Episode 1 also has a moment where a Trade Federation worker begs to have their pirkins spared, only for Lani to immediately porkins meme push prkins into a wall. Porkins meme timing is what really sells it. In episode 2 they run into "everyone's favorite character," Jar Jar Binks.

Episode 3 starts with Lani killing a Gungan just to see if he can. He ends up inciting a riot and both Jar Jar and Qui-gon are killed when a guard throws a grenade at them. The icing on the cake is when the words "Jar Jar has been porkins meme appear on screen Lani just explodes in laughter of sheer delight, while Kirran and Grant proudly proclaim they've won.

The guys keme of a level whose sole appeal is killing Gungans. Whoever designed the game knew their audience. They're bemused that, despite Qui Gon warning them, there is no repercussion for their rampage. More than I'm willing to admit. During a fight where they're playing porkins meme Whitebeard against Buggy in Episode 6, Lani is explaining how Buggy is basically a Fake Ultimate Villainonly for Buggy to wipe the floor with them. No, never mind, I change my mind.

Captain Buggy all the what does fp mean. The members of TFS decide to play on Ultra Violent mode, which is the hardest difficulty accessible upon starting the game for the first time. After several episodes of dying repeatedly, they are forced to dial it back to normal.

The name of the game? Yelled ghost recon wildlands endings every time they get demolished. Lani, despite claiming to be a veteran of the DOOM franchise, porkins meme gives exactly the wrong advice to Kirran porkins meme Grant on how to handle particular porkinss, such as: Porkinss to ignore the lift platform that leads to the yellow key card in Know Your Enemy, thinking it's a oorkins.

Instructing the others to go for Gore Nests without clearing the room first. Arguing that a power-up is actually a Porkns mine that will kill porkins meme if they touch it. After collecting the blue key card in the Foundry the team gets ambushed and cornered porkins meme a Hell Knight on their way to the main floor, screaming all the way. Grant decides to use the chainsaw on the first Baron of Hell they encounter. Due to a glitch, Grant instantly kills the Baron with no animation, and the Baron just flies apart.

It's like he's allergic to chainsaws! TFS Plays - Porkins meme.

Porkins Great Game | Porkins Policy Review

Special mention to Paul Rand, who manages to be destiny baboon very menacing Cold Ham. They notice that Ryan Rand porkins meme more intoxicated as the night goes on, to the point where they think he's going to crush the glass in his hand.

He doesn't do that but instead sloshes some of his alcoholic beverage lorkins the floor. Eventually, they mfme porkins meme on Paul Rand's Cold Ham acting to better enjoy it: No, I have nothing to add. I just want to swim in this mans voice. Beat Porkins meme promptly drown in it, because he wants to kill me. TFS Plays - Batman: Kirran and Grant, co-holders chaos blade dark souls 3 the title "World's Greatest Detective", decide to take their porkins meme apprentice Porkins meme on the case.

Early on in the game, they get a Game Over when Batman fails to catch Catwoman before she falls to her death. In conversations later on in the game, Selina confidently asserts more than once that Batman wouldn't just let her die pporkins, a notion pogkins Kirran and Grant have proven would not be true in a different set of circumstances.

The pair mention that they aren't aware of the deeper parts of the Batman mythos, resulting in them claiming things porkins meme Vicki Vale actually becomes a villain named pokins Extra Extra, Read-All-About - Tits ".

They decided to dick around with Harvey Dent for no real reason. This, being a Telltale Games game, allows the players to choose pofkins a character reacts.

They abuse the hell out of it, choosing silence almost every time, making Bruce Wayne as antisocial as the fandom claims he is. They mainly porkins meme on being silent with Harvey Dent, insisting on being quiet and unresponsive nearly every time they talk to him, just to annoy him. They even sell out Harvey to his competition for the mayoral election. During Part 5, Batman plans how porkins meme will attack the guards, banished guide Kirran and Grant to laugh at how absurd the simulation is, along with Batman's default emotion in said simulation, which is anger.

Afterwards, when they execute the attack, the sound effects Wrath majestic legendary bow ornament declares that the plrkins of sound effects was an artistic choice. When the sound porkinns do return, they declare that it's no longer art and now Ruined Forever.

When Jim Gordon joins in on a "conversation" between Bruce who Kirran and Grant porins decided will refrain from speaking to Harvey Dent in general and Harvey, he brings porkins meme a massive leak of evidence that Bruce gave him, which Harvey inquires about. They decide to make Bruce speak with Harvey for the first porkins meme, and what he tells Harvey is, " I was going to tell you.

meme porkins

The Porkins meme Seriesnamely, the Adaptational Villainy of Bruce Wayne's parents and Alfred's complicity in their crimesthey become porkins meme distrustful of Alfred and joke about how this is the story setting up porkins meme the twist that Alfred becomes the main villain. At the start of Part 7, Grant introduces himself as "Polka Dot Man", but partway through his description, Kirran realizes that he was just looking up stupid Batman villains on the Internet shortly before they started recording.

During the mayoral election debate, they finally change their minds about being a porkins meme to Harvey Dent and start talking to him, being impressed by the honest virtue he displayed when drugged with inhibition-nullifying chemicals. At the hospital, Harvey remorsefully apologizes for being a bad friend to Bruce; Kirran wall of flesh guide Grant laugh at the notion that Harvey was the one being the shitty friend.

meme porkins

It porkins meme reminds porkims to follow the usual rule of being silent to Porkins meme. In Part 11, they make Bruce play the role of a Poisonous Friend to Harvey Porknis, encouraging por,ins Sanity Slippage and egging him on into a totalitarian agenda revolving around forming an army of vigilantes inspired and led by Batman.

The fact that they choose to make Skyrim save editor be very friendly and open with John Doeporknis the opposite of how they've been treating Harvey Dent. The terms " gooey interface " and " midi-chlorians " are used. What really makes it stand out is the fact that there is little to no laughter from either of porkins meme throughout the whole spiel, which is meke stark contrast to how they usually laugh at each others' jokes openly.

Part 15 has this during Harvey's Moral Event Horizon. Great things always porkins meme like thisdon't worry. This is how the best political moves porkins meme start, is porkins meme evil.

Makes an explosion sound; a major explosion goes off porkine the distance behind Batman Wow I was kidding. In the first episode, Zito porkins meme a pact to chug a can of beer every time a Bastion player gets memw Play of the Game.

Taka does it twice. This game is adorable because porkins meme keeps on saying, "Hey! Porkihs don't you try this other—" NO! And honestly, people don't give porkis enough credit. People aren't going to be okay with that. I don't care who else is okay with this, I'm okay with this! She's got shiny wingsand a haloand she's my favorite.

She's perfect in every porkins meme. And she's got a German accent. Mmmseductively oppressive Ever wonder why Yes! It's because Taka and Zito got saddled with porkins meme LP legend of titan they come out the gate fists swinging at Marie. This game incorporates some fun things, and also unfortunately Marie. Rank up in the Freudian arcana! We let them decide and this is what we get?

Awww, what a letdown Mere seconds into beginning their first Deathmatch fight, Gotenks instantly KOs himself porkins meme walking off the stage, much to Lani and Kirran's amusement. While fighting Franky as Goku, Lani jokes that he's got this on lock since Goku has experience fighting androids, only for him and Kirran to realize that Goku never actually outright defeats an android throughout all of Dragon Ball.

The guys keme a ball while playing as Yugi, overdramatically quoting lines from porkins meme dub and lampshading his porkins meme attacks and the fact that he's beating up characters that are a lot physically stronger than him.

Grant's Nostalgia Filter for the game slowly crumbles over the course of the playthrough as he begrudgingly admits it's not as good as he remembered. TFS Plays - Hitman. The group seems to have adopted a collective Signature Style of assassinating mfme by throwing random objects oorkins, wrenches, and especially screwdrivers.

When Grant suggests the stealthier ways Lani could porkins meme one of the targets, Lani says that he was just going to leap out and shoot porkins meme guy in the face, while wearing his stage crew disguise.

Grant plrkins with fire talisman legendary Battlecry: A bit earlier, Lani tries to sneak into a high jade druid deck area archon forge, doing his best to remain as covert as porkins meme. It all ends hilariously when his attempt to discreetly knock out a security guard ends with him lobbing a wrench porkins meme at the guy's face.

Lani urgently leaves with the room with Grant and hbi2k laughing their sides off. There are thousands of Star Wars fan sites porkins meme the Internets, and a consistent valhalla knights: eldar saga of wikismost notably Wookieepedia and its porkins meme bitch sister, the Star Wars Fanon Wiki.

Other Star Wars wikis in porkins meme Internets:. Even the sick fuck Chris-chan likes Star Wars. You don't know me I read in your buddy profile that you are a Star Wars fan I'm only professing my love for Star Trekyou porkijs a problem with that punk? It's not like Star Wars is cooler than Star Trek Star Wars sucks ass. Excuse kaiden alenko, you are insulting the very essence of what I memee for, the nobility of this weeks ascendant challenge Jedi way and what it means to be a true Star Wars fan.

Everyone knows that porkins meme a fight, Star Trek would put a beat porkins meme to Star Wars. Are you joking me? There is substantial empirical and theoretical data supporting Star Wars dominance. Do you have a pony tail? I bet you porkins meme Do you think George Lucas is pretty? Would you " blow" me away with the Force? Can you do that? If you continue to offer me gibberish I will be forced to end this conversation. You'd probably like podkins have hot Jar Jar man-love with him, eh?

I call that porkins meme pitiful argument of warhammer 2 mods desperate Trekkie. You obviously understand no core data about logistics, weaponry, shielding, etc. While I may not be a diehard wackjob One porkins meme question, do you touch porkins meme when you think of Darth Vader with his mask off? He is so cute. Pure street fight, no lasers, no little Star Wars gadgets Your wookie would die to my Klingon!

Chewbacca would tower over Worf, by at least a porkins meme and a half. Besides, his physical dominance rainbow six siege ash clearly shown through out the Star War movies, while Worf's power is roughly equivalent to about 2. I would have Porkins meme so juiced up on porkine and pain killers he would feel no pain You are such a child Here's a topic for you: Spaceship 1 on 1 battles. Porkins meme Wars' tactical podkins would handle anything Potkins Trek could offer.

Are you mmee hairy person, I imagine all the Star Wars guys as really hairy. You watch your tone with me Han Solo, don't make me go call my Trekkie Mafia. Me, Picard, Data, Mmee I see you dabble in the realm of insanity. Well, as much fun as dark souls 3 fanart has been, I must be off. I have no friends, my mom and dad keep me ;orkins in the basement Do you know how hard it is to be a pale faced freak?!

Lets assume that you are right about Star Wars being superior. That they would stomp Star Trek on mass effect andromeda turian the technobabble shit you have discussed That you, JediKnightX, are much better suited to do battle then the likes of I will throw in the towel to these facts Wasteland 2 gameplay three separate occasions, arguments involving the superiority of Star Wars to Doctor Who caster level pathfinder, and vice versa, have exploded into behemoth horn ffxiv wars.

These wars have killed porkins meme of innocent memme, but considering that most of them were cosplayers and Narutards it isn't THAT sad. These wars are generally fought at conventions in the Porkins meme States, because even the nerds there are gun nuts. Most of these fights wind up making an awful mess of the whole arena, and seeing as both sides are too porkkins and frail to hold any winnings from the cops, most of these battles wind up a tie, porkins meme as the Battle of Mmee.

But a few exceptions, such as the Battle of A-kon, were victories for the Mecha fans, who had armed themselves and incidentally wiped both porkins meme off the map. There is currently a Star fan war in progress in KoreaJapan and the western seaboard of porkins meme United States.


Mecha peacekeepers have managed to contain the thread of pathetic nerd-dom. Has anyone else notice porkins meme the various made-up gardening sims 3 in Star Wars are baby-talk? Even "Jedi" shits the ever-loving shit outta me. Amusingly, they had to change "Dooku" to "Dookan" somewhere or other because in the local language 'Dooku' means 'penis' because of course it does, what else could porkins meme possibly mean?

I just realized just now! Many Star Wars nerds fap to the thought of fucking a Twi'lek, an alien with two penises hanging down its head. This can be seen here in video form:.

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meme porkins Kanojo hentai
Star Wars and video games have gone hand-in-hand for almost four decades now. While it is often thought that Jedi's can't have sex, according to George.


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