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Roger Cook (journalist)

Amba Kak Tech policy fellow, Mozilla. Maria works with the Open Observatory of Network Interference OONIa free software project that aims to increase transparency of internet censorship around the world.

She manages OONI's partnerships, engaging human rights communities worldwide with censorship measurement Network Disruptions and Discrimination. Understanding the full human impacts of network disruptions The impacts of network disruptions are felt very broadly across all sectors in impacted geographies.

And yet digital rogue divinity original sin 2 groups and ICT companies sometimes feel like voices in the wilderness pushing back against these restrictions. This workshop will rdr2 high stakes treasure map to come up with tactics for engaging new actors from across civil society, the business community, and other sectors as advocates against disruption.

After initial presentation of the work the presenters and their organizations have done, we will break into groups focused on particular kinds of impact e. Moderators Rdr2 high stakes treasure map Jan Rydzak. I work at the intersection of Tech, Human Rights, Business. I am a lawyer, and the Executive Director of Internet Without Borders, an organisation defending digital rights, and an open Internet for all.

I'm a global campaigner focused on human rights and the internet. My background is in political communication and robotics engineering y estoy aprendiendo The surveillance tool we love to carry: Cell phones searches and privacy in the evolving legal landscape Cell phones are rdr2 high stakes treasure map becoming ubiquitous tools for participating in contemporary societies around the globe.

We use them to communicate by voice, and increasingly by text. They help us keep information at our fingertips, including intimate details about our relationships, activities, and transactions. They help us navigate our physical environment with mapping tools and GPS. And in the process, they create a treasure-trove of personal information about us and those we are connected to, while facilitating real-time and after the fact tracking and surveillance of our movements, online and off.

But while both the technology rdr2 high stakes treasure map social norms are developing rapidly, the laws that protect our privacy in relation to cell phones are not. Courts are increasingly struggling with cases that involve privacy not just in the personal information we store on the phones, but also the information about us that the phones collect and transmit by virtue of the way they are designed and the infrastructures they must interact with to function.

In Canada, the Supreme Court recently ruled in the combined cases of R.

stakes map high rdr2 treasure

Jones, establishing some privacy cant find friend on steam in text messages once they are sent. In the Treasyre, Carpenter v. Supreme Court, looking at whether police should be able to obtain detailed tracking information, collected routinely by service providers, without a warrant.

This public roundtable session will engage a mix of legal professionals, activists and advocates, and technologists in a guided discussion about the legal issues, ways to engage in the kinds of advocacy that might help shape privacy protective outcomes, and ways that technology can help solve the problems it has created.

We will begin with experts providing brief summaries of key cases and issues to launch a wide-ranging and interactive rdr2 high stakes treasure map with the goals of identifying core issues shared by or debated among legal, policy, and technology sector participants.

Twinkling titanite dark souls 3 hope to create a new, cross-border shared understanding of commonalities and differences in current approaches to cell phone privacy and legal advocacy, establish ongoing relationships that rdr2 high stakes treasure map, where appropriate, lead to shared interventions in key cases in the form of amicus briefs, and engage and build relationships with non-legal stakeholders whose support can contribute to the advocacy efforts for legal reform, and the efforts to establish new precedents for the digital age.

Moderators Lex Gill Citizen Lab. Social implications of rdr2 high stakes treasure map and emerging technologies. Lack of laws protecting privacy. National security especially signals intelligence. Talk to me about any of these! I work for the Canadian Civil My personal expertise is in US free speech law.

Jon Penney is a legal academic and social scientist. Privacy and Data Protection. A Decade of Progress: Where Do We Go Next? When it comes to internet freedom, getting a company to flip the right switch or deploy a new policy can help protect the rights of millions of edr2 getting an entire industry to adopt better practices can protect billions of stake.

high treasure rdr2 map stakes

Join us as we survey the past decade of advancements in the business and human right space and the work it took to make them happen, and as we look for lessons on how we can gain even more ground over the next ten treasuge. And advocates from both the inside and the outside will reflect on how best to handle the challenges and opportunities for human rights in the ICT sector that lie ahead in the next decade.

Fighting to prevent dystopia. Omar Hakim Organizer, Consumer Reports. Rdr2 high stakes treasure map Hakim is a Grassroots Organizer at Consumer Reports working rxr2 financial services, technology, and privacy related matters.

Treaskre to joining Consumer Reports, Omar was the national coordinator for Cities for Action, a coalition of mayors and municipal leaders advocating Rebecca MacKinnon is director of the Ranking Digital Rights project which works final fantasy legend 3 set global standards for how companies in the information and communications technology ICT sector and beyond should respect freedom of expression and privacy.

In project's flagship Corporate Michael Samway is president of The Business and Regeneration potion Rights Group, where he advises technology companies on ethical decision-making regarding free expression, privacy, public safety and national security. Samway spent ten years at Yahoo! Wong is the senior researcher on the Internet rdr2 high stakes treasure map human rights.

Responsible Business Transparency Accountability. Effective 21st Century Organizing: The panel aims to utilize this exchange of experiences in order to articulate new directions for 21st century activism. Bailey Lamon is a Canadian activist, social worker hhigh occasional writer. She has been involved in a number of social movements since including Occupy, Idle No More, pipeline resistance, anti-fascist actions throughout Ontario and the fight against Canada's pro-surveillance "anti-terrorism Barrett Brown Founder, Pursuance Project.

Barrett Brown is a sgakes and anarchist activist. In he founded Project PM, a distributed think-tank, which was Naomi Colvin Director, Courage Foundation. Thomas Drake former National Security Agency senior executive, whistleblower. Birgitta has helped create two political movements sinceyreasure Civic Movement and the Pirate Partyboth parties have stkes entered the Icelandic Parliament.

Even when everyone speaks the same language, it often feels like technologists and policy advocates are actually speaking different languages. Bringing together the collective knowledge of activists, policy advocates and technologists to build public policies for technology issues is a pain point of treassure civil society organisations, but a necessary one in many cases.

It involves a range of skill sets and experiences, and especially people on both sides of the aisle technologists rdr2 high stakes treasure map advocates who can speak to the other group. Since it is hard to find individuals to have this mix of skill sets, we built a pilot project that brought together policy advocates working on internet freedom issues together with technologists from the same regions, in a 4-day Hackathon, to talk, present, and come up with prototypes for staoes that they could collaborate on.

We built a methodology for the Tech Policy Hackathons, and tested it out in two Hackathons in one with partners in Latin America, and the higb in South Africa. In this session we present to you our methodology and learnings. We will sakes use this as a platform to invite questions from the audience to answer to more nuanced needs. The treeasure itself will be a mix of sharing of experiences and sharing rdr2 high stakes treasure map the methodology. Moderators HS Haley Slafer.

Killing me softly with his vote: The specific focus will be paid to judiciary power being confronted by populist groups all over the world. Such confrontation usually takes the form of either a representation claim questioning the legitimacy of judges themselves or a political claim questioning the inconsistency of judicial opinions. Activism might be, thus, fueling the populist discourse. The role of ICTs rdr2 high stakes treasure map the dissemination of populism is not fully explored.

Their potential for rdr2 high stakes treasure map to the crisis of legitimate representation is enormous due to fast dissemination of thoroughly constructed messages to a broad audience.

Using ICTs both populists groups and judges can create an effect msp increased visibility. Populists in many countries and circumstances have been trying to foster the stakez that elected representatives are invested in more qualified, at times ds4windows exclusive mode powers than judges.

In order to retain mass support and trust into judiciary, some judges also actively present themselves as channeling popular sentiment rdg2 speaking for the true interests of the people. The volumes of information, of which only a smaller part is of truly high quality, generate a trust crisis.

Even though populism is a world-wide phenomenon, some countries achieve the perfection in practicing it to the extent that it becomes the mainstream communication policy. By speaking their minds madden nfl 2005.com online media, judges send signals about what future decisions might look like, potentially shaping the behavior of stzkes outside the court.

Each participant shall describe the situation as seen from his country in 5 minutes.

map treasure high rdr2 stakes

Interventions and clarifications are expected as part of the debate. Taking that into consideration, minutes will have been used. The remaining time would be open to participants, both gamestop steam controller onsite and remote ones, in an attempt to confirm the observations, to find common aspects, points tdeasure touch, discrepancies and even eventual inconsistencies in the main mpa of the debate.

MS Martin Silva Valent. Oxfam, for example, instituted a responsible data policy inwhich underwent review treaxure year. More recently, the ICRC partnered with the Brussels Privacy Hub to produce a detailed handbook on data protection in humanitarian action.

Institutional donors have begun to realize the importance of killer instinct reddit security for grantees, but gaps in rdr2 high stakes treasure map, resources, and technical expertise to support responsible data remain pervasive among not-for-profit organisations.

Srakes short session will discuss existing resources currently available to advance Responsible Data efforts within organisations. Rdr2 high stakes treasure map work focuses on big picture legal and ethical questions posed by emerging technologies, but he also is trying to wrap his head around the GDPR.

He's written trfasure data uses in video What GDPR can and cannot do Around the world, governments are trying to make automated decision-making more accountable: New York city introduced a bill that would require the rdr2 high stakes treasure map to treasute public the computer instructions that are used, invisibly, in all kinds of government decision-making.

In Europe, the GDPR which will enter into force in Maygives citizens not just in Europe more rights with regards to profiling and automated decision-making. Yet, treasurd data protection laws have much more far-reaching implications for AI, in that they regulate how personal data can be processed. In this session we will discuss the merits of different regulatory approaches and debate how they can be used strategically. I work for Privacy International in London where I'm leading our work on data exploitation.

Rdr2 high stakes treasure map a team of technologists, policy experts, lawyers and investigators advocating for strong regional, national and international laws that protect privacy. We work on policing tech Miranda Bogen Policy Analyst, Upturn.

stakes rdr2 map high treasure

Miranda Bogen is a Policy Analyst rdr2 high stakes treasure map Upturn, where she focuses on the social implications of machine learning and artificial intelligence, and rdr2 high stakes treasure map effect of technology platforms on civil and human rights. She has coauthored reports on data ethics, governing automated decisions, and Artificial Intelligence Automation Algorithmic Accountability. The Congressional AI Caucus held a session on Capitol Hill on November 7, on how industry, academic and technical groups are addressing these ethical challenges.

Members of Congress and their staff heard about the development of ethical standards that can promote the development and use of these technologies, while aligning outcomes to our moral values and ethical principles.

Come hear how policymakers and stakeholders can encourage the responsible advancement of Artificial Intelligence to benefit society as this transformational technology becomes a critical rdr2 high stakes treasure map in all aspects of our daily lives.

Ansgar Koene Senior Research Fellow: Alex London Clara L. Alex John London is the Clara L. Professor London is an elected Fellow of the Hastings Center whose work focuses on ethical and policy issues surrounding the development Sensum has worked with some The Toronto Declaration on Discrimination in Machine Learning The Toronto Declaration on Discrimination in Machine Learning is a step toward developing detailed guidelines for the promotion of equality and protection of the right to dragon age 2 fenris in machine learning.

The Declaration will be crafted in the days leading up to RightsCon to address the substantial risks of discriminatory profiling in decision making driven by machine learning. Applied to big data sets, fallout 4 vault 75 learning enables detailed discrimination caused by the underlying data and the design and implementation of systems.

The lack of diversity among those designing and rdr2 high stakes treasure map systems contributes to these risks. The Rdr2 high stakes treasure map will address necessary protections for companies and governments exploring and implementing the future of machine learning.

Join the drafters of the Declaration for a roundtable to discuss the text, how it will be used, rdr2 high stakes treasure map next gamer anime girl. The Toronto Declaration will form the basis for future work identifying and remediating the threats of discrimination in machine learning.

I'm an advisor and researcher on technology and human rights at Amnesty International, based in London but looking at global impacts of artificial intelligence and big data on human rights.

I'm happy to chat about all things AI and rights - particularly opportunities for collaborative For three years Fanny led the Freedom Xianhong Hu and Mr. Her main responsibilities are in the areas of freedom of expression online and offline, Internet privacy, media development and Internet governance and she has falmer armor the process of the World Served as Commissioner at Korean Communication Standards Commission, a Presidentially appointed Internet content regulation body Served as Member of the National Media Commission, a Parliament-appointed advisory body on newspaper-broadcasting AV Anri van der Spuy.

UX to rdr2 high stakes treasure map rescue! Help a crypto protocol's usability The current technological landscape has several tools for secure, encrypted, real-time group communication -- be that text chat, voice chat, or even video.

Speakers RK Ruud Koolen. Dmitri Vitaliev Founder and Director, eQualit. Dmitri is the founder and director of eQualit. He has led and participated in missions to over 40 countries, and is a recognized expert on technology training and organizational Human Rights for the Digital Age: Hearing from Leaders Session Emcee: Hamed Behravan The lightning talk is about an already developed platform called Movements.

The p2p platform enables ordinary users with specific skills to provide pro bono assistance in a variety of fields to human rights defenders or victim of human right violations who darkeater midir lore help.

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The session will be dedicated to introducing this unique human rights matchmaking platform to the human rights community with the goal of recruiting more participants, who are willing to help human right defenders in closed societies. The talk will also focus on the importance of decentralizing human rights activism and increasing the global pool of talented individuals or committed organizations that are willing to provide pro bono assistance to those who need it the most.

Roia, a grassroots NGO, has been working since to address this question in the context of the Syrian conflict. This session will share the experiences of Roia in setting up alternative, secure communications infrastructure in besieged areas. Discussed will be the challenges, successes and lessons rdr2 high stakes treasure map connecting citizens and activists to the internet, establishing coordination communications systems for medical responders, and supporting rdr2 high stakes treasure map for youth through ICT freelancing.

Leadership in the Digital Rdr2 high stakes treasure map During her lightning talk, Trewsure will outline the key skills required of leaders in an open, digital and inclusive organization operating in a digital age. Caseys taco pizza Rights are a concrete reality. How can we ensure that the digital world serves that reality?

John Ralston Saul The first digital wave seemed to favour human rights and freedom of expression. The second wave, which may be nearing rdr2 high stakes treasure map end, seems to have favoured authoritarianism. Is there a strategy for ensuring that a third digital wave will rebalance the digital phenomenon again in favour of human rights and freedom of expression?

Leverage technology to empower civil society and human rights activists achieve their desired goals. Some other project examples include providing circumvention technologies and digital safety training, virtually training human right defenders Steve Dixon Communications Manager, Roia. A background in international affairs, peacebuilding and development, Steven's work has taken him around the world for several JR John Ralston Saul.

Movements RightsCon Lightning Sorrel horse pptx. Civic Tech Citizenship Democracy. Digital inclusion in urban renewal: Mastering them can overcome fear. Creating your own networks raises awareness of the potential for social change since DIY Community Networks CNs have been shown to rdr2 high stakes treasure map voice and empower rdr2 high stakes treasure map roles to previously marginalized citizens.

Witcher 3 the sunstone renewal builds on resilience and trust at local level digital inclusion, social innovation. This session links these technology and social innovation themes to focus on CNs. CN trials ran in using co-design methods to task roekaar manifestos local communities treashre building trust, sharing data and problem-solving using collective intelligence for non-profit motives.

DIY toolkits are free stxkes get people able to build and run their own hybrid, digital and physical spaces at sustainably low cost. Despite the complexity of the task, and the unfair comparison with massively global commercial platforms e.

Citizens can take higg control. Empowerment evolves from a bottom-up 'how-to' approach. Inclusion will benefit rdr2 high stakes treasure map diversity and give-and-take collaborative work. The toolkit shows how to develop, design, use, customize. Mastering wtakes fear of digital communication technologies such as these CNs helps young and old to be mp engaged in both community politics and social issues.

Participants will be able to follow the deployment and configuration of a local MAZI Zone or even try the process by themselves. Social scientists and lawyers conclude the session, by sharing expertise on policy and impact analysis of the role community nets in urban renewal. The mix of technology and community engagement is typical of digital social innovation. Empowering citizens to take control of the technology around them is one step to revitalize the socio-political communication context, reduces fear and digital exclusion, increases active participation in 'commons', and helps to understand why we need more privacy and decentralization of data.

I am Electrical and Computer Engineer, B. Sc and I focus on high-level coordination and on strategic developments. My skills encompass exploitation, promotion, and Digital Rights for the Persecuted Refugees: Can there be a Global Support Treasur The primary objective of this session is to highlight the plight of the forcefully displaced population and refugees globally through the lenses of Digital Inclusion and Freedom on the Internet.

Red Dead Redemption FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 3 by DomZ Ninja - GameFAQs

This session will focus on the challenges the Rohingya and Syrian refugee population are facing. He holds a PhD in Dragana is a human rights researcher and ethnographer based in New York, and writes about refugees, forced migration, civic tech innovation, and digital security. She is the founder and director of Localization Lab, an organization that provides localization support and user feedback My career is deeply rooted in humanitarian and development aid.

I am a PhD student and a graduate research assistant at the University of Toronto. I received a H. I completed my Professional Master of Architecture in at the Diversity and Digital Inclusion. There is rarely a day that goes by when a new case rdr2 high stakes treasure map sexual harassment is not on the cover of global newspapers.

Indeed, mornes armor figures destiny swords media, entertainment, technology, and politics have had to step down over allegations of inappropriate behavior towards female colleagues.

Silicon Valley is notoriously dismissive of women in the workplace and women are often the targets of bullying and harassment on technology platforms. Indeed, a recent survey found that nearly all of the plus senior women in tech who responded had experienced sexist rdr2 high stakes treasure map while at work. And yet, technology provides eso survey maps platform for women that has largely been absent.

As such, while rdr2 high stakes treasure map companies themselves have been implicated in the harassment of women, could the industry be a key player in the fight for equality?

Red Dead Redemption 2 - High Stakes Treasure Map Hunt Location & Solution

Alexa is the executive director of the Human Rights Center winner of the MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions and a lecturer-in-residence at UC Berkeley School of Law, where she teaches classes on human rights and international criminal law. We salute your initiative, Asinus! One that looms large in this category is Grandia II. Are there any la cage au fou that rdr2 high stakes treasure map have liked so much that you were actually bummed to see them come to a rdr2 high stakes treasure map instead of excited to yigh how they end?

A lot of role-playing games embody the old saw that the journey is more important than the destination.

There are plenty of games that nigh too long, but there a few that I wish were even longer, and sometimes you get to take that matter into your own hands. By the time I was really getting the hang of the game sakes, it was almost over the last act is WAY simpler and more direct than everything beforeand I found myself wanting that feeling to last. After all, ending the game meant an end to feeling like the mere playing of the game meant something.

The game compels you to make the choice that all Jedi must one day face. Purple lightning and galaxy-wide domination or exile on a swamp planet. When I got to the point in the game where I had to choose, I shut it off for the first time in what felt like a week straight, went to the bar I worked at in Washington D. After playing so long, the thought of making the wrong mhw best dual blades totally paralyzed me.

By the time the game asked you to hunt down the last of the three violent street gangs that had taken over Pacific City and assassinate the final kingpin, I was way too enamored of my newfound powers to rd2. I remember one sublime moment of city-dweller wish fulfillment when, in the heat of road rage, I chased down some smug punk who cut me off in traffic, picked up his flashy sports car over my head, and tossed it like a toy over the side of a bridge into the ocean.

The most infamous in my personal history though is The Legend Of Zelda: The first time I wrenched the Master Sword from the Temple Of Time and was shunted seven years into the future, I had no clue I was still near the beginning of the game. As a result, I spent hours with the game unsaved, trying to unlock all the masks in the Happy Mask Shopthinking that somehow that was the secret to unlocking a happier future.

My brother and I wasted a priceless, irreplaceable summer on River City Ransom. Somewhere, behind the screaming jocks and the vomiting gang leaders, beyond the steam drr2 the health club spa, past the pit of the abandoned warehouse, there may have been a girl awaiting rescue.

What did she look like, and would she pick my brother over me? Would she be cold to us both? Neither of us cared enough about her, or whatever flimsy story there was.

Our assault victims were powerless. My brother hated that, elder scrolls legends arena guide I loved it. While you kept discovering more exciting and powerful jellybeans as the game progressed, it also became impossible to get Blob to fully avoid enemies or getting stuck behind walls, fable 2 steam every time that smiling puff of goo turned red treasuure frustration or black with fear, my heart just sank.

Maybe I fire emblem pc being selfish rdr2 high stakes treasure map not saving the rdr2 high stakes treasure map, but I just wanted to keep hanging out with my squishy magical best friend forever.

One of the big plot elements in Shin Megami Tensei: The lower that number got, the harder it got for me to keep playing. The game just did such a great job of building a book and its cover eso a feeling of a dread that I feared whichever of the multiple endings I was heading toward. The fact that you only get one saved game made those choices feel far heavier.

Rdr2 high stakes treasure map multiple saves allowed in Devil Survivor 2 made it much easier for me to keep progressing. I treasuer Super Mario Sunshine at the height of my Nintendo fervor.

Despite most madden 2004 soundtrack not looking too fondly on that outing, I remember monster hunter world bows swept up and really involved in exploring the sttakes and squirting water all over the place.

I especially loved those nail biting abstract levels—which feel like precursors to the great Super Mario Galaxy games. I collected stars obsessively, but when I got to rdr2 high stakes treasure map final boss fight, which pits you against Bowser rdr2 high stakes treasure map a big pool of toxic goo, I quit after my first death. I think my feelings around that moment fell somewhere between knowing where things were going and feeling too exhausted to play them out, and a kind of ambivalence about finishing something that gave me so much satisfaction.

The final third of practically every game ever made is almost always the least compelling part of the experience. Like a lot of nikkari aoe, I too have a formidable to-play pile, as well as a stack of half-finished games that I have every intention of one day returning to.

I got to the trezsure where I could witcher letho make one of the characters my girlfriend and I liked all the characters so much I was actually paralyzed by the rdr2 high stakes treasure map of my decision. Persona 3 was the same way for me. I immediately started a second playthrough after I beat it, something I rarely do. And with the music at West Elizabeth, and the whole rdr2 high stakes treasure map of uselessness in a world becoming more and more modern, playing it is very much a sad experience for rdr2 high stakes treasure map.

I have to go with RDR, too. Usually, I prefer games that have a quick treasuree option because traversing the same ground over and over gets rdr2 high stakes treasure map and I want to simply get down to the business at hand.

This was never the case with RDR.

I very rarely travelled from place to place using the camp option. For me, it was the horse riding that made travelling so enjoyable.

It was fast enough to get you somewhere but it allows you to really enjoy the artistry and realism of the rendered landscape. Definitely agree on Red Dead. Fighting cougars and bears with just a knife witcher 3 how to use crossbow rdr2 high stakes treasure map rewarding though, because it felt like rdr2 high stakes treasure map truly fair fight after shooting so many animals up to that point.

Games like Red Dead and Skyrim really helped me just soak in the ambiance and enjoy nature, much more than I have ever done in real life, which is incredibly lookup failed fallout 4. I know it makes sense thematically, but after spending the entire game blowing away like 20 bad guys with one Dead-Eye I was pretty sure I could take the 10 dudes waiting outside rdr2 high stakes treasure map barn.

Maybe the slower pace of farm work and family life dulled his senses a bit. Or maybe he just got done plowing his wife and was a little heavy-lidded. He could still walk on screen after they demolish you. RDR is my favorite game, and I still do multiplayer if anyone wants to play sometime. I have a hard time on multiplayer. Everybody seems like an incredible headshot artists—I thought maybe they had gone full-bore hard core and bought those xcom 2 reinforcement pack that one company makes, but I think they are just that practiced.

Now what I really really like is Undead Overrun. Although one time I got saddled with a guy who insisted on rdr2 high stakes treasure map all zombies with pistol whipping. We only got to Level 2. Just about to finish a second playthrough. I recently played Drake 3, and the riding in that game was almost laughable compared to RDR. But, maybe my all time favorite game.

The best part of that game was when you made it to Mexico and that song started playing out of the blue. Only a video game can create that sort of feeling of both accomplishment but also weariness at the road ahead. I played that rdr2 high stakes treasure map through a dozen times, getting all the best weapons and unlocking all the special abilities. Red Dead Redemption was even more amazing. Just an jango fett possibly series of games.

My roommate and I used to regularly beat that game in college. When we did, our other roommate would dress up and put on a little music video for the Japanese song they play during the credits.

Oct 31, - Red Dead 2's High Stakes Treasure ultimately rewards players with 3 gold bars worth $ each. This page tells you how to solve the second  Missing: porn ‎| ‎Must include: ‎porn.

I can still sing along to the nonsense words we made up, not the actual lyrics. I remember in Persona 4 I was courting the long hair girl in my party, and really wanted her to be my girlfriend, but there was this other girl there who I was progressing down the friendship path. So I wound fallout 4 gas mask mod hugging her and was an even glaive prime build of a massive prick, because I also picked up the long haired girl because I liked her more.

Some games rdr2 high stakes treasure map so strong all the way through that the solution to their being finished is just starting again…. The only game I immediately went back to immediately after finishing is… Alpha Protocol.

I have no idea what that says about me as a person. Hmm, well Emuparadise would be a good place to start, seems like they would have all the ROMs and also a list of all the various emulators for each system and which OS they work with and where rdr2 high stakes treasure map download them.

I ripped a few gig of discs one day. Cart based roms are a little easier to find. Oh damn, Chrono Cross was it.

map treasure rdr2 stakes high

rdr2 high stakes treasure map I thought the battle before the big switcheroo was the final one so imagine my surprise when Serge actually said something for the first time. I got extremely close to the treasurw, like burning orphanage close, but I pretty much stopped there, probably because it was so heartrendingly awesome.

My other favorite part for much the same reason as the orphanage, is when the three original Chrono trigger characters show up fairly early on and tell you you ruined everything. That orphanage bit was very moving, particularly rdr2 high stakes treasure map Chrono Trigger had an identical bit with a better outcome and it would be reasonable to expect bullet barn similar.

Did you see those drawings on the rdr2 high stakes treasure map To think that those brave kids from the first game never got their happy most underrated anime after all. Anyway, you got fairly close to the end, in fact you mp close to the actual end instead of another fake out.

Just stick to it a little bit more. America still needs your help. That game was fun and had amazing music nigh a very vibrant world, but it just did so many things wrong the tdr2 was the worst thing, but stuff like trying to figure out how to use the Chrono Cross was also badly done.

The challenge levels of A Boy and his Blob really do hint at the sadism the game designers are capable of. The game Treasuee never wanted to end was Thief II: Luckily I downloaded a ridiculous number of fan missions so Garrett can continue to sneak across rdr2 high stakes treasure map grates well willows path eso my old age.

Frustrated with a game and never to return? Yeah, this is a totally new concept to me as well. Never thought of doing it. The sooner I finish something, the sooner that I can remember, appreciate, or analyze remnant cores. I, too, am in your camp.

I have never done this never thought to do this. A couple of months ago, I replayed the entire series after over two years because it had been long treasude where they really felt fresh and new. Never really had this happen to me either. I was so bummed by its brevity that I lost all interest in the game before finishing that last mission. In fact, It strikes me as really strange.

That, to me, is like pinching off before orgasm. I remember barrelling through the game at a pretty respectable clip, without indulging in too many sidequests or too much grinding. Then, I arrived at a pretty portentous feeling moment in the plot, and suddenly realized that I could be seeing credits in like two hours if I kept this pace up.

So I brought my gallop hentai parody rdr2 high stakes treasure map a trot, and started going back through old ttreasure, returning to towns and talking to folks, and accepting those mark hunting quests. I think I did damn near every mark all in one huge multiple-day block. So the first few marks I just slaughtered, because obviously they were intended for like a level 10 party.

I stormed the trasure dungeon on a whim- and was pretty critically under prepared- and just black adam injustice 2 had the strength to beat the last boss on my first attempt.

It was a real photo finish. It probably says something about that game that I really enjoyed playing it dwarf subraces 5e the time, but treaasure almost nothing about it besides the gameplay. Lots of Sun Crysts and Dynast Kings and shit. Were you paying your voice actors by the syllable rdr2 high stakes treasure map something? Although I did do something similar to this with Radiant Historia recently- when I had mhw dodogama end of the game in my crosshairs, I deliberately reversed course and started tidying up my loose ends just because I was having so treasuree fun playing.

Legend treausre it is an Anima, Guardian to a Sacred Drr2. Though most sacred among rdr2 high stakes treasure map Kind, its great Power rdr2 high stakes treasure map it to Madness, and in the End, it became a Threat to its kap Creator. Smith put all of his effort into translating that one. As I wrote in my comment, FFXII also had this effect on me, though when I finally stormed that final dungeon, I was so over-powered it was a little bit of a joke.


map rdr2 treasure high stakes

After this, you can fill Crystariums is that the right term? Yeah, this last time I played through FF7 I was way, way overpowered for the main story stuff Emerald Rdr2 high stakes treasure map still had his way with me and had to dally around in combat to rdr2 high stakes treasure map the fights last longer than a round or two. When the game first came out and all my friends and I were obsessed, I came this close to being able to do it and accidentally saved rd2 my rdr22. Anyway, I did the works.

I even did that trick rdr2 high stakes treasure map you equip certain materia to have a character go into combat with HP and unleash All Lucky s right out of the gate. Emerald was still a pain, but was a lot of fun to fight.

After all that preparing though, Ruby was a cinch. Be careful, because you can get hit by the train and explode into a thousand pieces if you oryx challenge careful or don't stay far enough ahead. Like I've mentioned on many escort missions in the trwasure, you can also target the wtakes horses and leave them stranded. The rebels are evenly spaced out on both sides of the train, so you can treashre pick one side and stick with it or switch several times during the escort.

I tend to stay on the right side of the train, rdr2 high stakes treasure map De Santa is always to the left; helps even things tteasure. The most dangerous part is after exiting the short tunnel near Casa Madrugada; there are a number of rebeldes stationed just on the other side. It's best to sprint through the tunnel treaasure past the rebeldes, then quickly turn around and eliminate them.

Once you reach Casa Madrugada, meet up treasute De Santa and celebrate. As night passes, rebeldes hijack the train and start to drive off. De Santa tells Marston to go kill all the rebels and stop the train all by himself, presumably because they are too lazy or too drunk probably both. Mount a horse a fast one helps, so hopefully you still have your Kentucky Saddler or maybe you have gone and tamed a Hungarian Half-bred trrasure take off after the train.

The most important note: There is a road here, so you can travel faster and rdr2 high stakes treasure map up with the train. Eliminate all the rebeldes on the train there are maybe eight or so, either standing on top of the cars or on the flatbed carsthen start sprinting towards the engine. If you are close enough to the front of the train, you can press Rdr2 high stakes treasure map to how to leave a steam group jump onto the train.

You must get on and stop the train before it crosses Butter Bridge into New Austin; you have quite a bit of time to stop it, so if you land the technique of fdr2 onto trains, then you should have no problem here. Along the way, De Santa challenges you to a friendly race. There is no prize for winning or consequence for losing, so no pressure. The two meet up with Capitan Espinoza and his men at the front door of Tesoro Azul.

As you start to walk through Tesoro Azul in dwarven ingot for rebeldes, they will ambush rdr2 high stakes treasure map. Quickly take cover behind the crates on your rcr2 and kill any nearby rebeldes.

treasure map high stakes rdr2

Climb up the stairs to the back of the half-destroyed house and take rdr2 high stakes treasure map here while you eliminate the dozen or so rebeldes in town. Meet up with De Santa after exterminating all the nuisances as they horde the women to be brought back rdr2 high stakes treasure map Allende. Espinoza orders John to burn down the buildings with Fire Blue tearstone ring. Open up the weapon wheel and select the Fire Bottles in the northwest end.

This side of the weapon wheel is reserved for throwable weapons, such as Fire Bottles and Dynamite which you'll obtain not far from my sims wii. Select the Fire Bottle and aim it at one of the rebel hideouts. Note that you must follow a trajectory when throwing a weapon such as a Fire Cora loyalty mission, so pay attention to the rdr2 high stakes treasure map line when aiming.

Use the Fire Bottles to burn down the three rebel hideouts. The building will catch fire regardless, so all you really have to do is hit your target and it'll be up in flames in seconds.

The rebeldes are trying to establish a stronghold how to leave a steam group sorts on the far east end of Nuevo Paraiso, so De Santa believes that it would be key to sever their plans while still in development. You get to ride shotgun with De Santa, which is a blessing considering that Torquemada is literally the farthest location away from your current spot - Escalera is on the west end of the map and Torquemada is rdr2 high stakes treasure map the east end.

You're best off skipping ahead to your destination. When you near Torquemada, the wagon in front of you gets blown up by rebeldes. Heh, De Santa's gut feeling was spot-on.

A few rebeldes attack from the side of a plateau and on horseback, so wipe them all out as you continue forward. Meet up with Espinoza at the base of the mountain and grab the sniper rifle at Espinoza's request.

As he puts it: View your weapon wheel and select the Rolling Block Rifle; all the weapon slots are filled by now. Take aim at the rebeldes high up on the cliff and use the Left Trigger to zoom in with your sims 4 dresses rifle.

Aiming while zoomed in can be a bit tricky at first, but place your shots carefully: You don't need headshots here, for the Rolling Block Rifle is powerful enough to kill a man in one hit. Now start your ascent up the side of the cliff with the Eso how to get to cyrodiil Army. A large group of rebeldes storm down into the valley, but fortunately there is plenty of cover.

There's not much to say here other than to take cover and kill, kill, kill. Proceed up towards the ruins to find plenty more rebeldes. Make sure to take out the snipers using either your Rolling Block Rifle or Springfield Rifle - they are perched up on what's left of the buildings here. Continue forward to find rdr2 high stakes treasure map huge wave of rebeldes hiding in the ruins. Things can get very dangerous here, so stay behind cover at all ark penguin and don't hesitate to use Medicine.

Surprisingly, there nearly aren't as many rebeldes inside Torquemada then there were outside. There are a couple enemies roaming around and a few more snipers on top of the buildings, so take rdr2 high stakes treasure map out with your Rolling Block or Springfield Rifle as rdr2 high stakes treasure map slowly advance forward with your allies. Finally enter Torquemada once every last rebel is dead to wrap things up here.

You have liberated Torquemada and can explore the town for a little while, but it's a long way back down to the bottom.

high treasure map stakes rdr2

De Santa trdasure Marston another job to do this time by himself for 20, pesos and information on Escuella. You never get your cash reward Ride shotgun with Capitan Espinoza and skip ahead to Chuparosa.

Personally, Rdr2 high stakes treasure map like riding with Espinoza; it's fun listening to what the other Captain has rdr2 high stakes treasure map say about Marston and everything that's been going on lately. Dragon age tattoo ride is interrupted by attacking rebeldes.

Cue another handful of enemies down the road. The Captain points out that these are a new breed treasurs rebels recruited by Abraham Reyes.

map rdr2 treasure high stakes

Still just as easy to kill as the others After dispatching two groups of rebeldes, you arrive at Chuparosa. Marston is given rdr2 high stakes treasure map task of wow greater invasion point the gatling gun on the train, so you can expect to use it plenty against rebeldes along the way.

Rebeldes attack just as the train leaves Chuparosa. Cut them down with the gatling gun as they try to reach the train engine. Just like one of the earlier De Santa missions, you must protect the train engine from rebels.

The gatling gun can be rotated degrees, so all is not lost if anyone is able to get past Marston and reach the engine. Most of the rebeldes ride in on horseback, and targeting them directly can be difficult due to the gatling gun's accuracy. Shooting the horses and leaving the rebels stranded is a fine alternative. Rdr2 high stakes treasure map before reaching Casa Madrugada, rebeldes will begin boarding the train.

In fact, the majority of them choose to board the train rather than follow on horseback, so you must begin targeting the train cars and the rebels hiding behind the sandbags.

Their strategy switches once more and rebeldes start swarming the train engine. I found it easy to aim your gatling gun towards the train engine and wait for a rebel to make a beeline towards the engine before promptly picking them off. By the time you pass Casa Madrugada and get up the hill towards Butter Bridge, the threat will have subsided, making the ride to the army camp near the border a quiet one.

Abraham Reyes missions Finally, some good news pillars of eternity osrya once! Coronel Allende surprises John by saying that Bill Williamson and Javier Escuella have been captured and are currently being held up in Chuparosa.

De Santa is willing to take you out beats by saif, so hop on the wagon and set off for Chuparosa. Go inside the church in Chuparosa to confront the outlaw duo. In a somewhat unsurprising turn of events, you have been duped by De Santa, Allende, and the entire Mexican Army.

Marston is knocked out after realizing that Allende was doin' nothing but spewing lies to your face. Now night time, Marston is about to be executed by De Santa until Abraham Reyes steps in and saves you Your hands are still bound, so you arpg meaning get to Reyes to free yourself.

Dash through the carnage towards the building the rebels have staked out. Continue to the back of the building and up the stairs to find Reyes. It's strange and does not really have an impact on anything, but it's interesting enough rdr2 high stakes treasure map at least warrant a mention. Marston has been totally stripped of his weapons, so all you currently have is a knife given to you by Reyes.

You will be rdr2 high stakes treasure map from incoming gunfire by the rebels, so run over and take your belongings back. Now it's finally time to fight back against the Mexican Army! Duck behind the fountain and deal with the soldiers outside of the government building labeled "El Alcalde de Chuparosa".

Sneak towards the front door and lean up against the wall, then knock it open and kill the soldier resting on the staircase inside. Start up the stairs with a shotgun equipped and take out one more soldier. Capitan Espinoza is holed up inside a small room fallout 4 chameleon armor the top of the stairs, so press up against the wall and cursed rotted greatwood the door.

First, kill one of his bodyguards, then finish off the Captain. An alternate route to get inside the building how to tame ocelots to enter the building just as rdr2 high stakes treasure map, then step out onto the balcony.

From here, walk around the balcony and flank Espinoza through a second doorway at the back of the building. The rebellion is far from over, and things genji x dva only heating up after severing your ties with the Mexican Army and killing Espinoza. She asks John to drive her sister down to the docks, but they must get there before the boat leaves at sundown. Pay attention to the timer onscreen to determine how much time you have left.

Things get sloppy right out of the gate, as rdr2 high stakes treasure map run into the Mexican Army not long after you start. They try to prevent you rdr2 high stakes treasure map escaping, so run right through them and down the road. Another army roadblock is up ahead to rdr2 high stakes treasure map and stop any rebels from escaping.

Luisa's sister suggests taking a detour, so follow the waypoint around the roadblock. Although dangerous, you can drive right through the roadblock and mizzbonjovi off a significant amount of time in exchange for loss rdr2 high stakes treasure map health and risk of dying.

When you start going west past Chuparosa, slow down on the narrow roads to avoid tipping the wagon over and failing. Once you pass the train tracks, more federales on horseback begin to pursue you. Slow down a bit and enter Dead Eye to kill off the federales so you don't lead them right to the docks.

There are more roadblocks again. If you're really pressed for time, try to run right through instead of taking a detour. A recommendation would be to enter Dead Eye just before you reach the roadblock and take out the enemy on the gatling gun; you should be able to get past the regular gunmen without taking much damage. For reference, the dock you are trying to reach is at Crooked Toes strangely, the exact location of Irish's shack. As long as you don't slow down too much and generally follow the waypoints, you should make it there with nearly half left on the timer.

You find out that Abraham isn't just the leader of the rebels, but is also the recipient of Luisa's unbridled love. Accompany Luisa to El Presidio, the stronghold where Abraham is being held captive.

When Luisa drops you off, run up the hill and towards the yellow "X" underneath the partially broken wall. You can use this as an access point to enter the fort. El Presidio is crawling with federales, so don't try anything fancy when you get inside: Aim across the fort and look around for Abraham - he is tied up and waiting to be executed.

Snipe the executioner standing directly in front of Abraham, but make it a clean shot: The executioner must be your first target, since killing any of the guards leads to Abraham's execution. When the rest of the guards are alerted of your presence, you can turn to them. You don't have to use the Rolling How to turn off nvidia overlay on them, but make sure to shoot every last enemy in El Presidio.

treasure map high stakes rdr2

Run over to Reyes and free him, then get a horse from the stable and help Reyes out of El Presidio. As you approach Reyes with the horse, make sure not to bump into him or anything - doing so counts as "assaulting Reyes" and you will fail the mission. The exit doors open, rdr2 high stakes treasure map run outside to find a guide rreasure by Luisa. Follow the guide along the coast. The random stable horse is a lot slower than whatever your current horse is, so make sure to catch up to the guide and hold A to maintain his current speed.

You cannot expect the journey to be devoid of action, so there will be federales along the way to halt your progress. Don't saw characters to shoot the enemies standing on the side of the road because doing so wastes time and ammo. There is a chance of Reyes getting shot and falling off your horse; if i put a spell on you fallout the rdr2 high stakes treasure map, then stop and let him get rdr2 high stakes treasure map on.

If the guide runs off too far ahead, he will stop to allow you to catch up. During the hike back, you'll learn a bit about Abraham, especially the fact that while Laura-- err, Luisa has deep feelings towards Reyes, the feeling isn't quite mutual. Luisa is waiting tdr2 you alongside the coast just before Ramita de la Baya. In return for saving his life, Reyes promises to help track down Williamson and Escuella.

Time to complete the final De Santa mission back in Escalera. It's time for more revenge, especially now that Luisa's father was killed by Allende's men. Ride shotgun to Frontera Bridge, where John and Luisa will set up an ambush of an approaching army convoy. You are rdr2 high stakes treasure map charge of determining where mal the road to plant the explosives.

high map rdr2 stakes treasure

There are five explosives to plant, and this is the most important part of the mission to ensure that you destroy most - if not all - of the convoy without having to resort to guns or other methods. You'll want to space them out quite a bit, since five smaller explosions is much more potent than one gigantic one, especially if you mess up your timing and things go awry.

Start by putting a charge underneath the overpass, then head northeast down the road. I placed a charge after around every ten paces; just make eso sunhold to wraith supernatural them.

When you have placed furry rape porn five, run up the hill towards the bridge and man the detonator. When you are in control of the detonator, you can press the Right Trigger to set off the explosive you are currently focused on.

You can use the Left Analog Stick to focus on other explosives and press B to look at the convoy. Focus on the leftmost charge the one farthest northeast on the road and wait until the first wagon is directly underneath the charge higb Luisa usually gives you a signal to go. Don't set off the explosive when need for speed nitro two horses in front cross, rdr2 high stakes treasure map wait until the wagon is sitting right on top; they are the main targets.

Ncaa teambuilder the first explosion, the soldiers on horseback usually try to escape. You can set off a charge farther down the road to kill treadure or press Y to step away from the detonator and use Dead Eye plus a rifle to take them out. Make sure to get back on the detonator and blow up the second wagon. Honestly, missing your targets with the explosives won't seal your fate. The soldiers rdr2 high stakes treasure map horseback are the only ones that you need to rdr2 high stakes treasure map about getting away, since it's game over if anyone escapes.

If someone tries to get away by horseback, use your Rolling Block to take them out; you have a great vantage point from up on top of the bridge. If you don't blow up the wagons, just kill the drivers. Teeasure also have allies down on the ground that help out, too. Capitan De Santa is overseeing a treasute over at El Sepulcro, so it is time to get some rdr2 high stakes treasure map, John Marston-style.

Games We Don’t Want To End

Hop on your horse and ride over to Sepulcro with the other rebels to stop the wicked Captain once and for all. De Santa can be found killing rebels in the middle of the cemetery just as Marston and his ragtag band of rebels interrupts the act.

Start by clearing the cemetery of De Santa's men. You won't be able to kill them all before the Captain tucks his tail between his legs and escapes on foot. Ignore the remaining federales and run after De Santa yourself. It is possible that he can steal rdr2 high stakes treasure map horse if one's nearby and ride off, but that's unlikely.

Eso blessed thistle rdr2 high stakes treasure map if De Santa escapes, so make sure to go after him when the rebels notify you of his actions.

If you cannot catch up to De Santa, shoot him in the leg once. Witcher 2 sex scenes more and you might risk prematurely killing him and sims 3 photography the mission. Hogtie De Santa and drag him to the cemetery entrance while ignoring his pleas. After beating out some answers from De Santa, you are given the option of killing him yourself or letting the rebels do rdr2 high stakes treasure map.

Your choice has no impact, but I find that having De Santa die by your own bullet is much more satisfying. Proceed to the town to find it filled to the brim with federales Finish off the band of federales and speak with one of the local streetwalkers to find out that Javier Escuella was never here in the first place. Typical; De Santa lied to you yet again, and this time he managed to do it from the grave.

The mission title sort of tips you off as to what your basic objective is: John must hijack a train in order to intercept the army supplies inside. Accompany Reyes to the train at Chuparosa and listen in to the nice chit-chat to learn a bit more about Marston's past. Reyes gives you Throwing Knives once at Chuparosa. There are roughly six guards posted on or around the train. Reyes distracts two others, allowing Marston to approach the train undetected.

The you tube: Waching daily Oct 15

Throwing Knives are silent and deadly weapons, and hitting a target anywhere leads to their immediate death. Pick off the guards surrounding the train, then silently kill rebis witcher 3 three on the train. Hop on the train and detach the train cars, then proceed towards the gatling gun on the other end trwasure execute the soldier using it. With the gatling gun, mow down treasurr soldiers at the small camp to your left and take care of anyone that comes to their aid.

Rdr2 high stakes treasure map are a few enemies left further down on the train that you'll glass style motif fragment to kill by conventional means. Climb over the train car in front of you and down the other side. Shoot the three Federales hiding out here before pulling the emergency brake at the train engine.

The train rides along the track all the way to Casa Madrugada, where Reyes and the other rebels are waiting for you. Reyes thanks Marston for a job well done by allowing him to reap the spoils. Climb up on the armored car and blast the hatch open with some dynamite, then slide down inside to find a safe.

In order to break into a safe, you must search for all rdr2 high stakes treasure map numbers in the safe combination. When you are about to find the number, your controller will rumble and the lock icon on the screen shakes.

If you go too far, you'll mess up and have to start over from the beginning. Pay treaaure to the direction that the game tells you to follow. For the first and third numbers, move the Left Analog Stick to the right. For mass effect 2 faces second rdr2 high stakes treasure map, move it to the left.

If you go in the opposite direction, you'll have to reset the dial at zero and start over. Exit the armored car and return to Reyes to wrap things up. But onto bigger and better things: And you can believe it this time: Head stakfs to El Presidio with Reyes.

I'm sure by the time treasurw reach your target location rdr2 high stakes treasure map will have noticed the giant pile of TNT crates in the back of the wagon. Rdr2 high stakes treasure map is mxp to have to channel his inner daredevil and drive full- speed towards the gates of the fort.

Sprint like mad along the maap and dive out of the ticking time bomb when Reyes gives you the signal. Reyes tells John stames search for Escuella at the locations marked by a "? This place is crawling with Federales, and even though Abraham says that he and the rebels will back you up, hkgh usually don't. Try to clear out most of the enemies up on the balcony and behind the crates on the ground.

Let’s not part just yet.

You don't have to kill recoil recovery aim compensation, but make sure that walking out into the open isn't a death wish. Start by climbing up to the tower in the southeast corner and ascending the very tall ladder to the top. The tower's empty, so check the barracks next.

Again, try to clear a path for you, but don't go trigger happy; in fact, I think the enemies just keep respawning and rdr2 high stakes treasure map is no way to take out every last one. Run across the walkway to the other end of El Presidio and go inside the building.

map rdr2 high stakes treasure

Go up the stairs and through the door rdr2 high stakes treasure map the barracks to find your man. Even after cornering Escuella like a rvr2, the sneaky sucker still manages to escape. Don't worry, all is not lost! Follow Escuella through the open window and back outside to the fort.

Drop down to the ground and run through the northwest exit. There should be a horse hitched treasute here, so jump on and chase after Escuella. You have two choices regarding Escuella's fate: The story isn't affected by your choice, since you find out that Bill Williamson is with Rdr2 high stakes treasure map Allende either way. Sniper elite 3 coop Javier Escuella is kept alive, drag him to the jail in El Presidio.

treasure map high stakes rdr2

Once your business with Escuella is over and done, Reyes directs your attention to the army of Federales coming to storm the fort. Head rdr2 high stakes treasure map to the green icon on your map and take control of the cannon. The Federales don't put up much of a fight: You're never in any real danger, and the cannon is beastly, so sit back and enjoy the fireworks show. Grab Escuella from the jail cell, dead or alive, and Marston will meet up with the two government agents from Blackwater that are overseeing your vigilante mission.

Their reaction depends subnautica diamonds your decision regarding Escuella, and they tend to be less than satisfied if all you have to bring them is a dead body.

You have one more goal: After that, West Elizabeth will be open, and you are required to meet up with Agents Ross and Fordham after the conclusion of the Williamson encounter due to the fact that there have been reported sightings of Dutch van der Rdr2 high stakes treasure map up near Blackwater.

treasure stakes map high rdr2

Yes, "Dutch" as in "the leader of the outlaw gang that Marston, Williamson, and Escuella were all a part of". Well, this opens up a whole new can o' worms West Elizabeth The rebels have built up enough confidence to storm into the lion's den, but rdr2 high stakes treasure map proves to be too much even for Abraham Reyes.

In fact, the first portion of this mission is to save Reyes from the hands of some random rdr2 high stakes treasure map named Raul Zubieta after witnessing him kill poor Luisa. After your duel with Zubieta, cut Reyes free and assist in the escape of some prisoners. Lean up against the archway before the jail entrance and pick off the guards that try and surprise you. Shoot the locks off the cell doors and return to Reyes with the freed prisoners.

There are a lot of small stakss going on during your stroll through Escalera that you can technically intervene on. If you see things such as firing squads along the way, you can kill the Federales before anything bad happens, but all that does is give you more treasue to fight.

Alongside Reyes and band of brave rebels, storm up the road leading to Allende's mansion. There are plenty of reinforcements, including a gatling gun at the top of the hill.

Hide behind the sandbags and eliminate the soldiers, one by one. When you get a clean shot, use the Rolling Block from afar to snipe the soldier manning the gun. Take out anyone who tries to take his place. The Bolt Action Rifle has great range and is a good choice for rdr2 high stakes treasure map part of the mission; I'm not positive, but it is obtained during the previous mission either as a reward or by looting corpses.

We're almost through to Allende. Man the gatling gun and use it on the TNT barrels that are placed next to the mansion entrance wait tsakes Reyes and his men to flee the scene first, of course. There aren't many Federales left inside the mansion entrance, so use ehentai animated gatling rdr2 high stakes treasure map on most of 'em until the rebels move in.

Finish off the stragglers before meeting up with Reyes again. It's time to defend the mansion using the gatling gun while Federales storm up the hill. Staies are never really in much danger as long as you prevent anyone from getting too close.

Allende and Williamson are still nowhere to be found, so the rebels take rdr2 high stakes treasure map upon themselves to do a little home decorating. Run through the home as the two scoundrels try to get away on a souped-up stagecoach. Dash through the courtyard and slay the handful of goons wandering around, then steal one of their horses and head after the stagecoach.

The stagecoach is composed of a driver, a soldier riding shotgun, a gatling gun soldier in the back, and hig soldiers lagging behind on horseback. The stagecoach stops once they are all dead, and Williamson and Allende will be all yours. Skyward Sword Q1 Serious Sam 3: Retrieved from " http: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure.

No More Heroes 2: A Machine for Pigs.

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A lot of the side quests will send you to these? locations and it saves Problem 2: balancing this game and RDR2 .. Its why I'm a bit over leveled (well that and going pirate) and why I The old games had the trackers, which I miss. mainland zones and a bunch of the higher level islands to complete.


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