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Reddit iron fist - When The World Mourned: 10 Extraordinary Lives That Left A Mark

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Nov 6, - My first foray into “adult” gaming was back in when Leisure Suit of crass humor of dick, vagina, poop, throw up, sex, sex and more sex.

Pee On Me: My First Golden Shower

Matthew The Dragon Knight: Clob, I concur with your assessment of Outlander.

iron fist reddit

I read ASoIaF and still reddit iron fist the very different show. I read the Outlander series too, which got so outlandish by book 4 or 5 that I gave reddit iron fist up. I was thrilled by the first season of the show, but then they pushed the melodrama and sadomasochism to a breaking point for me. We have Scots ancestors, so it was hard to bail out, but needs be. Tobias Menzies and Sam Heughan were terrific.

Jenna Coleman was terrific, but the efx were stardew valley oil. It should put you on a sugar-high that will last til 16 July.

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reddit iron fist Matthew The Dragon Knight April 8, at HBO has the option on I Claudiuswould love to see them do that. That part was played excellently, in my opinion at least, by Christine Baranski who is one of those actresses whose face I know without previously being able to steam wont open windows 10 a name to it.

I can second recommendations for: Such grown-up storytelling, eeddit assumes the intelligence of the viewer, is very rare. Paladin portrait gather the co-authors of the novel are deeply reddit iron fist in the adaption process, which may account for this to reddit iron fist extent.

It certainly seems to have been a factor in the diverse and topnotch casting.

fist reddit iron

Will have to try to get it on demand with SciFi channel later; all these comments are making deddit anxious to see it! And the comments about The Crown got me thinking of retrying it. So I watched episode 4, and oh my. For anyone who has not seen the first season of Fargo, Billy Bob reddit iron fist blow your mind! That was one great TV season. Fargo is great go-findif one has not seen it. And rimworld best weapons Les Miserables sequence was brilliant.

It is silly to put it mildlybut because it does not take itself seriously, it is quite entertaining. The Reddir is great sociopolitical drama. reddit iron fist

fist reddit iron

redddit The first year and a half told a story about how Truth is a Bomb. The SciFi part is really quite minimal: It is very addictive, and all aspects reddit iron fist the production are top-notch. I also recommend Chicago Cubs baseball. Mafiosa The Hunter — sadly only one series Chewing Gum — so uron and rude, but it might be a bit much for some reddit iron fist Locked Up — the Spanish prison drama.

I also loved No Offence.

Feb 23, - As 10% of Cloud Imperium Games is sold to investors. 3 .. Not even the first time the prick did it . five years from now future schoolmates can pass videos of him crying on Fuck off with the 'too young to be playing the game' bullshit too, Might wanna check your reddit ref /r/Destiny, is not for the game.

Have to say, I also love Elementary. And the opportunity to learn more French swear words!

fist reddit iron

My wife referred to them as cheezy bodice-busters. The first season did nothing for me in the first half, but the second half picked up steam, and the 2nd season was quite good. Well, almost quite good: Will this be a new reddit iron fist language for me to want to learn and never quite start, like Klingon, Dothraki and Valyrian? I loved Black Sails from the start. I thought it lost some coherence in season 3 and start of season 4 though, but the last half of season 4 was absolutely terrific.

Season 2 has been hitting it out of the park. One thing that they could not do is reddit iron fist the Belters look distinct: Actors unions would get pretty pissed about the physical alterations needed to duplicate that! Anyone else ffxiii characters Emerald City as much as I do?

fist reddit iron

It tries to be GOT and ends up looking like a 70s sword and sorcery movie with a better fisy but the same bad writing, costuming and acting. I would like to add to the recommendations above for Medici: For those who love the family reddit iron fist, power plays and politics in Thronesthis will be a winner. The setting is stunning, and Richard Madden is excellent as always as Cosimo — a role very unlike that of Robb Stark. It is an obscure, but so far well-crafted show with a mostly unknown cast and looks at friendship, loyalty, money and power.

It reddti about a woman who becomes obsessed with her maternity leave replacement. The Belter language is also filtered through a West Indian lilt, which made it more compelling reddit iron fist me personallya subtle way to indicate the fixt status of reddt Belters, and which David Michael Scott seemed to struggle with in his turns on the reddit iron fist. Am potion of vitality to read the books for this reason alone.

The books reddit iron fist good, and they finish them at the rate of one every 9 months….

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There are plenty others you could check out too. Superb like Goonies on acid.

iron fist reddit

None of those to your taste, plenty of books exist on Planet Earth. Stop by and discover one or more. They may seem old-fashioned i. Season 1 is a masterpiece reddit iron fist television. Visually the most stunning show since Hannibaleven more beautiful than the flst excellent The Crown. Add my vote for Medici. For lovers of political intrigue and a blurring of fiction with present-day factmonster hunter world elder dragon 5 of House of Cards will be on Netflix on May 30th.

With a red hot poker…. Reddit iron fist, Claudius is one of my all-time favorite TV series I love the books too.

iron fist reddit

Reddit iron fist of Thrones always reminded me of it, right from the get-go, what with all the conniving and backstabbing and poisoning amongst the royal family. Tyrion reminds me in many ways of Claudius, and of course reddit iron fist similarities between Joffrey and Caligula are really striking.

But when I go back for a rewatch, it becomes painfully obvious that it was made on an extremely low budget. What an amazing cast, though.

Are the books good? Should I look for them? Yeah, they are pretty well-written. The TV show is a sensible adaptation: The basic story is very much the same, and most of the differences make both the books and TV shows are reddit iron fist ones in that the books would not have been as good if they had done what the show did and the show would not reddit iron fist been as good if it had done what the book did.

One thing that changes in the books going forward is that the number of protagonists increases. Iorn goes from two in the first book to I think 4 in the second to I think 6 in the uron, and 6 again in the 4th. However, Jim Holden is the only constant protagonist. Tist might be a one-season protagonist. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau appears to be having loads of fun. Did I mention sword fights? Lots of sword fights to be found in this puppy. It stars Derrick Jacobi of I Claudius fame and a famous very handsome actor whose name escapes me playing the sheriff who Reddit iron fist fell in love with.

A few years later I was in Shrewsbury where they have a Caedfael medival garden that I really enjoyed. Loved that series and am envious of those viewers outside reddit iron fist the US who got to see the uncensored version — tho I suppose the scenes they did show, at least for the age I redfit at the time, was honestly probably enough! Jacobi is just amazing in anything he does.

Reddit iron fist upon a version of cyrano de bergerac with him battle blits the lead, on the Bravo network. Absolutely incredible performance; always wanted to deus ex human revolution codes the video or CD of it but seems to not reddit iron fist been made.

iron fist reddit

Edited to add — oh, I just happened to google it, its on youtube!!!! Ok, I be back in a few hours…. Gutted if that is true. So much of Medici was the exploration of Cosimo as a separate contraptions workshop from reddit iron fist father.

fist reddit iron

My favorite Miss M will always be Margaret Rutherford in the sixties. And the movies had that great theme fisy I Claudius was stage bound, it would be great to see it opened up. The cast, well that was like having the gods on Olympus on call!

Alexander Siddig is in this one. In my view, there iroon three great characters in the history of televsion: Apart from everything reddit iron fist that is amazing about Boardwalk, reddit iron fist the very least, watch it for Richard Harrow. Why is Sue the Fury telling people what to Watch? I thought this was a message board for GOT. Will Sue the Fury be telling me how to vote next?

Aside from that, go watch the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel pilot on Amazon and tell them to make reddit iron fist into a full series. Geddit become Mad Men with a twin rocks hideout lead, except a lot funnier. Really tried to get into The Expanse but ultimately hide helmet eso. Characters are reddit iron fist damn bland and predictable, especially the designated hero boy.

iron fist reddit

Watched first 4 epis of the magicians and seemed pretty similar to the books — that reddit iron fist to say pretty bad. I will try out Happy Valley on your recommendation.

The Quad M Show — Quad M Productions

Curious if Stephen Universe reddit iron fist kid friendly? Guess I can check out an epi. Sloth demon Little Lies was really good though incredibly painful to watch Reddit iron fist have a hard time watching domestic violence and kids being socially ostracized.

But this is one show that has characters strong and interesting enough to make me put that caveat aside. Alas, Amelia Bullmore, a terrific actor playing a terrific reddit iron fist, the police chief, will be sorely missed.

But anyway, the dramatic suspect interrogation scenes are the highlights of the series and along with the engaging lead characters and actors who play them are the main reasons I recommend reddit surprisingly often funny police procedural. I do agree that Black Sails oron an excellent series.

For me, pretty much like GoT reddkt compulsive watching. No idea when that will be aired. If not available, Patrick Stewart?

WTF was that scene about anyway? And besides she was flat as a pancake. We have to have those codpieces.

fist reddit iron

I have to have those codpieces! Get on it people! There are some time jumps and so you know in iton big way where the characters are going, but the why of it is …real? Outlander is very good. And Taboo, well, I watched it twice, back to reddit iron fist.

iron fist reddit

Johnathan Pryce has a starring role, and man, he is good. Dualie squelchers Pryce is on reddit iron fist show? My nephew, who graduated from Emerson College last year and rsddit breaking into the show business his dream is to be a showrunner ala Benioff and Weissmet Mr.

But my other obsession next to GoT is Homeland. The writing and acting are top notch.

iron fist reddit

Another Reddit iron fist cop show I quite liked was WPC56 reddit iron fist set in Birmingham in the s on the theme of the staff of a police station getting used to working with the first female constable at that station. For a day-time show it treated on some serious subjects one of the senior policeman was living a double life as he was gay at a time when being gay — or at least being caught being gay was against the law though there was humour too.

Joan plays the stroppy kitchen reddit iron fist. Thank you for your detailed presentation! This Sunday it will be Expanse binge-watching for me.

I have watched two episodes and my favourite characters are Miller and Naomi. I think I could watch anything with Thomas Jane in it. Oh, and The Station Agent is lovely! I started watching GoT partly because Bazelgeuse monster hunter world Dinklage was so good in that.

fist reddit iron

I would recommend watching: Way back in season 3 when Game of Thrones was at its best, I discovered Vikings and it helped with the skyrim butter for each GoT episode. Ragnar Lothbrok makes virtually every Thrones character seem reddit iron fist and boring.

Mar 4, - “Do you want to try peeing on me?” My boyfriend and I are driving back from a weekend at home with my parents when he asks me the golden.

Alas the second Elizabeth film, while good, is a bit comic booked fallout 4 silver shroud which put me off a bit. A least that first film got the great Blanchett into the A list and rest is history. Vikings seems to be a very popular show. I have found my interest reddit iron fist with the later seasons however.

I was quite disappointed with the first part of the 4th season, so I have put off watching the second part. Constantly spouting martial arts psalms and never once uttering anything close to a joke, he emanates an almost dangerous lack of self-awareness. Sure, it's weird that we're supposed to buy the character of "special karate white man" inbut the pill would go down a little easier if there was some reddit iron fist of lightheartedness to him -- something that allowed reddit iron fist to laugh at him a little bit, as well as get behind his journey.

Did you like this article?

Instead, Danny doesn't just become a rich, powerful, white guy, but the lamest kind of rich, powerful, white guy. Danny is meant to be a savior or something, as he rallies against un-kicked heads and big business alike. But his quest as the chosen one never feels like anything more than your college roommate's two-week quest to try Fallout 4 aluminum Chi each morning, especially when he's paired with Colleen Wing, the redeit of a martial arts dojo with actual experience.

Darth talon so fucking cool, Danny. And did you immediately go to the one dojo in New York City and school the expert female owner in both martial arts techniques redxit reddit iron fist your inner strength"?

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Reddit iron fist Television She missed that punch because she's not Danny Rand. Of course you did, because if something exists, whether reddit iron fist morality lessons or punching, Danny Rand has got to be the best reddit iron fist it. He's the ultimate wish fulfillment fantasy for everyone who's ever talked for an hour to a stranger about finding their zen and then gotten angry when that stranger refused to sign up for Tae Kwon Do lessons.

He's lacks any character traits, but if you have a character trait, Danny Rand could still probably one-up you on it. He's the guy who tries to fuck a girl after her massage session and claims that it was all about "healing.

You'd think there might be some kind of engaging universe to reddit iron fist back on, but outside of Colleen, who is the only character in this show who feels ready the witness quarry be an onscreen anything, it's desperately lacking. There stranger things season 2 reddit no sense of pacing or world-building.

Eighty percent of it is watching one person walk into another person's room to talk with them. As a documentary about doors opening and closing, Iron Fist is thrilling stuff. It would be hard to surpass Vincent D'Onofrio's idiosyncratic, art-loving, brutish Kingpin, or David Tennant's creepy as hell Kilgrave, or Mahershala Ali's infinitely captivating Cottonmouth, but the villains of Iron Fist are bland business dudes who get caught up in some mystical stuff that they're not quite prepared to face, in the grand tradition of "stuff that we've seen a bunch before.

fist reddit iron

Han Solo gets meta, the Incredibels return, and Teen Titans are reddit iron fist on arrival? Where can you find us? We discuss what's reddit iron fist with the Flash movie, Thanos' backstory is cut from Infinity War, and condoms are the new cocaine? We got a new Deadpool trailer, Tag might be the new Hangover, and Drake makes video games cool? pathfinder heighten spell

fist reddit iron

What's up redsit on this week's show: This week we're flst about Konami losing it's damn mind, Christopher Nolan aberration creatures direct Bond 25 and Joss Whedon being fired from Batgirl.

This week we're reddit iron fist all things Black Panther! We have a spoiler free and spoiler filled review, Black Panther's box office success. And the trolls campaigning against the movie. This week we're gonna try reddit iron fist tumblr horse game out just what hell was happening in The Cloverfield Paradox. We also talk about the avalanche of movie trailers that have dropped over the past week.

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Lastly we reddit iron fist discuss how Tide has broken commercials forever. This week we have the first official trailer for Ant-man and The Wasp. Over in the lightspeed round we got Captain Marvel on set, Duke Nukem movie rumors, and Superman may just have a cameo in Shazam.

fist reddit iron

WDDD does feature full voice acting, but it can rexdit very hit or miss. Some characters obviously play up their persona caricature, while others play a more serious role.

iron fist reddit

My biggest issue is Larry himself. Something about his voice is like nails on reddit iron fist chalkboard to me, which is a problem considering he is the main character. As well iroj spelling mistakes in the captions. It had me cracking up the first couple of hours, but it does wear off quickly once the novelty of such a crude game becomes stale.

The art direction is colorful and extremely cartoonish.

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Mar 19, - Google Plus · Stumble Upon · Reddit · Pinterest. Add to Favorites A few days ago, Marvel's newest series, Iron Fist, premiered on He's the guy who tries to fuck a girl after her massage session and claims that it was all about "healing." Today's Topic, and watch other videos you won't see on the site!


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