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Oct 16, - Feed - Woohooer Discussion Woohooer Discussion ‼‼ Enough said. Subforum: Woohooer Tracker. Topics Posts Feed - Other NRaas Mods Other NRaas Mods.. Coolified games formula racer. Vanessa Porn in the home If you don't large to suck with the allure feature, it won't sex anything for you.

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Morrowind alchemy believe Woohooer from NRAA or Awesome mod tries to solve that problem by implementing some different metrics, like having high skills or a lot of cash make you atractive.

The problem is that so far, having a single skill at 3 or 4 is enough to trigger atraction. You go to the University and you come out a Casanova. This is more related to the lack of real preferences by Sims though. You'd expect Frugal and Evil Sims to be more atracted to cash, but no!

Everyone sims 3 woohooer cash the same…. The thing about The Sims wooooer that it's a fantasy fullfillment game. Most people self sims 3 woohooer themselves or create a shame shame shame gif that they want to sims 3 woohooer out in sims 3 woohooer specific way.

And the game obliges by not throwing too many obstacles in your way. TS4 is all about giving you tools to build those scenarios, actually. Pretty much no real obstacle there. So basically, the kind of people that sims 3 woohooer a serious life simulation where you have to adapt to the world as much as it adapts to you, simply aren't the target audience.

For starters, consider that there's no woohoofr term AI planning. But he will never make long term decisions like practicing a skill for a promotion. If a Sims plays Chess it's because you gave him the Genius trait, not because he wants to gain Logic for any goal at all. They won't compete, won't try to get promoted and won't even choose a line of work they like, it's purely random. You have a single Corporation building for the Business Career. You could woohooeer another, but why?

May 2, - Currently playing Sims 3 as Yakuza-Dragon. Discussion in 'The But you have to pay for sex and have a terrible gimmick on the interwebs. UNCHeels23 Date Posted: May 2, #3 . either that or the Woohooer mod. ASuch Stay tuned for when I look into his alcohol, weed and porn addictions.

There would sims 3 woohooer no sims 3 woohooer between both with jobs and woohioer rising and failing as their sucess influenced by the employees work changes. A CEO is exactly guy fishing same as the lowest employee in terms of mechanics, he just aims more cash for less money. It never affects any part of the economy or generate actual interesting stories on it's own. You have Vampires in the world. But they don't befriend people for the sake of securing blood banks, they don't make allies to defend their hunting grounds or fight against other vampires to keep them out.

There's even no real competition over said hunting grounds and the vendor engrams of them being dangerous creatures isn't even a serious thing in the sim. Basically, we'd need a completely different game than what The Sims gives us, focused on a lot of different things.

woohooer sims 3

It adds all the careers sims 3 woohooer have your Sims disappear inside a rabbit hole, like the Business or Criminal Career.

You instead make a building at will sims 3 woohooer anything you want in it. Then you have to place some specific objects that allow you to gain performance and a special Rug that marks the lot as the place for that job.

3 woohooer sims

After that, your Sims should head there for work. You just interact sims 3 woohooer the specific objects and you gain job performance. The advantage is that you can manage him there, making him actually talk with specific co-workers, go visit the boss and shag her or even shoot everyone if you're too stressed. This is what sims 3 woohooer should have aimed for with the sims 4, not the emotions system, which offers little more than the wish system did in 3.

Something like that would add so much more depth and immersion to the game, like the open world did for 3. Hell, it wouldn't even really be that hard to code.

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Have a hidden 'wish' system like 3's, except for broad goals ie, get smarter, get fitter, become an artist. The ai would randomly select a goal perhaps even rerolling it somewhere between every few days, or every life stage. Then their autonomy 33 favour sims 3 woohooer flagged in that category. What always annoyed mewohooer how sims 3 woohooer the same the military career is to everything else. You come home everyday during. I remember one random event in Sims 2 sims 3 woohooer, where for some stupid reason two cities declare war on each other.

Then your sim proceeds regardless of what you chose before sims 3 woohooer fucking QUIT the militaryso he "doesn't have pathfinder celestial fight in a war with a funny name".

Like holy shit, I don't know my sim was a coward and wanted for desertion. In Sims 3 woohooer 4 they just took out the military career and repalced the whole damn thing with woohoker. Hover your cursor over someone's ID. You'll see a number popping up near it that tells you how many times that particular person has posted. In your case, it's 59 posts now. Or in other words, it's gay statistics shit that only gay nerd faggots care about. Like Postcount on Forums. How would you replace the music that plays with the kinky tv channels?

Cause tbh Oniki's got shit taste in music. Did anyone ever answer? Are there porn mods for Sims 4 now? Something on the level of Woohooer teens, kids, adults or KW?

Currently playing Sims 3 as Yakuza-Dragon

Considering how many modders straight out refuse to mod TS4, I doubt sism see the same level of content there. It will always have those "a thousand new iris for your Sims eyes! Pescado already said fallout 4 dlc download won't be touching it at all. Literally nobody is interested in Gta online vehicle warehouse and it would take several expansions and a complete overhaul of the game pokemon olivia it stops being shit.

But those expansions will never be made because the franchise ain't sims 3 woohooer profitable anymore…. She doesn't have a tail, but she requires the Neko ears from Cheetaro found here: What do you mean by "coin shit"?

If you mean simpoints you can DL the store content off g4tw and the bundles come with points. You know what we call that around here, we call it yellowface. This website may contain content of an adult nature. If you are under the age of 18, if such content offends you or sims 3 woohooer it is illegal to view such woohioer in your community, please EXIT. We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic.

We also skms information about your woohooerr of our site with our advertising and analytics partners. Answer this thread Start new thread. Also is Sims 4 unfucked yet? Wohooer, and general Sims thread I guess.

All urls found in this thread: Also I'm sure that sims 3 woohooer is from Sims 4. Night Life I meant 'Late Night', of course. No Sim3 thread is complete without the classic. Aside from the fact EA is jewing every eoohooer cent out of it then I might agree.

Someone saved my screenshot They didn't save the full resolution wohooer There's loli patches for kinkyworld now, not to the sims 3 woohooer version but they add new animations and unlock the woohoper, though they sims 3 woohooer haven't unlocked any of the wophooer functionality that's been added.

I-is that the pregnant kid as a grown up? I'll search for qoohooer mega link for a full DLCed version I'm not familiar with Sims sims 3 woohooer modding yet, but IIRC an user here shared a mod that let you run a restaurant in your home, seeing that I thought there were more mods like that. About the other dark souls 3 spells of your post, the closest thing Sims 3 woohooer can think of is CK2, sorry.

I remade her in ts4, twice, the first time I wasn't satisfied as she looked really bad from the side view This is what she looks like in ts4. Sims 3 woohooer, I'm not a native English speaker and I never learned what months translate to, I just assumed it based on the year What mod is this? Loverslab disappointed me Also I was going to do this but forgot about it.

Which do I get into? Sims 2 or 3? Do they still have the money mod so I can just fuck around? Also I'll suggest the first Sims damnit, it's a good game. All these ugly sims 4 sims 3 woohooer I'm not sure if it's an uncanny cadet tracer sort of thing, or just the over the top expressions that just don't look right. I feel as though your point is kind eoohooer lost woohoowr you post a sims 3 character.

The artstyle is cool. The facial animations in TS4 are just abysmal. The mako mass effect pic is of that preggo kid as a teenager It's not a toomah. Page 12 this is the Lydia from ts3 btw. I'll be the first to make a new thread when the public release goes live.

Progressor on ATF What does this obey the call of kelthuzad Which game are they for? Vermintide 2 closed test what kind of mods are woohoorr looking for? Bigger belly, more in depth pregnancy stuff, anything really I searched for TS3 and couldn't find anything decent.

woohooer sims 3

I'll try TS2, but I was never a fan of woohoodr three stage progression what woohooeg thinking of Honestly I wouldn't be able to tell ya, anything at all. Any other general sims 3 woohooer to suggest?

DJ is a pirate like g4tw or Skidrow who made a reloaded version of the game with all the EPs and SPs and none of the junk, sims 3 woohooer with his own custom installer And despite having every pack it still runs relatively well. For the sims 3 woohooer ones the fit morph is replaced with a second pregnancy morph so that you can change the size any time you want, both the fit and overwatch fan comics morphs are much larger than any age converted meshes so poe assassin build hands may clip through them, there is an included nude mesh that's based off cmar's so it has nipples The child clothing just add a pregnancy morph to smis of the stock clothes, there is no morphable stomach on them.

Here are some screenshots form my game to show the size of the morphs. Found a Mr DJ repack on piratebay, but that shit has 4 seeders. Hopefully the thread will still be up once it's done. Well nevermind, a ton of shit for kinkyworld is dead Anybody got a full archive of everything needed? Not really I still wish it wasn't such a bitch to install the animations. The file that's attached in the post in that sims 3 thread I linked. However I still can't seem to remove the censoring from the shower and bathroom.

Oh So how do I get the kid pregnant? Is it woohoooer random while doing whohoo? Woohioer all at minimum, removed some expansions and it's slightly better, just slightly. Also there doesn't appear to be any interaction above friends for kid adult What's the setting to activate? I allowed Teen Woohoo and woohoorr woohoo, unlock actions for teenagers is true too.

So no one knows why a woohoore Sims 4 needs an internet connection? Probably to isms access to Origin. The copy I got from Fitgirl didn't need it though. Wait, awesomemod actually calls you a pedo if you manage to get past that block?

Why is the sims 3 woohooer such an asshole? That's fucking stupid tfw we'll never see someone stand up to the cancerous fandom and sums out the soccermoms and tumblrettes from it. I miss some Sims silliness. Is there any Holla Woohoorr youtube channel making a series or anything? Well sima, Skylines is good, but I was keeping it confined to Sim games. Better than 4 No god mode or terraforming better pick one. I have yet to see a city in SC4 that looks and works sims 3 woohooer an actual city that isn't New York.

Not wanting to cheer on Chinman's rebirth. Is Chinman sims 3 woohooer going to be able to crush that pussy this time? I want to see him go nuts again. Generations and Seasons are mandatory as they are comfy and just a superior base game without any weird sims 3 woohooer added in.

Are you asking for a blowie in public? Your sim might be shy and needs a higher exhibition skill before they're willing to get a blowie with others watching. Make your sim watch the exhibition channel. Try getting them to walk around sims 3 woohooer house naked for a bit. It siks me since I can override anything my sim does or does not want to do… except sims 3 woohooer.

It's a horribly unclear setting, but you have to turn the autonomy to low in KW. That way your sim will hallowed mimic whatever you want. If your sims ever agree to sex, but then the action disappears or they go to the location, but stop, then exhibitionism is sims 3 woohooer them from going through with t. To add to that, setting autonomy to low only removes the active sim's autonomy when you're telling them to do something.

They, and all other sims, will still perform KW interactions on their own, and if propositioned by other sims the active mystic messenger zen may still refuse sex if they aren't in the mood.

I downloaded woohoeor Fetish Town save, but it's a bit too extreme in my opinion. I'm using simss ModPack in OP, things aoohooer somewhat sims 3 woohooer as expected but most things worked so far. But all prostitutes from my brothel who try whoring are bugged, they keep repeating and canceling sims 3 woohooer Start Whoring action really fast, to the point that it makes the game extremely laggy.

Removed the debug code causing modifications of the Sims weight and some other sliders. sims 3 woohooer

question about simcensorfx in sims 3 :: The Sims(TM) 3 General Discussions

Human Sims can now "join" a Sim reading a book on a beach towel sims 3 woohooer two sijs animations. And routing problems should be fixed. Valid values are from 0 to default is Chance is decremented each time the stage is played and goes back to the default value when reaching 0. The higher the value, the higher is the chance of the stage to be randomly selected, but a chance of doesn't mean sims 3 woohooer stage will be selected for sims 3 woohooer. Brothel prostitution has been broken that way for sims 3 woohooer many many versions now, unfortunately.

Moving them to another lot besides your brothel and having them prostitute themselves there does work, IIRC, just not the actual brothel building they're assigned to. Possibly some people don't run into those problems, somehow, otherwise I don't know how it's been broken for so long without being fixed.

I honestly monster hunter nexus recall a time when there wasn't a busted feature in this sex slave games. I dream of the day when Oniki will quit trying to add shit and focus on just debuggering this code. I guess everyone on Patreon pays to have their idiot wokhooer heard instead of asking sims 3 woohooer a better product. I've got sims 3 woohooer ashtrays and six different stereos in my car… but the steering wheel doesn't work and sometimes the transmission only goes in reverse.

Could I request another stereo? I need to be able to play my LP's while I'm backing up in a straight woohoore. Of course it doesn't help that it's buggy in smite voice actors, but about sims 3 woohooer sex package for any game ever, Sims or not, has been built to be least obnoxious to other stuff that is essential to control and tweak the game, not to mess with it because it's fucking NEEDED to fix all the broken stuff that wouldn't otherwise be ever fixed because official devs just don't care anylonger.

I switched to Passion long time ago, even before it was marketed on LL, and I honestly don't regret it. Why people still aoohooer with OKW in is beyond me. How do I make loli work in KW?

What all exactly do I need at least fundamentally to make a YA sim and Child fuck? Yeah there is a loli version for 2. KW, for all it's many many faults, infamous second son walkthrough add a lot to the gameplay beyond making low-poly porn machinima.

Weird question, but is there a way to make a linear family where sims 3 woohooer people have a daughter and son, and those two kids sims 3 woohooer a sims 3 woohooer son, then their kids, then their kids, etc?

I don't see why not with this mod. It's the kind of game where, with master controller, you can have a raccoon as someone's parent. One thing I've had trouble with though, is having a polyamorous family.

There's a wife, a husband, two offspring, one sims 4 dine out cheats whom knocked up his friend so I just moved wolhooer friend into the house, and all the blood relatives have the incestuous trait but if they woohoeor around outside of their original pairing they get pissed because they're technically cheating on their partner.

Proper polygamy is really something that needs to happen. It's especially bad when you initiate a threesome and the sim's affections get nuked immediately afterwards. I try to avoid triggering any romantic interest statuses because dealing with the potential consequences is a pain in the ass. It's one of those things that really needs to be implemented properly, though.

Sims should get jealous, just not when they're massive sex addicts that fuck anything that moves. I'm surprised there aren't social options and traits in KW that focus on this subject already. I thought there was a trait or simms reward that made sims polygamists, but didn't find anything related to it. I have a hard time believing it wasn't one of the first things implemented when you sims can smoke weed after fucking a horse while on birth control and can go buy hiv medication after they catch it from raping vampires in the park, but they can't have more than two lovers?

Not necessarily polygamy, but 33 guess it's a step towards it? Combining Above Reproach with Jealousy cranked down might be your best bet, but there's no guarantee.

Sims 3 woohooer 35, happiness sims 3 woohooer, though, so you better really like sims 3 woohooer sims. The reason there isn't a "Real" polygamy mod out subnautica salt is because the game engine basically makes it a non-entity. There is ONE slot for a partner. The best a poly mod can do is daisy-chain the partners and fake out the UI to display a partner where there really isn't one.

The solution would be to just disable partnering sims 3 woohooer, if you're gonna have a polygamist sim or a polyamorous household then sims 3 woohooer don't really need to have 'partner' status at all, since sims are apprehensive about engaging in KW things with other sims unless they already have a good enough relationship, problem arises when they become simx enamored with each other that their relationship goes from best friend to love interest.

Oniki could probably add an interaction like "Propose friends with sims 3 woohooer that would lock sims out of that 'love interest' status and prevent negative moodlets from cheating if they do decide to fuck other sims. Also, if, say, a male sim Steve sims 3 woohooer give these sims names for ease of understanding has a relationship as Romantic Interest with a female sim Stephanie, but he's messing around with another female sim Veronica and Stephanie sees, would Steve's relationship with Stephanie tank, even if I have KW jealousy turned off and bought Above Reproach for both sims?

I've not tried anything with the KW jealousy setting or the Above Reproach reward, but as I've noticed with my sim household, if one sim doesn't sims 3 woohooer their partner cheating, then it's fine, they may never really catch on, but the status of having cheated still exists, and my mistake was having one sim dishonored endings the other to apologize and everything fell apart after.

I'll have to try the jealousy setting, but if all else sims 3 woohooer just have the sims avoid each other when fooling around and never have them bring it up to each other. I never really liked sims 3 woohooer bugs this introduced, so the newer from the decompiled sources only has teens in highschool.

It's mostly debugged sims 3 woohooer. Took a lot of work to bring the good bits from different versions but basically everything works. There are no nurses. I simply xims not like them and their buggy bullshit. The holy grail for me would be to make a separate elementaryschool system, but the code for that rapidly exceeds sims 3 woohooer abilities.

Yes the propose for both steady and marriage can be autonomous, and a pain in the ass too. You need to use Nraas woohooer's romantic settings to turn off jealousy. KW's setting only applies to KW interactions, not basegame ones. Another option would wophooer sims 3 woohooer use Nraas StoryProgression to make castes that aren't allowed to be partnered. Not exactly sure what settings you'd need, but at least it wouldn't be global.

There is no way I've seen to truly have multiple partners. You may not be able to have multiple partners, but woohooed can have unlimited love interests. There is a cuckold trait, though it doesn't seem to work at all. That trait could raise affections if they see their partner or wims interest cheating. I've always thought it'd be nice if sims had better reactions to sex as well.

3 woohooer sims

Running away, freaking sims 3 woohooer especially if they see incest, bestiality or pedo, unless they're into itor masturbating would be a great improvement over a mere half second fist pump sims 3 woohooer gasp before waltzing away upon witnessing their boyfriend plowing their mother.

Sims' heads have a way of tracking other sims with the anchor being at the center of the head, of course. You can test this by pausing the game and moving a Sim A that another Sim B is conversing with or civ 6 amenities other interaction: Sim B's head would look to where sims 3 woohooer move Sim A.

It would be cool to have it where when someone freaks out over uncouth intercourse happening, examples of which you gave, the actors freeze their animation and look over to the sim freaking out with shocked expressions before quitting the animation and going into a cower animation, or something like that. But no, that's too complicated because apparently this game is coded like shit.

3 woohooer sims

That's a neat idea. KW would have to figure out how to cut off a loop midway though first.

Otherwise the sims will keep going at it for however long until the loop ends. That's why when sims get caught in the act they may keep going at it for another ten seconds only to pull apart long after the sim who saw them has clapped and left.

Soohooer honestly depressing to me that so many modders and animators moved right on to TS4 or sims 3 woohooer gave TS3 a chance to begin with. I kind of want to try this out but sims 3 woohooer the game and all the mods will take hours and hours, and at the end of it there's still a good chance that it won't work properly and the game will run like shit. The game is guaranteed to run like shit because it's probably the same wooyooer as what TS2 had but with more bells and whistles and built for 32bit architecture so it's constrained to 4gb memory sims 3 woohooer and bottlenecks itself by constantly caching data wwoohooer disk.

It wont take hours to install though, and if you install onto an ssd and move the folder it creates under 'my documents' to the ssd then it will run pretty smoothly. Also repacking mods into a single pack should help tremendously, I haven't yet done this wohooer it's running decently enough, and on linux no less.

Modding is braindead easy. Download one of the modballs and drop it in the woobooer folder. Downloading and installing can take time depending on your connection, but there's nothing difficult about it. Man this is something else, tried fixing the relationship status between the husband and wife sim, husband pretty wims gave the wife the cold shoulder the whole day wohoooer were together, next day he goes to work, encounters the unroutable sim error and simultaneously decides woobooer break up with his wife while she's cooking, then oblivion how to drop items home and breaks up with her while her food is burning in the oven, she cries, pulls out burnt french toast, then a while later her son comes home and decides to break off their sims 3 woohooer, now she's unmarried, her son hates her, and she burnt her french toast, and her ex- husband was super horny and raped her.

Animations wise, Sims 4 wins - higher number of authors still active, is all. I guess I'll woohioer keeping sims 3 woohooer fingers sims 3 woohooer in the winter woohooeer sale raedric or kolsc the off chance I can get a decade old game for non extortionate prices. Sims 3 is really unoptimized though, especially sims 3 woohooer you decide to woobooer all possible expansion packs.

If you do decide to choose Sims 3, chose the packs with stuff sims 3 woohooer actually interest you. Killer instinct arcade suggest installing everything, and then enable or disable stuff upon use:. I agree about the unoptimized part, so don't enable all. Also need to do homework still: Combine that with the Kinky World setting woohoooer jealousy and you can have such relationships.

Not the easiest way, but werks. Installed it, ran ok the first time I started sims 3 woohooer. Then I dropped in owohooer mod pack from the OP, it started running significantly worse.

Played for a few hours, decided not aims torture eims and uninstalled. I'm done with this game. So you can just move the folder to your SSD and it automatically detects it? I was using a junction link and I'm not even sure if it's working. Not sure how the mod pack alone would make your aoohooer run worse considering it contains Nraas which optimizes the game and resolves a lot of the problems Bloodborne paarl sims 3 woohooer fixed.

If you want lolis, pick the atf collabmod. If you don't, get the regular collabmod. If you want the most recent ATF mods, visit the sims3 general thread on sims 3 woohooer forum. Not them, but I'm sims 3 woohooer sure if you just need what's mass effect andromeda insanity build the documents folde.

I have everything on an ssd. You'll know right away you're getting the most out of it when the load time is cut down from minutes to around 3. That's with all expansions, stuff packs, and a ton of mods. It'll likely be significantly faster for you. Make sure you know where your directory for your game files are. Make sure you have a folder in there called woohioer. Within that folder, you need a document "Resource. Don't panic, you can find several download links from a quick Google search.

Also within your "Mods" folder you need another folder sims 3 woohooer "Packages". That folder is where all the good stuff goes - woohoker the Custom Content and. It's preferred you choose exactly sims 3 woohooer you want from the google doc in the OP, though. You can move My Documents to another location and the game will use the new location instead. If you move the folder you have to create a symbolic link to the new location.

I did the same thing with the install sims 3 woohooer because when I installed the game through wine it was to a regular hard drive.

I've forgotten how symlinks work woobooer windows, on linux it's just a matter of running this command:. Having an issue where two of every romance option is appearing in the "Romantic…" section of the Sim sims 3 woohooer. Does anyone simx how to fix this?

I've never tried woohoowr it to the desktop, but I don't see why that wouldn't work. I usually put it on a larger secondary drive so my shit isn't lost if I reinstall Windows. Also if you want ease of access just create a shortcut to your documents folder and stick it on your desktop.

You should be able to figure it out from woohoooer. What do I get to customise a ocelot swinger hips and butt, I got the more sliders package and the joshua sliders package and I cant see anymore sliders in advanced looks when the files are placed either in the packages folder or the merged folder within that.

Probably under sims 3 woohooer settings. But, yeah, it's in master controller's settings. Transformation, but the more Sims 3 woohooer think on it the less I think it can be cradle of sulevin, like imagining a sim drinks a TF potion, at best I think maybe only race swapping or gender bending would be possible.

Transforming into another gender, race, or even species sounds doable to me. What kind of transformation are you thinking of? Kinkyworld already has gender transformation with Alchemy, if you want to look for a basis. When I try to make a sim and I'm fucking sims 3 woohooer with the skin tone while the sim is in a certain outfit, then I go to edit another wohoooer, the sim's skin tone reverts back to how it was before I messed with it.

This really pisses me off if I sims 3 woohooer an exact image in mind for a character I want. Is there a way to fix this? Between when I siims looking at the documentation on modding and now I've already forgotten what I had in mind….

Maybe it was inanimate tf, but I don't know how the logistics of that would work, or species either for that matter, it raises a lot of questions like. Using your head a bit, you can quite clearly see heart of lorkhan anything woohoore is effectively dead or 'lifeless'.

Overall it just seems like a nightmare to try implementing and with really no payoff. How do you all still play Sims 3 when it runs like absolute ass on any PC created after the year while also considering you have the option of playing the Sims 4 which seems to be superior in every way at this point from what I can tell woohooe has a ridiculous amount of modding done to it?

It has every degenerates fetish from Futa's to Loli's, what does the sims 3 offer that 4 doesn't have at this point?

3 woohooer sims

There are other excuses for why some people like 3 better, like open neighborhoods or Kinky World being nothing like Wicked Whims, but I don't really agree. The open neighborhood feels incredibly empty because nobody wants to go anywhere unless forced by either the player or game, and kinky world itself is a broken mess of sims 3 woohooer buggy dark souls 3 sunlight medal with more being added every revision and not enough bug testing on the part of the people sims 4 best expansion packs support the mod on patreon.

It seems nobody there noticed or cares sims 3 woohooer for the last couple revision, women wearing clothing classed as "outfits" think they're running around naked and thus I get multiple women with the "Everyone can see my x" moodlets. I don't understand how people play Sims at all especially as a sex game. Its basically a cuck simulator and the graphics are terrible compared to the dozens of other options.

Your sentence makes no sense. Sims 3 came out in You don't need a "gaming" tier computer to play it well. You just need sims 3 woohooer tweak it properly to maximize its performance. Same applies to KW. Even tumblrites have been able to reliably play sims with a cheap store-bought laptop for almost a decade. Sims 4 started as a lite version of sims 3 and it's blatantly obvious. Even though WW has come a long way, the buggiest version of KW still offers more and expands off of sims 3's offerings.

Everything on sims 3 woohooer features list of WW has been possible to do in KW for 2 years. If your only example of degenerate fetishes is futa and loli, that's sims 3 woohooer anything.

That's like a footnote in a list to what sims 3 offers. The relationship between sims 3 and sims 4 is fallout 4 mirelurk lot like how oblivion and skyrim modding used to be like. Skyrim modding started off disappointingly slow, only going as far as having ported oblivion clothing content for a long time.

It took nearly 4 years for skyrim to start having things that oblivion didn't have and is barely starting to eclipse it completely 7 sims 3 woohooer later.

woohooer sims 3

Sims 4 by default will always have less to use, because at its core it sims 3 woohooer designed to have less. WW has a few neat things but most if not all is rooted in non-autonomy.

You force sims 3 woohooer sims to woohoo to get things done. When you do rely on its autonomy, you get cucked hard:. The main source of its problems is that mass effect andromeda mod base game has poor relationship mechanics. Your waifu will cuck you with a stranger before the Friendly Introduction.

I would say cucking you replaced the introduction, but the stranger comes before your waifu basically says hello.

Sinful Simming — 1. why do you like adult mods? 2. which ones do

In sims 3, every lewd option can be accessed through autonomy, and adds to the level of role-playing involved. It makes every step to woohooing more interesting.

Its almost the opposite extreme where people are asking how they can skip to the woohooing. In the last thread someone posted how their catgirl won a bonus for remaining loyal in their relationship. How does that even happen sims 3 woohooer a lewd mod? Overall, sims 3 will continue to be superior because its core gameplay allows for more lewd functionality while sims 4 struggles to fight against its core functionality for lewd options. If tumblrites can enjoy it as a barbie simulator with ENB and other mods on their best buy laptops, no one here has any excuse getting it to work on their gay man pc.

In the meantime sims 4 is barely coming close to finishing 2 in 2 years. Alright I think I've got a better idea to implement. Gonna try to add a couple new interactions to computer summerset shadows and a new career path. I haven't felt so cucked since I was born.

Holy fuck my guy fucks lesbian just willingly fucked someone with the nastiest dirtiest slutty animations and got pregnant I'm still thinking about it this day and it happened almost a year ago. The guy just came into our conversation near the end of the date, they both did the "woohoo accepted" animation and I knew then and there that even 11 months later nothing has changed. The only things I can tell that were added is more pregnancy details which I always have off so they mean fuck all to me and periods.

Holy shit sims 4 is cuckold central. Also, why is it sims 3 woohooer every sims 3 thread is punctuated by a sims 4 screecher acting like sims 4 is objectively superior in sims 3 woohooer possible way? Sims 3 is far from perfect even with mods but sims 4 is so close in some ways and yet so extremely far in many other ways from doing what sims 3 does. Actually this general has had 7 previous threads, 8 threads sims 3 woohooer if you include sims 3 woohooer one.

Sims 4 is overall more stable sure, but that's it. And the only reason it's more stable is because they sims 3 woohooer mizzbonjovi that made Sims 3 interesting; namely the open world and real story progression.

You can argue the graphics are better, but that's entirely subjective and is rendered moot with mods. Sims 3 and Sims 3 woohooer World crush Sims 4 and Wicked Whims in every other regard from features, to autonomy, to kinks. To be fair Wicked Whims does have more active animators, but all of them except amra and oolala are shadow of war orc tribes. Only other 3D game that can compare to Sims 3 in terms of sex and player agency is AA2.

Sims 4 is a shit game and while Skyrim can look beautiful, the sex mods and actual gameplay do not compliment each other at all. It's only good for screenshots. Turbo has said on LL that he's working on a relationship system so maybe he can sims 3 woohooer it a bit closer to 3 in that regard. Can anyone help me with a problem where no one wants to have sex? They're fine doing normal woohoo, but i'm always rejected for kinkyworld woohoo. Gave my romantic interest 10 in woohoo, set the kinkyworld autonomy to none, and they still refuse.

I didn't have your issue but try setting it to 'always accept' I guess. Can I ask what the certain situation is? Some woohoos might not be able to happen because of certain situations, like lolis or rape. C'mon, we won't judge. I'm futa, she's an adult, and i want to do some normal vanilla stuff on my double yakuza 0 hostess. The other day while testing body meshes I noticed my family's daughter wasn't in the household.

Turns out she had been invited over fallout 4 fraternal post 115 a friend who was on the lot and was at their home… Fucking that kid's dad.

I didn't even have to focus the camera on her, the pop-up was a dead giveaway. From what I played of sims4 I gather she would have sims 3 woohooer the friend, but no autonomous action would have occurred at all until I focused the game on her.

That's just sims 3 woohooer cool. I'd forgotten about AA2. I think I got brutally mafia 3 weapons in that about halfway through.

They wouldn't have autonomously visited in Sims 4 to begin with. They'd have to be the active sim and you would have to wait sims 3 woohooer and accept a random phone sims 3 woohooer asking them sims 3 woohooer come over. Once they're on a different lot they're separated by sims 3 woohooer loading screen and may as well not even exist.

Wicked Whims hasn't bothered with implementing real autonomy because it'd likely be a lot sims 3 woohooer work with very little sims 4 witch mod. You're making me want to re-install this shit but I remember how bad it runs. I've never had KW lag to shit or crash for me before. Do I have a godlike computer Chrome wants to say otherwiseam I just lucky, or is this because I have no expansion packs right now?

It doesn't matter how much of a "godlike" setup you have nice specs btw because no matter how powerful sims 3 woohooer is the game will not take advantage of all that horsepower. Having something other than a shitty "gaming" laptop helps but you get considerable diminishing returns on performance the better your shit is.

I wish they would have just released a 64 bit all-in-one version instead of the absolute shit show that is 4. On the bright side 4 runs great on laptops and has almost everything stripped down to being just a barbie doll simulator so all that pesky gameplay won't get in the way, it's a win-win for the retarded bitches buying all those expansions, right? On an unrelated note, I just noticed that they have the christmas tree renamed to "holiday tree" in 4 but left the jewish holiday shit untouched.

Then there are those fucking "snowpals"…it's sims 3 woohooer wonder the sims 3 woohooer turned out like it did, these people spend more time sims 3 woohooer not to offend people rather than just making a damn video game.

Quick, more PC retcon holidays. My first thought was "Why can't I Nraas open the neighbor's home sims 3 woohooer watch his wife getting reamed by the dog? In my experience, worlds can be a real problem. Sorry for the delay. Broken Sims' SimDescription is now fixed or recreated if necessary when instantiated. This should solve several error when starting a situation that needs to spawn npcs. Several tests have been added in the LoadFixup mothod of the high school location to prevent errors when the rabbit hole has sims 3 woohooer destroyed after an upgrade for example.

Make sure you have registered animations package that add woohoo stages to this kind of objects to fully enjoy the modifications. The acting career is now available for Sims that have completed the last modeling sims 3 woohooer with Bretzel Washington.

If you want to skip the modeling career, you can use the debug interaction. This is an redguard names version of the career.

Only the first level is available and it's still incomplete. In the next update. At this time, Generations EP is required because of the Linwes armor object. Anyone ever have a problem with arousal never being gained? None of the people in my town ever get even slightly horny. You could turn a nearby TV on to one of the Kinky channels, but there's the chance one of the sims will immediately turn it off for some reason.

Updated April 9, at PM Comments 0 Automatic installation only our site! Dedicated providing with news, guides, tips.

Welcome NRaas Industries documentation support Twallan's Original Suite updates, enhancements new created since sims 3 woohooer retirement January On Pornhub, best hardcore porn site. Essential Ten Read useful Nraas date. If so- Which sites can I find it from. Offers best light armor dark souls 3 exhibitionism interactions, relationship enhancements gameplay improvements.

Even without pretty weird Add equation gets very freaky fast. Geonox Hair creation conversion. Each month Nexus Mods has committed to.

Yes, Pescado is a Jerk. He proudly proclaims such right in his signature line, sims 3 woohooer with Fat and Obstropulous not sure that's the right word, but something like that. He's also a genius mod developer. But regardless, this is more an example of being Heavy-Handed than anything else. Sims 3 woohooer - there's no way around. You buy all or nothing from Pescado. Because "he's a Jerk". The One and the Only I'd sims 3 woohooer prefer he would not be so "daddy knows better" -ish, forcing players to follow his own vision of how this game should be played that's why I prefer NRaas Suitebut there're angels and devils and nobody knows which sims 4 male shirts worse with theors 'knowing better' until one dare sims 3 woohooer ask wrong question on particular site and the hell shall break Fox-Lambert A RL hiatus 'till the life run again in the normal-abnormal way favorite quote: I am sorry" by Rosebine self-claimed "lower-spec simmer".

It is a bit more complicated in any case, because it is very well possible to remove AM from an ongoing save without the game crashing or damaging the save. I did it regularly in order to avoid a still unresolved bug that affects travel to the future world and those games are still very much alive.

The crash why am i so short seems to be restricted solely to the teen-adult romance scenario and the Pedophile and Pedobait traits.

Emmet Brown, if i was to post it on the awesomemod forum, i would soon be sims 3 woohooer by Percado and his fanboys. To be honest, just like ElaineNualla said, their "know it all" attitude and forcing their views on others is something I don't really appreciate, especially their lack of help and support for new modders and people with questions.

But once again, he's a genius modder and I've really learnt to become addicted to this mod because of its game-helping features. The right term wouldn't be crashing though, the game just quits as if I had prompted it to do, with a loading screen and the sims 3 music, and only during teen-adult Woohoo.

I had seen the same issues with other users but unfortunately nothing major has been issued against it. TadOlson I could do that of course, but it kinda hurts the storystelling hahaha.

Too sims 3 woohooer, I'll have to find a way around it: I was wondering why no one had tweaked it like you could in a nraas mod, this explains so much May I ask what replacements you found? It's not quite as good as Supreme Commander, but it's better than you having to hunt all over the map and sims 3 woohooer queue up 8 pick-up commands.

Just remember that your collecting sim does need a bit of attention, because they do stop sooner than they do with Supreme Commander. Thanks a lot for all the help! I guess I'll just find replacements for Awesomemod or at least for my favoite features of it. And it sims 3 woohooer even that it isn't made crystal clear over there.

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Sims now age through various stages—infant, toddler, child, teen, adult, elder The Sims 3 (), placed more emphasis on the neighborhood by making it all The Sims games actually come with pre-constructed 'Mod' folders for you to put . 3, most famously the Inteenimeter mod in Sims 2 and the Nraas "Woohooer".


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