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Star Wars Old Republic is ruining my marriage.

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Sexuality in SWTOR...

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subscription swtor cancel

And constant gut checks. Social Security number and credit card. This page is no longer available. SSN number and current location if applicable.

cancel subscription swtor

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BioWare's Schubert On MMO Past Vs MMO Present

Yes, we need more armor that shows men's skin: A friend of mine wears the slave girl top to xubscription normal asassin equip and it looks beautiful. If I want a similiar effect with my male assassin I have to take his swgor of, which depletes me of stat boni and he looks more as if he forgot half of his clothes rather than wearing something revealing. As for actual armor: Then it's time that they damn well should be: But that's just me, if you like the same Sex good for you.

Put Ashara in the slave girl outfit as well, and there's some swtor cancel subscription times right there! This is truly gamebreaking!

No bondage male swtor cancel subscription in Star Wars game and no pink Vader costumes! Whoever created this game is so sexist and homophobic! I suggest those who are unhappy with that quit and play some game better suiting their sublime taste. Swtor is one of bayonetta nude least swtor cancel subscription games out there.

Subsxription, "sexist" in the OP's opinion, anyway.

subscription swtor cancel

I don't find chainmail bikinis and Leia outfits sexist. Do you girls wear short skirts and tops with decoltes?

All classes have at least one male and one female companion that has the potential to become attracted to the player of the opposite sex. Some classes (such as  Missing: porn ‎| ‎Must include: ‎porn.

I wouldn't mind a "shirtless walking scene" kind of outfit for my toon, but the lack of it doesn't make the game sexist. Since Bioware gave us forums to speak up in, including suggestion forums, I think they disagree with you. The romances are a part of the game that I always enjoy; a miniature storyline like swtor cancel subscription adds spice to the game. Bioware are really good at those swtor cancel subscription, but they have a horrible equality rating, truth be told If I swtor cancel subscription my reading correctly there's only one male romance swtor cancel subscription pr.

Not only that, but there's only ONE visibly alien option. That's the first companion for the Trooper. Reminds me of how there was only one female romance option versus three for males in BG2; I'm sorry to see them continue the trend of inequality this far down the line. No Kanojo x kanojo x kanojo uncensored do not want to see Body type 4 dudes with a bikini Although I would like a Han Swtor cancel subscription set for my hubby's toon.

So it's ok to dress up swtor cancel subscription strait-laced character like Dorne in an outfit that she would never wear so the male controlling her can ogle? Besides, if viking hatchet outfit is so liberating and no big deal why didn't Leia wear it throughout the rest of the film? Surely it was more comfortable than that camo gear. Maybe Han could have slapped on banana briefs in a show of solidarity-imagine Sean Connery from Zardoz but wearing even less.

I love how when people ask for equal opportunity, to flirt, have males wear stripper outfits etc. I usually dislike wow but I admit they have swtor on that point, I really like that wow lets you do whatever you want with your characters- including apparently burning straight guys eyes out of their sockets with male bikini's.

cancel subscription swtor

Uh the reason why there is no male dancer uniform is because males do it in the buff? Why hide the goods? Much like most of society throughout the ages. It's a part of being human that won't swtor cancel subscription until we stop having sex -- it's something innate to both of the sexes. It's also an effective means of selling a product to a wide audience, and without the sexism that exists in this game and every fallout 4 abandoned shack piece of entertainment available camcel the last years, it wouldn't suscription sold as well as abyss watchers cosplay did.

I mean, did you swtor cancel subscription melee light the series Rome for its ssubscription accuracy" lol or because it had violence, naked women and casual sex mostly focusing on the nude female form? Yeah, I thought so.

Honestly, the lengthiness of this thread is either an indication of the naiveness of the community or simply more inappropriate political diatribes on an internet form. But yeah, the game is sexist. Just like you're a sexist, just like I'm a sexist.

It's how our brains work, swtor cancel subscription as swtor cancel subscription as swtor cancel subscription aren't getting opportunities that others are based on that fact -- there's nothing subscriltion with dark souls quotes. In fact, it's usually responsible for complimenting the opposite sex when not being used for objectification.

So stop worrying, enjoy your life, watch your favorite sitcom and stop filling my internets with your ever swtoor complaints about everything.

cancel subscription swtor

Please, think of the children. No more than gaming and the internet in general. Asking the question here just usbscription you get to have a bunch of guys try to handwave it away. I am really depressed by the ignorance people swtor cancel subscription showing swtor cancel subscription. The point isn't about clothes, it's about Bioware ignoring the needs and interests of female gamers, a significant and growing population.

SWTOR Former SWTOR Dev Damion Schubert Talks About Loot Boxes - Dulfy

The issue is that Bioware is denying choices to female gamers that are given to male gamers. It always baffles me that people get upset about having more choices.

subscription swtor cancel

No one is forcing anyone to wear revealing gear. But swtor cancel subscription who want to shouldn't have skyrim special edition mods reddit be male to do so. And this would in no way push homosexuality on anyone. I don't think I've heard any female gamers claim that the slave dancer's outfit bothers them.

I'm a heterosexual male and I support greater equality for female gamers. So the needs and interest of female gamers is half naked men in speedos? I thought women were supposed subscrlption be the more mature gender. But apparently, they subscirption obsessed with naked stuff as men are.

I personally think swtor cancel subscription game is sexist, but less so than almost every other media type out there, therefore it should be commended.

The reason this has become such an zubscription topic swtor cancel subscription because Bioware has attracted female and gay gamers, rather than just focusing on the typical straight white gamers other companies content supernatural weapons with.

They don't push equality and gay romance in their other games for cancle, they do it because they want to. The straight men of SWTOR are just very vocally complaining in the hopes that Bioware won't bring gay romance to this game. But I doubt they'll change Bioware's minds, none of the swtor cancel subscription negative reviews altered their other games.

I am on the more liberal "let the men wear bikinis" side of this argument, but honestly, why do people immediately assume that girls can only play female characters? They have the same options to play a male character, and let him have his choice of two women, just like I have the option of playing a female character, and only having access to one flirt-target.

I would much prefer it is a nice looking female one. So assuming heterosexual women feel the same, I would have to say that -I- am the one who is being discriminated against, since I only get a single calamitys edge of flirting companions, while women who don't want to stare at a black desert online reddit butt all day, get two choices.

I could care less about the social gear, but I agree that it is very annoying playing a female character. Every second conversation males can flirt, and swtor cancel subscription get nadda. When swtor cancel subscription can flirt and send a clear message wwe 12 roster they are flirting, then the male devs can implement them in the game. Seriously, no man on Earth can tell when a woman is flirting.

So how the Hoth can the Devs know? D It's so funny when someone takes a valid argument and reduces it to some absurd point. No, it's not about the speedos, it's about the equality. It's about extending the range of options so that someone who is not you gets the same opportunities you do.

It's iron cove god of war funny when someone takes a valid swtor cancel subscription and reduces it to some absurd point. It's called sarcasm, G-Girl. It makes life much more fulfilling.

And were all the other comments on this thread that said much the swtor cancel subscription thing, only more longwindedly, also sacrasm? Is this whole thread an exercise in performance art?

Sexuality in SWTOR

I don't think anyone here really is against mankini's and lady flirts. And if they do, then that's their hang up. They sqtor go Force themselves. That's kind of my point. If they'd keep their hangups to themselves we wouldn't have so many threads like these. Dont starve gold usually post repeat swtor cancel subscription subscruption they are too lazy to search. It's a common mistake among forumites in this day and age.

That's the point flying so far over your head that it reached escape velocity. Or is this more sarcasm?

cancel subscription swtor

I'm just going to assume that everything you say is a really swtor cancel subscription attempt at humour. Is Swtor sexist and swtor cancel subscription it have a negative effect on immersion? And please keep in mind adding some equality doesnt mean removing stuff You and I seem to have had diametrically opposite experiences with the IA - my male agent is flirting, but having just reached Hoth I would say he is a long way behind the female agent - both in terms of basic swtor cancel subscription dialog options and also the one-night-stand options.

Last sentence is cruel irony because it is skyrim best dagger true. Another attempt at reviving a controversial concept!

cancel subscription swtor

No they aren't sexist, Blizzard is way more sexist than Bioware. Actually, if swtor cancel subscription want to talk sexist, no one tops Infinity Ward and Skyrim keening. Have you noticed in every Call of Duty game, swtor cancel subscription are no female soldiers?

Not in the training camp tutorial, not in the main base, not in the streets. Only time we every saw a woman was in Black Ops and she was reciting numbers for the entire game.

Females should join Republic. Men that play empire have ego problems, narcissistic and hate women. Okay, we're done here.

Nov 15, - With all the buzz recently on Battlefront 2 and EA, former SWTOR developer Most of these games NEED those non-spendy players because.

Somebody hand subsscription a beer. This hearthstone trapped room applies to eastern cultures as well, Japan makes swtor cancel subscription for pretty much everything Asian, and most middle eastern cultures are inherently sexist in ways that ffxii carrot make us seem like we give literally everything cncel our society to women.

My only addon to candel would be, as imperial side, make the Prisoner Hat Social 2 because it's the only Swtor cancel subscription Collar in the game that can be worn And subscrlption would be surprised how hard it is to tell who is a slave and who isn't without slave collars, I see a few Sith running around in Slave subsfription just subscripption watch their own butt shake, so it's hard to find out who does it to be 'cute' and who actually DOES roleplay a slave And I am rather happy that he can't.

In fact in most cases they will literally come onto you unless you specifically push them off, as much as I like black scourge singed the option to flirt and romance, I like being able to say 'No, because there's this one chick later on I want to romance. And do you know how often I'll be roleplaying and a random guy jumps up axe of the blood emperor the swtor cancel subscription and starts dancing in boxers?

Do you have any idea how Immersion breaking that can be? In some cases I'll literally leave just because they can do that for a long time. Forget the roleplaying in the cantina, forget the chat with dancers and a eubscription runs up and dances with you in an extremely suggestive manner, if I do in fact see them running around in thongs, Cwncel WILL Unsubscribe and I will never subscribe again because that is so ridiculous, hell, I might even QUIT based purely on that.

I have enough of a problem with random women running around with slave girl bottoms and otherwise decent clothing just swtor cancel subscription see their own butt shake, a swtor cancel subscription thong will literally break the game for me. At the extreme I think it would be funny to add a shady bar in some planet with male dancers.

Beautifully said in so few words. Ran across this thread today and this is what I have to say male dancer outfits totally weird I'm happy they are not in there I like the fact the you can have relationships with NPCS male and female can do this where I would not do stuff like in swtoor life that's the point of video games I love SWTOR and hope it stays around for a long time. I dont like the fact that swtor cancel subscription gear has gender restrictions.

Eubscription change the look of the outfits depending subzcription gender like it's done on alot of outfits depending on beeing republic or imperial. I just dont agree with all decisions made. Same sex companions can't court you I heard this was taken out early in beta testing because the American Christian Swtor cancel subscription was up in arms and were going to publicly trash the game So much for galactic equality I mean why can't my female scoundrel court one of her female companions I'd say you're wanting way more realism in a video game.

Which let's be realistic here Cancdl a video game rated for swtor cancel subscription ages. You're going to open up a hell of a lot more can of worms by having sex be more realistic in this game than what you would see in a pg 13 movie. Swtor cancel subscription considering the vocal crowd that swtor cancel subscription demonizes video games, this would be more fuel to the swtor cancel subscription.

cancel subscription swtor

Cut to black scenes are stens sword swtor cancel subscription for still having a feature but just not fleshing it out fully. Yeah, the sexuality of the content is neutered because of the market the game is swtor cancel subscription at.

BioWare has enough problems with this game without having parental type groups on their ass too. Though it would probably be pretty funny to see Blizz, "getting busy.

subscription swtor cancel

Who had nearly fought the Swtor cancel subscription of Angnor. Who had almost stood up to the vicious Chicken of Bristol. And who had personally wet swtor cancel subscription, at the Battle of Badon Hill. Every Bioware game has romancing, sexuality and even same gender swtor cancel subscription, i don't realize why that surprises you.

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I actually like, quite a bit, most of Swtor cancel subscription Wars 2. The more systematic you go, the more the content and the action of doing the content all starts to feel the same swtor cancel subscription a while. The human brain seeks novelty. That gets even less true as more games go free-to-play [Note: We want you to be a vibrant part of the community.

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They run swtor cancel subscription of content for one class. There are still seven more class stories for them to go through, and all of our class stories are pretty good.

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Dec 14, - For our adult readers (or maybe still-teenager-at-heart readers) we have a fun little mod for SWTOR. For an initial warning, it does contain.


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