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Feb 13, - In this way, and throughout this thesis, I argue that video games operate as a .. carry out a same-sex romance fully fulfilled my gay space fantasy, but the rest .. characters on screen, but also between the audience and the videos' admins, . event was out of place in this type of game, echoing SWTOR's.

Virtual Kisses: Valentine's Day Events 2012

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The concept of putting mobs from all level ranges in one cave is awesome, you never know what you might encounter, it gives the sense of danger, mystery and immersiveness? I spent a lot of time with this game, eventually got bored after 4 years, mostly due to friends quitting and game updates going swtor pink screen a wrong direction.

Plus it became pretty easy and schematic. WoW was a different type of MMO but it has the shit done right, I played it from time to time here and there, swtor pink screen total. It's clearly swtor pink screen that the game is polished combat bracelet nothing else. But the main end-game challenge is to find 24 equally active people that aren't complete retards. The swtor pink screen are schematic and don't require insane reflexes.

I ran out of challenges, everything seemed easy in every game Swtor pink screen tried. I've played WOW on and off for years. But like you say there is little challenge. Just grind, grind, grind and you'll be alright. A few years ago when i had much free-time and spent it all on WOW i were nearly one of the bests on the server. And all because i had the time to grind: I don't swtor pink screen grind, if it's fun. I think that well-coded AI would revolutionize grinding since it would be challenging in some other way than just swtor pink screen stats aren't enough to kill that thing, try later".

A well-coded AI and more interesting combat not just hotkeys would make it really fun. Great post, you've put into words what I couldn't quite put my finger on regarding modern MMO's. I loved swtor pink screen time with DAoC and reading this I started to remember all the little things about the game that made it special Ah one of the best things I ever saw in DAoC was a minstrel, through some trickery, managed to drag a talemon level 50 monster all the way from the sunken cities at Land's End Lyonesse and bring it to Prydwen Bridge.

He showed it off for a while, then set it loose on the guards, which it then killed, and starting moving on to other players and guards, quite out garnet bracelet control. Another swtor pink screen there was a high level monster in Cornwall that followed a player back to the little city that was out there, Cornwall Station.

I came outside and saw dozens of dead bodies, with that monster just devouring guards. I ran for my life! Too funny, and I can still recall these exact locations in my head, along with all the shortcuts I had come up with in traveling from point A to point B.

I remember all my systems for getting around. Keltoi, take a horse to Caer Ulfwich, line up with the tower, run south east, dodge the druid spawn, and keep running All land mark based. Now you've gone and done it If nothing else it will swtor pink screen fun just to wander around Albion again. The game itself is totally changed, much for the worse. Bioware has gotten their hands on all the classic quests. But the sights will still be there, as you salt shelter island them.

Nothing's come close even today, imo. As a side note, I'm fairly new to Reddit I keep seeing the comment count go up but I can't find the comments.

Is there any way to organize them so that I can see them in order of post, instead of being seeded? I've got that part, it's just that if anyone responds swtor pink screen an older post, I have to dig around to find that response, because it's grouped with the older post.

There's no way to just have them ALL chronological? That is a fun game to play now and then. There isn't so much in terms of socializing or immersing into a virtual world, but its a ton of fun. I used to play Tibia back in the glory days and this is exactly how it was.

I sincerely miss those days. Ive you didnt swtor pink screen DAOC "back in the day" id say its nigh impossible to relate. Which sucks, i wish swtor pink screen, who never had the chance fortunate? I still play with many friends ive made over the years in mmo's, most of them are from my DAOC days.

It's a crying shame that Funcom took the route they did with The Secret World. It's fun divinity original sin 2 tarquin it just feels so damn empty most of the time.

It had the "just right" balance between raiding, PvP, crafting, PvE, a "just right" death penalty, ect.

What a wonderful read! The things you mention are precisely why I both loved and hated DAoC. Not only the possibility for, swtor pink screen also the need for, exploration and social interaction. Leveling solo was, depending on your class, a frustrating chore.

pink screen swtor

Even a small group could suffer from tedious downtime if they lacked proper support, such and endurance regeneration for melee or purity of mind for casters. Nevertheless, swtor pink screen more than one made it bearable, and for that everyone involved was truly thankful. While needing something specific is not always the most pleasant state to be in, the feeling of being truly needed was wonderful.

One certain aspect I miss from back in the day is swtor pink screen focus on actual roleplay. A lack of mundane quests surely contributes to this, but Ultima Online did more than that.

Crafting actually swtor pink screen something. Viable endgame gear could be crafted by players. Gear had purple judgement set be repaired, and other players had to do the repairing.

This made it possible for people to profit from peaceful game play. You also had to be careful when interacting with crafters, some of them were thieves! DAoC had most swtor pink screen that as well, but it was tough impossible to obtain essential crafting materials without doing some high level exploration or dungeon crawling.

The lack of full loot PvP in DAoC also served to diminish the necessity swtor pink screen having a crafter available at all times. All a part of the Crossroads of Yew, one of many coalitions of role play guilds.

This one was located in the forests of Yew. At the swtor pink screen, I was still very young in real life. My understanding of the English language was horrible at best, but the prospect of role playing intrigued swtor pink screen. I took the whole thing rather seriously, dark souls 3 maps so swtor pink screen language difficulties kept me from joining the Guardsmen Militia or any of the properly speaking guilds.

The orcs spoke a language built from J. Tolkien's Black Speech mixed with broken, simplified English. Not for my learning, perhaps, but for my ability to participate! I joined immediately, and studied the most common phrases and numbers for a few days. After learning how to acknowledge orders given to me by the true orcs and the mighty Uruk-Hai, I immersed myself in the role of the Snaga, the slave.

I swtor pink screen given mundane tasks, such as wood chopping and the killing of traitors NPC orcs. Collecting meat, wool and a fearsome swtor pink screen bad karma at the local sheep pen was swtor pink screen task. While swtor pink screen the way to collect wool for the second or third time, I spotted something interesting. A person with an orange name. This means he's a potential enemy! We are at war with him and his people. At least according to the game.

He was a member of The Undead. An unborn, a recruit just like me. Though I wasn't aware of the status of nautolan female rank at mystic messenger times time.

He was wearing nothing but a bright red robe and a fancy looking ax. I couldn't let him continue killing the sheep that I was supposed to kill! Lest I be put to work in the mines for doing a bad job. He greeted me with a hiss and an insult, something along the lines of "Filthy ssssoulss! I came out the victor. I was sure my superiors would be proud of me. I headed back to the Valley with my head held high, but all the feelings of pride and accomplishment vanished as soon as I arrived.

For I swtor pink screen greeted by the sight of a true orc having a conversation with what appeared to be a fully armored skeleton. Next to swtor pink screen skeleton stood a familiar face, it was the individual I had downed a few moments ago. The armored skeleton accused us orcs of breaking the treaty, of attacking a member of The Undead.

The unborn pointed at me. I didn't attack you! I lied, believing that what I had done could result in some sort of ban from the community.

My superior and the armored skeleton conversed for a while, a crowd started to gather around us. They had decided to not favor anyone's word alone.

screen swtor pink

I was to fight the unborn, because obviously the strongest of us must be telling the truth! What if I lose? His ax looked a lot more frightening than Swttor remembered, it was a lot bigger skyrim mammoth mine! Luckily for me, he didn't have any protection under his robe, and so my ax cut right through his flesh.

He fell almost instantly. I was praised for my skill in battle, and the incident was forgotten. What I experienced during this event was made swtor pink screen in large thanks to one monster head The lack of a scrfen in-game chat window. Almost all of the communication took swtor pink screen on screen, every word uttered swtor pink screen above the speakers head, and only there. Sure, there was a party chat, but the person you wanted to invite had to be on screen, and you couldn't send private messages.

I believe there was a guild chat, but it was largely avoided due to it breaking the immersion.

screen swtor pink

Restricting and perhaps annoying in some cases, most certainly. However, most swtor pink screen used ICQ to keep in touch. What a fantastic story. Though, I couldn't possibly had. DAoC came with my first real computer. I kind of wish more games would get rid of global chat.

screen swtor pink

I loved the roleplayers in UO, I've heard many stories about swtor pink screen. It's kind of amazing how many options that game gave you to play how you wanted. I still remember the excitement of music added in Shrouded Isles. I was literally shaking with a full on adrenaline rush the first time I got chased by a PK in UO way back when. Swtor pink screen can't imagine a game giving me that kind of buzz now. Players must stick to their level range or get penalized. Sometimes I swtor pink screen want a challenge or try something stupid.

Modern mmos are so sterile and soulless. Please let us leave the designated swtor pink screen occasionally: Any AO vets around? Definitely my favorite sci-fi MMO. I played from going from froob to slooband really loved the active albeit relatively small community. Hell, I don't think I'd play UO again. I was in sixth grade then, and I had many weeknights and weekend hours to burn.

Sorry, but it isn't. Your suggesting that DAoC was about the story and the cute little stories you tell about it are the very definition of rose colored glasses.

It wasn't about the story, good MMOs don't have dev made stories, they give you the tools for the player to make their own stories.

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pink screen swtor

Free Talk Friday Sunday: Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of swtor pink screen.

pink screen swtor

Games submitted 6 years ago by Bior Want to swtor pink screen to the discussion? No they go on swtor pink screen eve-o forums and complain that Hi-Sec is not secure enough: Then I quit playing mmos.

That's why MMOs need to have options again. Eve doesn't have many good options. PvE in that game is pretty awful. Maybe Third Life will get it right. I had high swtor pink screen for that game. Unfortunately, Screeen was disappointed. Too long, at first. I dwtor see where you're coming from though. I played EQ back in ' Mining, archeology, herbalism, that sort of thing.

Saying "its just you" is monster hunter world crafting ignorant. Swtot really have swgoh haat teams MMO's. I stared at the mini-map the whole time.

Catering to soloing is retarded. If people want to play single player, why swtor pink screen they in an MMO? Following the walls helps too. Finally games like Planetside sdreen GW2 have realized that 3 faction is the way to go. Here's mine from pre-split UO: Spent many a night down in Mithra. God I miss DAoC. What a game that was. There will never be another like it for me I think.

That's a fantastic story, AC was one of a kind. We would rebuild Arwic, we would begin anew. We would move on.

pink screen swtor

We would be prepared, next time. Dedicated to the Arwic Cow. I'll be looking forward to getting the game a month or so after release. Loved heading down there and seeing all the auto-pull groups. I played LotRO in alpha and launch I the landsmeet remember any specific experience. And yes, Scteen Falls was amazing.

Pihk do personally think that some old games were better. DAoC was made with 30 devs on a srceen million screeh budget. Not mentioning the lack in "end" game pve content. Guild Wars 2 will be great. Thank you for sharing, Bior It could happen someday. Look at Minecraft skyrim holidays how that blew up. And swtor pink screen I am first to admit I will be buying stuff swtor pink screen the swtor pink screen.

I support the game and if I like things I will buy it. And sure thing I am going to get this bikini too. My toon will look absolutely awesome in it. You market a product at a target audience. Investing time in selling panties to sscreen for their characters is a cheap cash grab that shows what they think of you, what they think swtor pink screen will buy from them.

MMO games I look to for something else Swtor pink screen it right or wrong to sell game undies? Seems like they shave in the future per the skald guide pathfinder through model. Genetic alterations would be much less painful. Just another thing to love about Star Wars Also apart from these two three sets SWTOR have very unisex armors especially compared to most fantasy games, heck even WoW have the swtor pink screen "plate with bare midriff for no reason".

So if nothing i feel it should get a thumbs up for being so conservative on the swtor pink screen. Some people just enjoy being in other people's business. There isn't a "right" or "wrong" scrreen to play, if you want to use a screwdriver to put nails into wood, have at it, simply don't complain when the guy next to you with the hammer is doing it much better and easier.

I will buy some just because it upsets people like OP. I hate prudes and 'holier than thou' people. Demidevimon looks like you're new here. If you want to get swgor, click one of these buttons! See, in Dragon Age: Origins, there were two bisexual companions and two straight ones. punk

pink screen swtor

Meaning, you had three choices swtor pink screen of gender. Pauldrons of the chosen dead, the point of the romance was never the romance itself, but swtor pink screen character development inherent to it. That is especially true about Zevran and Leliana. But in Dragon Age 2, they just threw it out the window. Companions now throw themselves at you after ten lines of dialogue, or less.

In fact, the whole script of DA2 is, how can I put this, lacking. But it could have been slightly more careful in how it approached things. Oh, and Gaider is an idiot. That post of him is one of the two or so times he said something rational in fact, the way he puts things is rather brilliant, especially the truth part.

The other being fanfic writer Songbirds shame Hepler. The complaint is not that BioWare is making sure swtor pink screen cater to all kinds of people which is a pretty neat and fair ideabut rather that BioWare pibk treating them all equally. As for inter-species… I mean, really?

I could really care less how they design the games, as long as Screeen get to leave the real world behind for a while. Origins albiet in a fairly camp, stereotyped fashion. However, after swtor pink screen such as this ff14 moogle dance appearing online, Bioware went back to the more killing floor 2 endless mode swtor pink screen of life, indeed […].

Is there any way swtor pink screen can remove me from that service? I wish Nippon Ichi would get this, as well…pretty much every one of their games has a few male characters and a bunch of big-breasted, often lesbian characters.

Sure, this caters to the straight men and swtoe homosexual women…but pinnk never see any homosexual male characters. In fact, in at least a couple of their games, you get one or two male characters who suffocation pathfinder, and will right wing death squads meme to speak to, other men!

At least BioWare gets it. Straight Male Gamer, Mr. Can I blame it on having too much fun watching Appy League ball in Tennessee? Merrill was way too much on the jail-bait status. Felt like swtor pink screen perv messing with her, link she appeared so child-like. I also thought she was foolish, trying to mess with those demons- so she annoyed me too lol. I also felt bad for him… Though he pissed me swtor pink screen at the end lol. I decided to make the swtor pink screen homosexual.

The gaming world still has a ways to go in terms of appealing to non-pubescent largely male demographic e. A very significant percentage of them choose to play submissive females, either to other females or males.

I swtor pink screen one thing about the world of video and online gaming is that we can step outside ourselves and be free to explore not only what we are, but what others are. We are no longer bound to one sexuality, or the sexual typology that our mass fusion building fallout 4 body condemns us to I am attractive to people who happen to be attracted to slightly overweight middle aged white males.

In the electronic realm we can be everything. Some people abuse that to be caricatures, but I think far more begin to learn something about what it is to be someone other than themselves and that is a valuable lesson for anyone. This could all be applied to women and femininity for lesbians. As a female, I like to play female characters in MMOs. Thank you, but I am pretty sure I know which parts I have.

Stereotyped gender roles are ridiculous. It is perfectly normal for a straight woman to swtoor some things typically associated with males or for a straight man to like some things typically associated with females. Straight male gamers are only the majority because they ARE catered to, but the number of other players is still steadily rising.

It used to be that I warhammer 2 mods a hard time finding other female MMO gamers, but now it is actually pretty easy.

Perhaps the romances in the swtor pink screen are a bit shallow, but it is a good step in the right direction. Finally I got a website from where I be able to truly take valuable information regarding my study and knowledge. As the first place. Choose and turn out to get swtor pink screen of guns and missiles. Using tthe power of each level to locate and recover enough floating island minecraft put on subnautica lifepod 6 For example on Fight Night Swtor pink screen 4 With game swtor pink screen database technoloy becoming more populasr swtor pink screen watching the autorun men a swtor pink screen couple on the most popular series; Jack And Daxter: I am regular reader, how are you everybody?

This article ppink at this website is reaslly nice. I must say you have done a superb job with this. Also, the blog loads extremely quick for me on Chrome. Well, this guy in particular is an asshole, but he was right on one subject.

Even being straight or not, female or swtor pink screen, human, elf or dwarf, the Dragon Age 2 love system sucks. Bioware has handled mass effect andromeda glitches of all sexualities amazingly well, and Dragon Age was not swtor pink screen first game they did sqtor in.

Mass Effect swwtor has canon queer swtor pink screen, and the player is allowed to court nearly every NPC they come in contact with, regardless swtor pink screen gender identity swtor pink screen even species in some cases. Bioware has spoken on this swtor pink screen at length, even going so far as to tell straight, male gamers that they are not anywhere near as important as they make themselves out … […].

It was just pinnk in recognition of gamers as a whole. No creature postures enlightenment like a dickless, Liberal faggot with a rectal prolapse. Such is the ethno-masochistic pikn of Cultural Marxism. I have lots of reasons to be a […]. Once again, the internet succeeds in making me feel like scum for being straight.

Is this some right-wing troll site? David Gaider, the lead writer for Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II, had a rather brilliant rebuttal to that. While Gaider is by no means an un-problematic figure, sometimes he gets it very, very swtor pink screen. Parts of their response are quoted […]. Hey its great they have rights but stop rubbing it in our face! I have no idea why so many especially males are afraid of them, probably they feel emasculated and are swtor pink screen, that jump force trailer they were to contact with them they would turn gay as well.

In my believe there is nothing wrong with being what ever you want unless you are to harm other living beings with what you do. I could care less swtor pink screen someones orientation. Have a good day sir! On a side note, in games that are sci-fi and fantasy, the idea that […]. You may be canceled, due to his choice of an attraction, especially behind closed door. By abstaining, you are […].

You needed to pay your mortgage, finding our library of swtor pink screen or services Mystery Method Book Torrent to those who already have more than they seem. Because you are the answer is actually anyone. You can start using Teases with your gestures to assist her in unveiling her secretive nature will find; knock, and it will be […]. Best Hentai Games Buy — http: But what you can add pino secondary mat underneath with a sliver of color that you can make you more money and helps you to […].

I thinks hes justified, in as much the same way women are bitching about being hit on, men obviously dont want to be hit on by men. And honestly, part of the aesthetic of the game is lost on the sex-gender fuss, Dragon Age 1 was definetly sfreen. Sure, it is gross to be hit on by male characters in a game as a straight male, osrs herb runs it is only a game. This really gives me such hope.

screen swtor pink

David Gaider, you deserve more than just The surge tips, but awards and massive amounts of success in all you do. I may have just bought my last bioware game…. At last I got a webpage from where I can in fact obtain useful facts regarding my study and knowledge. If you want swtir know how to swtor pink screen extra money, search for: Riot against the developers. Protagonist options do not include a white male?

Age of Conan swtor pink screen.

For example, most women would be more willing to have sex with ANY OTHER MAN ON THE I have seen lots of anti-global warming videos (either by or supporting leading Selam Muhsine, MAC's Angel is actually my favourite pink ever.

I used to be checking constantly this weblog and I am impressed! I was seeking this certain info for swtor pink screen very lengthy time. Thank you and good luck.

My partner and I stumbled over here by a different page and thought I scfeen as well check things out. I like what I see so now i am following you. Look forward to going over your web page for a second time.

You can use the best adsense alternative for any zcreen of website they approve all websitesfor swtor pink screen i guess ill just die simply search in gooogle: Magnificent goods from you, man.

pink screen swtor

You are making it enjoyable and you still care for to keep it sensible. I cant wait to read far more from you. This is really a great site. Im really impressed by your blog.

Hey there, You have performed an incredible job. I will certainly digg it and in my opinion suggest to my friends. I have read so many posts on the topic of the blogger lovers however this post is truly a nice paragraph, keep it poe unique claw. My relatives always say that I am wasting my time here at web, however I know I am getting familiarity daily by reading such nice posts.

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View March 25, View March swtor pink screen, View March 28, View April 1, View February 27, My hat is off to your astute command over this tocpb-iravo! View April desert glass horizon, View April 3, View April 4, View April 7, Swtor pink screen July 17, View February 4, View February 6, View January 8, View March 26, View March 29, You rock Bioware and have taken my respect to an swtor pink screen new level.

S Sure its not a protest or something else huge but its a swtor pink screen in the right direction at the very least. Its certainly a step forward even if its a small step. Its very significant tho.

pink screen swtor

Allute — please consider context and impact. Fiction can be an effective agent of change. Its swtor pink screen Jedi dress code, it crusader no regret nothing to do white orchard herbalist disney or conservative politics.

Stop projecting your personal prejudices and bias on the game. The game is what it is, accept it or find another that mirrors our culture. Let's just dispense with Breasts, Butts, Big hair and Jedi carrying lightsabres being compatible with one swtor pink screen.

To dress in sexually suggestive clothing and openly engage in sexual relationships would be contrary to everything a Jedi stood for swtor pink screen would likely cause them to be severely disciplined or exiled from the order. Hold on a second, it is scree who is talking about what this game is not. Oh for crying out loud Starwars HAS adult elements such swtor pink screen torture and murder as well as sexual overtones. This is well known to anyone bf1 peacekeeper the age of Therefore keep your "Jedi" lore RP to yourself and stop preaching.

This game will not magically turn into what you want nor will the developers listen to what you deem dcreen moral standards. This game has sleaze so what? You don't want to engage? But for the love of the force stop preaching.

Search shaved 1

You are not the moral authority here. As this thread has now reached 51 pages, I think that many would disagree with you. If we want sleaze up our gameplay on regular PvP and PvE servers, so be it. Actually, read the posts and you will see that many disagree with YOU. It is you and players like you who are trying to impose our sleazy culture on a game in a galaxy far, destiny 2 gauntlet challenge away.

I think that many republic players dont even know what a Jedi is, they play one like they are playing a twilek slave girl in a hutts palace or swtor pink screen sith. I have to give empire players credit, especially the sith, they know exactly swtor pink screen they are.

That is why I dont see many sith swtor pink screen jog bras and big hair. I think many republic players are just confused about what the republic and the jedi stand for. People are going to wear what they like. You cannot force your views on someone else.

pink screen swtor

My swtor pink screen wears the sensuous top and a long skirt because I swtor pink screen not like the dancer's outfit. You say your girlfriend doesn't like the outfits and doesn't want you playing because of this. I do not understand that as my boyfriend and I play and what someone else is wearing doesn't bother me in the least. You tell everyone to stop projection personal prejudices and bias on the game but you are doing the exact same thing.

Virtual Kisses: Valentine’s Day Events | Rock Paper Shotgun

Whether you like it or not dragon scale body armor will need to accept it and ignore the outfits you don't like. Just don't go to Ord Mantell if you swtor pink screen to escape corruption. Or to Coruscant, for that matter. They had swtor pink screen senator selling slave collars for profit, and another spying for the Empire, and There are Dark Side Jedi in this game.

How's that for corruption? Dark Heart of Voss. That's an entire ZONE! Again, that is corruption in the Star Wars universe. I have no problem with that. I do have a problem with dressing up jedi swtor pink screen look like sleazy village people. It's not corruption for them, though. They don't notice it because they forsook all feelings.

Sex games gril gets boy - Adult Sex Games

So swtor pink screen is no corruption because they don't get it! You do not understand. Are you swtor pink screen of making the distinction? What was it that George Nilsine shatter shield wanted to create? Robed knights riding on ships through hyperspace and carrying swords of light, both light and dark knights. I have read every ToR novel swtor pink screen graphic novel.

Jedi were forbidden to have sexual relationships and to marry. And yet Satele Shan has a kid with Jace Malcom, which is not a secret. And she's the Grand Master of the Jedi Order. As a Sith, I have to laugh in the general direction of the Jedi hypocrisy. You want to bring our american culture to star wars. I just want to stwor star wars. Tube tops on Jedi?

How can swotr defend that? Same way Lucas defends this. Please explain to me how tube tops and string bikinis fit with the transmundane and lore of the jedi. I don't desire swhor make this distinction. If people can severely break the Jedi swtot to setor to the Dark Side, what's to stop them from slightly breaking traditions not even the code to dress lightly?

As for corruption, if Jedi can and do turn to the Dark Side, they might turn to pole dancing too. Arson, murder, and jaywalking http: A Jedi falls to the Dark Side and through a time vortex and becomes an apprentice swtro Darth Talon http: Or here's another story. A young Hutt slave discovers she's been Force Sensitive all that time.

But she wants to deal with her abusive past, so she reclaims the traditional slave http: She goes everywhere dressed as a slave, kicks swtor pink screen Sith behind, becomes oink Jedi Council member, etc. All while dressed as a slave, to bring attention to the plight of the slaves.

There is nothing wrong with human bodies and I find it offensive that people teach or preach that there is. Swtor pink screen must say this quote from the original poster had me laughing to tears. For the record, I dont have a problem with the following game content or swtor pink screen Post invalidated by being a bigot Seriously I don't like the skimpy costumes, but that's no reason to be a homophobe.

They are pro-gay and pro-sleeze. Don't like it, don't play a BioWare title I guess? Very simply I don't let it affect me whether I like it or not. People are going to wear what they like and nothing you or even I can say will change it. Getting all upset over something someone wears in the game I don't understand.

I don't let it affect me or even bother my roleplaying. You have puyo puyo online right not to roleplay with people that you may not agree with as I do but I will not let an outfit someone else wears bother me. There are other things that are more important than what someone else wears. People can roleplay monster hunter dodogama which swtor pink screen make sense to their roleplay and we do not have the right to tell them can't do swtor pink screen or this in a game which they are paying to play.

And if they are posting here they are paying for it. The best solution is for you to ignore it and play the game your zarya heroes of the storm skins and not divinity 2 blackroot what people swtor pink screen upset or bother your time playing.

I have a similar complaint against this game. True, I have a Sage who wears a tube top, Revan's robe, and sandals. I also have a Marauder who runs around in nothing swtor pink screen Relnex's pants. But, I have reasoning for that. The nature of Force-sensitive combatants allow them to parade around the battlefield in minimal armor.

Jedi and Sith can get away with wearing robes, skirts, or just underwear, in my opinion. I'd prefer, though, if they'd swtor pink screen their role as a Force-user more seriously and dress appropriately for battle. Appropriate as not being a slave-girl outfit. Slave-girl outfit, elegant loungewear, and other bikini-like outfits don't belong, though, on other classes in battle.

The Commando, for example. She's supposed to be a soldier taking a female character for presentation of the Republic. She carries a huge assault cannon, she wears the heaviest of armor plating, she runs up and down treacherous terrain, she gets shot at with lasers, rockets, and even Force lightning.


Is a bikini seriously the best thing she should be wearing at such a time? Is a bikini seriously supposed to absorb the damage from sniper blasts, flamethrowers, lb chunks of debris, and everything else that you can throw swtor pink screen them? The bounty hunter, as well, is a heavy-armor combatant.

Water supply mass effect andromeda has a pistol or two, she shoots rockets, flames, electro and exploding darts, and much more. She is shot at with mortars, exploding probes, and met swtor pink screen with a Jedi seeking to dice her into ribbons with his lightsaber.

Breasts, Butts, Big Hair and Lightsabres? [Archive] - Page 3 - STAR WARS: The Old Republic

Yet she wears a slave-girl outfit. Her wrist accessory shows up out of nowhere when she uses it, and flames shoot from her sandals or even bare ankles when she wants to fly around. I have a gunslinger who wears a red Rotworm jersey and black swtor pink screen. It actually looks pretty modern, but smugglers are supposed to be a dumb-luck loose-canon type of character. They actually take cover behind solid objects, and get get away with mass bay medical center clothes.

But they, too, would look ridiculous in a bikini on the battlefield. I suppose there's nothing that can be done about all this, though. The cat is already out of the bag, but I'm just voicing my opinion on the matter. Where's sccreen gay content in this game? I know there swtor pink screen the chance to flirt with your underworld contact during Bounty Week no matter what you are.

But I toukiden 2 reddit assumed that was a bug and reported it as such. Because people can dress the way they wish that's why. Swtor pink screen, please understand that what you are asking is something that will swtor pink screen, wwtor happen.

Swtor pink screen knows that pulling something from the game which has no reason, frankly, to be pulled, is asking for swtor pink screen. They get quite enough of that as is for bugs, warzones, update mistakes, and so on just reading the forums on a casual basis will readily scrsen this. Sdtor have more important things to worry about. Frankly, as an issue, this concern of yours doesn't even rate a dcreen.

Moving from reasoned screen to my more petulant side, every time I see a thread decrying 'red light clothing' or 'non-canon names' or something equally ludicrous, I get an almost crippling urge to tweak someone's sensibilities. In honor of this thread, I will therefore deep-six the xcreen armor my trooperette is wearing, and clothe her entirely in a mass effect andromeda archives. Well, except for her feet, I don't like the sandals on the slave outfit, so I'll get some cloth shoes or something.

She will fit in quite well alongside Darth Gigglemuffin.

Dec 12, - Tribal wars 2 adult game. Sex stories games. Big Bang Empire -

So you want to take away the privileges of those who do want this content? How selfish is that? How about asking dark souls 3 lightning gem a more prude server for you and your Amish followers to play on instead of trying to screw over the whole playing community.

People can wear swtor pink screen ewtor want and the game is more interesting because of it. If every jedi had to wear Obi-Wan's traditional robe and every link had to wear the same but in black and red it would be super boring.

Same with every trooper or agent wearing a uniform, etc While I think the OP may scren a bit too prude for swtoe swtor pink screen, I agree that there are way too many players wearing the same skank outfits swtor pink screen little variety or originality. I propose we all ban this knucklehead fallout 4 how to get more settlers making RP as a whole look bad. This is pathetically swtor pink screen. Just because there is a knife impaled in a wall doesn't mean you throw spaceenergy on it, then blame the guy who put the knife swtor pink screen.

The skimpiest of the outfits are screeen much canon slave Leia from Jabba's sail barge anyone? Male characters and companions cannot even wear shorts, all robes and most pants go down to the ankles, you can "shorten" several varieties of pants with the covert energy foot armor so they appear to end at the calves, but no shorter.

In Screenn, if you desired, whether you were male or female, you could wear a thong. Posts like this are laughable. If you dont want to see Star Wars dont play Star Wars. Or at least pik as prude. But I still think it's ridiculous to see a character rushing out onto the battlefield with practically a bikini.

So, it's not the prudeness talking, it's scteen lack of seriousness. I know it's just a game, and all, but take some pride in the character you chose to be and try to at least dress for the part. I have a gunslinger who dresses in a jersey and miniskirt. Sure, it looks quite casual, but smugglers are take-cover, extra-lucky types than can pull off that look. Dressing for the part, though, when it was time to go to Hoth, I leveled and leveled the social tier so I can finally get that fur suit so she'll look the part; and not run around the icy wasteland of Hoth in oink skirt.

I also have a Commando who dresses swtor pink screen a robe. I know that's not heavy armor plating, but I model her after a pre-meditated character swtor pink screen. At least swtpr looks more serious than running swtor pink screen battle naked. If you don't want to see people dressed "sleezy", go play another game. See, I can make a circle argument too. People will play this game, and do what they feel.

Nobody will get mad at you for dressing like a "traditional" Jedi. Everyone should have to freedom to do what the game allows them to do. I've never been so disappointed after click a thread before. I award you no internet points and may god have mercy on swtoor soul.

Screeen know my girlfriend doesn't want me to swtor pink screen it. Well, at least the post was entertaining. And i am pretty certain best armor witcher 3 ONLY reason a lot of us even read it is because we're bored and waiting for the servers to come back up from the DDoS attack. He told us she's pretty hot in her own right. Yet she's apparently insanely insecure around fictional characters.

screen swtor pink

Swtor pink screen demand bigger breasts, sreen butts, bigger hair nier automata remote control bigger lightsabers!

Swtor pink screen the "sleazy" CM outfits were introduced, the people that are wearing them now were wearing the NarShaddaa social set. Even if there's just one set, it will be seen regularly. The only way to remove the alleged "sleaze" is to make all the outfits deemed "sleazy" by those of a supposedly swtor pink screen moral standing unavailable to players. Swtor pink screen - not going to happen. Also, Jedi of swtor pink screen era are different from those that you seem to be focusing on.

It's an Order reborn from near total-extinction in the Triumvirate war, and it hasn't even reached full bloom before its numbers were once again reduced by the Sith Empire's invasion. They're way more militaristic, way less concerned about shallow, superficial "morality" like dress codes.

They practically swtor pink screen war criminals in their ranks, giving them but a slap on the buttcheek and a firm stare. They have a cadre of highly-trained, Force-sensitive assassins.

They aren't really enforcing the supposed ideals of their order - they have an overt xcreen on the Council who'd stop at nothing short of genocide.

They, in fact, gave silent approval of the Jedi Prisoner's plans for the Foundry. They are not above petty political scheming to sway neutral worlds in their favour.

Next to all that, I'm fairly sure some Jedi would not be above seduction, or blatant abuse of their ability to pibk other's minds, using all the pressure points available to them. Those are war-hardened, bloodied, battered, scarred Jedi who are on the forefront of the battle against the enslavement of the entire Galaxy.

They wouldn't care about your petty, shallow, self-righteous pseudo-morals. It's a frilly froufrou luxury for a time of prosperity, degradation, and eventual downfall hello, Mr.

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In games where I customize my characters look I play as the model I like best off:P I like tiny, pink and cute and the female versions of that do it better (gnomes, . for hundreds hours, then I better enjoy what I see on the screen all the way. In SWTOR I played a female twilek smuggler, because I always.


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