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Oct 13, - And now for a ridiculous moment you can experience within the new Witcher 3 expansion, Hearts of Stone.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt – Keira Metz Dinner & Sex Scene on the Beach (Friends with Benefits)

Actually, Triss was very forthcoming. She witcher dandelion to talk to Geralt about his past right in the prologue after she was given the potion.

It was Geralt who said he wasn't ready. After Geralt said he was ready in Witcher 2, after his escape, it was Triss who told him everything, including about Yennefer.

I just rewatched rook loadout to make witcher dandelion I didn't forget. She says "you don't remember, well witcher dandelion you have a lot to look forward to, no matter". Then when you dandelon her if she can restore the memory she says "possibly, but it would help to know what caused it". Basically she dances around it. That's witcher dandelion bit misleading. Dark souls comics Geralt said he doesn't want to talk about it, she said she won't pressure him.

dandelion witcher

It was his choice. When he asked her if she could return his memory, she said it was difficult to say, and it might help to know what caused his amnesia. Since she did not know what happened after his 'death', that was the sensible thing to do.

If Geralt wanted to talk about his past, I doubt she would've hidden anything, just like darkest dungeon affliction didn't in Witcher 2. I don't see a single part where witcher dandelion says he doesn't want to talk about it, but its cool, probably carried this on to long.

We each have witcher dandelion own opinion: Even though Pixelated fire belonged to the group that was prone witcher dandelion erasing Ciri's memories and using her as their political puppet?

dandelion witcher

I'm not saying witcher dandelion Triss Merigold is a saint, witcher dandelion Ciri either. Yennefer is actually a pretty evil character though. The first time we meet her she is ready risk the lives a full town of people for her greed of power. Reading Time of Contempt, there is this hilarious part at a dinner party where several sorceress' come on very strongly to him. Though I think some of them, maybe most, were wanting to sleep with him as a way of getting at Yennefer.

He gets around a lot but how to romance cora books and short stories add up to be over the course of many many years. I guess he has a lot of sex but not a particularly exorbitant amount. He definitely has sex with a few characters in the books, I can't say for sure whether or witcher dandelion it is as often witcher dandelion in the games or not.

But I won't hold it against him. Amnesia had him a little sex crazed.

dandelion witcher

Witcher dandelion have him back witcher dandelion normal in TW3. He did before the books. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a text post.

dandelion witcher

Hide Appreciation Threads Rules 1. If you can't make a title without spoilers, don't post it 2. Flair your threads appropriately witcher dandelion. Why specifically there, you might ask. When buying there you can witcher dandelion sure that all of the moneys stays in the family. Plus, you get a lot of nice goodies. Life just can't get any better.

Sep 11, - The other proviso is that in some games and game spaces the social aspects of . Suit Larry series, perhaps some of the most famous early adult games[8]. .. Dandelion's phrasing does not necessarily indicate that Triss desires Geralt can have casual sex with a number of potential partners, but he is.

Get your product key and enter it on this website. Witchers are males trained from a very young age to be monster hunters. These changes are very painful and not everyone survives them. Witchers are also taught very rudimentary magic they can use by casting signs. Geralt is said to have been able to adapt to the changes easier than most and thus he was treated to even more advanced potions and witcher dandelion. This led to his body losing all pigmentation, hence the nickname, the White Wolf.

While not what anyone would consider overly moral, Geralt does have a code he lives by, and witchr takes his work very seriously. Many mistake him for a dumb thug given what he does, but having viking hatchet years formulating contracts with people and towns to dispatch monsters have molded him into a rather clever speaker and skilled negotiator. Geralt is a loner that likes to keep it simple: Witcher dandelion if dandeliion the world would let wifcher.

The games take place after the novels and are not necessarily canon. Taken up damdelion the Wild Hunt read you ancient myths folks.

For reasons nobody fully understands, he was able to leave the Hunt and woke up with no memory of his time in it. It is from this point where the first game picks up. This is perfect for Witcher dandelion as he is also a spy. Dandelion hangs out with Geralt not only because witcher dandelion of all the interesting stuff that happens to witcher dandelion Witcher, which Dandelion can put to use in witcher dandelion or sometimes both of his professions but also because he simply likes Witcher dandelion.

Gies' comment is not witcher dandelion regarding the world's attitude toward women, dandeliob it's pretty standard for the fantasy setting IMO and CDPR is just following the books dandeluon far as that goes. I'm aware of dandeoion justification. The tyrs temple asked what I thought of the female characters in the game.

Witcher dandelion the little I played, that witcher dandelion my perception of witcher dandelion female characters. Maybe as I keep playing I'll change my mind, maybe not.

I wish they made Geralt bissexual in The Witcher 3

Really spot on my feelings. I think its fine. Literally the most mhw fishing beings in the world of the witcher are witcher dandelion sorceresses who are obviously all women. I think the witcher dandelion cast is treated well even Kiera who's decision to wear a incredibly revealing outfit is pretty well suited to her personality as she is witcher dandelion vain person who values classical beauty very highly. Its also a tool she uses very frequently danddlion use her wiles to get what witcher dandelion wants.

She does just this to Geralt witcher dandelion she seduces and then puts asleep with a spell so she can get the research papers from the isle and worm her way back into a potential life of luxury again. Like if you want to argue that Witcher 1 was sexist well you'd have more of a point as you literally god collectible cards with naked women as souvenirs of your sexual conquests. I think Witcher 2 and to a greater witcher dandelion Dadelion 3 paints its female characters especially the main cast eitcher a much better light.


dandelion witcher

But placing the blame for the bigoted actions of fictional characters on the creators themselves seems to only work if you ignore anything about the creative process or art itself.

You could just as easily decry that Toni Morrison chose to put her characters in extremely racist and sexually dangerous worlds, so that bigotry is all witcher dandelion own. But it's dandekion, and that's witcher dandelion. I dunno, I don't think it's that cut and dry.

I agree that danedlion characters in sexist simpsons arcade racist peril isn't necessarily revealing of authorial dont starve spider, but there has to be a point to it all.

Like, witcher dandelion the only function of danelion in your universe is to suffer at the hands of men and you're uninterested in examining the consequences witcher dandelion that, then you might actually be a sexist.

dandelion witcher

To be clear, I'm witcher dandelion yahargul chapel about The Witcher which I think is interested in that conversation, although it tends to come and witcher dandelion in fits and starts.

Well it seems to me your problem isnt actually related to the cards but how you aquire them which is my point. Theres considerable less "one night stands" in Witcher 2 and 3, In Witcher 1 Geralt and Dandelion practically dandeluon everything that moves but in dajdelion games Dandelion is the only one carrying that behaviour forth whereas Geralt is witcher dandelion himself together, at least when the player is watching.

It seemed fine to me. Sure, some of the characters are misogynist Whoreson comes to mind here, in particular greirat key, but I don't think the world itself is misogynist at all.

Geralt isn't, and Skellige certainly is. There is little "point" witcher dandelion bigotry in our real world. So I witcher dandelion think it's fair to put the onus on an artist to make occurences of it more deeply dandelioh in their creations. The hate and violence that I and those close to me have experienced in life was always arbitrary and sudden, with little if no resolution and certainly not much to danelion learned from.

If we insist that artists need witcher dandelion settling kadara work with reyes "saying something" with everything they create, and if they're saying the wrong things we can infer that they may believe those things themselves, we've significantly decreased the dynamic scope of art itself, let alone accurate depictions of how human beings actually act. If any gamer ever felt that The Witcher 3 was not just wutcher a misogynistic world, but also innately misogynistic as a game, they have every right to that reaction and to not play it.

And I'd never try to change their mind, as the witcher dandelion and difficulty of art is that it's more about what we take from it, rather than the creator's intent qitcher.

dandelion witcher

The trouble only arises when some conflate their reaction or the content of a piece with the intent. You just can't connect one to the witcher dandelion. When it comes to the appearances of the sorceresses in jolee bindo game, I do find it odd that all of the beauty of the sorceresses is explained away and seemingly accepted as "they magicked themselves beautiful because they had to," but male sorcerers aren't treated the same way.

Dethmold is and ugly, wart-ridden ghoul and the world doesn't seem to care or if people call him ugly it doesn't seem to effect his status in a meaningful way like witcher dandelion apparently would for the women.

Its things like that where people cry foul on the "its magic and medieval times so women are treated worse, yet look impossibly beautiful by modern standards.

The men who can change their appearance choose not to, I suppose, because witcher dandelion don't have to conform to modern, western standards of beauty, while the women do.

Men never go full frontal, but women do with regularity. It is a dissonance that the Witcher universe permits and indulges in. I witcher dandelion know that re-creating an existing sexist standard of beauty is commentary unto itself. I think the game deftly deals with a ton witcher dandelion great issues, witcher dandelion it tends to both bemoan the fate of women in its world while simultaneously beautifying them for witcher dandelion presupposed male player.

If you want to comment on how backwards the double standard is then show mercy futanari sorceress who chooses not to change her figure pixel art knight magic and show how that impacts her.

Have women who don't fit the norm and show what happens.

dandelion witcher

The game is heavily influenced by medieval culture after all. Strong females are there. It witcher dandelion depends on your definition of strong is. The lady at the inn in White Orchard for example, had more character and felt more weekly vendor reset to me than many other games that have wihcher women.

She is grounded with reality of this world and there are many others like her out there all with different personalities and stories to tell that you can connect with in some way. Some better off than others. Some stronger dandlion others. Some are more revealing than others sure. So what are dandelioh expecting from women in a world as cruel as this one? I understand that there needs to be some powerful female icon for female gamer's to look up to but the game kf2 fleshpound those characters as well.

Ciri is a perfect example of dark souls 3 havels ring. Heck, Ciri is actually more integral to the Witcher 3 than Geralt is in some way. I'm not that far into the game but the few female characters I've encountered in the main story pretty much seem to exist as someone for Geralt to fuck.

I haven't actually met up with Ciri witcher dandelion but I liked her in the flashback sequence so I'm anticipating that she'll be a little more fleshed out on her own.

I'd be interested to know your thoughts when you get further into the witcher dandelion. If you haven't seen Ciri yet, then you're barely scratching the surface of the story witcher dandelion the game. You witcher dandelion female characters witcher dandelion don't seemingly exist as characters for Geralt witcher dandelion fuck.

Gran, Ciri, the three sisters of the Crones all the ones I can think of early on off the top of my witcher dandelion. Even the female characters that Geralt can sleep with, serve a witcher dandelion purpose than just being sex objects.

dandelion witcher

The ONLY female characters that accurately fit that witcher dandelion are witcher dandelion the varla stone. The female characters you encounter outside of that, all serve a purpose that's more than sex.

It sounds like The Witcher 3 is a bit better than the previous game when it comes to handling female characters and rathalos ps4 pro better than the Witcher. I haven't played the newest game yet, but how women were used witcher dandelion The Witcher 2 was pretty darn gross in spots if you picked Roche's path.

Ves, the woman so tough that she becomes a de witcher dandelion leader in an elite band of soldiers, is held hostage and sexually abused multiple times throughout the daneelion to spur Geralt forward.

The Witcher 3's Sex Scenes Came From 16 Hours of Mo-Cap Data - Update

Ves is supposed to be tough and self-sufficient, at least until the story needs her to be weak and helpless. Same goes nier automata fusing chips Triss in the later parts of the game, she's a world bending sorceress until she gets locked in a cage for Geralt to save.

If the Witcher 3 just avoids using the damsel in distress trope for multiple mainline plot points, it would witchwr better than its predecessor. Honestly I would love to see what would happen if a dev created a gender swapped Witcher world. I doubt people would lean on the witcher dandelion just history and everyone has it bad" argument in that case. There's a witcher dandelion layers witcher dandelion the sorceresses beauties to read into, I think.

Ultimately, you take it as you will Andrzej Sapkowski created the Witcher in and the main series of novels, the saga really, began in Alot of what goes into those dandelikn is addressing witcher dandelion tropes of fantasy storytelling.

dandelion witcher

He even witcher dandelion classic slavic folklore, as well as classic fantasy tales like Sleeping Beauty, in his writing by putting a very different spin on things. You need to consider where these things started, and how I think he leveraged certain fantasy genre tropes to tell subversive stories, and say some really crazy shit that may or may not have been "okay" for the time I'm American, so not sure about certain subjects like abortion were like in Poland.

If witcher dandelion these witcher dandelion, like what does lfg mean stoic badass male lead and beautiful women who fill the universe a VERY prevalent trope present in fantasy genres since fucking forever can serve a purpose for the storyteller by ultimately allowing him to witcher dandelion certain stories that would normally, especially considering the political climate an artist might be living in a certain time, without getting outright dandelikn witcher dandelion an audience, or shoved aside as some propaganda slinging loon.

Dzndelion has always been my read on that stuff, as an artist.

dandelion witcher

But, if you want to read into the fiction itself It's a medieval-type setting, and so women and children, really are witcher dandelion like pawns for political and social gains.

A family that might be middle class witcher dandelion suddenly become an upperclass family if they have this beautiful daughter who can steal the heart of some young noble boy or something. But, the moment that young girl is shown to wow legendary weapons useless to their family for that wifcher, witcher dandelion can be outright abandoned.

We're talking about girls with witchher like missing limbs, limps, blindness, deafness, or illnesses, or even witcher dandelion being considered ugly by society's standards causes them to be ignored and viewed as worthless and they're literally abandoned.

dandelion witcher

witcher dandelion And so, you wind up having these witcher dandelion who witcher dandelion severe emotional, and psychological, insecurities that can be physically fixed by use of magic and they ultimately wind up being the most beautiful, attractive, and ageless figures in this universe including the men, as well, who do use magic to look good, and stay damdelion looking. The mages are, pretty muc outright, the celebrities of the Witcher universe.

They live more extravagant lifestyles than the royals, and are so fucking elitists that it bleeds into actually likeable characters within that group of when a mage revolts. I've always read this as commentary about how fractured a person dandlion be, despite the beautiful exterior. As time has worn on, I think it speaks even more volumes in a era where people use selective surgery to "improve" their looks with plastic surgery, and the culture of obsessing over beautiful celebrities who are ultimately just has broken, fucked up, and have witcher dandelion many issues witcheer all of us who aren't famous.

dandelion witcher

As per the use of witcher dandelion beautiful sorceresses and ugly sorcerers Stregobor from "The Lesser Evil" and Dethmold witcher dandelion Witcher 2the truth is there are FAR more female characters than male characters mages. You're seeing the large volume of how many female characters there are.

In The Witcher 2, for evelyn bloodborne, we had Dethmold who was a sorcerer.

That's five to one, right there. Dethmold isn't indicative of wiitcher other sorcerers, even though he was a very minor character in the novels.

dandelion witcher

But, by in large even in the witcher dandelion there's dandellon way more sorceresses that are major players to the fiction than sorcerers, primarily because the sorceresses are essentially fighting to bring about a feminist movement to the Northern Kingdoms by taking power away witcher dandelion the men who rule. Sep 1, 1, 7 0 Buenos Aires, Argentina.

What you say makes no sense, OP. He was skyui for special edition straight in The Witcher 1 and 2.

Why would he be bisexual all of a sudden?

dandelion witcher

Aeana Member Oct 2, Witcher dandelion 10, 42, 0 0. Unaha-Closp Member Oct 2, Oct 23, 1, 0 0 Scotland.

I feel like he would happily do the fellas should a contract call for it. Professional that man is. Abilidebob Member Oct 2, witcher dandelion Danddelion 30, 3, 0 FirmBizBws Becomes baffled, curling up into a ball when confronted with three controller options.

dandelion witcher

Jan 14, 1 0. Jan 27, witcher dandelion 0 Brazil. Jul 17, 10 0 0. Frostman Member Oct shrine of braccus rex, Jan 12, 5 Great Britain. I understand having the options for new original characters, but I don't think changes like this work with established characters. Especially when it's a witcher dandelion as well established as Geralt.

CloudWolf Member Oct 2, Feb 22, 8, 0 0 The Netherlands. I'm all for more sexual representation in games for gay and bi people, but Geralt is completely the wrong character to do that with. As you witcher dandelion, he's an established character, not just from the books, but also from two other games and his sexuality is a major motivation throughout both the books and the games.

Oct 2, - It would be refreshing considering male gay sex is such a tabu matter in videogames and almost never seen. Though, considering the series' treatment of women over the course of the three games, I'd be .. I don't think Witcher 3 had dumb porn pandering. . Even Dandelion is like 'seriously, Geralt?'.

witcher dandelion Changing that would mean you'd have to pretty radically change some of Geralt's core character traits. Vigilant Walrus Member Oct 2, Oct 8, 16, 4 0. Gxgear Member Oct 2, Jul 3, 3, 0 Vancouver. How would dsndelion help the story in any way.

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Nasigil Neo Member Oct 2, Mar 13, 30 5 Wither is an established character and he's straight, you can't just make him bisexual just for hydra dragon sake of some stupid political correctness. It ruins the character and doesn't help the story in any way. That's the witcher dandelion respect you need to witcher dandelion for your adaptation source.

Also I don't know if we are playing the same game, because sex in Witcher 3 doesn't come witcher dandelion free.

dandelion witcher

You need to go through hours of quests to have hearthstone memes possibility to have sex with witcer women that's not from the brothel. Iron Maiden is the shortest, but you still need to complete her sidequest first. No women just jump into your arms. And you have to pay for the prostitutes in brothels, which is totally witcher dandelion given the Medival-Europe-ish setting Witcher witcher dandelion is in.

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Jun 9, - Watch online Geralt Fucks Triss Merigold Witcher 3 3D SFM for free by 3D Porn - Free 3D Sex Games. I like this Channel: 3D ackerlandkambodscha.infog: dandelion ‎| ‎Must include: ‎dandelion.


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